Garibaldi Beard

A Garibaldi beard is an extreme type of facial hair style that always gets all the attention.

However, a long beard like that is not easy to grow or trim.

You need nerves of steel and a lot of patience to do everything correctly.

Missing at least one key element might result in you wasting the time growing it.

You probably don’t want to waste your time by going back to the drawing board, so it’s better to get everything right from the start by following a few tested and proven pro tips.

This article has all that you need to grow a perfect Garibaldi beard.

We guarantee that if you follow all the tips your facial hair will be looking splendid in no time.

And turn heads, why, of course.

What Is a Garibaldi Beard

A Garibaldi beard is a combined mustache and a full beard achieving a wide and rounded shape at the bottom. The length of the beard is typically around 6 to 8 inches, roughly about 20 cm. This is perfect for a man that wants a slightly unkempt style yet still emphasizes a classic and respectable look. 

Most Popular Garibaldi Beard Styles

Faded Sideburns

Faded Sideburns

Photo @jontesanchez

Sideburns accentuate facial features while keeping a rugged jawline. Having faded sideburns is when the beard gradually gets longer towards the chin and trimmed little by little, achieving a much fuller beard. 

Beard With a Bald Head

Beard With a Bald Head

Photo @rinandthebeard

This process is simple. You need to shave your head and follow the steps of getting a Garibaldi beard. 

Garibaldi With Monkey Cap

Garibaldi With Monkey Cap

Photo @daniel_holmberg

A cap does not only protect our head, but it can also be a great fashion statement. You can pull off a perfect Garibaldi beard with caps like monkey caps, baseball caps, etc., to enhance your look. 

Long Beard With Long Hair

Long Beard With Long Hair


Long hair is an attractive asset not only for women but especially for men. To fully complete your classic and masculine look, you can try pairing your long hair with a Garibaldi beard. 

Well-Groomed Garibaldi Beard

Well-Groomed Garibaldi Beard

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

It is not always wrong to deviate from the norm. While Garibaldi beard is known for its unkempt look, you can keep it sleek by keeping cheek line and neckline clean. 

White Bushy Beard

Photo @odellexec

Bald And Garibaldi

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Full And Thicker Beard

Photo @alitheebarber

White Circle Garibaldi

Photo @alitheebarber

Duktail Style

Photo @alitheebarber

Brushed Garibaldi


Thicker Garibaldi


Garibaldi With Winter Cap

Photo @loorent_sky_beardkiller

Mid Garibaldi And Brushed Up


Garibaldi With Bun


Black And White Beard


Circle Beard


Garibaldi With Baseball Cap


Extended Garibaldi


Two Colored Garibaldi

Photo @vadim_shifrin_barber

Benefits of Growing This Beard Style

In terms of health, there are ample benefits of growing a Garibaldi beard. Generally, it is one way of preventing skin damage as it protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. Further, it can also lessen the chances of bacterial infection that you usually get from minor cuts in the skin due to shaving. 

On the other hand, Garibaldi beards also give a more defined jawline that ultimately balances the face. On top of that, it is also one of the most straightforward beard styles, as you can allow the beard to grow naturally while keeping the mustache neat. 

How Does It Work

The Garibaldi beard should not grow beyond 20 cm if you want to maintain a classic look. Therefore, you can allow it to grow, but you need to trim it from time to time. 

Short History

Garibaldi beard is named after an Italian general, General Guiseppe Garibaldi, who made a significant impact in the development of modern Italy. He was notably recognized as one of the best generals in Italy and is iconic for his full beard with mustache. 

Pros and Cons

Beards need proper care and maintenance to look clean and good. While it gives a masculine look, rugged beards might give you an impression of gross and dirty. You should also not expect that you will instantly look good when you have a beard. Truthfully, you still need to consider the face of your shape if you think you’ll slay it or not. 

Contrastingly, growing a full beard and adequately taking care of it allows you to achieve a more attractive and bolder appearance. Moreover, it also enhances men’s masculine features and gives a more respectable look. Because of this, your confidence and overall self-worth will increase. What’s more, is research even suggests that growing a Garibaldi beard is more appealing nowadays given its popularity and exposure in media. 

Garibaldi Beard and Different Face Shapes 

Garibaldi Beard and Different Face Shapes


Having a Garibaldi beard in a round-shaped face can lengthen their faces while adding definition to the cheeks. On the other hand, you can make the sides grow asymmetrically to the chin to achieve a squarer look. 


Diamond-shaped faces with narrow cheeks can grow a Garibaldi beard to fill or cover them out. You need to remember that you can style the beard to soften or bolden your features, so you need to consider how your cheeks look or style your mustache. 


You should grow a Garibaldi beard if you have a triangle-shaped face and want to hide your jawline.  Further, it can also make your cheeks and chin look wide so that the beard will highlight your cheekbones. 


