Hollywoodian Beard

Hollywood actors are some of the most popular celebrities in the contemporary world.

A lot of guys would like to look like them, or at least copy their unique styles.

One of the ways that set apart those celebrities is an interesting facial hear style.

We call it the Hollywoodian beard style.

Although it’s not going to make you an actor yourself, it is going to help a person be as close as possible to feeling like one.

Many men try to copy the Hollywood look of their favorite celebrity but fail thinking they need a lot of cash to pull it off.

However, styling a Hollywood beard doesn’t mean going to a very expensive barbershop for a trim and a shave.

You can actually achieve it by yourself, but only if you follow the best practices and tips.

Benefits of Having A Hollywoodian Beard 

A neat and well-groomed beard has always been a symbol of sex appeal and masculinity. A man with a beard gets a certain amount of mystique, and it is interesting how only a few hairs on his face can make a big difference. We could see many Hollywood beauties without a beard, but they are real seducers with the Hollywoodian beard.

  • Hollywoodian beard makes you look like a movie star.
  • It gives a macho look that oozes masculinity.
  • Having a stylish beard will have you gain confidence.
  • Ladies love Hollywoodian beard style.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • Beards, in general, have many health benefits, such as clean skin and UV protection.

Most Popular Hollywoodian Beard Styles



Photo @barbersukraine

If you don’t like too much hair on the sides, the strict Hollywoodian style is a perfect choice as it entails shaving the cheeks and sideburns. This leaves mostly the mustache and chin, with a bit of hair next to it. The length can vary from short to long.



Photo @barbersukraine

Similar to the Strict Hollywoodian style, the Patchy style leaves the mustache and chin hair longer, but instead of a clean shave of the cheeks and sideburns, there is short hair left there. Of course, the upper cheeks are shaven, as is always the Hollywoodian beard style.

Plus Sideburns

Plus Sideburns

Photo @barbersukraine

The Hollywoodian plus sideburns have the most beard hair of all. In addition to having a beard as in Strict or Patchy style, this style includes the sideburns. The connection can be either patchy or trimmed.

Full Garibaldi

Photo @pier.vietto

Stubble Extended Goatee

Photo @vadim_shifrin_barber

Famous People Wearing This Style

Many famous actors are rocking the Hollywoodian beard style and thanks to them, the trend is spreading outside of Hollywood. The most notable actors that we have seen either in the movie or the red carpet are:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo by s_bukley/depositphotos

Christian Bale

Photo by everett225

Hugh Jackman

Photo by Jean_Nelson

Ryan Reynolds

Photo by PopularImages

Viggo Mortensen

Photo by s_bukley/depositphotos

Charlie Hunnam

Photo by Jean_Nelson

How Does It Work

This style features a full mustache, goatee, and a long chinstrap horizontally until it reaches half of the cheekbone. Cheeks are shaven almost until the cheekbone is slightly higher, and the beard does not reach the ears. This way, the face will be more visible than a full beard, but there will be a manly beard.

Many will say that the Hollywoodian beard is simply an extended goatee, which is reasonable, but there are apparent differences. The main one is that the Hollywoodian beard style has much more hair on the chin and the overall horizontal length goes much wider.

Speaking of the length, the length of the beard can vary, usually going from 1 to 2 inches (or 2.5 to 5 cm), but a bit shorter or longer beard is acceptable if it suits the face. Depending on your beard quality, this style can create between 2 and 4 months. After that, five-minute maintenance is needed every so often.


The Hollywoodian beard style is nothing new – it has existed for hundreds of years, although under different names. Photos and paintings as old as 200-250 years contain proof that this style has existed among rich and influential gentlemen of the past. There are even sculptures of people with such beards, although ancient sculptures are not the greatest representation of a beard.

Naturally, this beard style has transcended into moving pictures since the very beginning of Hollywood. As this style represents power, masculinity, and wit, actors who played villains and detectives (roles with intelligence and supremacy) often wore this beard style. Soon after, the Hollywoodian beard style became synonymous with the rich and powerful, a type of man that women desire.

