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30 Most Popular Beard Styles For Oval Face Shape

Heavy Stubble

Heavy Stubble

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One of the most impressive beard styles for men with an oval shape is the heavy stubble. This style provides amazing results that give beard softeners an easier time when trying to do their magic on your facial hair.

An advantage of the heavy stubble beard is it will never accentuate nor hide certain facial features that are already considered proportionate.

What this style does, instead, is compliment your entire look by integrating a scruffy masculine definition. Another reason to give it a try if you have an oval face is that you can quickly achieve and maintain it, requiring only ten days to grow the beard.

Go for a length of around 5 mm to achieve this style. It is an effortless style that the only tool you will most likely need would be a high-quality stubble trimmer and beard combs.



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Another hot and trendy style compatible with oval-shaped faces is the beardstache. This simple style combines the full-face stubble beard around 0.4 to 5mm long and the full strong mustache.

It works well for oval facial shapes since it won’t take out anything from your facial features that are already naturally proportional. The only thing it would do would be to add some roughness and scruff to your bottom face. Meanwhile, the mustache works in framing your face.



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The classic goatee, as well as other variations of this style, also suit oval faces. One reason why it is compatible with your facial shape is that it boosts your chin a bit. In addition, your jawline will also gain a slight step making it more angular while adding more definition to it.

To give you an idea of how the goatee appears, take note that it is a circular beard surrounding your beard. It also features sideburns and shaved cheeks. You need around one month to grow the required length of around 10mm to sport the goatee.

Short Boxed Beard Style For Oval Face

Short Boxed Beard Style For Oval Face

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The short-boxed beard is also a fantastic beard style as it won’t cause any distraction to your facial features that are already classified as ideal. It is capable of giving your jaw more angularity and some definition.

You need to wait around one month to achieve the growth required for this beard style. The short-boxed beard is characterized by a mustache that you must trim neatly with a quality trimmer or the best beard shaping tools.

This style also features a full-face beard with an even length and clean-cut and sharp edges that you have to incorporate around your neckline and cheeks. It is the best style if you are constantly in workplaces and corporate settings with strict rules for beards.

Classic Full Beard

Classic Full Beard

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All facial shapes can wear the classic full beard. It also suits oval faces, especially if you maintain the style correctly. It will look good on your oval face if you consistently keep your neckline clean and well-maintained and retain reasonably short sides.

The classic full beard will also appear impressive if you focus on shaping your beard’s bottom portion so that it can emphasize your jawline.

You need four months to attain the nice and full growth required for this beard style. This should make your beard grow at around one to two inches. This is the perfect length to pair the style with your oval shape and retain its balanced proportions.

Verdi Beard

Verdi Beard

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You can also choose the Verdi beard, which comes with a full-face beard at a short length and a mustache that you can curl up or style to the sides. It looks good on your facial shape as it won’t conceal your natural features.

You can also incorporate a mustache into it, giving your face a boost. Expect the Verdi beard to be around two to four inches, requiring you to wait approximately three to four months for its successful growth.

This duration may even get longer if you want a long thick mustache that you can easily style.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard

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Go for the Garibaldi beard if you wish to give your jawline more definition and increase its size while maintaining your oval face’s natural look.

One reason to love the Garibaldi beard is that it only requires less trimming compared to the others. It can add prominence to your jawline as its rounded bottom portion is big and wide.

There is a high chance that your oval facial shape will look like an oblong as you grow this beard style. This is good as many also find oblong facial shapes more attractive.

The usual length for the Garibaldi is at least two inches, which means that you need to wait a bit for its proper growth – typically up to four months.

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard

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The big ducktail beard style is also an incredible choice as it is sharp and bold. It can frame your face to make it look rectangular or oblong-shaped. It also features a strong chin, making you look as masculine as possible.

The ducktail beard is also the right style if your oval facial shape comes with a sloped jaw that you wish to accentuate. You can make that possible with the sharp angle of the ducktail beard, which you can see at its connection point.

One thing to note about this style is that it is longer than the others, typically with a length ranging from four to eight inches. You may also want to wear this style to hide your weak jawline and double chin.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

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Sporting the soul patch beard is also a fantastic idea as it prevents removing a lot of attention from your evenly proportional facial features. It is one of those beard styles that you can easily maintain while being capable of providing your style with a lovely accent.

Use a trimmer to define its edges for the soul patch to look good. It is also advisable to put on the best beard balms or oils to keep it as soft and moisturized as possible.

Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain

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Chin curtain is another of the beard styles you can confidently sport if you have an oval face. It is a longer variation of the famous beard style called the chinstrap.

It perfectly suits the shape of your face and adds a bit more pop to your cheekbones. What makes the chin curtain different from the chinstrap is that it covers your entire chin and your face’s underside.



