How to Trim Eyebrows

Have you ever thought about trimming your eyebrows?

If you’re like most men, the answer is probably NO.

Sure, you trim your beard, ‘stache and hair. But you probably never even think about your brows.

Isn’t that women’s thing after all?

Not exactly.

Men also need regular eyebrow maintenance to look neat and tidy.

There’s nothing more off-putting and unattractive then a man with co-joined eyebrows. Not even a thick beard or amazing hair can do much in that case.

On the other hand, slightly trimmed brows do wonders in enhancing your facial features and overall appearance.

Not that you know why you should include eyebrow maintenance in your grooming regime, let’s talk about the best techniques and the ones you should avoid, how to do it right and how much trimming is not too much for a guy.

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Why Do We Have Eyebrow Hairs

Eyebrow hair is different from any other hair on your body, which is why it is often ignored. However, you need to understand that all hair plays an important role in enhancing how you look. The question, however and what you might be wondering is; what exactly do eyebrows do and why are they so important?  

Just as mentioned earlier, eyebrows impact how people see you. They play an important role in enhancing the shape of your face and portraying your expressions.

Most men tend to look more masculine if they have darker and thicker eyebrows, for instance. Simultaneously, even men who don’t have heavy eyebrows can exude a sense of masculinity by having eyebrows that look manly.  

For other people, eyebrows are there to shape their face. For instance, thinner eyebrows tend to make your face look sharper or angular. Even when you don’t notice it, many people, men and women included, pay attention to how eyebrows are shaped and their thickness. 

Most of our social cues are based on unconscious signals that our brains pick up even when we don’t automatically pay attention to them. On that note, unkempt eyebrows might bring out a lazy appearance vibe and may not make you look good, especially if you are prone to getting a unibrow. 

As you think about chest shaving or head shaving, you must dedicate time to eyebrow grooming and contrary to popular belief, eyebrow trimming is not a painful process. Well, there may be eyebrow trimming methods that are a little painful, but most of them are painless and take a few minutes. Better still, you can have a professional do it for you if you are afraid of messing things up!

Benefits of Trimming Your Eyebrows 

Just as men in sports often shave their legs, eyebrow maintenance should be part of your grooming regimen. Just as you can’t leave your beard or head hair to grow haphazardly, your eyebrows need to be maintained if you are to maintain your social standing. Here are a few reasons why every man should take eyebrow grooming seriously; 

Badly Maintained Eyebrows Affect Your Appearance

This is a big one! Eyebrows, while they may seem insignificant, play an important role in enhancing your appearance. Eyebrows that are badly maintained and on the verge of developing a unibrow are a no!

They not only make you look bad but lazy as well. I mean, even when we don’t admit it, we judge people first based on their appearance and you don’t want to be giving out that lazy vibe, especially to women. 

Eyebrows Are a Good Indicator of Your Age

Thinning eyebrows are often seen on older men. Besides wrinkles and fine lines, eyebrows are a big indicator of a man’s true age. For gentlemen in their 20s and 30s, eyebrow trimming and maintenance means keeping things tidy and neat.

However, as you get older, you need to be careful about plucking hairs from your already thinning eyebrows. Luckily there are so many eyebrow shaping techniques that you can count on even as your eyebrows continue to thin to make them look as natural as possible. 

Eyebrows Are a Confidence Booster

This can be tied to the first point. Just as removing ear hairs improves hearing, when your eyebrows are shaped nicely, you not only look good, but that feeling is enough to boost your confidence.

And for men, confidence is everything, especially when it comes to impressing the opposite gender. With a few techniques, you can make your eyebrows look natural and manly. 

One Way to Change Your Face Without Surgery or Makeup 

Eyebrow trimming can have significant effects on how your face looks. For instance, it can make your eyes appear larger. It also gives your face a clean and polished look. 

How Does It Work

How Does Trimming Eyebrows Work

When trying to determine how eyebrow trimming works, it’s important to consider all eyebrow grooming methods. For instance, plucking or what is called tweezing is one of the most common eyebrow maintenance methods.

It is also the easiest and it involves using a pair of tweezers to pluck out unruly eyebrow hairs so that you can have a more natural look. On the other hand, eyebrow trimming is a quite effective and cost-effective method of dealing with overgrown eyebrows. 

