Best Beards for Diamond Face

There is a suitable beard style for every face shape. Mismatching the two almost certainly ends up with some very awkward results. You don’t want to miss these two up if you want both your face and beard to match in exquisite harmony. 

Whether you have just started growing a beard or are in that phase of your life where you think that having a beard looks fantastic, you need to consider a few factors first. The first one is your face shape. If you have a face shaped like a diamond, there are only a few ways to style your beard. 

You can look at some excellent barber suggestions or you can keep reading our article to find out what we have in store for all of your diamond face-shaped people and tell you about the most appropriate beard styles for you. 

Most Popular Beard Styles for Diamond Faces

Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard is perfect for people with a diamond face for many reasons. First of all, it is the best choice for those that want a full face beard that does not add width to the face. Secondly, it helps distinguish the cheekbones while at the same time balancing out your chin. Finally, it does not require a whole lot of maintenance. 

The Garibaldi beard comes with a wide and rounded jawline, short sides, high cheeks, and a very natural-looking mustache. The length usually goes somewhere around four to eight inches. The only downside is that you will have to spend a good eight months growing a perfect one. 

Verdi Beard

Most Popular Beard Styles for Diamond Faces

A Verdi beard is a beard style that involves sides that are kept relatively short. The cheek line is high, making it more than suitable for a diamond-shaped face individual. The highlight of this mid-length full-face beard is the mustache which is styled to the sides or is curled upward

The Verdi beard helps diamond-faced people to distinguish large cheekbones. It adds a horizontal width to an already wide face. It balances out a pointy chin with a naturally rounded jawline. Since you should keep this beard to up to four inches in length, it will take a good four months of beard growth to style correctly. 

Ducktail Beard

A Ducktail beard is another full-face beard style that could work for a diamond-faced person. It features short sides, a well-groomed mustache, and sharp angles. The jawline tapers down to a wide chin that resembles a duck, which is where the beard’s name comes from. 

This style helps to distinguish the cheekbones by adding width to the jaw. However, it is much more suitable for a diamond face to have a less aggressive taper down. This is a high-maintenance type of beard. It takes about eight months to grow as it needs to get to at least eight inches. 

Short Boxed Beard

The advantage of a short boxed beard is that it looks good on almost any type of face style. When it comes to diamond face people, it helps to accentuate the jawline but does not dominate the lower part of your face. This is an immaculate and sharp style, so some even call it a corporate beard. 

The short boxed beard includes a full-face beard of up to 1/2 inches in length. The mustaches are trimmed down and the neckline is usually kept a bit higher, so it looks sharper. You can even balance things out with a cheek line which you can allow to grow as long as possible. This part is very suitable to distinguish the large cheekbones. 

It takes about a month to grow a short boxed beard but requires a lot of maintenance. 

Classic Full Beard

A classic full beard is something that almost anyone can enjoy. It is probably the most suitable type of beard for diamond-shaped face individuals. The full beard is kept high on the cheeks, masking the cheekbones. 

It also helps to round the jawline while balancing out the pointy chin. The sides need to be kept short to avoid adding more width to the face. It will take about a month or two to get to the desired length.

What Is a Diamond Face Shape

If you are unsure what a diamond face shape looks like, it means having accentuated cheeks and cheekbones. The diamond-shaped face is one of the seven prevailing face shape types. Many people have it and it involves having the main features of your face drawing a diamond. 

The main feature and also the widest are your cheekbones. At the same time, smaller top and bottom parts will connect the line to create a diamond shape. The narrower jawline tapers down to make the chin look pointy. Many people say that the diamond-shaped face is not an attractive one. But most women will disagree on that as they find men with diamond-shaped faces very appealing. 

Some true examples of celebrities with diamond-shaped faces include Robert Pattinson, Cillian Murphy, Jason Momoa, and Chris Hemsworth. 

How to Know If You One

It could be highly possible that you have a diamond-shaped face and are unaware of it. But, some clear characteristics will help you become a hundred percent sure whether your face is shaped like a diamond or not. 

If you happen to possess the following features:

  • The width of the forehead is lesser than the width of the cheekbones. 
  • The jaw is narrower than both the cheekbones and the forehead and usually comes with a pointed shape. 
  • The width of the cheekbones is greater than both the width of the forehead and jaw. 

Got all of that? All of the features emphasized line with your face? Congratulations, my friend, now you know that you have a face shaped like a diamond. Now let’s see if growing an amazingly long beard is going to work for the face that you’ve been born with. 

How Does a Beard for Diamond Face Work

How Does a Beard for Diamond Face Work

Choosing a beard style for a diamond face is not a hard task at all. Since the cheekbones are the most emphasized part and the widest part of your face, adding more width and volume with a beard is a mistake. You need to pick a full beard style to round out the tapering pointy chin that usually comes with this face type. 

Some of the best examples are the Verdi or the Garibaldi beard, but a classic full beard works just as well. 

