Best Cheap Cologne

Smelling good doesn’t have to come with spending a lot of money.

In fact, there are many good cheap colognes for men that smell really well and don’t require you to spend bundles of cash.

Really good colognes do cost a lot, but they do smell great.

When you are buying a good and expensive cologne you are paying for quality.

But if you are on a budget and you still want a decent smell, there are ways to do so.

We decided to look around, or better yet smell around, for a few good cologne examples that offer a quality smell but are not going to cripple your bank account at the same time.

We feel that this is going to help a lot of men out there that don’t fancy blowing their monthly budget on a small bottle of cologne.

Without further ado, here are the best cheap colognes for men that we decided to add to our list.

Top 5 Cheap Colognes (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
Most AffordableNautica Voyage
  • Ideal for casual wear
  • Features a blend of fruits and wood
  • Suitable for casual wear
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Longest LastingPs by Paul Sebastian
  • Suitable for evening wear
  • Has a complex and deep fragrance
  • Strong smell lasts for a long while
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Highest QualityGeoffrey Beene
  • Combines wood and spice
  • Doesn’t cause adverse reactions
  • Suitable for daytime wear
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Quorum By Puig
  • Unique fragrance
  • Can be built up to different intensities
  • Features a blend of pleasant floral and notes
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PB G Eau
  • Has a strong fragrance
  • Contains premium grade oils
  • Can be worn at all times of the day
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Cologne is usually a sort of investment and finding the right one depends on so many factors from the lasting power of the fragrance to the ingredients, but the most important of all is the price.

17 Best Cheap Colognes Evaluated – Pros, Cons and Reviews

1. Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage Cologne is a product that helps men to radiate self-confidence and fearlessness. With this cologne in your grooming arsenal, you will attract compliments and positive attention all day long.

The fragrance opens with a top note of green leaves and fresh apples. The heart note then features a blend of water lotus, drenched mimosa and other aquatic elements.

It has a base note that gives it a woody quality, featuring a mix of moss, musk, amber and cedarwood. It produces an utterly masculine scent that is long-lasting.

The inexpensive cologne is mostly suitable for casual wear. The fresh, clean scent will stay on your skin for a long time.

Nautica Voyage


  • Features a blend of fruits and wood to give a rich, complex fragrance
  • Ideal for casual wear
  • Very affordable

  • Scent is overpowering

2. Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black Cologne is crafted from a blend of herbs, spices and sensual woods. This combination produces a unique scent that radiates elegance and style.

The rich fragrance has opening notes of water mint, zesty mandarin, fresh ginger and basil leaves. Its heart note features blends of a lotus flower, smoky incense, the warmth and slight spice of nutmeg and the cool essence of cedar leaf.

The scent is then tied up with base notes of sensual musk and violet leaf, black suede and ambergris, helping to create a seductive and masculine fragrance.

The cologne is encased in a bottle made of heavily weighted black glass, which is durable enough to be taken on trips. The modern black color is luxurious while being simplistic.

Kenneth Cole Black


  • Contains fresh, spicy and musky notes
  • Has high quality, durable bottle
  • Easy to use

  • Scent might wear off from the skin quickly

3. Ps by Paul Sebastian

Ps by Paul Sebastian Cologne is designed for men who want to smell refined and sophisticated. It has a subtle oriental fragrance.

The scent is curated from a blend of lavender, sage, jasmine and armoise. The fruity scent of rose and woody amber gives the fragrance more depth.

The patchouli, oakmoss and sensual musk help to produce a strong masculine smell. The combinations give off a sexy, subtle scent that lasts long.

The application of the cologne produces a strong smell, making it suitable for evening wear. The scent starts strong and gets lighter as time goes on.

By Paul Sebastian


  • Has a complex and deep fragrance
  • Strong smell lasts for a long while
  • Suitable for evening wear

  • Might have an overpowering spicy note

4. Geoffrey Beene

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene provides a luxurious and oriental fragrance. It helps to upgrade a man’s natural scent and lasts throughout the day.