An eyebrow trimming kit will usually consist of a short comb-like tool and an electric cutter that you run along the comb trimming everything to the same length. 

Eyebrow waxing kits exist, but you are better off leaving that kind of grooming to the professionals unless you really know what you are doing. The way waxing works is hot wax is poured on the hair you want to get rid of, then left to dry before being ripped out in one swift motion.

The method is a little painful, but the most effective since hair doesn’t grow back in six weeks or more. 

Threading is another great way of shaping eyebrows and contrary to popular belief; it is quite simple. Threading makes use of a twisted thread that catches and pulls the hairs out in a straight line. The process can be uncomfortable but very effective with threading the results last longer than shaving. 

Speaking of shaving, the method is not recommended when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. Why? The results are short-lived. Shaving involves cutting hair at skin level and you can be assured that that hair will come back in a few days. It is, however, a cost-effective method and something you can do at home!

Pros and Cons 


  • Eyebrow trimming makes you look younger. For most men, aging means thinning eyebrows that can make you appear unnatural. With eyebrow shaping, you can regain your natural look.
  • Eyebrow trimming enhances the shape of your face in that it can either make your face look sharper or more angular. 
  • Eyebrow shaping compliments your other grooming efforts. This means that if you have a nicely shaped beard, your beard will look out of place if your eyebrows are unkempt.
  • Most eyebrow trimming methods are fast, effortless and very effective, especially when done by a professional. 
  • Eyebrow trimming ends up boosting your confidence since it makes you look more manly. 
  • Eyebrow trimming helps eliminate a unibrow, which is common, especially in older men and those who have heavier eyebrows. 


  • If you don’t know what you are doing, you might mess up the whole look. For instance, there have been cases where men have ended up shaving off the entire thing.
  • Some eyebrow trimming methods are uncomfortable and can be painful such as tweezing and waxing.
  • Eyebrow trimming only adds to your grooming, especially considering that you have your hair and beard to deal with already. 

Types of Men’s Eyebrows


If you have thick or bushy eyebrows, you will notice that your eyebrows are denser in terms of the amount of hair. Men who have such eyebrows tend to have long, thick, and slightly fuzzy eyebrow hairs that require a lot more maintenance to maintain their desired shape. 


When you have short eyebrows, it means that your eyebrow hair’s length only extends above the outer corners of the eye ending somewhere in the inner corner.  


Men with long eyebrows will have their eyebrows looking thin with very fine hairs. The length of such eyebrows can extend above the inner corner of the eye and beyond the outer corner. 


Straight eyebrows are as simple as the name suggests! If your eyebrows’ shape forms a straighter line that is absent of curves and arches, then your eyebrows are considered straight. This eyebrow shape is common among Asian men since most of them prefer straight eyebrows to arched ones. 


This is the type of eyebrow that has an arch shape above the outer corner of your eye. The tail of the eyebrow then extends closer to the corner of the eye.

Methods of Trimming Eyebrows

Methods of Trimming Eyebrows


Before you begin trimming your eyebrows, it is essential to ensure that you have the right tools suitable for your type of eyebrows. One tool that you can start with when you begin grooming your eyebrows is a pair of eyebrow scissors.

They are different from your regular scissors in that they have a sharper tip and curvier shape. The design is meant to give your eyebrows a more definite trim, which is not possible with regular scissors. 

To start trimming, brush your eyebrow hairs and then start trimming the hairs that are longer than the rest. If your eyebrows are thicker, then you might want to consider using a premium stubble trimmer instead, but you need to be careful not to go overboard.   

Electric Trimmers

Electric trimmers are part of male grooming and play an important role in reducing any stray hairs and excess thickness. A noiseless beard trimmer with adaptable blades or a mustache trimmer can also double up as an eyebrow trimmer since some even include an attachment for that specific role.

Trimmers work by controlling your eyebrow hair’s depth, although they don’t do as good a job in shaving as scissors. You can get trimmers that are designed specifically for trimming eyebrows since such are more effective. 

Before you begin trimming, you must take a hot shower or use a hot damp towel to wet the eyebrows to soften the hair and open up the pores. After that, use a fine-tooth comb to brush the hairs upwards and hold the stray hairs in place before you cut them. 

