Top 20 Grooming Mistakes That You Must Stop Making

Regardless if it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, you have to stay on top of your grooming habits or your appearance can take a turn for the worst quickly.

Many guys tend to put less effort into their grooming maintenance unless there is a special social event or possibly that hot date on the horizon.

The problem with letting things go when it comes to grooming is that it doesn’t take much for you to look like you stopped caring about how you look.

Here are the top twenty grooming mistakes that you are making and how to quickly and effortlessly turn things around so you not only look great every day, it takes less effort to do so.

Mistake #1: Trimming the Neckline Too High

Every bearded man knows how important having a nice, well-groomed beard is. That’s why beard grooming mistakes deserve to be mentioned first.

Even the savviest beardsmen have sometimes made a mistake when grooming their beards. However, that’s not the end of the world, and there are ways to fix these problems.

If there is one error that bearded men all over the world commit in their first year of growing a beard, and sometimes even later, it’s trimming the neckline higher than intended.

Properly trimmed beard neckline determines how full your beard will grow in and look like.

Mistake #1: Trimming the Neckline Too High

Those hairs under your jawline will have a massive impact in adding some fullness to your beard when it starts growing longer. Your neckline should be placed where your head connects to your neck.

If you want to determine your neckline more precisely, there are two ways of doing it:

1. Tilt your head downwards and find where the underside of your jaw meets the top of your neck. You will know this because there will be a crease in that place. Put your finger on the crease, straighten your head, and there is where your neckline should be.

2. Place two fingers above your Adam’s apple and watch where the top of your fingers points. That is the bottom point of your neckline.

If you have already cut the neckline too high, shaving the entire beard to start over is not necessary.

This grooming mistake can be undone by simply letting your neckline grow back and blend with the rest of your facial hair.

Mistake #2: Trimming the Top Line

Men who are trimming their top lines often cut one side lower than the other. Sometimes when you’re trying to make things better, you end up just making them worse, and the end result can be a chinstrap beard.

This grooming mistake happens when you notice that you’ve shaved one side more than the other. To make them even, some men continue to go back and forth, taking the line even lower.

Avoiding this grooming mistake is easy. You can either let your top lines grow naturally or trim them by going back and forth with a trimmer only two times but not more than that.

Mistake #3: Keeping Your Beard and Mustache Unkempt

Long beard and mustache are great, but if you don’t trim your facial hair and ‘stache every now and then, they will start to look messy.

Nothing spectacular needs to be done when it comes to beard and mustache trim. Just a slight cut over the edges of your beard and mustache will be enough.

The tools you need for this are a good beard trimmer and a beard shaper with a comb that will be your guide.

Make sure to cut everything to a uniform length and that the outline is precise and sharp.

Mistake #4: Cutting Too Much of Your Beard

Growing a beard takes a lot of time and patience. So it’s only natural to get upset if you make a mistake and cut off a chunk of hairs when grooming your beard.

Trimming one hair at a time is vital if you don’t want to lose the part of your precious beard.

If for any reason, you do make this grooming mistake, the only good idea is to take a pause, get yourself together and come back to finish the trimming later.

After the break, try to even your beard out, so the mistake is less noticeable, but don’t over trim it.

Your facial hair will grow back soon enough, and you don’t have to sacrifice your whole beard to repair one small mistake.

Mistake #5: Not Trimming Your Stubble

Not all the men like long beards. Some of them prefer the stubble or five o’clock shadow beards.

These men should know how to keep stubble well-groomed. Short beards are actually the ones you need to trim more often than long ones in order to maintain the length.

Ungroomed stubble beards look sloppy. So if you choose this beard style, keep it neat and tidy. When trimming, use a shorter or stubble guard to achieve the best results.

Now that you’ve groomed your beard to perfection, it’s time to take care of the rest of your body.

Mistake #6: Not Using Moisturizer

Right now you are already shaking your head and thinking that real men will never use moisturizer on their faces.

Those guys are really easy to spot in a crowd. Just look for the guy with the dried up and wrinkled face — he is the real man that refuses to moisturize his face.

Moisturizing your face is the same thing as watering plants. Without it, the skin dries up, gets damaged, and looks years older. Start incorporating a moisturizing routine each night, it only takes a minute out of your day.

Mistake #6: Not Using Moisturizer

Mistake #7: The Hairy Neck

Now, you’ve put all that effort into getting your hair cut so you look manly, you’ve even shaved your face to perfection each week.

Why is it then you’re not giving your neck that same attention? Nothing looks worse than a great haircut and a hairy neck.

Most guys just figure that the barber can worry about it when they are in the chair next month. By that time, that bushy area looks overgrown and unkempt.

If you can’t shave the neck using a couple mirrors, ask a family member to help between haircuts.

Mistake #8: Overgrown Back Hair

If you really want to make that lasting impression at the next pool party, let that back hair grow out. Most guys figure that because they can’t reach or see the back hair, it doesn’t really pose a problem.

Once your shirt comes off, it will become a problem and you will want to take some steps to either ask a family member to shave it with a razor or find a place in town where they can do it for you.

A clean-shaven back goes a long way in showing the world you are really on your game.

Mistake #9: Removing Too Much of Your Body Hairs

When it comes to body hair removal, opinions are divided. Some men prefer having a few extra hairs here and there, and others like it more smooth.

This may be a subjective matter, but the vast majority of men would probably agree that you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to the body hair removal.

Looking well-groomed is one thing, but a grown man looking smooth like a baby is often considered neither masculine nor attractive.

Some areas of man’s body hair should be removed or trimmed, while others look better with some extra hairs on them.This being said, your neck, back, shoulders and upper arms would look better shaven or at least trimmed.