It is made with high-quality ingredients that ensure premium performance at all times and has notes of orange and lemon, with a woody scent to add more depth.

The fragrance is strong and lasts for a long while before wearing off. It is, thereby, suitable for daytime wear.

The product does not produce adverse effects on the skin or cause allergic reactions. There is minimal risk of rashes or breakouts when using it.

Geoffrey Beene


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Combines wood and spice to form an interesting fragrance
  • Doesn’t cause adverse reactions 

  • Might have an overpowering smell

5. Perry Ellis Red

Perry Ellis Red has a fragrance with a cool, aquatic effect that features blends of spice, floral and woody scents. It has a fresh and captivating appeal that helps to elevate men’s self-confidence.

The scent unfolds with top bursts of parsley, mandarin and the warm citrus scent of lime zest. It has mid notes of red cinnamon, the floral notes of lavender and the hint of spice that nutmeg provides.

The dry down features base notes of cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood, which deliver a musky and woody scent that is adequately masculine. The hints of musk, spice and citrus give a new layer of depth to the fragrance.

It has a subtle scent that is casual and fresh enough for daytime wear but also strong enough to be used for evening wear. It is designed to be appropriate for any occasion.

Perry Ellis Red


  • Combines spicy, woody and citrusy scents 
  • Suitable for daytime and evening wear
  • Extremely easy to use

  • Might fade to a musty note after application

6. Curve

Curve Cologne is a fragrance that can be used as a signature scent. It has a spicy and magnetic aroma, allowing you to step out of your house with full confidence.

It has light top notes which begin to develop as soon as it is sprayed. Blends of douglas fir, juniper berry and lavender produce a fresh and green scent.

After a while, the strong middle notes develop and the fragrance features a mixture of cardamom, clary sage, lavender and rosemary. These ingredients add a dash of spice to the fresh scent.

The base notes, black pepper and sandalwood, leave a lasting impression as the cologne evaporates. The combination of these notes produces a layered scent that can be worn during the day or at night.



  • Has a multi-layered scent 
  • Can be worn for any occasion
  • Inexpensive

  • Fragrance might be too subtle

7. F By Ferragamo Black

F By Ferragamo Black is a product that caters to men who want to smell masculine and sophisticated. It has a premium layered scent that will leave you smelling fresh.

When sprayed, the fragrance develops with a very strong spicy scent. After a while, the scent calms and becomes a subtle musky scent.

It can last up to 6 hours on the body before it wears off and leaves a lingering woody smell as it fades.

It has a fragrance that projects outwardly and can be easily smelled on the wearer. This item is most suitable for evening wear.

F by Ferragamo Black


  • Exotic multi-layered scent
  • Can last for up to 6 hours
  • Ideal for evening wear

  • Spicy scent tends to be overpowering

8. Quorum By Puig

Quorum By Puig Cologne is a classic fragrance that smells the best on men with sophisticated taste. It is a smooth, luxurious product that never fails to boost men’s confidence.

It opens up with a fresh note of pine and lavender. This floral note is subtle and stays on the skin for a while before getting deeper.

As the cologne dries, the base notes of leather and wood come out. This woody scent, combined with the subtle floral scent, produces a sensual and masculine fragrance.

It has a strong fragrance that can be easily built up, making it suitable for wearing to the office or at night. It has a unique scent that is ideal for anyone who wants to have a signature scent.

Quorum By Puig


  • Unique fragrance
  • Can be built up to different intensities
  • Features a blend of pleasant floral and woody notes

  • Musky note might be too strong

9. Power By 50 Cent

Power By 50 Cent Cologne is a classic fragrance with a sophisticated flair. It is a perfect gift for a man who wants to smell good and fresh all year round.

Once sprayed, the fragrance opens up from a blend of lemon leaves, black pepper and artemisia. These materials add a note of spiciness to the aroma.

