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Most bearded men make inevitable grooming mistakes, but not knowing what beard care products to use is the biggest. Professional beard styles require quality beard grooming products—one of the must-have products when you start growing a beard oil.

You should apply beard oil at every stage of the beard growth process. In the early stages, beard oil helps eliminate many problems like beard dandruff, beard itch and dryness.

However, for many men, the challenge is not usually what brand of beard oil to use but how much to apply. Ideally, you want to apply just the right amount to avoid your beard looking and feeling too greasy.

Regarding how much beard oil one should use, it’s essential to consider factors like beard length, texture and the environment.

We recommend to use beard oil every day. If you have a long beard or your beard still feels dry or itchy, you can apply it twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed.

How Much to Use for Your Length

One of the most critical factors you must consider when applying beard oil is the length of your beard. The longer the beard, the more beard oil you will need.


A Stubble beard usually features a few days of growth. In that case, you will only need to apply a few drops of beard oil. Since your beard hairs are much shorter, they won’t absorb much of the oil if you use too much, leaving you with a greasy-looking beard.

Applying a drop of beard oil is the best way to strike a balance. Once you’ve massaged the oil into your beard and skin, you can gauge if you need to apply more; in most cases, this won’t be necessary. The same goes for when you have a short, thin beard like an Asian beard style.

Short or Medium

A short or medium beard will mostly be about 10mm long, so you’ll need to increase the amount of beard oil you apply. In that case, apply two drops.

Ideally, as your beard transitions from the stubble stage, your beard strands and skin will require more oil since hair wicks the natural oils away from the skin, thus leaving your beard feeling itchy and dry.

Beard oils replace natural oils the body produces, but make sure you start small and adjust the volume based on your beard texture and style.

Man Applying Oil On His Beard


If your beard grows to more than an inch, you’ll need more beard oil to keep it looking good and healthy. The rule of thumb when it comes to long beards is to use an additional four drops of beard oil per every extra inch.

So, if you have a 2-month beard (one inch in length), apply four drops of beard oil. Use about ten drops of beard oil for a 5-month beard (2.5 inches).

Another rule of thumb, if you have a longer beard, such as a Garibaldi beard style, is to ensure you apply beard oil more than once a day. At that length, your beard will likely become coarse and curly hence the need to use more beard oil to soften it and eliminate the curls.

How Much to Use for Your Texture

The texture of your beard will affect how much beard oil you use. Generally, finer hair doesn’t require as much beard oil as thicker hair.

Thin, Straight or Fine

If your beard falls in this category, your beard hairs won’t absorb beard oil easily hence the need to take it easy. Since the strands are much thinner and there’s less surface area, you don’t need to apply much oil to coat the beard hairs from root to tip.

The same goes for straight hair since they’re a bit more relaxed.

Thick, Coarse or Curly

For men with thick, coarse and curly beards, there is a need to use more than the average amount of beard oil. Ideally, a thicker ginger beard has a greater surface area and hence requires more beard oil to coat the entire hair shaft.

 In that case, consider increasing the amount of oil you use and the number of times you apply. As your beard grows longer, you’ll realize that your skin will feel drier since the hairs absorb the natural oils produced by the body leaving the skin dry, flaky and itchy.

Due to ingredients like jojoba, argan and tea tree oil, applying beard oil will help nourish your mane and the skin.

Barber Putting Oil On Men's Beard

How Much to Use for Your Climate

Climate is another factor that determines how much beard oil you use. Where you live will pick your beard care routine.

Hotter Climates

If you live in a hotter or more humid climate area, applying too much beard oil might make your beard feel weird when it combines with sweat. Since most beard oils are water-based, you can’t expect the oil to evaporate.

In such a case, apply only a few drops during the day and a drop less on very humid days.

Colder Climates

Cold climate is usually associated with dry skin. Unfortunately, the dryness worsens the longer and thicker your facial hair grows. Because of that, you will need to apply more beard oil if you live in a cold environment or during colder months.


Can you put too much beard oil in your beard?

Yes, it’s possible to apply too much beard oil to your beard, especially when you don’t consider the length or texture of your beard.

Should I use beard oil every day?

It’s a good practice to use beard oil every day. If you have a long beard or your beard still feels dry or itchy, you can apply it twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed.

Do you rub in beard oil?

Yes, once you apply the recommended drops, you’ll need to massage the oil into your beard, ensuring you cover all hair and the skin underneath.

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