How to Shave your Arms

Some of us men truly are hairy beasts.

There is no polite way of going about it, but there are simple solutions for it.

Shaving everything properly can help us be as smooth as we need to and look like an Olympic athlete at best.

One of the body parts that are rarely mentioned when it comes to shaving are our arms.

It is rare but it does happen, as some men prefer having their arms shaven.

So, how to shave your arms in a proper way?

As with every type of shaving and removing hair from certain body parts, there is a right and a wrong way of doing it.

We are here only to talk about the right way and have included all the tips and tricks you need to shave your arms and get them as smooth as they need to be.

Keep reading on for all the details and explanations, pros and cons, and general steps needed to shave your arms in a correct way.

Should Men Shave Their Arms

While not that common, some men shave their arms. You may also choose to shave the unwanted and excess hair on your arm or armpit, as doing so has a few positive effects. For one, shaving men’s arms and armpits, mainly if you also use the world’s best shaving cream, can make the area feel more comfortable and look cleaner. Shaving your armpits can even provide you with the benefit of reduced body odor, particularly one brought by armpit sweat.

Benefits of Shaving Them

Smoother and Cleaner Feel

Shaving your arms can benefit men who want their armpits and arms to become free of unwanted hair. This can further result in a smooth and clean feel. The fact that this part of your body is hairless can make you feel comfortable, too, primarily because of the skin’s smoothness and cleanliness.

Lessens Sweating

If you tend to sweat a lot, then shaving your arms and armpits can help. The reason is that there is no longer any hair where the moisture can hold onto. Since you no longer sweat a lot, you can lower your chance of having body odor. You will smell fresh the entire day.

Can Improve Performance of Swimmers

If you are a swimmer, whether an amateur or a professional, you can greatly benefit if you shave the hair on your arms completely. A hairless body can improve your performance, allowing you to swim faster since no hair may only cause resistance when you swim.

How Does Shaving Work

Similar to shaving hair in any part of your body, shaving arm and armpit hair works in giving you a more aesthetically pleasing look – what will all the unwanted hair shaved from such areas. The act of shaving can also lead to a smooth look and feel on your arms, further contributing to you feeling more confident and comfortable about yourself.

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth look and feel on the arms.
  • Suitable for aesthetic purposes.
  • Can improve the athletic performance of swimmers.
  • Lessens sweating, which can also reduce or complete elimination of body odor.
  • Makes you feel clean, increasing your comfort level and confidence.


  • Requires time and commitment since you will have to do it regularly.

Tools Needed

Tools for Shaving Your Arms

So do you want to shave your arms and armpits? Then here are some of the most valuable tools that you need. They are so helpful that they should form part of the exclusive shaving kit for men.

Electric Trimmer or Razor

If you want a faster and more convenient approach to shaving the excess and unwanted hair on your arms and hair, then you should invest in a high-quality electric trimmer or razor. It is even more important for you to use a razor for sensitive skin if you are prone to skin irritation, razor burn, rashes, and ingrown hairs.

Choosing beard scissors and cutting arm hair is not a good idea. You should use tools that work specifically for the job – that is, shaving your arm hair completely. These tools come in the form of electric trimmers or razors. What’s great about these razors is that you can use them for shaving arm hair without worrying about it growing back thicker.

Body Grooming Scissors

It is also advisable to use body grooming scissors. You will find these scissors helpful in trimming the hair on your arms first before the actual shaving. Just snip off the hair until you trim everything down as evenly as possible. If properly cut, you have an assurance that even an affordable disposable razor can shave the target area perfectly, similar to when you are using a precise stubble trimmer.

Shaving Cream/Gel

When shaving your beard, it is highly recommended to use a natural beard softener to make the process more manageable and produce better results. This same principle should also be applied when shaving other parts of your body, like your arms and armpit. In this case, you have to use a shaving cream or gel.

Applying a shaving cream or gel promotes ease in cutting arm and armpit hair. With these products, your razor will have a better chance of smoothly gliding over your skin. Even better about these products is that they work better for sensitive skin, which is a good thing as shaving on a prominent body area.