Hairs on arms, legs, and chest are usually expected to be seen on men. However, if you have overly thick or coarse leg hairs, you may want to trim them just a little bit with an electric trimmer.

Mistake #10: Too Much Hair Product

If you’re piling on the hair products, you will start to look like you dunked your head in a tub of grease. The key to perfecting your look is to find the right balance between style and the use of products.

If your hair is so unmanageable you need a can of gel to hold it in place, get the hair trimmed down to where it is more manageable.

Besides the new look getting you much-needed attention, you will use less product to perfect the look and need less time in the bathroom to do so.

Mistake #10: Too Much Hair Product

Mistake #11: Using Poor Quality Products

Products you’re using directly affect your overall appearance. That’s why you should be careful with the ones you put on your body.

If you use poor quality products, you may notice that your hair has become sticky, your skin dry or dandruff all over your shoulders. All these things can ultimately ruin your whole look.

Take a look at the products you are using right now and reevaluate them. Get rid of the ones that don’t do what the label says or with whose results you are not satisfied with.

Have in mind that almost all products contain harmful ingredients more or less, although this is something you’re not going to see in an advertisement.

The large number of skin, hair, beard and body products that can be found in the local supermarkets or pharmacies are made with harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

If you notice irritation in any area of your skin where you apply products frequently, stop using them for a while until the irritation stops.

After some time, test them in a small area of skin to determine which one is causing you problems with skin and stop rebuying it.

Key ingredients that are bad for your skin and you should avoid at all costs are alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and fragrances.

Next time when buying any product, check first the list of ingredients and stick with the products made of natural ingredients as much as possible.

Mistake #12: Not Drinking Enough Water

You probably already know that the largest organ in your body is your skin. Your skin is made of mostly water, and to keep looking healthy, it requires a constant replenishing during the day.

When you are not getting enough water each day, not only are you hurting the health of other organs, the skin will also appear to look dry, flaky, and wrinkled.

A simple fix — make it a habit to drink more water each day or eat more fruits and vegetables that have a high water content.

Mistake #13: Waxing the Eyebrows

While you might get a point for being willing to go that extra mile, there really is no reason to have your eyebrows waxed to a fine line.

If you tend to have bushy eyebrows, use trimmers to thin them out, but don’t wax them.

Mistake #13: Waxing the Eyebrows

This grooming mistake is easy to rectify. Just run your beard trimmer at a lower setting over the eyebrows and they will look perfect.

Too much waxing will bring unnecessary attention to your eyebrows.

Mistake #14: Wild Nose and Ear Hair

Having overgrown hair in the ears and the nose is not only unattractive, for a guy it is completely unacceptable.

With all the advances in electric shavers these days, just look for one that has the ear and nose trimmer attachment and make short work of cleaning up these areas today.

Mistake #15: The Unibrow

If you have that patch of hair connecting your two eyebrows together and nobody has commented that you need to fix it, then let this be fair warning. No one really likes the unibrow.

Mistake #15: The Unibrow

The fix here is simple, and will completely transform your look.

Grab those sharp tweezers and start yanking the middle eyebrow hairs out until you can actually distinguish that you do in fact have two separate eyebrows.

Mistake #16: The Same Haircut

If you have not changed your haircut since high school, now might be the time to mix things up a little.

When you get a new haircut, it is like breathing new life into your appearance. Not only will you be easily noticed, you will have this shot of confidence running through your body that will allow you to step up and take better care of yourself.

Mistake #17: Uncut Nails

Although some men think that maintaining the nails is not masculine at all, this doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect them.

Dirty, overgrown nails can ruin the appearance even for the best looking and groomed men.

Your hands are always in focus because you use them to shake hands, hold glasses and plates or make gestures. That’s why you should keep them neat and clipped short.

However, don’t cut them too short because that can be a painful experience. Besides cutting them, make sure your nails are dirty-free. To achieve this, use the small metal file and clean them under the edge.

If you have trouble keeping your nails clean, a toothbrush and soap can come in handy. Use them to scrub your nails and prevent them from getting dirty.

You don’t have to do this very often. Every four or six weeks would be enough, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Mistake #18: Body Odor

With first days of summer and high temperatures, you will often sweat and experience off-putting smells.

Usual grooming mistake that a lot of people make at this stage is using colognes, scented products or body sprays to mask body odors.

The truth is that neither of them works. Instead of eliminating the bad smell, these products will attract even more attention. That’s why is better to use unscented beard care products or to wash your body with a mild soap.

Foot and baby powder can be helpful too. Foot powder is excellent for masking bad foot smell, while baby powder keeps the armpits smelling fresh the whole day.

Mistake #19: Too Much Cologne

Applying cologne is an excellent addition to your grooming routine. However, when overdone, you will smell like you have bathed in it, which can be too much for everyone around you.

Mistake #19: Too Much Cologne

Too much fragrance will not only irritate your skin, but it’s also unnecessary. This means that you should always choose the fragrance-free moisturizer and body lotion.

When using cologne, it’s enough only to walk through a mist of it. If you use just the cologne, without any moisturizers or lotions, two spritzes will be more than enough.

Mistake #20: Rough Feet and Hand Skin

Dry and rough skin when shaking your hands with someone can be pretty awkward. It’s also not attractive to show dry skin on your feet in the summer.

A rough skin may look bad, but it’s very often. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care of your hands and feet at all. On the contrary, that excess skin should be taken care of as soon as possible.

The easiest way to do that is taking a hot shower to make your skin softer. After that, dry it off, and remove the calluses and dry skin with a large nail file.

Once you start eliminating these common grooming mistakes from your life, you will notice that the world looks at you differently.

There will be a new spring in your step, you are going to turn more heads, and it will take less time each day to pull off your new look!

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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