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The Winnfield is a fantastic combination of the Fu Manchu mustache and the mutton chops. It is the most recommended style if you wish people to look at you with respect.

It commends authority and masculinity, making people view you as someone worth respecting and admiring.

Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard

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You can also choose to grow the corporate beard, which is an excellent fit for oval facial shapes. It is one of the famous variations of the full beard. What makes the corporate beard variation different is that it is trimmed down.

You also have to keep it slightly cleaner and shorter, making it ideal for corporate and professional settings.


Man With a Hat and a Long Beard

You can sport the yeard beard style by making your beard grow for one full year. During that one year, the only thing you have to do would be to trim your facial hair only minimally. It should only be for the removal of split ends and other issues.

To demonstrate this beard style you should focus on keeping your mustache look natural and long. You will surely love it as it can bring out a manlier or more masculine vibe.

Defined Lines

Defined Lines

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It is also okay to have defined lines when deciding on the best beards for an oval face. You have to partially shave the hair on and around your chin for this style to work.

You can do that if you leave a tiny patch of hair beneath your lower lip. With the help of this style you can put more emphasis on your jawline. Your chin will also give out a vibe that you are more masculine.

Fuzzy Look

Fuzzy Look

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One advantage of the fuzzy look is that it is not that hassle-free to attain. You can get this style by allowing your facial hair to grow along your jawline and chin, eventually turning into a fuzzy beard.

The final look should leave an impression of spending only very minimal effort on shaving.

Landing Strip Beard

Landing Strip Beard

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The landing strip is another impressive beard style appropriate for those with oval faces. You will love this style as it does not require much to make this beard and maintain it.

What you should do is leave some hair on your chin. You only have to go a little hair, making it look like a landing strip.

Short Textured

Short Textured

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Lastly, there is what we call the short-textured beard style. It is an adorable beard style that only requires minimal styling. It gives you a chic look while providing your oval face with more texture. This can make your jawline appear more wholesome.

The oval face shape is one of the most common facial shapes. It looks slightly rounded while gearing towards being narrower and longer than other shapes. It also features a jawline tapering from your cheeks down to your chin.

An oval facial shape is also seen as a collection of proportions. Having this shape also means that your cheekbones are wider than your jaws. Moreover, it comes with a balanced chin that is symmetrical vertically to the forehead.

Extended Anchor

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Full Circle

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Extended Goatee

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Thick Full Beard

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Thin And Chin

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Mid Chin Curtain

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Long Neck Chin

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Full And Goatee

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Boxed Beard

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Perfect Anchor

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Long Ducktail Beard

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Bold Corporate Beard

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How to Know If You Have It

To determine if you have an oval facial shape, you have to measure some parts of your face. The reason is that the measurements will be the determining factors of your face’s actual shape.

You can classify the shape of your face as oval if:

  • Your face’s height is greater than the width of all the other measured parts of your face.
  • Your cheekbones are slightly wider than that of your forehead.
  • Your jawline’s width is slightly less or equal to your cheekbones.
  • You can also see your jawline sloping downwards at the mandible or connection point. This is meant to meet your chin.

How Does a Beard for This Face Shape Work

A beard for an oval facial shape works by making you look good and accentuating the best features of your face. What’s good about your oval face is that it is suitable for a wide range of beard styles. You will even look good if you wear beards for a round face.

This means that many beard styles will be compatible with your oval face. It is even possible for you to have a mustache and a beard. You are also given the option to shave your head or trim your beard so it can perfectly match your facial hair.

Pros and Cons


  • Gives out a balanced look.
  • Compatible with almost all hairstyles and beard styles.
  • Allows you to wear a mustache or any other beard style, even the fat guy beard style that works for round faces.
  • Considered the ideal facial shape since it features almost perfect proportions.
  • Does not require contouring since the facial features are more balanced.


  • There are instances when you have to thoroughly research the best beard and hairstyles for you, especially if there are facial features you intend to minimize or enhance. It could be your thin lips, prominent ears or nose and a receding hairline. For instance, you can’t just choose any beard style if you have thin lips or too long a chin. You have to stick to a goatee.

How to Choose the Best One

Outraged Man with Oval Face

Having an oval facial shape is a significant advantage as it gives you several choices for beard styles. The fact that the shape is not too angular makes it versatile. It is compatible with a wide range of beard styles regardless of whether the style is long or short.

One thing that can help you decide on the best beard style for your oval face is whether you wish to lengthen or extend your face. If you want your face to become a bit wider, ensure that your beard remains long on all sides.

It also helps to make your beard grow around your neck. However, if you prefer to make your face look thinner go for the goatee, as it can make your chin appear bigger and keep all sides clean.