Growing full Garibaldi beards can make heart-shaped faces look more angular with a full-looking chin and jawline. 

How to Grow a Garibaldi Beard

Before growing a Garibaldi beard, you must first determine the length that you’ll go for. As mentioned above, you can grow up to 6 to 8 inches to achieve a perfect Garibaldi beard. Below are some tips on how to grow a good Garibaldi beard. 

Step 1 – Be patient

Note that growing this beard will usually take 3 to 4 months, so you need to be patient before trimming or shaping it

Step 2 – Grow your mustache

Let your mustache grow but don’t let it be longer than the beard.

Step 3 – Daily brushing

Brush your beard daily to distribute facial hair evenly. Regular use and washing out a hair loss shampoo to speed up growing a beard is a must.

How to Grow a Garibaldi Beard

How to Trim It

Step 1 – Trim the bottom part of your beard

The bottom part of a Garibaldi beard must be broad and round, so take your quality beard scissors and carefully make a round natural shape, extending from your ear to ear. You need to take your time and take off as tiny beard hairs as possible as rushing it may make it too narrow and destroy the shape. 

Step 2 – Shave and define your neckline 

To bring out your beard, start timing and shaving your neckline by beginning from Adam’s apple up to each ear. You would like to go for a natural round curve instead of making it too angular to accentuate the shape. After this, clean your cartridge razor and use it to clean up the area to achieve a smooth and defined neckline. 

Step 3 – Define your cheek line 

It is essential to define your cheek line for a neater and sharper appearance. To do this, trim a line from the center of your ear to the end of your mustache. Once done, clean the area with a razor too. Snipping across your cheeks will prevent you from having an overly round face shape. 

Step 4 – Trim your mustache

Depending on your preference, you can trim the mustache to keep it natural or to ensure that its edges connect with the rest of the beard. Nevertheless, the best way to do it is to trim a line above your top lip. You also don’t need to cut the sides and just let it hang on the sides of your mouth. 

Maintaining This Beard Style

Once you achieve your desired style and length, you need to maintain it properly to keep it healthy and fresh. Maintaining a Garibaldi beard is relatively easy with the correct use of premium beard care products.

Step 1 – Moisturize your beard

Moisturizing your beard is vital to keep the skin beneath it clean and prevent extra oil that may clog the pores. With this, find the world’s best beard balm to soften and hydrate your beard. A beard balm is a type of conditioner generally used for facial hairs. Note that applying a beard softener must be done at least once a day after taking a shower. 

Step 2 – Style your beard

Having a beard brush with you is a must if you want to keep your beard look clean and sleek. Not all beards are the same. Some would stay downward while others would annoyingly stick straight out. Fortunately, there is a great option to fix it. When your beard is damp, use your brush and comb your hair downwards to take the edge off. Then, scoop out a generous amount of professional hair clay and spread it across your beard.  

Step 3 – Comb your mustache

Remember that your Garibaldi beard wouldn’t be complete without your mustache. Therefore, buying a useful mustache comb is an excellent investment to prevent curling and helps you achieve a groomed and styled mustache.  

Garibaldi Beard vs Other Beard Styles

Garibaldi vs Bandholz

The main difference between the Garibaldi beard and the Bandholz beard is their length. The former can be grown long but should be only 6 to 8 inches, while you can grow the latter with more freedom. Garibaldi beards also need to be trimmed tidy and round, while Bandholz beards can be snipped in small amounts. 

Garibaldi vs Verdi 

Both Garibaldi and Verdi beards are often mistaken to be the same. However, what most people don’t know is the styles of their mustaches are different.

You can allow the Garibaldi mustache to grow naturally while brushing off the sides, but the Verdi must stand out from the rest of the face. It must be long and bushy that is curled up or combed to the sides. 

Do’s and Don’ts


  • You must trim the cheek and mustache areas from time to time. 
  • Use beard trimmers and scissors only when needed. 



What does the Garibaldi beard say about you?

If you have a Garibaldi beard, it can make you look more dominant and masculine. Moreover, research also says it is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and courage. 

How long does it take to grow a Garibaldi beard?

Garibaldi beards usually grow for about 3 to 4 months, so you need to be patient and trust the process. 

What is a Garibaldi mustache?

A Garibaldi mustache is also grown along with the beard. Onstrands that are entering the mouth should be trimmed but not too much. 

What celebrities grow a Garibaldi beard?

Garibaldi beards have become popular nowadays, and many prominent celebrities are pulling off this look, including Jim Carrey and the UFC champion Conor McGregor.


Growing a full beard like Garibaldi style takes a lot of patience, but the outcome is worth it as it makes you appear bold and unique. Remember to maintain it properly to keep an honest look and preserve healthy skin. 

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