However, several other styles fit as well. For instance, choosing a boxed beard does not have to be a mistake. As long as you don’t add more width to your cheekbones and do not extend it with sideburns or a bushy beard, you’re all good. It is pretty okay to add width to the bottom part of your beard; it is just the area around the cheeks that will be problematic to deal with. 

A good example is a ducktail beard, but as long as you trim it correctly and don’t make the shape of the chin part look too pointy. You need to concentrate on adding more width and roundness to the jawline and not focusing too much on the cheeks. 

Pros and Cons

Having a face shaped like a diamond is not a curse. Some tremendous-looking facial hair styles go with it. However, we can’t flat out lie and say that the diamond-shaped face does not come with its quarrels. As long as you do everything right, maybe use a quality beard shaping tool, you can end up having a cool-looking beard style that perfectly matches your diamond-shaped face.


  • There are more compatible styles for a diamond-shaped face than you think. 
  • Grooming and maintaining the given styles is not hard, nor does it differ significantly from other types of face shapes. 
  • Diamond face shapes, as well as beards, are very appealing to women. 


  • Not suitable for big and bushy beards. 
  • Can be hard to double down on a specific beard style. 
  • The necessity to shave often. 

How to Choose the Best Beard Style

There are various ways that you can go about choosing a beard style for a diamond face shape. Even if you pick an unsuitable one, you can shave the whole thing off and start all over again. But if you don’t want to waste your time, consulting professional help or our guide is the best possible way to start. 

If you have determined that you possess a diamond face shape, then you are probably aware that any beard style that adds volume to the sides of your face is out of the question. Anything that makes your face look wider than it already is will not do. So a scruffy beard with enormous sideburns is not good, as well as some famous goatee styles. Avoid such choices as the Van Dyke, anchor beard, or Balbo. 

A very natural choice is a stubble beard. It is simply neither here nor there as it will simply keep your face the way it already is. It will not add volume, nor will it balance it out. You may find a way to shape the stubble in a suitable way for a diamond shape, but if you decide to go longer one day, know that adding length without the width is the way to go. 

How to Grow a Beard for This Face Shape

How to Grow a Beard for a Diamond Face

Growing any bard style for a diamond-shaped face requires you to let your beard grow. However, it involves more grooming and trimming during the growth period than other beard styles. Having some good beard trimming scissors is a definite must when growing your beard for this type of face shape. 

Step 1 – Allow the beard to grow

Let your beard grow until it gets to the desired length. Be sure to trim the beard while it grows and concentrate on the side parts not to add width. 

Step 2 – Trim the unwanted parts

Once the beard is at the desired length, get a trimmer or a suitable razor and get rid of the unwanted parts. 

Step 3 – You need a beard balm

Using beard balm is something that you will need to stylize and maintain your beard. 

No matter which beard style you decide to go with, washing your beard regularly and treating it with some oils will significantly help. 

How to Trim a Beard

Step 1 – Trim your growing beard

When it comes to trimming your beard, you will have to do it while the beard is growing and afterward. Get yourself a pair of sharp beard scissors or an electric trimmer, depending on the style of the beard you are growing. But it does not hurt to have both at your disposal. 

Step 2 – Scissors are the right tool

You are going to want to concentrate on the sides of your beard. As long as you can tame the facial hairs growing on the sides, you are good. The scissors are a great way to do away with stray hairs or single ones that start growing in the wrong directions. It also helps to style the bottom part of the beard, which absolutely cannot be pointy. 

Step 3 – Use some beard oil 

To maintain your beard, using premium beard oil is also a proper practice. As you trim your beard, you are helping it grow while shaping it correctly for a unified look for you. 

Quick Tips

Now that we have gone through everything that you need to shape a beard for a diamond-shaped face, we also have some tips for you. Not really in the line of picking up the world’s best electric razor for elderly men and starting to go at it. But something more constructive. 

  • Never grow a beard that adds more volume to the side of the face. 
  • Avoid beard styles that include large sideburns or a goatee. 
  • Choose a style that does not accentuate the cheekbones so much. 
  • Full-face beard styles are always a good choice for a diamond face shape. 
  • Avoid adding a pointy chin. 
  • Be sure to groom the beard and maintain it no matter the style you choose. 


FAQ About Best Beards for Diamond Face

Which beard suits on diamond face shape?

Various types of full-face beards or longer beards are the most suitable for a person with a diamond-shaped face. 

What kind of beard does not suit a diamond face?

Any beard that adds volume or width to your face is unsuitable for a diamond-shaped face. 

Is a diamond face shape attractive to females?

Yes, it is. It has been reported that females are attracted to diamond-face-shaped men more than other face types. 

Does beard look good on the diamond face?

Yes, it does. As long as you can incorporate a suitable style, it can look good on a person. 

Is diamond shape rare?

No, it is not. A lot of men have a diamond-shaped face type.

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