Man With Heart Shape and Short Stubble Beard

A heart face shape is very attractive and it’s considered one of the most desired in men.

A lot of women appreciate men with heart-shaped faces as they tend to have the most beautiful facial features.

On the other hand, having good face features doesn’t mean that every beard style will look good on you.

In fact, as far as a heart face shape goes, there are only a few styles that look good on a person.

If you choose wrong, you might as well pick up a razor and start shaving everything off.

Don’t worry, things don’t have to be so dramatic when you follow simple steps.

We have a few of the best beard examples for a man with a heart face shape type right here as well as prime pieces of advice on how to choose one.

9 Most Popular Beard Styles for a Heart Face

Garibaldi Beard

Inspired by the late Italian General Giuseppe Garibaldi, this beard is a minimally-trimmed style perfect for your heart-shaped face. It is also one of the recommended beards for a diamond face

This type of beard highlights your jawline, making it as wide as your forehead. It effectively balances your face, leaving it well-proportioned. However, growing a Garibaldi type of beard takes a long process. You need to wait for your facial hair to grow for at least eight months before you can shape it. 

Young Man With Heart Face Shape and Garibaldi Beard

The minimum length of this beard is four inches. Note that your facial hair grows only half an inch per month. Thus, it’s a waiting game for you before you can style it. 

Hollywoodian Beard

A Hollywoodian beard is a style that boasts a full extended goatee. The ideal length of this beard is one inch, only starting above your jawline until the edge of your jaw, right under your ears. 

Unlike a Garibaldi beard, the upper cheeks and sideburns need a shave. Thus, providing only a simple definition to your jawline and chin. It’s a perfect style if you don’t want to wait for your beard to grow for months to style it. 

You can use a Hollywoodian beard to take away the attention on your narrow chin while keeping the width of your cheekbone as it is. 

Short Boxed Beard

Short boxed beard styles are also referred to as corporate beards. It features a sharp and tidy cheek and different neckline with a facial hair length of half an inch.

There are two types of short boxed beards. These are the high-boxed and low-boxed versions. The high-boxed version gives you the freedom to grow your cheek line beard as high as possible.

On the other hand, the short-boxed version allows you to maintain at least half an inch to one inch lower than the standard length of your cheek line beard. 

Both versions can accentuate your chin so that it won’t look narrower than usual. 

Classic Full Beard

A Classic full beard starts from the length of two to six inches. It has minimal shortened sides and a tightly trimmed mustache.

It’s a natural-looking style, which can hide your narrow chin underneath. Like the beard mentioned above, it can help make your face look proportionate and get rid of the inverted triangle appearance of your face. 

Man With Full Ginger Beard

Stubble Beard

A stubble beard is a great style to give yourself a rugged man look with your heart-faced shape. You don’t have to wait and grow a full beard to bury your small chin in this type. 

This style is also known as the 3-day stubble beard. It’s shaved facial hair that grows back after a few days. It’s in between a clean-shaved beard and a short beard.

This ideal beard style defines your jawline, enhances your facial features, and creates a masculine look. 

Circle Beard

A circle beard has a mustache connected to the beards directly while maintaining it with a shave around. If you groom it, it will give you precise edges. Meanwhile, you’d get a softer look if you choose to grow it. 

There are two types of circle beards. The first one is the standard, which gives you a connected mustache and beard with a visible chin and jawline.

The second one is extended, giving you a mustache directly connected to the beard. But here, you’ll see a strip of hair called a soul patch that reaches the chin and lip. 

Since it forms a circle and connects facial hair, your narrow chin can find its way to hide. 

Balbo Beard

A Balbo beard is another ideal style for a heart-shaped face due to its similar features to the short boxed beard.

This type has no sideburns, and you get a trimmed and floating mustache. Thus, your face’s separated mustache and beard are very distinguishable and gain the most attention. It’s a perfect way to remove the focus on your small and narrow chin. 

Chin Beard

A chin beard is a goatee or facial hair purposely grown on the chin. This style of the beard should not be connected to the mustache.

The chin beard usually has hair below your lower lip. Moreover, the size of the chin beard should also be the size of your mouth. The rounded hair on the chin is why it is perfectly styled for men with a heart face shape. 

What Is a Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face features a wide forehead, which is larger than the width of your cheekbones and jawline. Your jaw narrows downwards while ending with a reasonably rounded chin, not pointy.

Imagine a combination of round and triangle-shaped faces, and you’ll come up with a heart shape. However, the heart shape depicts an inverted triangle due to the wide forehead narrowing down to the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Heart faced shape is also described as soft and round and a pyramid-styled face.

How to Know If You Have One

You can determine the shape of your face through these ways. The first step is to look at your forehead, check your cheekbone width, and lastly, your chin and jawline. To identify if you have a heart-shaped face, ask yourself these questions. 