With a heart of dark wood, coriander and nutmeg, an extra element of earthiness is added to the scent. The base notes of patchouli, musk and oakmoss really tie the whole fragrance together.

The cologne is crafted from carefully sourced with high-quality ingredients that ensure a rich fragrance. It comes in a spray bottle that makes the fragrance easy to apply.

Power by 50 Cent


  • Ideal for men who want sophisticated and manly scents
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Easy application

  • Wears off from the skin quickly

10. David Beckham Instinct

David Beckham Instinct Cologne is a signature designer fragrance created with modern men in mind. It contains various elements that come together to form a complex aroma.

It features orange and mandarin, which provide a citrusy note. The Italian bergamot, anise and Haitian vetiver provide the fresh and woody notes.

With cardamom, red pimento, patchouli and amber, the fragrance has a musky quality that really goes well with the citrusy and woody notes. The aroma is strong and a little bit of the cologne can go a long way.

The cologne is suitable for evening wear as the strong scent radiates outward adequately. It comes in a thick bottle with a minimalistic design and can be easily packed up for a trip.

David Beckham Instinct


  • Contains premium ingredients
  • Strong scent
  • Suitable for evening wear

  • Might be too strong for men with a sensitive nose

11. PB ParfumsBelcam

PB ParfumsBelcam Cologne is a more affordable version of the Polo Black designer cologne. It is designed with dark, sensual notes that smell masculine and elegant.

The fragrance features a blend of leafy green notes and mandarin for a fresh and citrusy scent. Sandalwood provides a woody and masculine aroma.

With patchouli adding an extra dose of spice, the cologne has a multi-layered fragrance that develops as it is sprayed. After a while, it fades into a subtle woody base that smells elegant.

The strength of the fragrance can be built up on the skin, thereby making the cologne suitable for wearing during the daytime or at night.

PB ParfumsBelcam


  • Contains citrusy, musky and woody notes
  • Intensity of the fragrance can be built up on the skin
  • Can be worn at any time of the day

  • Doesn’t last more than one hour before it wears off

12. PB G Eau

PB G Eau Cologne has a fragrance that has notes of a designer and refined scent. It is formulated to cater to men who like elegant and sensual scents.

It is created with premium quality oils that produce a rich and sophisticated fragrance. A blend of citrus and bergamot gives it fresh and green notes.

It also contains a combination of subtle spices, cedar and patchouli notes. The woody notes combined with the muskiness produce a strong, manly smell.

It can be worn to work, an outing at night or for special events. It has a scent that is strong without being overpowering.

PB G Eau


  • Contains premium grade oils
  • Can be worn for any kind of event at all times of the day
  • Has a strong fragrance

  • Lasts for less than 2 hours on the skin

13. Intimately Beckham

Intimately Beckham Cologne has an aromatic fragrance that can be used as a signature scent. Its elegant and refined scent can help to boost men’s self-confidence.

The fragrance contains grapefruits which add a fruity note. Violet adds a floral hint while bergamot and cardamom produce a subtle hint of spiciness.

The sandalwood, amber and patchouli notes add a woody and musky edge that produces the manly and darkly sensual scent. The cologne will attract attention and have the wearer receive compliments from all corners.

It has a subtle aroma that is ideal for wearing during the day or in the evenings, as well as a long-lasting fragrance.

Intimately Beckham


  • Complex fragrance that can be made into a signature scent
  • Ideal for daily wear
  • Subtle and pleasant

  • Musky note lingers for a long time and might become overpowering

14. Palio By Lorenzo Siena

Palio By Lorenzo Siena Cologne is crafted for men with adventurous personalities. If you are willing to wear a classic, unique and timeless scent, then this fragrance is for you.

The fragrance is packed with several different elements that play their parts in crafting a one-of-a-kind scent. Its rich woody notes fill the nose with a warm and comfortable aroma.

