Worried Man With Goatee and Disconnected Mustache

When most men start growing a mustache, they get a mustache gap. This might be on the philtrum area, the middle of the mustache, or at the ends where the mustache connects with the beard.

Whichever position of the gap, it could cause you to worry, thinking that your mustache doesn’t look good. However, there are different ways to wear your mustache to distract attention from the gap.

What Is Mustache With a Gap

A mustache gap occurs in the middle of a mustache or where the mustache connects to the beard. It is common in men trying to grow out their beards mainly because of the low density of hair at the philtrum area.

A mustache gap can be bothersome, but most men use beard-darkening products to cover it up. Styling the mustache in a certain way might also help cover the gap.

Why Does It Occur


Your genetic composition plays a vital role in determining whether you’ll have a mustache and if you’ll have a mustache gap. You may also have one if your immediate family members have a mustache gap.

Sometimes, you can get the same rfeul.ts even if only your distant relatives have the mustache gap. Some ethnic groups also have different mustache and beard compositions. For instance, men of Asian origin don’t have thick mustaches or beards.

On the other hand, men of Arabic origin spot thick mustaches and beards.

Large Philtrum

A large philtrum is also a common reason for a mustache gap. The philtrum is the space between your nostrils on top of the upper lip. The mustache grows above the top lip and below the nose. If the philtrum is too big, you might not be able to grow facial hairs there.

A large philtrum is something that you cant correct with surgery. However, you can fill up the area with beard-darkening products. You need to get the right shade that matches your mustache and darken the area.

Growth Direction

The direction in which your mustache grows around the philtrum might also be why you have a mustache gap. If your mustache grows away from the philtrum, you’ll have a wider mustache gap.

However, if your mustache grows towards the philtrum, you’ll have a thinner mustache gap. If the mustache gap is too visible, you can treat it with heat treatments, beard wax, and beard balms.

Hair Density

The density of your mustache hair could be why your mustache gap is so visible. People with sparse facial hair have a more visible mustache gap. You can fix this problem temporarily by using beard thickeners like beard hair fibers and a beard pen.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can use minoxidil to make the light vellus hair develop into thick terminal hair.

Mustache Color

The color of your mustache also determines how visible your mustache gap is. If your mustache is light-colored, it becomes easier to see the mustache gap. Men with dark-colored mustaches can hide the mustache gap better than men with light-colored mustaches.

You can darken your mustache gap with temporary solutions such as a beard pen or hair dye for the beard. However, there are other more permanent solutions. You can use a mustache or beard dye to darken the color of the hair in the middle of your mustache.

Red Patchy Beard and Mustache

How to Fix

Step 1 – Grow it out

Sometimes, your mustache needs a little more patience to grow thicker. Most mustache styles require at least three to six months of growth to be thick enough for styling.

After three months, your mustache lengths will be enough to cover the gap at the philtrum area, especially if the hairs grow towards the philtrum.

Step 2 – Thin out the top line 

You can deal with the mustache gap by thinning out the top line of the mustache to achieve a pencil mustache. The depth of your mustache will be much smaller, and it’ll be hard to notice the mustache gap.  A thinner mustache is also easier to maintain.

You only need to trim it every few days to remove the stray hairs and maintain a defined line. You also need to keep the contrast between the mustache and shaved skin to accentuate the appearance of your mustache.

Step 3 – Use darkening products

If your mustache gap is more visible because your hair is light-colored or sparse, you can use darkening dyes for a fuller mustache. You can use products such as beard pens, hair wax, hair spray, and other beard fillers. Beard pens help you draw in the hair, so your mustache looks fuller.

You can use one on your mustache gap to make it look fuller. Beard pencils have different tips, from a typical pen to a micro fork top. The micro fork works better in less time. You can use a natural dye or henna powder if you prefer a more permanent solution.

Step 4 – Beard fibers

You can use beard fibers to add width to your mustache landfill out the gap. You can apply a hair-building fiber by shaking the hairs over the surface of your beard or using a spray applicator.

The spray applicator helps if you want a more precise application, especially if you only wish to toad the hair fibers to a specific spot on your mustache.

Step 5 – Using beard wax

Beard wax helps to lay down the mustache hairs and makes them easier to style. After applying the wax, manipulate the hairs around the mustache gap to cover it. Ensure the beard wax you choose has a lot of beeswaxes to hold down the mustache hairs.

You can experiment with different products until you get one that helps you make the mustache gap less visible with minimal effort.

Step 6 – Minoxidil

Minoxidil was initially an oral hypertension pill, but it is scientifically proven to help in growing hair for balding patients.

The product has continued to be an excellent alternative for people with hair-related disorders. If you decide to use this medication, ensure you only use brands that the FDA has approved.

Step 7 – Beards without a mustache

If you still find the mustache gap annoying, you can opt to grow a beard without the mustache. Sometimes, this is a letter alternative to growing a funny-looking mustache. Look for great beard styles without mustaches and choose one that suits your face and lifestyle.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Keep it clean

Keep your mustache clean at all times. You can wash your beard with clean water daily and use shampoo or the world’s best beard soaps at least once a week to keep it clean.