Over the years, the style has been perfected but has kept the overall features. And the fact that it has been present for centuries says a lot about it. It’s needless to say that this beard is trendy to this day, both in movies and in real life.

Pros and Cons of

Pros and Cons of Hollywoodian Beard Style


Slows Down Aging

The beard blocks as much as 90-95% of harmful UV rays and thus prevents the formation of wrinkles and skin cancer, says a study. As Hollywoodian beard is almost a full-grown beard, it will have this effect.

Makes You More Masculine

It does this not only in the eyes of women but also of men. This style has the perfect hair length to be both classy and masculine. Looking like this pulls many more benefits, such as confidence and testosterone boost, which many will find to be a great plus.

Saves You Time

The average man spends about 3,350 hours shaving. Imagine what you can do with over three thousand free hours just by letting go of your beard! Plus, this style is easy to maintain, so it takes only a few minutes every once in a while!

Relieves Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

The beard acts as a kind of shield that retains pollen and all harmful particles before they enter your respiratory system. In that way, it prevents the occurrence of many allergies and infections, which are otherwise caused by polluted air. So, the Hollywoodian beard has health benefits, apart from aesthetic ones.


Not everyone lives in Hollywood, where it’s warm. As hair warms the head, so the beard warms the face. Canadian Pete Hickey once tested this theory – he shaved only half of his face and watched his skin react to low temperatures. He concluded that the unshaven side of the face is much more protected and preserved in the cold.

Hydrates the Skin

You can freely throw all the products you use after shaving to hydrate your skin in a bucket if you grow a beard. The beard contains natural fats that protect the skin of the face in the same way that it does (or fat) the scalp. The beard also acts as a shield from the wind and everything else that dries the skin intensively.


You Need a Strong Beard to Pull It Off

As mentioned, the Hollywoodian beard is a combination between a full-grown beard and an extended goatee. It is necessary to have a regular beard that grows equally to pull it off. Rarely can men with irregular beard hair patterns grow this style, although it can be entirely possible.

Hollywodian Beard and Different Face Shapes

Although many different face shapes can pull off the Hollywoodian beard style, it is best situated on the triangle, diamond, and oval shapes. Such face shapes have visible chin bone lines and this beard only emphasizes the masculinity of such shapes, giving them a better definition.

Of course, this style is also suitable for round and heart-shaped faces, although in specific cases. Not everyone can pull off this style with a round or heart shape, but it is more than possible with a good and regular beard. People with round and heart face shapes would benefit from a shorter Hollywoodian beard style.

Men who possess square-shaped faces would not benefit from the Hollywoodian beard. In general, square-shaped faces are the best without beards or very short beards. One could try it out, but not much hope should be present.

Things You Need to Know

Visit a Barber First

Although it might be simple to make this beard style, it is always recommended to let your barber do it for you first. Barbers are experienced in this field and will make the best Hollywoodian beard that you could wish for. While your barber is doing their magic, watch their hands and remember the process.

You Can Do It by Yourself

When you know how to do the Hollywoodian beard by yourself, you can try it at home. You don’t need professional tools – a razor, trimmer, comb, and a mirror will do. Of course, if you can buy tools as well as possible, don’t shy away from spending money when it comes to fashion.

Failed Attempts Will Easily Be Nullified

Naturally, it can happen that you don’t get the beard that you wished for. In such a case, don’t be discouraged – the beard will grow out again very soon. If you’re one of the lucky ones, a new beard will be ready in just one month.

If the damage is not that heavy, you can improvise and create a solution yourself. Or, a safe way would be to revisit your barber and let them correct any irregularities.

Regular Maintenance Is Important

You must trim and style the beard when necessary. If you neglect regular maintenance, the beard will lose its style and become messy. And nothing is worse than a shabby beard style on a man.