Methods to Avoid 


Shaving your eyebrow may seem like a good idea because it is cost-effective and simple but just don’t! Even if you are just lazy, avoid using a razor to shape your eyebrows simply because a typical razor blade can never be precise enough to allow for ideal shaving.

Razors are also a bad idea if you have thinning eyebrows. This is because a razor blade doesn’t do a good job of distinguishing between deep brow hairs and surface ones, which makes it just useless in eyebrow maintenance.

While shaving is a quick method, it is not suited for the delicate work that eyebrow trimming demands. It is also straightforward to cut yourself when you are shaving, which is a whole other mess that you don’t want. However, if you are to shave, remember that your eyebrows are different from any other hair on your body; therefore, ensure that you don’t shave using gel or cream.


Waxing is a great method of getting rid of hair for longer. So why not wax your eyebrows for long term results?

Waxing works like tweezing in that with both methods; you are pulling hair out by the root. However, unlike plucking, waxing is not as precise and you might find yourself pulling out a bigger chunk than what you intended.

If you were to remove more hair than you wanted accidentally, you would mess with the eyebrow’s shape and since waxing is long term, you will need to wait a pretty long time to get your hair back. Besides, waxing is just painful compared to plucking, which is only slightly uncomfortable. 

Dilapidator Creams

Dilapidator creams have been used in hair removal for years and make up for an easy, painless process compared to waxing or tweezing.  They involve chemicals in the form of creams that dissolve the keratin in hair such that hair comes out by the root.

The results like plucking and waxing are long term and there is no risk of developing ingrown hairs. However, using such creams on your eyebrows is a no! Since eyebrows only cover a short part of the face, the process is not precise and you might end up removing more than you intended.

Plus, dilapidator creams, when left for too long, cause chemical burns. Now imagine what that would do if the cream accidentally got in your eyes!


Laser hair removal treatment has become more common today and more and more people are choosing to go that route when it comes to removing unwanted hair. The reason why this method is preferred is that the results are more permanent.

While it may sound like a good idea, especially if you have very thick eyebrows, you are better sticking to other hair removal methods. This is because since laser treatment results are permanent, who is to say that you might not want to change the shape of your eyebrows in a few weeks?

Laser treatment takes away that option, which can be annoying. Additionally, laser hair removal is meant for use on other parts of the body, such as the head, arms, or legs but never on eyebrows. This is due to the eyebrows’ proximity to the eyes, which increases your risk of permanent eye damage. 

Other Common Methods of Eyebrow Grooming

Other Common Methods of Eyebrow Grooming - Threading


For most men, the term tweezing is enough to send chills down their spines since they associate it with pain. However, tweezing is more uncomfortable than it is painful. It involves individually plucking hairs out by the roots to give your eyebrows a more natural appearance.

One of the advantages of tweezing is that it involves removing one hair at a time, making it easier to maintain your desired shape. Additionally, since all you need is a pair of tweezers, the process is rather inexpensive compared to others like waxing. 

On the downside, since you are removing one hair strand at a time, tweezing takes time and it is uncomfortable and painful at times for some men. However, it works great when you want to remove minimal stray hairs that stand out from the rest.


Threading is another great option for removing stray hairs and shaping your eyebrows. The technique has its origins in the Middle East and South Asia and it’s a rather simple process. The traditional threading method, which is still as popular today as it was back then, uses a twisted cotton thread that is used to catch and pull hairs in a smooth line.

The method is effective and allows for more control than methods such as waxing. It is also less painful, although this depends on what you term as painful. 

Threading is definite in that it targets individual hairs. However, one thing you need to note is that threading is in no way a DIY project. For the best results, you need a professional. Prices and results differ from one technician to another, so do your research before you make any appointments. 

Tools for Eyebrows Trimming

Mustache Comb

A fine-tooth mustache comb is essential when you are trimming eyebrow hairs. You use the comb to brush the hairs upwards as well as hold the stray hairs in place before you begin trimming. 

Small Scissors

Scissors are great when you are trimming eyebrows, although they serve a different role than electric trimmers and tweezers. The same can be accomplished using the sharpest nail clippers. Scissors play more of a shaping role and should never be used to thin out thick eyebrows.