Body Moisturizer

It also helps to have a body moisturizer around. A wise choice would be a premium oil-free moisturizer for men as it can help in hydrating, soothing, and smoothening the skin on both arms. Moisturize right after shaving to assure you of getting such results.

How to Prepare Your Arms for Shaving

Step 1 – Exfoliate

Do this a day or two before the actual time you plan to shave your hair. Remember that shaving may cause ingrown hairs and razor burns to come out due to the dead skin cells around. A quality exfoliator can provide deep cleaning, thereby preventing such problems.

Step 2 – Use electric clippers to trim any excess hair

Do you have thick and long hair on both arms? Then, using a traditional blade for a razor may not give you your desired shaving results. Use an electric blade or clipper for trimming to attain a closer shave. Let this tool run carefully over your elbows, shoulders, biceps, and forearms to get the shave you want.

Step 3 – Rinse arms

Another important part of the preparation is rinsing after trimming the hair. Use warm water for rinsing so you can lessen irritation and get rid of cut hair strands from both your arms and your entire body.

How to Shave Them

How to Shave Your Arms for Men

Step 1 – Wash arms

This can dramatically lower your risk of having irritated skin. Do it before you shave your arms using a razor blade. Get rid of all oils and dirt that accumulated on both arms. Use a gentle cleanser, then rinse thoroughly under warm water.

Step 2 – Lubricate

Some of the lubricants you can use, in this case, are shaving gels and creams. These products also help protect your skin from cuts and irritation. It would be best to apply your chosen lubricant to certain arms parts during the entire shaving process. Upon finishing a section, you can put on the cream or gel to a part of your arm that you have not shaved yet.

Step 3 – Begin shaving

Do that by dividing the arms first into manageable and small parts. Start shaving from your inner wrist to the topmost part of your forearm. Stop the process around your elbow. Work across the forearm slowly, then to your outer wrist. Shave using even and straight lines. Do the same steps on the other arm.

You can then shave your arm’s upper part. Start from the elbow, then end on your shoulder. Do the same for your other arm. After that, tighten your skin by bending your elbow. Move your razor gradually across your elbow’s sensitive skin. Do the same for your other elbow.

Step 4 – Rinse after shaving both arms

Use warm water to prevent skin irritation and razor burns.

How to Care for Skin After Shaving Your Arms

Step 1 – Put on aloe

This is necessary if you notice red rashes or small bumps becoming visible on your arms after shaving. This is a sign of razor burn or irritated skin. Heal this by applying aloe, known for its soothing and healing properties.

When moisturizing your arms, use a lotion with aloe as one of its primary ingredients. You may also use additional natural remedies, like apple cider vinegar, oatmeal bath, coconut oil, or mashed avocado.

Step 2 – Do the shaving regularly

Do it every one to two weeks. You will have to do it more frequently if your hair growth is heavier.

Most Common Problems

While providing positive benefits, note that shaving your arms also carries a few problems and side effects. Among these potential problems are the following:

  • Razor burn. This may happen if you use a clogged or old blade or shave without using any lubricant like a shaving gel or cream. Note that too rapid shaving may also lead to razor burn, so make it a point to do it carefully and slowly.
  • Ingrown hair. This comes in the form of red and painful bumps on your skin. It may happen if the hair you shaved regrows into your skin rather than growing straight out.
  • Skin irritation. The kind of skin irritation you may experience is folliculitis, characterized by inflamed hair follicles. Several things may cause this problem, including bacteria, the use of dull blades when shaving, and wearing clothes that are too tight.

Apart from the mentioned issues, you may also be at risk of having nicks and cuts and rough skin patches, especially on the elbow. Such adverse effects may occur if you shave using a dull blade.

What are The Alternatives

Alternatives to Shaving Arm Hair

Aside from shaving, there are also other alternative methods for removing hair on your arms and body. The good thing about these alternatives is that they are less time-consuming, plus their results are more permanent.


This method effectively removes all hair in a specific area, like your arms. You can use either of the two methods of waxing. One is using wax strips that you have to warm in between both hands before application. Another type of wax is the one that you have to melt in a warmer. You can apply it to your arms using a stick.