Tools You Need

Tools You Need to Grow and Trim a Hollywoodian Beard

Those who wish to trim and maintain their Hollywoodian beard at home don’t need expensive equipment to do so, especially when styling a thin beard. All you need to have is a regular razor, beard trimmer (with a protective comb), beard scissors for mustache, and a mirror. That’s it.


Razors are used to shave off the beard completely. You can either use the world’s best straight razor or a simple one and the results will be the same – a clean shaved beard. Of course, more expensive razors are much more advanced and the shaving process will be easier.

Beard Trimmer

Unlike the razors, trimmers can be quite different. The purpose of a trimmer is to shorten the hair while keeping it neat. For Hollywoodian beard style, a premium beard trimmer is always a plus. If you don’t want to spend big, that’s alright as well, although you might have more problems while trimming.

Beard Scissors

Using beard scissors is always preferable for styling the mustache or longer beard hair. These scissors are usually inexpensive and always a good thing to have, especially if you wish to have stylish beards.


When shaving, having a good mirror is incredibly handy. While any mirror will do, a 360-degree adjustable shaving mirror is always a good option as you can fix it to see any point with ease.

How to Grow It

Just let it grow!

The Hollywoodian beard style requires a full beard before styling it out. Let your beard grow for as long as it takes (usually between 2 and 4 months). When your beard has achieved the necessary length, it is time to use trimmers and razors to style it out.

Men with a short upper chin beard line can also pull out this style as that part of the beard will be shaved off. For them, it is not necessary to wait for a fully-grown beard – the styling can begin much earlier.

How to Trim a Hollywoodian Beard

Step 1 – Trim the entire beard

Wash and dry your beard well. The best way to trim your beard is to start with the longest hair and gradually thin it. Adjust the option for the longest hair on the trimmer and thoroughly trim the entire beard. Do this with movements in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove excess hair. Repeat the procedure using the shorter hair option until you are delighted with the obtained hair length.

Step 2 – Define your neckline

To achieve a perfect line in the neck area, place your finger horizontally just above Adam’s apple and straighten your chin down with vertical strokes. Continue with external strokes below the jawline on one side, return to the center, and then repeat the procedure on the other side of the face. The line around the neck is very important.

Step 3 – Define your sideburn

Like the neckline, the Hollywoodian beard needs good trimming of the sideburns. Use a comb to draw a line that you wish to keep. Then, using a trimmer without the guard-comb, shave off the beard that you deem surplus.

Step 4 – Continue the trimming process with a real shave

Shave thinning hair below the newly formed line in the neck, mandible, or protruding mustache area. Do it without mercy! Use an electric razor or combless trimmer to remove any stray and excess hair altogether.

How to Maintain It

Maintaining your Hollywoodian beard is usually tedious but not hard at all. Learning beard shaping tips is always helpful, but if you follow these simple steps, shaving will be very pleasant. The steps are:

Step 1 – Grab a razor 

Start repairing the uneven areas. If you can’t with the razor, do it with small scissors.

Step 2 – Apply some shaving cream 

To give you an idea of how much hair you need to remove, you can place 3 or 4 fingers of your hand on the sideburn and then make a mark. Still, many people prefer to line by placing two fingers on the hair.

Step 3 – Soak hair in warm water and allow it to dry

When this happens, you can give it the shape you want. The Hollywood beard style is perfect for maintenance. It provides a touch of beauty to men who have it and is very easy to grow and shave.

Quick Tips to Maintain This Beard Style

Quick Tips to Maintain Your Hollywoodian Beard

  • Essential beard oil is recommended for a better beard.
  • A regular trim is recommended to keep the style noticeable.
  • Scissors are needed to shape the mustache.
  • Don’t use the hairdryer after trimming the beard.
  • If you make an error while trimming, just shorten the beard according to corrections.

Best Products

Beard care starts with products that are, of course, intended for beard growth and care, especially if you’re styling out a beard with, for example, a Hollywoodian style.