Smiling Young Man With Short Beard and Mustache

Step 2 – Moisturize

Moisturize and keep the mustache hydrated. Your facial hair is prone to breakage and frizz if it gets dry. Besides, if the skin below your mustache becomes dehydrated, you’ll start experiencing dandruff.

Step 3 – Use quality beard products

Use quality grooming products such as beard wax, oils, and shampoos. These will help to keep your beard healthy and increase its fullness. You can also learn how to make your mustache wax at home.

Step 4 – Invest in the right grooming tools

Use proper tools such as premium mustache combs and trimming scissors. Learn to trim the mustache at home with the best trimming shears to keep it neat.

4 Most Popular Mustache Gap Styles

Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu mustache is a straight thin mustache with a wide separation at the philtrum. The mustache hangs from the corners of your mouth. Fu Manchu is like a Dali mustache, with two main differences.

You’ll need to shave a wide gap at the philtrum, and the handles will hang down instead of pointing upwards like a Dali mustache. 

Most people confuse Fu Manchu mustaches for Horeshoe mustaches, but Fu Manchu is unique because the mustache only connects to the face at the top corners of your mouth.

To grow a full Fu Manchu mustache, you might have to wait at least six months. After you’ve achieved the desired length, make a wide gap at the philtrum so that the handles are separated well. A medium hold wax should suffice to shape the handles downwards.

You must shave daily to groom your Fu Manchu to remove stray hairs and maintain a clean philtrum gap.

Parted Pencil

The parted pencil mustache is grown just above the top lip and is the same width as the mouth. It is thin, short, devilish, and associated with the bad-boy character. However, stars like Brad Pitt have worn the mustache so well and changed its meaning.

The most crucial detail about a parted pencil mustache is the shaved philtrum. To grow a pencil mustache, allow your beard to grow naturally. Keep the length short enough, so it doesn’t cover your entire lip. Trim the bottom of the mustache, so it follows the shape of your lips.

You can use a razor to shave the top line of the mustache, so it follows your mouth’s curve. The full pencil mustache might take two to four weeks. You need contact grooming to maintain the parted pencil mustache.

You have to shave daily to maintain the shaved philtrum and keep the mustache lined along the curves of your upper lip.

Petite Handlebar

The petite handlebar mustache is shorter than the standard handlebar mustache and doesn’t extend beyond the mouth. It is ideal for men whose terminal length doesn’t allow them to grow a full handlebar. You need a significant length to grow a petite handlebar mustache.

It might take six months or longer to grow sufficient length. You’ll grow the handles from the hairs at the edges of your mustache. If your hair is on the shorter side, you might not get the full-length handles. After growing a petite handlebar mustache, you must groom it properly to maintain its appearance.

You need to keep the center of the mustache neat to give you a clean look. You must also keep trimming the hairs underneath the handles at the corner of your mouth. Lift the mustache and shave any hair underneath it.

You can also opt to shave a hard part at the philtrum. If you decide to grow a standard handlebar, study a guide to handlebar mustache to understand how you should grow it.

The Dali

The Dali mustache was made famous by Salvador Dali. He was a Spanish surrealism painter. The Dali mustache is a pencil mustache with long handles waxed thin to form a sharp point. To achieve the full Dali Mustache, you need to style the handles facing upwards towards the corners of your eyes.

French Man With Glasses and Drawn Mustache

The Dali mustache can take up to six months to grow fully. The easiest way to achieve the mustache is to grow out a full handlebar mustache or a Hungarian mustache. After reaching the required length,  shave the mustache gap between the top of your mustache and the bottom of your nose.

Trim any hair hanging over the top lip to give you a pencil mustache with handlebars. Use a heavy-hold wax and style the mustache however you want. To maintain an impeccable Dali mustache, you must groom it daily. Shave daily to remove stray hairs and keep the pencil tidy and sharp.

Best Products for Styling

To style your mustache, you’ll need:

  • Quality natural shampoo.
  • Best beard oil.
  • Beard wax beeswax.


Are mustache gaps normal?

Yes, mustache gaps are nothing to worry about.

What does a mustache say about a man?

A mustache shows the masculinity, class, and lifestyle of a man.

How far out should a mustache extend?

You can grow your mustache as long or as short as you’d prefer depending on the look you want to achieve.

Why does my mustache not fully connect to my beard?

You could have a mustache gap because of genetic factors or sparse hair.

How long does it take for a mustache to fill in?

A mustache should fill in by the sixth month of letting it grow out.


A mustache gap can be challenging when trying to dorn a mustache. Sometimes, the gap could derail your desired look. However, you can still dorn a nice mustache if you learn beard styles to avoid and adopt styles that look good with a gap.

There are different mustache styles to try. Settle for one that suits your face and desired look.

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