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Some men are blessed with a chiseled jaw and perfect bone structure. They are considered attractive and very desirable. There is no need to use any tricks to hide their jawline as they can go clean-shaven proudly.

But some don’t have the same privilege and have a very weak jawline or even sport a double chin. Those features are nothing to be proud of and some men are ashamed of having them.

You might not be ridiculed for those traits, but deep down inside, you might still feel unwell about them. Luckily, there is a way of handling these characteristics with the help of a beard.

We are here to provide you with the help needed and tips to grow a thicker beard so you can hide those facial flaws. You will find all the help you need here in one place.

Can a Beard Really Hide a Weak Jawline

Believe it or not, a good beard can hide a weak jawline and a double chin. If you do everything well, you can completely transform how your lower jaw looks and give it a very appealing appearance.

Of course, this is not a permanent way of resolving the problem, but nobody has a good plastic surgeon on tap to make the necessary changes. An excellent full beard is more than enough to cover that double chin that you don’t like.

7 Effective Ways to Do It

Focus on the Length

A weak jawline results from a small jawbone that recedes upwards or downwards at the very bottom of your face. The best solution for doing away with it is adding length to the chin and allowing the horizontal line to gain length.

A lot of guys make the mistake of starting to trim their beards much earlier than needed. It has to gain at least 2 inches before trimming can ensue.

Keep the Neckline Low

Many people are tempted to trim their beard jawline very close to the edges of their jawline. This is a big mistake and one that should be avoided at all costs. Your beard jawline should not go further than the highest part of your Adam’s apple.

Short beard styles might not be effective in hiding a double chin, so don’t be afraid to grow your beard longer.

Use Sharp and Bold Angels

Do not run away from adding bold or sharp angles to your beard. It does not matter how your jawline looks under your beard if you can make the beard itself angular, defining it any way you like. Finding the sweet spot allows you to quickly find ways to create even a beard for a heart face shape.

Keep the Sides Short

Short sides combined with a longer beard will make your face look longer and thinner. Most people with a weak chin already have a short face or one with a  rounded shape. A tactically stylized beard, like a Ricki Hall beard, will fix all of it and hide the problematic areas.

Let the Bottom Part Grow Out

Keeping the sides short is the initial move, but you also need to let the bottom part of your beard grow a bit. This involves letting the part below your earlobes grow wide.

You might think your beard is scraggly as it grows, but you will soon overcome that phase as it grows to cover your weak chin.

Don’t Feel Discouraged in the Early Growth Stage

With beard growth come some different beard growing stages. The initial part comes with itchiness and an awkward stage that makes many people give up on growing the beard.

But you will have to persevere this part; if you manage to endure it, you will be treated with a majestic 5-month beard that covers your double chin as a reward.

Visit Professional Barber 

You can opt to trim the beard yourself, but the results are not guaranteed if you don’t know what you are doing. Therefore, going to a professional barber to do the job for you is the best way.

We propose finding a good barber that will be able to trim the beard to perfection and help hide the problematic areas.

Styles to Avoid

Some beard styles do not help hide a weak chin, like a blonde beard, and must be strictly avoided.



Photo @alan_beak

A stubble beard may be a popular look, but it will not help you hide a double chin. This type of beard does not allow you to add definition to your face and suits those who already have a chiseled chin.

Beard Stache

Beard Stache

A thick mustache accompanied by a stubble beard is not a way to hide a weak chin. This style may mask a large upper lip but accentuate the square facial features. Therefore, it is not suitable for those with a rounded face.

Styles to Choose



Photo @barbersukraine

A ducktail beard is probably the best example of how to hide a weak jawline. It allows you to create a pointy chin and add length, precisely what you need in this situation. It is also perfect for adding volume, particularly in the weaker areas of the face.



Photo @barbersukraine

The Garibaldi beard has an extended bottom, short sides, and a natural look. It adds volume and definition to your jaw as it needs to gain a length of about 4 to 8 inches.



Photo @alan_beak

Growing a bushy lumberjack beard, which tappers wide at the bottom, is what people with a rounded face need. It may seem a little unkempt compared to all other examples, but it can be easily handled with the help of a good beard brush.

It still offers an excellent covering option for a receding chin.



Photo @barbersukraine

The Balbo is a beard made to conceal a double chin. It still looks stylish and is a low-maintenance one. It can slim your face down thanks to a goatee and mustache combo.

Classic Full 

Classic Full

Photo @barbersukraine

This one is a really obvious choice. A full beard will hide anything that you need taken care of. But be sure to use a beard softener to keep the beard nice and fluffy.



Photo @dynasty_barbers

A year beard is a style you grow for an entire year and maintain with minimal trimming. A big beard like this one provides enough coverage for any face.


Is my jawline weak?

You need to look at your face from the side and study the position of your chin to your lower lip. If the forward’s point of your chin is behind the point of your lip, you have a weak chin.

How can I hide my beard fat and chin?

You can hide it by growing an appropriate beard that is long enough to hide these features but slim enough, so it does not add volume to your face.

What to do if you cannot grow a full beard?

You can improve your facial hair growth with some of the available modern methods. Once your beard gets thicker, you can hide the weak chin.

Can a beard also hide acne?

Yes, it can. If you have problems with acne in the areas where your beard usually grows, you can easily hide them by growing an appropriate beard.


A beard can do wonders for our physical appearance. Not only can it make us look stylish, but it also helps hide some of the physical features we cannot do anything about. Our beard will act as our best friend as it helps shape our face how we want it to be.

Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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