What you definitely must have are a quality razor, shaving foam or gel, aftershave lotion, and the obligatory beard oil. However, beard care does not end there. You will need more products for a shiny, robust and quality beard. Like everyone loves an irresistible fragrance of an aftershave, people will love the nice smells of beard oils and waxes. These products include:

  • products for maintaining the cleanliness of beards and mustaches
  • beard and mustache hydrating products
  • beard styling products
  • hair products

Often you don’t have to buy each product individually, but you can buy a whole beard care set. You can also find great beard and mustache care kits on the market that contain everything you need.

These are mainly beard shampoo, care oil, and styling wax. Applying a beard wax is often essential with stylish beards.

Some kits may include a specialized beard comb, balm, or hair clippers. In any case, for you men who don’t like spending too many hours shopping, these sets can be a great option. Of course, all of these products will be useful in maintaining the Hollywoodian beard.

Always make sure that beard care products are made from natural ingredients. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo as well as natural beard care oils. You can also use natural oils for hair care.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With a Hollywoodian Beard


  • Trim it regularly.
  • Use beard oils.
  • Experiment with styles and length.
  • Compare your face with other famous people and trim the beard according to that.


  • Let it grow too long.
  • Neglect the parts that need to be trimmed/shaved.
  • Use cheap products for beard hair.

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1 – A beard that’s too long

The “woodcutter” look is becoming more and more attractive to women, which means a lush beard. However, the advice is to play the cards that your parents and genetics have given you to look good. Too long beard looks neglected and, in addition, irritates the skin and makes it increasingly difficult to shape and control.

Of course, the Hollywoodian beard style is specific, and a long beard won’t do.

Shorten the beard regularly and keep it tidy and in Hollywoodian style. A good barber is your best friend, so keep your tools tidy in addition to your beard.

Mistake 2 – Omission of beard oils

Facial hair is no different than scalp hair and needs equal care. Leave it alone and it will look not only dry and dehydrated but also dead; your skin will dry out under it and start dandruff so that you will have an excess problem.

More and more products for beard care, especially organic ones from small home productions. Argan oil is today recognized as one of the highest quality cosmetic vegetable oils that helps hair retain its natural fat (sebum) and prevent it from drying out. The beard will be soft and pleasant to the touch and retain its lushness.

Mistake 3 – Beard oil is used too soon

As long as your beard is only a few centimeters of hair, oil can make your skin even more oily. In that case, use a good cream that hydrates the hair and skin. Lotions with a “moisturize” label are the best choice and should be used whenever your skin seems dry or itchy. Also, apply the lotion to the areas on your neck where your skin is particularly sensitive because trimmers irritate it very quickly.


What does Hollywoodian beard style say about you?

This style of beard requires regular maintenance and a desire to look manly. If you keep it tidy, it will say that you are willing to take some time for your looks and personal care. Also, it means that you follow the trends and want to look modern, in addition to manly.

Why is it called Hollywoodian beard?

While this beard had originated centuries before Hollywood was even a thing, the impact of Hollywood and its actors have led to widespread this style. During the 1920s, the Hollywoodian beard style was present on small screens and that’s when its popularity grew.

Can the Hollywoodian beard be grown out long?

This style is quite flexible for length, although a perfect length would be 1-2 inches. Naturally, all men can experiment with length and some will look amazing with a length more than 2 inches. A beard too long will lose the properties of this style and will look messy.

What do women think of the Hollywoodian?

Needless to say, how much women adore people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, and Viggo Mortensen. Yes, they are famous actors and as such will attract much attention. But, the impact of their beards should not be neglected. The beard is trendy, stylish, manly – everything women love.


Men who nurture the goatee are traditional, nostalgic, and polite. They are characterized by caution and rationality, and in addition, they are very romantic and loyal. Men who further develop the goatee and go for the Hollywoodian beard are hard-working and stylish. Since this type of beard is difficult to maintain, it is worn by men who are very self-aware and eager for attention. They are characterized by high intelligence and irresistible charm.

A simple Hollywoodian beard will do those who wish to look manly, macho, intelligent.

Jay - Barber

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