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Movember is right around the corner and men around the country are eager to let their upper lip go free.

Are you ready for Movember? Do you want to have a kick-ass mustache that’s the envy of all your friends?

If you are planning to grow a “Mo” this winter, then you better brush up on the grooming tactics. That’s why we’ve scoured the experts to give you the best tips and practices when it comes to trimming your mustache.

Joe Mills, founder of official Movember barber Joe and Co stress the importance of  beard care stating one “should be treated in the same way as the hair on your head: washed with shampoo and conditioned regularly.”

Let it Grow Baby

The first step in trimming your mustache is to have enough lip hair to justify breaking out the scissors.

A lot of men are hesitant when it comes to growing a beard and fail to give proper time to let the hair entirely envelop the upper lip.

Remember the “Thing” on Adam’s Family? Okay, let’s not get carried away.

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But seriously, to properly trim your mustache you have to have something to trim. So free your upper lip and give it some room to grow! Allow at least one month before you get any trimming ideas.[/intense_content_box]


Now that you’ve got enough hair on your upper lip to do something with, how do you go about trimming and “prunning” your creation for the long haul?

So when the time is right, grab your scissors, a bit of wax (here is a great wax recipe if you want to diy) and get ready.

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The first step in mustache maintenance is to assess the current stache performance.

Taking a comb, stroke your stache straight down over your upper lip, paying close attention to the main hair line. The lip line the line you are going to use as a guide to trim and prune your excess hair.

man trimming mustaches

Don’t Forget to Comb

Using a comb to trim your mustache is mandatory. If you are not grooming your manly stache to keep those long wild hairs in check, then you’re in for a big surprise.

Not all combs are created equal, however, and when you are nurturing your Movember look, keeping the following tips in mind will go a long way.

Cheap Combs are for Bums

Cheap combs are made using plastic and presses, meaning big trouble for your beard.

Cheap combs have sharp and jagged edges as a result of the manufacturing process, meaning they are more likely to pull, cut and tear your mustache when grooming.

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Depending on your hair density, you need to match your mustache with the right tooth comb. If you have a thick and hearty beard, using a wider tooth comb is recommended. If you have a thinner and finer mustache, then opting in for a small tooth comb will help keep your wild hairs in check.[/intense_content_box]


The size of the comb is another factor when grooming and picking a comb that is big enough to cover half of the lip for each stroke.

This technique allows you to properly groom with fewer strokes, protecting potential breakage and damage to your Mo.

combs to trim a mustache

Using single downward strokes to align your mustache gives you a clear picture of where your lip line falls and where to begin trimming.

Go Dry or Go Home

When cutting your facial hair always do it dry. By trimming your mustache when it’s dry ensures that you don’t over trim it.

Wet hair can appear longer than it is, making it very possible to chop off your mop without even realizing.

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t wash your mustache before trimming.

Cleaning your beard of dirt and grime is mandatory, but giving it time to breathe and fully dry is also just as important.

Maintain your mustache while dry also gives your better control over your lip line contour. Learning to use your comb as your trim the dry hairs sticking out through the comb takes practice, but all the pros do it.

Form Is Everything

Growing out your mustache can be fun, exciting, and unruly. That’s part of being a man. However, deciding how you want your “mo” to represent is another topic altogether.

Finding your form is like deciding on your hairstyle, it’s a part of you. Your mustache style helps to define your personality, shape your face, and drive the women crazy if you’re lucky.

mustache styles and mustache trim

So how do you decide upon which stache is best for you? Well, there are two basic paths to take:

Route 1: Pick a mustache style that compliments your face and facial hair style.

Route 2: Go balls to the wall and free the Mo.

Give it the Once Over

Now that your beard is clean, trimmed and healthy, it’s always a good idea to give it a second look. Using your comb, give long single strokes from the upper portion of your mustache downward toward your upper lip.

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Check for any straggler’s hairs, test the evenness of your trim, and take a selfie. Yep, that’s right the final stage to check your look is to snap a photo and see how you look to the outside world. Taking a photo will give you an idea if your mustache is actually symmetrical and ready to be revealed to the world.[/intense_content_box]


Finding the right way to trim and maintain your mustache this fall doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Whether you are growing out for the first time or sport the traditional manly winter look, following these basic guidelines will ensure you always look good.

In short, growing a manly mustache can be rewarding and fun.

Following some basic trimming guidelines will not only help you along the way but make sure your mustache is always looking fly.

Let your beard grow for extended periods of time with regularly scheduled maintenance. Pick the right tool for the job.

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Always trim your mustache when it’s completely dry and stick to the plan. Committing to a mustache style requires patience and practice.

So put up your razor and break out your trimmers because Movember is right around the corner!

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