Brushing Man's Beard

Here is How To Brush Your Beard in 3 Steps

Step 1 – Wash 

Brushing and styling your facial hair right after a hot shower is best. Use a proper beard moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on your facial hair and towel dry it thoroughly.

Step 2 – Apply beard oil

Place a couple of drops of beard oil on your palms. You might need more depending on the thickness of your beard. Rub them together. Using your fingers, make sure that you coat every inch of facial hair.

Step 3 – Use the brush

Using slow downward strokes, gently brush your facial hair with your brush. Don’t worry if the brush picks up a couple of broken hair strands, as this is normal.

Why Do You Need to Do It

If you are starting to grow a beard, you might not think you need a beard brush yet, but you do. There are many reasons why you need beard brushes and beard combs.

You should, therefore, start brushing even while your facial hair is still a medium stubble and not a big beard yet.

Distributes the Skin’s Natural Oils

One of the biggest reasons for beard combing is to distribute the natural oils from your skin throughout your beard. This will keep your beard moisturized and shiny. The brush will also help remove dead skin cells underneath your beard.

In addition, it can get rid of dead hairs so that new ones can start growing.


Not brushing your beard can lead to you having a tangled mess of a beard, which is one of the causes of beard hair loss. Aside from causing your beard to look extremely scraggly, not brushing it can make it dry and itchy.

You may not see it, but the skin underneath your beard may have gotten crusted with a ton of dead skin cells, causing the itch and making the skin all red and inflamed.


In addition, brushing your beard is quite relaxing. If you ever feel stressed because of whatever might be happening at work, whip out your beard brush and start brushing away. This practice is almost therapeutic.

When you have a calmer and more relaxed mind, you might even think of a solution to the problems that caused you stress in the first place.

Tools You Need

  • A good quality beard brush. Ideally, you should get a natural beard brush with boar hair bristles.
  • A good beard comb. This will help untangle the strands of your beard when they get long enough. This also makes styling your facial hair easier.
  • Beard oil. Relying on your natural oils is not enough to keep your beard moisturized. It is also advisable to use good beard oil to keep your facial hair soft and manageable.

Tools For Beard

Quick Tips

  • Brush as often as you like. There is no set limit on how often you can brush your beard. You should always have a small beard brush on your carry-on bag so that you can brush your beard when you have some spare time.
  • Clean your beard brush often. Your beard brush will pick up a lot of dirt and debris from your facial hair in a week. It does not matter if you have a patchy beard or a bushy beard. There will be loose hairs in there. Clean it at least once a week to prevent you from inadvertently replacing the debris in your beard.
  • Use beard oil sparingly. You do not need to douse your 5-month beard in copious amounts of beard oil. Aside from making you feel all sticky and uncomfortable, you also waste a lot of money. Good quality beard oil is quite expensive. A few drops should provide your beard with all the necessary nourishment.


When should you start brushing your beard?

You should brush your beard as soon as a medium stubble has formed. Starting early will help you train your facial hair to grow in your desired direction.

What is the best way to brush your beard?

Ideally, brush your beard with a natural boar hair brush. This brush has stiff bristles that do not just style your facial hair but also help exfoliate the skin underneath your facial hair.

How often should you brush your beard?

You should brush your beard as often as possible, even if you are wearing medium beard styles. Do it when your beard is completely dry, even without beard oil.

Brushing will distribute the natural oils secreted by your skin throughout your beard, keeping it moisturized and tangle-free.

Is it better to comb or brush a beard?

If it is about maintenance, brushing is better. A beard comb is usually used for untangling and styling facial hair, like long Irish beard styles. However, it is always best to use both a beard comb and a brush.

Barber Brushing Man's Beard


You might not think it is all that important, but you should brush your beard regularly. It would be ideal to do it as often as you possibly can.

Brushing your beard will make your facial hair look neat and healthy and help keep the skin underneath your beard healthy.

Vinnie - Barber

About the author: Vinnie – Barber

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