It is also essential to consider the speed through which your beard grows. This factor is crucial in figuring out the best style for you.

Moreover, you should think of a particular style’s care and maintenance required. As much as possible choose a beard style for an oval face that requires the least maintenance, especially if you are someone who always has a busy day.

How to Grow Beard Style For Oval Face

Step 1 – Choose your desired style

Pick from the highly recommended styles for those who have oval faces. This is also the time to set a goal regarding the specific length you intend your beard to reach.

Step 2 – Use a balm or oil

This should help lessen the common discomforts associated with growing a beard for an oval face – among which are itchiness, dryness and irritation.

Step 3 – Wait

Note that the whole beard growth process requires a minimum of 30 days. This will depend on the style and length you have chosen.

Be patient during this stage, as there are instances when you have to wait longer for the beard to grow. You can improve the speed of growth by improving your lifestyle. You should get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Step 4 – Trim once your preferred length is attained

It is also advisable to use a pair of quality beard scissors to trim any stray facial hair. Once you reach the recommended length for your chosen style it is time to shape your beard.

How to Trim Beard Style For Oval Face

Man Is Trimming His Beard

Step 1 – Prepare your beard

Once you achieve your target length for your beard, you can prepare it for trimming. The best thing to do is to wash and cleanse it with the help of beard grooming products like a premium beard soap. Let it dry completely before starting the trimming process.

Step 2 – Comb

Allow your hair to settle in a single direction. Make sure to comb everything, including the bottom portion and your mustache.

Step 3 – Focus on getting an even cut

Especially if that is what your chosen beard style is after. In that case you can seek the help of high-quality clippers or trimmers.

Step 4 – Let the hair fade

You can do that by graduating to lower settings of the clipper while you are moving outward.

Step 5 – Trim mustache properly

In that case it helps to comb every hair to your side. After that, clip using your preferred setting. Comb down, specifically over your lip and finally take out the guard. This should help trim everything that tends to hang on top of your lips.

Step 6 – Use scissors

If there are strays don’t forget to clean them. Your goal is to make the finish or result look natural.

Step 7 – Complete the process

Apply a beard moisturizer or oil. Such products can retain the healthy look of your hair and prevent it from itching and drying out.

Quick Styling Tips 

Retain Some Facial Hair on the Chin

This tip helps shape a beard that perfectly looks good on oval facial shapes. The reason behind this is that you have a rounded chin. Leave a short beard that covers your chin and groom it regularly so your rounded chin will continue to look good.

Groom Your Beard so That It Complements Your Facial Features

Make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the unique facial features of the oval shape to accentuate them well when grooming your beard.

Maintain a Well-Groomed Yet Long and Thin Mustache

For this style to fit oval faces you have to keep the sides long.

Avoid Putting Excessive Hair on Your Cheeks

The reason is that this may only cause your face to look rounder instead of accentuating the good features of the oval shape.


Does a beard look good on an oval face?

Yes, it does. There are plenty of beard styles to choose from for your oval face. Just pick a style that will indeed look good on you.

Which beard suits an oval face shape?

Bearded Man in Checkered Shirt

What’s great about oval face shapes is that they are versatile because they perfectly suit a number of beard styles. You can choose the long and short beards as both will look great on you. Most agree that short beard styles and stubble are perfect for oval shapes.

If your goal is to compliment your face’s shape with the proper beard while providing more definition to your jaw pick one with a short length on all sides. It should also be slightly longer on your jaw area and your chin.

What kind of beard does not suit an oval face?

While it is safe to say that many beard styles perfectly suit oval faces, there are still a few that may not look good on you. The beard styles you should avoid if you have an oval face are those with long and dominant sideburns and being short around the chin.

The reason is that such beard styles cause your face to look short and round.

Does a clean shave look good on an oval face?

Yes, being clean-shaven will still look good on an oval face. You may want to shave off your beard if you have no plans of growing one and spending time maintaining it.

Can a beard change the look of your face?

Yes. The appropriate beard style can even give out the kind of vibe you wish to demonstrate to the public. For instance you will look manlier and more authoritative with the proper beard. The right beard also has the power to highlight the good features of your face.

Which face shape is best?

Many say that the best facial shape is oval because of its versatility. It is so versatile and flexible that both men and women can style their hair in different ways while still ensuring that they will look good.

Oval facial shapes also benefit from being appropriately proportional and balanced, so it is no longer surprising why many love this shape.


If you decide to wear a beard for your oval face, you have plenty of choices. The good news is that most beard styles will look charming for those whose faces are oval-shaped.

In that case, you will never run out of choices and pick one that will indeed highlight your best facial features.

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