  • Is my forehead wider than my cheekbones? 
  • Do I have jawlines that come to a point? 
  • Does the shape of my face look like an inverted triangle or a pyramid? 

If your answers are yes, you can claim you have a heart-shaped face. You have a heart shape if your face height is 1-1.5x width. Your forehead is wider than your cheekbones, your cheekbones are broader than your jawline, and you have a round chin.

How Does a Beard for This Face Shape Work

Since a heart-shaped face features a narrower cheekbone and chin, you need to get a beard style that defines the bottom part of your face. You need to emphasize the narrow features of your face through your beard so you can give justice to your wide forehead. 

You can style your beard to angle your chin while not overpowering your jaw. Likewise, you must keep your beard short to lessen the large width of your cheekbones.

Pros and Cons


  • You can look attractive because people don’t usually see its irregular shape.
  • You can explore different hairstyles that fit your heart shape face.
  • You can find opportunities since heart-shaped faces demand the modeling industry. 

Man Touching His Thick Beard


  • Deciding on the makeup details and contouring could be tricky.

How to Choose the Best Style

 Choosing the best beard for your heart face could be challenging. However, you can do it easily if you know your preferences precisely.

The first thing you need to define is the beard style you want. Do you want a full beard or a not-so-thick one? Do you want a separated mustache or a connected one to your beard?

Lastly, identify the length you want to grow. There are beard styles that recommend specific hair lengths only to look better. So before you can choose your beard, you need to define your preference clearly. 

How to Grow

Step 1 – Clean your face 

You can use premium pre-shave oil for a more comfortable shaving and protect your skin from razor burn. 

Step 2 – Wait patiently 

Stay away from razors and let them grow for at least two months before you start shaping them. This process could be irritating, primarily due to the itchiness of the growing hair. You can use stubble balms to soften the growing follicles if you feel itchy. 

Step 3 – Plan your facial hair lines 

You can keep the lines crisp so you can plan their final form. Make sure you use a trimmer or razor to define your neckline when shaving the hair. You should see no hair below your chin and under your neck when looking in a mirror. 

Step 4 – Shaping and styling

You’ll need beard shaping tools to get the style you want here. Before you start, you need to soften your beard by washing it. After that, you can now comb it down using a beard brush. You can search and purchase one of the world’s best beard comb for a quality shaping result.

Cut all the unnecessary hairs using scissors. Lastly, turn your beard into your preferred shape using a beard trimmer. Ensure that you use the right guard for your beard to get the exact form you want.

How to Trim

Step 1 – Wash and dry

You should first wash and dry your beard.

Step 2 – Neckline defining

After that, define your neckline and the use of a razor. Shave all the hairs underneath your preferred neckline.

Man With a Thick Balbo Beard With Defined Neckline

Step 3 – Sort out the cheek lines

It’s time for the cheek line once you are done with the neckline. You also need to define it by shaving the exact length you want. The lower cheek line you have, the longer your face will look like.

Quick Tips for Styling

  • Ensure that you have complete tools or equipment before you style your beard. It includes trimmers, razors, and scissors. 
  • Define what specific beard style you want to give yourself. You can choose from the beard styles mentioned above for heart face shape. 
  • Use products that can help style your beard effortlessly. It includes beard oils, moisturizers, facial exfoliators for men, and some lovely musky cologne scent.
  • Watch video tutorials if you are unsure how to start styling your beard. 


Does a beard look good on a heart-shaped face?

Yes, beards still look good on a heart-shaped face. You need to know the particular beard styles if you have a heart-shaped face. You can have a Garibaldi beard, circle beard, chin beard, Balbo beard, etc.

What beard style best suits a heart-shaped face?

There are specific beard styles that suit a heart-shaped face. You can explore styles like the full classic beard style, short boxed versions, and Garibaldi beard. Ensure you pick a bear type that can hide the narrowness of your chin. 

Is a heart-shaped face attractive to men?

Yes, a heart-shaped face on men is considered mathematically beautiful. Most models and celebrities have heart-shaped faces. But you can still do something to make your look even more attractive. One way is to explore the best possible beard styles fitted for you. 

Which celebrities have a heart-shaped face and a beard?

Celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Ryan Gosling, Nick Jonas, Jacob Black, Chris Pine, and Jake Arrieta. 

Which face shape ages better?

The heart-shaped face can make you look younger than any other shape. As you age, the fat on the upper part of your face tends to go in the middle, right where your cheekbones are. This can make you look youthful because of the pyramid shape of your face.


The face of your shape is an essential consideration when choosing your beard style. Styling and shaping your beard should not just be because you want it or it’s the trend. You should first look at the shape of your face and then list all the potential beard styles where you can look good. In this way, you can take advantage of the beautiful heart-shaped face you have with the right choice of beard style.

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