Applying Black Dye on Man's White Beard With a Brush

Why Should You Darken Your Beard

If your beard is light in color, you may have already been looking for ways to darken it. Fortunately, there are several ways to do so – one of which is to use beard dyes. 

Now, the question is, why should you consider darkening your beard? A standard answer is that having dark facial hair makes men look more desirable, especially those who already have graying hair.

Just like with dark hair, making your facial hair look darker can make it look thicker and fuller. This is also good if you want to make the gaps in your beard less visible. This makes someone who wears it look even more attractive.

How to Do It Naturally

Method 1: Apply Henna

Henna refers to a natural plant dye that often has a reddish-brown shade. It is a great way to color your facial hair and make it darker, as it can bind to keratin. If you want the darkest stains, go for the fresh henna dye.

Also, note that your initial hair color will determine the ultimate color.

Method 2: Use a Pencil

This is an effective method for those with a fine and thin mustache, like the pencil style. You can use a pencil like women use to shape and darken their eyebrows. Note, though, that this technique is not that good if your mustache is already on the fuller side.

Method 3: Apply Plant Oils

Some plant and essential oils also make your facial hair darker. These oils nourish your follicles, which is a good thing as it promotes the production of more hair pigments.

Even oils can help reverse nutritional deficiencies that cause your hair to become gray prematurely. You can use coconut, almond, curry leaf, castor, and mustard seed oil to darken facial hair.

You can use quality beard oils containing them. You may add such oils to your botanicals and powders to improve their darkening effect.

Man Applying Beard Oil

Quick Grooming Tips

  • Apply beard oil regularly. If you want to grow a thicker beard, then the daily application of beard oil can help. It can also contribute to darkening your beard hair, strengthening it, making your skin supple and moisturized, and maintaining a nice scent. It is also effective in beard softening and moisturizing, which results in a darker look.
  • Prune facial hair or beard. This is necessary to get rid of split ends that may only make your beard look lighter than usual. Douse your beard regularly with oil to ensure that it doesn’t get too dry first, then use dedicated scissors for pruning.
  • Comb out your beard. This is a classic yet handy grooming tip for making your beard look full, thick, and dark. Use a high-quality beard brush and comb to make oils spread evenly and naturally around your beard. This is also a good thing in ensuring that your beard doesn’t get tangled – the culprit for a light-looking and patchy beard.
  • Let your beard grow out. This can contribute to making your beard naturally fuller and eventually darker. Ensure to apply more oils to your beard while growing it, as such products also serve as DHT blockers capable of supporting fuller and darker growth.

Products to Use

  • Henna. Apply henna to darken your facial hair. It dyes your light-colored facial hair and makes it appear darker through its red highlights. You may also create even darker shades by adding other ingredients to henna.
  • Commercial dyes. Of course, you can also take advantage of the available commercial beard dyes. The good news is that most of these products are not that expensive; they already come with instructions on how to use them properly.
  • Beard wax. You may also darken your facial hair with the help of a beard wax that has a color in it. It requires you to style your beard with the dyed beard wax that matches your actual beard color.
  • Beard filler. This particular product helps cover bald areas on your beard. It also fills in patches and adds more volume to your facial hair. Moreover, it is what you need to change the color of your beard, making it darker.


Does facial hair get darker as it grows?

While you are still growing out your beard, there are some things you can do to make it appear darker. For one, apply beard oils regularly as it stimulates thicker, fuller, and healthier beard growth. Combing or brushing your beard regularly is also a must.

How do I grow a dark mustache?

You can grow a dark mustache by following some helpful grooming tips. For one, you must make it a regular habit to apply beard oils and wax. Cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating your facial hair can make it look darker as it grows.

Man With Dark Mustache and Curly Hair

Can I darken my mustache?

Yes, you can. You may use natural dyes, like henna or commercial beard dyes, to make your mustache darker. You can also use cocoa powder, walnuts, tea, and a beard pencil.


There are numerous ways to make your facial hair or beard look darker. You can go natural or use commercial products to darken your beard. Make sure your chosen method makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

Anthony Giannotti

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