This is because it’s effortless to accidentally cut more than you intended or worse, you might end up cutting all the hair off.  As such, it is recommended that you find a good quality pair of eyebrow scissors rather than using your regular scissors. 

Electric Trimmer  

Just like you would safely remove pubic hairs with a trimmer, in so many ways, electric trimmers are the best choice when it comes to trimming your eyebrows. This is because they combine the precision of tweezers with the speed of scissors. While it is harder to get individual hairs with trimmers, it’s easy to get small patches, thus great for shaping eyebrows. 

Things to Consider Before Trimming Eyebrows


Eyebrow shape plays an important role in how people look at you, especially when it comes to your emotions. Naturally, we tend to furrow our eyebrows and move them around when conversing or experiencing different emotions.  As such, your eyebrows’ shape plays a huge role in how people see our reactions to things and situations alike. 

While there isn’t a single guide that you can use to determine your face’s correct shape, the chances are that your eyebrows already have a natural shape. The goal, therefore, when trimming is to try and maintain that shape without going overboard.

Shaping eyebrows involves either trimming or plucking individual hairs. At the end of the day, your eyebrows shape helps to enhance your appearance, which is why you need a professional to help with the trimming. 


When it comes to eyebrow maintenance, you also need to consider your eyebrow hair’s thickness and fullness. Some eyebrows tend to be bushy in nature, making them appear unsightly, especially if there are too many stray hairs sticking outwards.

When you are trimming such eyebrows, it is straightforward to go overboard and pluck out too many eyebrow hairs that they end up looking sparse and feminine. Since men are hairier than women, the eyebrows should be a deal thicker than those of women. Due to that, thinning your eyebrows too much might end up having the opposite effect of making you look masculine and mature. 

To achieve the correct thinness, you want to remove a few hairs at a time, something you can achieve with a trimmer with a guard or tweezers since such tools are more precise. 

Thinning vs Shaping

Things to Consider Before Trimming Eyebrows - Thinning vs Shaping

When it comes to male grooming, the debate is on whether to thin or shape the eyebrows. Which one works best and is more likely to enhance your appearance?

The technique you choose will depend on the shape of your eyebrows and the appearance that you are going for. If you are already hairy and have that masculine look, then the last thing you want is to thin out your eyebrows since they will look out of place with your head full of hair and beard. 

However, if you can’t grow a beard or your beard grows in patches, then thinning out your eyebrows will work best for you. This appearance also works for men who have short haircuts. 

On the other hand, some men are fully bald but will have thick eyebrows and beards and still look good. With such men, the beards and the eyebrows look more appealing when compared to their bald heads. As you can see, there is no right or wrong answer and there is no technique that suits all men.  

Shaping and sculpting are two totally different things. With that in mind, not all faces are best suited for bushy or blocky eyebrows. Some men look better with angular and arched eyebrows that have tapered points. However, when grooming your eyebrows, you might want to try different looks to see what works best for you. 


Unibrows are the biggest grooming disaster. Unibrows are eyebrow hairs that grow between the eyes. The look is not appealing and you should be striving to get rid of your unibrow if you have one. While unibrows are completely natural, it’s a good idea to get rid of such hairs, especially when they are dark and begin blending your eyebrows.

However, since you are a man, you don’t need to have a hairless middle like a woman. You can leave a few hairs between your eyebrows so that you can have a sort of fading look. This tends to accentuate your look and blends well with the rest of your face, especially if you have generous facial hair.

Tweezing vs Trimming

One of the greatest debates regarding male grooming is whether to go with tweezing or trimming. Both methods are effective when it comes to hair removal, but they are different.

Using tweezers is great when you want to define your eyebrows’ shape and have a more precise shape.  The method involves removing one hair at a time for the best results. It is a cost-effective method that can be done at home.

However, the process is time-consuming and comes with a lot of discomforts. As such, it is recommended if you have minimal hair that you need to remove. If you go with this method, you need to ensure that you don’t go overboard and over-pluck since this alters your eyebrows’ natural shape. Instead, only pluck out the stray hairs that sit outside the normal shape of your brows, and be sure to pull them out from the roots. 