Citrusy notes with the fresh edge add to the refined and elegant smell. It contains rose, lily and jasmine, which produce vibrant floral notes. With subtle hints of patchouli and sandalwood, the fragrance has a woody side blended with a light velvety musk to create a scent that makes a statement.

The light but strongly masculine fragrance can be used daily. It is packaged in a durable glass bottle that provides a good grip in order to prevent slipping and ensure safety.

Palio By Lorenzo Siena


  • Carefully crafted with premium materials
  • Has a masculine fragrance that can be worn daily
  • Comes in a non-slip bottle 

  • Doesn’t last for a whole day when applied

15. Nautica Blue

Nautica Blue Cologne has a fragrance that is created with a classic and timeless edge. It features a highly aromatic, aquatic scent that will keep men smelling fresh and clean.

The aroma starts off with notes of pineapple, peach and bergamot, which give off a fresh and fruity smell. The middle notes of jasmine and water lily create a floral and clean scent reminiscent of freshwater.

As the top and middle notes wear off, the base notes of sandalwood and cedar leave a woody impression with a hint of musk. The fragrance is strong enough to make a statement every time it is worn.

It has a cool, fruity and aquatic smell which can be worn daily for casual events. It comes in a fancy, blue spray bottle which is easy to use.

Nautica Blue


  • Has a fresh and aquatic-themed fragrance
  • Suitable for casual wear
  • Very easy to apply

  • Fades away two hours after application

16. Perry Ellis 360

Perry Ellis 360 is designed with a classic and strong man in mind. It has a sensual and refreshing fragrance that will help to maintain high self-confidence.

The blend of berries, pineapple and tangerine create a fruity and citrusy note that is pleasant to the senses. It also features sage and jasmine for floral notes that radiate calmness.

The product also contains herbs that give the fragrance a clean, woody and highly aromatic feeling. The fragrance can be built up in intensity to suit your preferences.

Seeing as it has a strong fragrance, the cologne can be used during the daytime and for any special events. It does not cause adverse reactions on the skin as it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Perry Ellis 360


  • Calm and fresh
  • Intensity can be built up according to the wearer’s preference
  • Ideal for daytime use

  • Has a slightly chemical smell

17. Jaguar Classic Black

Jaguar Classic Black Cologne is a luxurious product, created for the man who wants a rich and layered scent. It has a classic aromatic scent that keeps you smelling manly and fresh.

The fragrance has a sensual edge with top notes made up of citrus products such as mandarin and bitter orange. The heart notes of orange, lotus flower and ginger produce a modern combination of floral and spice.

As the fragrance sits on the skin, the base notes of sandalwood, benzoin, tonka, cedarwood and white musk leave a strong woody impression. The oriental scent produced is a luxury for the senses.

The cologne can be used by men with all skin types. It has a strong scent that is suitable for daily wear.

Jaguar Classic Black


  • Has a luxurious and oriental fragrance
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ideal for daily wear

  • Might irritate the nose due to its intensity

What Is a Cheap Cologne

When most men think of cheap colognes, what comes to mind is a cheap perfume that has a profoundly offensive scent and is made of low-quality ingredients. 

This is, however, not true. A good cologne for men doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver that great smell, as well as the confidence that you desire as a man.  

Unless you have the money to buy one of the designer colognes often endorsed by celebrities, then you are stuck at sticking within your budget and you can do so much better with a budget cologne. 

Benefits of Using a Cheap Cologne


Just as the name suggests, cheap colognes are just that; cheap! When you think of a good cologne, the chances are that you always think of designer colognes and dismiss the other cheaper options in the market.

Cheap colognes are not only affordable, but it’s possible to find good quality ones as well. As long as you know what factors to consider, you don’t need to break the bank just because you want to smell good.  


Cheap colognes tend to be sweeter than the expensive brands. This is because sweet ingredients are cheap and the colognes are usually marketed for younger people since they have less money. 

