Man With Crooked Beard

Crooked or uneven beards, which are also sometimes linked to a scraggly beard, occur when you notice the right and left sides of your beards growing at different rates. It could be that one side of your beard is longer compared to the other.

One major factor that causes this to happen is the rate of your beard growth. It could also be because of the growth’s direction. You will notice some facial hair growing out more to the side.

Meanwhile, others tend to grow straight down. This is the reason why one side looks shorter compared to the others.

How to Fix Uneven Beards

Step 1 – Trim the right way

You can fix and even protect your beard from becoming crooked through proper trimming. What you should do is trim one side, which helps in making it match the other side. This is an effective technique if one side of your beard grows faster than the other.

However, you can’t expect trimming to work if the growth is in another direction. Determine if it is growing in another direction by looking closely at your beard in the mirror.

Step 2 – Training your beard

If your crooked beard is that some of your facial hair tends to grow to the side instead of downwards, training your beard can help. This is possible if you brush or comb your beard downwards a few times daily.

Step 3 – Hold down when brushing

Hold down your hair for several seconds with every stroke of your beard brush or comb. Doing this regularly will be enough to train your facial hair to grow downward.

What Are Uneven Beards

Also called a patchy beard, an uneven beard is a common problem encountered by many men. It happens because of the growth rate of your hair.

It could be that one part or side of your face has hairs that grow thicker or faster than the others. This may become apparent whether you grow a one-month beard or a curly beard.

Man With Uneven Beard

Reasons For Beards to Grow Uneven

Patchier or Thinner Cheek 

This means that one of your cheeks is patchier or thinner than the other. This makes the distribution of your hair, especially in that area, more uneven.

The patchier or thinner cheek also looks different compared to the other. You may notice that the other side is patchy, while you have a bushy beard that is also lustrous and thick on the other.

One Side Has Different Grain or Direction

It could be because of the different directions through which your facial or beard hair grows. There are instances when you can’t expect your beard to flow straight naturally, downward right, or flat from the very beginning.

The general direction through which your hair grows refers to the grain. Generally, you would like the direction to be similar on two sides to create excellent symmetry.

The problem is that it will not happen all the time, as there are several instances when the direction of growth on one side differs from that of the other. If this difference in direction is obvious, the unevenness will also become more apparent.

Quick Tips For Uneven Beards

Regardless of what causes your uneven or crooked beard, you can somewhat manage it and style it with your preferred style, like the Hollywoodian beard, with these tips:

Let It Grow Longer

Whether you are still deciding on the best choice between the goatee vs. beard, or any other beard style, you can expect the problem of unevenness and crookedness to be solved by letting your facial hair grow longer.

By waiting for your beard or facial hair to grow, you will notice the patches filling in. This can even help with straightening beard waves and curls and dealing with itchiness.

Let your hair grow longer and you will notice your patchy cheeks becoming more symmetrical and evenly distributed.

Brush Early and Regularly

This helps in making your facial hair grow in your preferred direction. Do it regularly so your beard will be guided and have a downward flow regardless of its natural grain.

Make sure to use boar bristle beard brushes, as this material will glide through the hair without pulling or tugging it.

Man Combs His Mustache

Use the Right Products

You may want to start applying beard balm to your hair as it can help tame stray ones. It is also advisable to put on some beard oil before you brush your beard. This ensures that the boar bristles will have an easier time gliding through your hair.

It also makes your beard, even the crooked and uneven, more moisturized and healthier. The same result can be expected from using mustache wax regularly.


Is it normal for beards to grow unevenly?

Yes, mainly if the uneven growth is prompted by genetics. This means that this issue is something that you have inherited from your family.

What causes an uneven beard?

It could be mainly due to genetics. Your beard may also become uneven because of the speed and direction through which it grows.
How you care for and maintain your beard can also contribute to the problem.

How to fix a crooked beard?

Fix a crooked beard by trimming a particular side of your beard so that it will start matching the other.
Training your hair to go in a specific direction can also help.

How to get rid of uneven beard growth?

Be patient enough and let your uneven beard grow longer. This should help your facial hair fill out the uneven and patchy parts.
Start giving your beard proper care and maintenance and apply appropriate beard products, like beard balms and oils.

You may also want to give wet shaving a try, which can instead give you a clean and fresh shave.


If you notice your hair growing unevenly or becoming crooked do not worry, as there are ways to manage and handle them.
Just identify the cause of the problem first, so you can implement the most suitable means of handling this beard problem.

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