Trimming, on the other hand, involves removing some length of your eyebrow hairs rather than shaping. It’s a great way of maintaining a clean and neat look, especially if you have long and bushy brows. To trim your eyebrows, you can either use an electric trimmer or a pair of scissors.

For scissors, use a pair with a short blade and designed for such hair such as mustache scissors. If your eyebrows are too bushy, then consider using an electric trimmer but be careful not to remove more hair than you intended. 

How to Prep Your Eyebrows for Trimming 

Step 1 – Start with a hot shower

Just as you would when you are trimming your head or beard, the first thing you need to do is take a quick shower. If not, you can use a hot, damp cloth. Hot water opens up the pores and softens the hairs.

Step 2 – Use a fine-tooth comb or toothbrush to comb the hair

Once you have softened your hair, you can use a comb to straighten the hairs and hold the stray hairs in place. Start from the nose bridge moving outward until you reach the end of your brow, then use the comb to hold the hair in that position before you begin trimming. 

How to Shape Your Eyebrows 

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Step 1 – Start by taking a shower

When you want to shape your eyebrows, start with a shower or washing your face with hot water to make it easy to remove the hairs and open up your pores. 

Step 2- Comb the hairs upwards

Using a fine-tooth comb, brush the hairs upwards, and then use a pair of scissors to trim any hairs that appear longer than the rest. 

Step 3 – Use electric trimmers for thinning

If your eyebrows need to be thinned out or shortened, consider using electric trimmers to do that.  

Step 4 – Tidy up using tweezers

Even after trimming, you might still end up with stay hairs that lurk outside the natural shape of your eyebrows. In such a case, use a pair of tweezers to tidy up. Since tweezers remove individual hairs at a time, they do a better job of shaping the eyebrows than trimmers or scissors. 

How to Trim Your Eyebrows Using Scissors 

Step 1 – Take a shower

The first thing you need to do is soften your hair and open up your pores and a quick hot shower will do that. Ideally, you could also apply a warm cloth to your brows before you begin trimming. Wetting your eyebrow hair slightly will also make it stand out, helping you identify the hairs you want to cut. You also want to brush out the hair and make sure that they face the same direction before you begin cutting.

Step 2 – Take the scissors and slant them against the brow

Do this, ensuring that you don’t point them towards your eye. Rather, keep the blades at an angle and observe through your mirror when the individual hairs are lifted over the blades. Once you have captured a few hairs with the blade, go ahead and begin cutting them slowly.

After making the first cut, remove the finger rest from barber scissors, take a step back and observe the results and then match the same cut on the other eyebrow even if you have cut one too deep. 

Step 3 – Maintain the same length around the rest of the eyebrow

Once you have made the first successful cut, try and maintain the same length around the rest of your eyebrow. Just follow the natural border of the brow shape, making tiny cuts along with the shape. 

Step 4 – Clean up with tweezers

Even when you think you have done a good job, you will still have a few stray hairs sticking out of shape. To get rid of them for a clean and neat look, take a pair of tweezers and pluck out any stragglers.   

How to Trim Your Eyebrows Using Electric Trimmers 

Step 1 – Begin by washing your face

Start by washing your face with hot water or applying warm cloth on the eyebrows. This, as we have seen, helps to loosen up the hairs and open up the pores, which makes it easy to cut with electric trimmers. Electric trimmers are designed with a cutting wire and short blade housed within a small apparatus at the tool’s tip.

They work by trapping hairs within that space, thus bringing them closer to the blade. As such, when your hairs are wet, they stand out better; thus, they can be trapped easily for a clean cut.

Step 2 – Brush your eyebrows

Use a fine-tooth comb to brush out the hairs to lie in the same direction for easy trimming. 

Step 3 – Start trimming

Turn the electric trimmers on and then carefully start trimming from the edge of the eyebrow to begin shaping. The same way you would draw with a marker, press the trimmers along the edge of the eyebrow in the shape that you want.

Go slowly and ensure that you are stopping every few seconds to assess the progress. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally trim too much and be forced to reciprocate that horrible shape on the other eyebrow. Shaping with an electric trimmer tends to be fast and precise. For more careful shaping, ensure that the trimmer’s tip lies only halfway along the border of the eyebrow.

This ensures that the blade doesn’t cut too far into the set shape of the brow.