If you are a man who doesn’t mind smelling sweet, then most cheap colognes will work perfectly for you. 

Lasts Long

If you know how to test out colognes, some cheap colognes tend to replicate the expensive version’s top notes and as such, while they will not last as long, they last long enough to help you get through the day. 

Pros and Cons of Cheap Colognes

Pros and Cons of Cheap Colognes

A lot has been said about cheap colognes for men, with most people assuming that such perfumes are made of low-quality ingredients, don’t last as long and smell filthy. 

While there are cheap colognes that are not worth the money you will spend, if you know what you are looking for, you might just be able to find a cologne that works for you. 


  • Cheap colognes are affordable and within most people’s budgets, usually going for $5 to $25.
  • They still smell great as long as you know what factors to consider when buying one.
  • Cheap colognes still have unique bottles.
  • Since they are cheap, you can afford a bigger collection, unlike when you are dealing with the expensive versions. 
  • You could always add alcohol and oils to your cologne to customize it to what you want. 


  • The oils used in cheap colognes may not be natural or pure. 
  • Sometimes the fragrance may be diluted with contaminated water. 
  • Cheap colognes will typically not last more than 2 hours due to the low-quality oils and the oil to alcohol percentage. 

Cheap Cologne Notes

One of the terminologies used to describe the fragrance of cheap or expensive colognes is notes. Every fragrance has three different parts; top notes, medium notes, and lastly, base notes that all contribute to the overall smell of the cologne.

Top Notes   

Top notes are usually what you smell the moment you spray the cologne. They are lighter and delicate compared to the more lingering notes and tend to last for about 15 minutes to two hours, but this depends on the brand. 

Citrus Fruits

Citrus notes make use of citrus fruit extracts that include lemon, mandarin and bergamot, among others. 


Aromatics include such things as anis, lavender, and lemongrass. 

Medium Notes

The middle notes come right after the top notes have disappeared after application. They will last for up to five hours, depending on the brand after you have sprayed.

They include notes of jasmine, cinnamon, grass, clove, which are stronger than top notes but not very empowering. The middle notes are pleasing but soon are overtaken by the stronger base notes. 


Floral notes are made of such ingredients as rose, jasmine, and lilac and because of that, they will have a floral fragrance. 


These notes are made of grass, stone and, in some cases, leaf.


Fruity notes are sweet-smelling and they are made of fruit extracts from pear, peach, raspberry, among others. 


Spicy notes are made of ingredients that include cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. 

Base Notes

Cheap Cologne Base Notes

Base notes are the powerhouse of any cologne and they are the scent that you smell throughout the day. Depending on the lasting power of the fragrance in question, base notes can last for up to ten hours. 

The aromas are crafted along with leathers, sandalwoods, vanillas, and moss and they draw people to you since their masculine overtones are the attractors. 


The main reason why the woodsy cologne is popular is that they tend to have a warm as well as dry smell that is very inviting.  

They are heavy, so a few sprays will keep you smelling great for the rest of the day. They contain notes that range from cedar, patchouli, and moss. 


Balsamic notes range from vanilla, heliotrope to Tonka bean. 

Types of Cheap Colognes

When it comes to finding the cheapest cologne, you need to go beyond the notes. The main thing that differentiates one cologne to another is how long they last, with the weakest lasting for about an hour or so and the strongest staying on for up to 20 hours. 

Here are the different types of cheap colognes that you will find in that market. 


Parfum is the rarest form of fragrance and exists in concentrations of 20 to 30 percent perfume oil. Because these colognes are made from the highest concentration of scented oils, they are also the most expensive colognes available on the market. 

While you may have to break the bank for such colognes, they are worth their weight in gold since the fragrances last up to 24 hours. 

Eau de Perfume

They are typically found in most department stores in glass cases that are filled with fragrances. 