You can also undergo electrolysis, a hair removal procedure conducted by a dermatologist that disrupts hair growth. This procedure involves the insertion of an epilator tool into your skin. The tool stops new hair growth by using shortwave radio frequencies to damage your hair follicles.

Laser Hair Removal

This hair removal technique utilizes mild radiation using lasers. With these high-heat lasers, your hair follicles will get damaged enough that it can lead to slow hair growth. Note that while effective, the results are not permanent, so you will have to go through multiple laser hair removal treatments to make the results long-term.


Also known as sugar waxing, sugaring refers to a hair removal process with an almost similar premise as waxing. It helps get rid of unwanted hair from your body, especially your arms, by plucking the strands from the follicles. Typically, the sugaring process involves the use of granulated white sugar. You may also add honey to make it even more effective.


You can also go for the threading hair removal technique. This specific technique uses a thread that will pull and twist unwanted and excess hair until they are successfully lifted from the follicles. With that procedure, the results are highly likely to be longer compared to tweezing or shaving. Many also prefer threading as it does not seem to trigger ingrown hairs.

Depilatory Creams

You may also want to use depilatory creams that are useful for removing unwanted hair. The results of this method last longer compared to shaving.

The creams are also more affordable than wax. They contain chemicals like barium sulfide, sodium, and titanium dioxide – all of which can break down hair proteins, thereby promoting ease in dissolving and washing them away.


Another alternative method for removing excess and unwanted hair in the arms is to use epilators. You can expect the result of this technique to last for a max of 4 weeks. Epilators have almost the same function as shaving and tweezing. They can get rid of the hair by grabbing several of them simultaneously, thereby taking them out of the root. This results in them taking a long time to regrow.

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Clean your arms and armpits before shaving. These parts also have to be wet. In that case, you may want to shave while showering to keep the arms and armpits clean and moist during the entire duration.
  • Use lubricants. Your arms should be adequately lubricated. In that case, you may want to use a shaving cream or gel. This should help soften your skin in the area, promoting further ease in shaving.
  • Use a fresh and sharp razor blade. Ensure that your blade is not overused; otherwise, it will become damaged and dull. Ensure that your blade is fresh and sharp to guarantee the smoothness of your shave and a decrease in the likelihood of shaving cuts.


  • Do not forget to exfoliate. You need proper exfoliation to get rid of dead skin, thereby making your armpits and arms feel and look smoother.
  • Do not forget to trim your hair with scissors first. This is even more important for thick, coarse, and curly hair.


FAQ About Shaving Your Arms

Is arm hair attractive?

Some are okay with men who have arm hair as they find such looks cool and masculine. In most cases, though, it would be much better to trim or shave your arm hair if you are a man. It is because shaving the area is suitable for aesthetic purposes. It will showcase a clean and smooth look that many people find more attractive.

Does shaving arms make hair grow back faster and thicker?

Contrary to what many people believe, there is a low chance for your hair to grow back faster and thicker after shaving. The reason is that the shaving process will never affect your hair’s speed of growth, color, and coarseness. It could feel coarser, though, as shaving may cause your hair to have a blunt and straight edge. Note that aside from that, the entire hair will not change.

How long does it take for my arm hair to regrow?

It usually takes around two weeks for your arm hair to go back to its normal look and for it to become a bit longer, probably restoring its full growth. This is why you should schedule shaving every 2 weeks or so.

How often should I shave my arms?

You may decide to shave your arm hair only for specific occasions, like a swim meet or race. However, if you prefer it to be a more regular thing, it is advisable to shave your arms every two to two weeks. Shave more frequently if your arm hair tends to grow even more quickly.

How can I remove hair from my arms permanently?

If you want to remove hair from your arms permanently, you may go for the laser hair removal technique. This method requires multiple sessions, but the results are often longer-lasting and more permanent. You can also use other ways that damage the follicles. They are more effective in preventing the hair from growing back.


If you are a man, shaving your arms is a wise move for aesthetic purposes. Having arms and armpits free of excess and unwanted hair can also somewhat raise your confidence since you will feel clean and comfortable. Complete your look with the help of the spicy fragrance of your body spray and you will surely win the attention of many because of your attractiveness, scent, and your masculine and powerful aura. 

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