Step 4 – Keep the trimmer elevated to thin out your eyebrows

If you want to thin out the eyebrows, ensure that the trimmer stays elevated and is not directly on the skin. If the trimmer ends up coming into contact with the skin, it’s an indication that you have drilled through all the hair and are likely giving yourself a bald patch.

To prevent this, cover the tip of the trimmer over your central eyebrow hair and then move it carefully forward until you hear hair begin to get clipped. Move the electric trimmer to the right or left, depending on the direction and then take it away every few seconds to check on your progress. 

How to Fix Common Eyebrows Trimming Problems 

Sparse Brows

Sparse eyebrows are common and they can be a result of so many things. Whether yours are as a result of years of plucking or they, just grow sparsely., there are products you can use to make them appear fuller and thicker. 

You need to fill out the thin area with brow powder and blend it using an angled brush. You could also opt to use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps but ensure that you don’t press the pencil too hard since that would give you an unnatural look.

Wild Brow

If you have curly or wavy hair on your head, then the chances are that you will have bends in the eyebrow hairs. Such unruly eyebrow hairs can be tamed using a brush and transparent mascara or brow grooming gel.

However, if you don’t have the said products, brushing the brows in place with a clean toothbrush that is coated with hair spray will also work. To ensure that there are no flakes that result from product build-up, remove any product by washing the area with gentle soap and warm water

Brows That Stick Out 

You could have nice thick eyebrows, but the problem is that they stick out too much. To get them under control, a simple trim will do. 

You can do that by following two simple steps: 

  • Brush the hairs upward using a brow brush or clean toothbrush and then use small scissors to trim them, ensuring that you follow the natural brow line.  
  • Brush the hair back in place every couple of snips to ensure that you don’t go overboard and end up trimming too much. 

If you are in doubt, you might want to try trimming less at first and then go back and trim some more if you have to. 

How to Fix Common Eyebrows Trimming Problems

Grey Hair in The Brows

Even when the hair on your head hasn’t started graying, grey hairs can still crop up on your eyebrows. To correct the situation, use an eye pencil that is a shade lighter than the brow color. However, if you have a lot of grey hairs, use a tinted brow gel to cover them. However, if you want something more permanent, you can speak with your stylist about dying the eyebrows

Lack of Arch

If your brow makes more of a straight line than an arched curve, you can make the arch yourself. Using tweezers or wax, remove any hairs from the arch area to create a curved line.

To do so, ensure that you use a shaving mirror that’s entirely fogless and that the tools you are using are clean.  If you are unsure, it would be in your best interest to book a threading appointment with your stylist.

Threading is a method of hair removal that is gentle on the skin and the results tend to be more precise, which makes it a better alternative than plucking and waxing. 

Quick Ways to Make Eyebrows Thicker

Most men feel like thicker eyebrows make them appear more masculine and give them a rugged look. While bushy eyebrows are natural to men being the hairier gender, some men need a little effort to make theirs appear thicker. This is especially true with age since aging leads to eyebrow thinning. To make your eyebrows thicker, here are a few things that you can do. 

Avoid Hair Removal

The first thing you need to do if you want to have thicker eyebrows is avoid shaving or trimming them. 

This is especially true if your eyebrows grow in patches or thin. Allow them to grow first and then you can think about hair removal to shape them after. 

Castor Oil

Castor oil is very versatile and because of that, it is used to treat several issues, including hair loss. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins that are necessary for enhancing hair growth and thickness. To increase the thickness of your eyebrows, use castor oil for a few minutes over a period of time until you see a difference in the thickness of your brows. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural remedy when it comes to treating thin eyebrows as well as patchy beards. It contains both vitamins E and K, among other minerals such as iron. For the best results, use coconut oil at least three times a week. 

Olive Oil

Just like coconut oil, olive oil is a natural remedy when it comes to thickening eyebrows. It is high in antioxidants and helps prevent hair damage in the long run. It can also be used to make hair darker. 

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E contains antioxidants that prevent hair follicle damage, which is the leading cause of hair loss. You can either extract Vitamin E manually by piercing a vitamin capsule and then massaging it into your brow. Use daily during bedtime and leave overnight for the best results. 

Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is used to strengthen hair and remove any excess oils, enhancing the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles. Just rub lemon juice on your brows for at least two to three minutes, making sure not to get any juices in your eyes and then rinse out with warm water. 

Onion Juice

Onion juice, particularly the red onion one, is rich in sulfur, which promotes hair growth. The only downside is that lemon juice contains a strong smell, but you can always dilute it with water, coconut oil, or lemon juice. Use a cotton swab to apply onion juice on your eyebrows, leave for about an hour before rinsing off. If the odor is too much, use lemon juice to rinse off.  

Hair Growth Products

If you have done all the above things and still your eyebrows remain thin, the last option is using hair grown products. Hair growth products such as minoxidil stimulate hair growth by improving the circulation of minerals to the hair follicles. 

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Do stick to eyebrow trimming methods like tweezing because such tend to be more precise and chances of going overboard are less. 
  • Do determine where your eyebrows start and finish before you begin trimming. 
  • Do use the right products and tools. For instance, for simple tweezing, a pair of high-quality tweezers, scissors and the best mustache comb will do. 
  • If you have sparse eyebrows, do use a brow gel to fill in any spots to enhance your appearance.
  • Before you begin shaving or trimming, do ensure that you take a hot shower to open up the pores and straighten the hairs. You could also apply a hot washcloth on the eyebrows. 


  • No matter what you do, don’t trim your eyebrows from the top to ensure that you don’t end up with overly arched eyebrows. 
  • Regardless of the grooming methods, you choose to ensure that you don’t go overboard. Maintain the natural shape of your eyebrows for the best results. 


FAQ About Trimming Eyebrows

What length should men’s eyebrows be trimmed?

Men’s eyebrows should be trimmed to nothing shorter than half an inch, which means using a size 4 guard. 

How do I tame my bushy eyebrows?

To tame bushy eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil and draw the shape that you want. After that, use tweezers to pluck out any hairs that fall outside that line and then comb the hairs with a clean toothbrush. If there are any gaps, fill them using the pencil and then smooth them out to blend with the rest of the hairs. 

How do you pluck bushy eyebrows for the first time?

When you are plucking out bushy eyebrows for the first time, try and stay relaxed. Begin by brushing the eyebrows and then determining the shape you are going for. Next, create an outline for the eyebrows to identify the hairs that need to be plucked out. Begin tweezing, removing hairs outside the outline before brushing and styling them to lie in the direction you want. 

How often should you trim your eyebrows?

How often you need to trim your eyebrows differs from one man to another. This is because hair growth rates are different. However, after trimming for most men, hair tends to come back after about 4 weeks.

However, when you trim the first time, you will not guarantee that you will get all the hairs. As such, you need not wait for four weeks to examine your eyebrows. You can do that after a week so that you can pluck out any stray hairs that remain.  

How do you fix over trimmed eyebrows?

If, when trimming, you end up going overboard and trimming more than you intended, the whole experience can be scary, but it’s nothing you can’t fix. If you have over-trimmed, the best way to correct the situation is to use brow pomade to fill in the sparse areas. 

Does trimming your eyebrows make them grow thicker?

Just like with hair on your head or your beard, trimming your eyebrows will in no way make them grow back thicker. This is one of the myths that, sadly, many people still believe regarding hair removal.

Hair will still grow back the same way it was after trimming. The best way to thicken your eyebrows is to either leave the hair to grow on its own, use hair growth products or such things as lemon juice, onion juice, and vitamin E. 

How fast do eyebrows grow after trimming?

For a young adult, it should take about 65 days for eyebrows to grow back after plucking. It can take up to 56 days and 73 days for a person in their retirement age for a mature adult male. 


Male grooming has come a long way and men nowadays go to great lengths to enhance their looks through proper grooming. However, in that regard, men tend to concentrate on hair and beard grooming, and most of the time, eyebrows are either ignored or not given precedence.

As we have already seen, eyebrows play a significant role in how people see you and how you see yourself. They can either break or make your look. As such, it’s about time that men started paying attention to eyebrow grooming as they do to their beards. There are so many ways of grooming your eyebrows, from tweezing, trimming to such things as waxing.

Some methods are simple and effortless, while others need a professional. All in all, at the end of it all, eyebrow grooming comes down to the shape.

Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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