They are of a lower quality compared to parfume and are made of 15 to 20 percent perfume oil as well as alcohol and water mixture. The fragrance from Eau De Perfume lasts for up to 8 hours after spraying.  

Eau de Toilette

This is a common and cheaper version of high-end perfumes. Eau De Toilettes typically is a mixed form of 5 to 15 percent perfume oil, water, and alcohol. They are ideal for those who want the basic features of perfume without spending too much. 

Eau de Cologne

Types of Cheap Colognes - Eau de Cologne

If you have ever used cologne, the chances are that it was an Eau De Cologne. It’s on the lower end in the fragrance department, usually made of 4 percent perfume oil with a mixture of water and alcohol. 

The fragrance from this kind of cologne will last for about 2 hours, forcing you to reapply again.


Sillage is usually the alluring scent trail that someone leaves behind after they walk by when wearing cologne. Sillage should not be confused with the natural pheromones in the body since it is artificial.

This trail is often stronger when cologne has just been applied and dilutes as the day goes by. When you think about it, sillage is actually the main reason why people wear cologne in the first place.

Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is made from a concentration of about 1 to 3 percent perfume oil, which means that the fragrance will not last long. They are ideal for a quick spritz if you intend to be out in public for more than one hour.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Cologne

There are so many cologne brands in the market that it may prove difficult to find one that suits your needs. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when buying any budget cologne. 


This is the main thing that you should consider when buying cologne. Of course, you want to buy a cologne that makes you smell good, not the opposite. 

The last thing you want is to go about your business smelling like something that a cat dragged in. If you are unsure of the smell of the cologne you are about to buy, you might want to seek some input from a third party.


When it comes to the agreeableness of the perfume, you need to consider how other people perceive the scent of that perfume. 

If too many people find the cologne overly potent or offensive, you might want to look elsewhere. At the end of the day, it makes no sense if you are on a budget to buy a cologne that is not universal. 


In terms of availability, there are colognes that are available in one part of the world but not the rest. 

When buying cologne, go for a brand that is easily available whenever yours runs out, especially if you hate changing brands. 


How to Choose the Best Cheap Cologne - Strength

The strength of a cologne depends on its type and there are five main cologne types available on the market. 

They include Eau Fraiche, Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Perfume and Parfum, which is the strongest and lasts longer. 


When all things are considered, it is important that you get a bottle of a decent size. For instance, it doesn’t make sense going for a $30 bottle that is just 0.2oz while there is a 4oz bottle that costs $20.


The ingredients in a cologne determine its fragrance. Colognes can be fruity thanks to ingredients like pear, peach, raspberry, floral from ingredients such as rose, jasmine, and lilac or woodsy from ingredients like cedar, patchouli, and moss.


When it comes to colognes, a majority of people are intimidated by the designer ones and think that that’s what they need in a cologne. 

When you are buying cologne, you don’t have to break the bank just because you want to smell good. Rather there are so many decent colognes that are within your budget.

Look out for special offers as well as promotions so that you don’t spend too much in the end. There is that misconception that cheap colognes are made of cheap and synthetic ingredients, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Best Colognes by Season 

Most experts advise changing cologne with seasons. How strong the fragrance of the cologne you are wearing will highly depend on the temperature. 

While this is not set in stone, it will be in your best interest to wear cologne based on the season. This is especially if you happen to live in an area where seasons are always changing.

Spring Colognes 

Cologne ideal for spring is usually floral and fruity notes to mirror the natural aromas from the plants around you. 

Such notes include peppermint, citrus, nutmeg, grapefruit, vetiver, jasmine, ginger, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, and incense. 

Summer Fragrances 

During summer, our sense of smell is heightened and that warmth of the season will bring out even the most delicate scents. As such, fragrances ideal for summer months includes citrus and floral scents since these will last long. 

Fall Colognes 

Fall fragrances tend to be warm to complement the cool weather and everything else we love about the cold weather, such as spices, cinnamon, fireplace, wood, and leather. 

Winter Fragrances

Fragrances that are ideal for winter months are spicy, warm and bold and they include fragrances that are steeped in resins, woods as well as leather. 

How to Apply Your Cheap Cologne

How to Apply Your Cheap Cologne

Step 1 – Take a shower first

The best time to apply cologne is after taking a shower mainly because showering opens up your pores, allowing them to trap as much cologne as possible. 

To open up the pores way better, you could use an exfoliator since exfoliators provide deep pore cleansing.

Step 2 – Apply to last

Cologne normally has molecules that break down after application. It operates in layers beginning with the top notes to the base notes and what you need to ensure is that you apply cologne in such a way that it takes longer to break down. 

Step 3 – Avoid other strong fragrances

If you are using cologne, then avoid adding other strong scents like deodorants, soaps, and body washes since these will only mask the smell of your cologne.

Step 4 – Apply on your pulse points

These are the areas of the body that give off most heat because the blood vessels are closer to the surface.

Cologne applied in such areas will last longer and they include the neck, shoulders, wrists, inner elbows and behind the ears. 

Step 5 – Spray from a distance

When you have identified your pulse areas, spray the cologne from a distance of three to six inches. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Even when you are buying cheap cologne, to some extent, more spending does mean more quality. 

While there are so many high-quality budget colognes out there, you also have to be on the lookout for fake ones since manufactures will sell them under the same category.

The oil used in such colognes is not only impure, but some manufacturers will dilute the colognes with contaminated water.

However, rather than getting stuck on the price, ensure that the cologne you are about to buy meets certain standards that include the use of the right ingredients as well as the composition of the cologne to avoid spending unnecessarily on a cologne that you won’t even need. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Cheap Colognes

  • Do apply cologne after taking a shower so that it can be absorbed by the pores, otherwise applying it on dirty skin is just a waste.
  • Do consider your skin type when you are buying cologne since cologne on oily skin lasts longer than on dry skin. 
  • Do keep the cologne away from high temperatures and direct sunlight so that its quality is not affected. 
  • Don’t rub your wrists with force after you have sprayed cologne on them since the molecules will be crushed and not absorbed properly.
  • Don’t wear conflicting strong scents from soaps, shaving gels, lotions, and creams if your cologne is to last long. 

Quick Tips on How to Make Your Cheap Cologne Last Longer

Apply the cologne after taking a shower since the pores are open at that time and the cologne will be absorbed properly. 

Consider your skin type when you are buying the cologne. If you have oily skin, cologne lasts longer while dry skin absorbs the scent hence ensure that you apply enough if you have dry skin. 

Don’t apply the cologne in areas that sweat a lot since this will only make the cologne fade away quickly.

Spray cologne on your pulse points, which include the wrists, neck, behind the ears, shoulders and inner elbows since blood vessels on these areas are closer to the skin, which gives off more heat making cologne last longer.

FAQ About Cheap Colognes 

FAQ About Cheap Colognes

What does cheap cologne smell like?

Most cheap colognes tend to smell sweet since they are made of sweet-smelling ingredients that tend to be cheaper. 

Are cheap colognes going to be inferior to the pricier ones? 

In some way they are, but if the cologne has the right ingredients, it doesn’t matter if it was cheap or expensive. In terms of fragrances, however, the pricier ones last longer, making them superior. 

Are lower-priced colognes less effective?

This depends on the brand since there are cheaper perfumes that are less effective and others that are highly effective. Compared to high-end colognes, however, they don’t last as long and will force you to reapply again during the day, maybe even a couple of times. 


When people think about quality when it comes to colognes, they immediately think about the expensive celebrity-endorsed colognes. However, you don’t have to break the bank to smell good.

There are so many cheap colognes on the market that work just as effectively as the expensive versions as long as you know what you are looking for. You need, however, to look out for the fake colognes being passed around as genuine ones on the market.

Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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