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Woodsy colognes have made a resurgence in the cologne world over the past few years, mainly because compared to other natural resources, wood has the most charming aroma that triggers several sensations when it is inhaled. 

Elite fashion brands today are updating their lines, including the signature ones, to include woodsy colognes. Besides their singular flavor, these colognes have virtues that you don’t find in ordinary cologne bottles.

They act more as functional stimulants cloaking the body with just a few sprays. Oriental fragrances have scents that tend to last longer in addition to the sensory magnets they contain, which is all that anyone would ever ask for in a bottle of cologne. 

What Is a Woodsy Cologne

Woody scents are warm, earthy and dry smelling colognes that contain leathery and mossy notes. Wood perfumes are very important in providing the base note for perfumes and are the main basis for most fragrances. 

Woody colognes are usually built on the base notes of moss and bark, distillates and wood oils, most of which are indispensable when it comes to making perfumes. The most commonly used woods when making woodsy perfumes include sandalwood, agarwood, rosewood, birch, juniper, cedar, and pine. 

Benefits of Using a Woodsy Cologne

Just like shaving soap will lubricate the blade for a smooth shave or a good body wash will boost your circulation, there are a few benefits of woodsy colognes that are often overlooked. 

No Artificial Smell

At the end of the day, when you use cologne, the goal is to smell nice without smelling too artificial. If you are more of an outdoor guy who enjoys the smell of nature, then woodsy perfumes will work perfectly for you. With woodsy colognes, you can go about the day smelling all earthly, like pine trees, air after a thunderstorm or cut grass because that’s how natural they are. 

Warm and Dry Smells

Woodsy perfumes tend to have dry and warm smells that are always inviting. With such perfumes, cuddle time becomes even more enjoyable and you can start scoring some points with the ladies. 

Lasts Longer

The main advantage of using woody perfumes over the artificial fragrances is that they are heavier, which means that you just need a few sprays and that will last you the entire day or even longer. 

Pros and Cons of a Woodsy Cologne

Pros and Cons of a Woodsy Cologne

Just like when you are buying premium exfoliator for men, woodsy colognes also have their advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before you make a purchase. 


  • Since woodsy colognes are signature perfumes, that’s the scent that most people will remember you for. 
  • It is the first impression people have of you. 
  • They are heavy and hence you don’t need to spray too much for it to last.
  • They are natural and as such, you don’t end up smelling artificial like when you use other fragrances. 


  • The reason why a majority of people change fragrances is to reflect their clothing and mood, which is something you can’t do if you have one woodsy cologne. 
  • Just like one pair of shoes can be limiting, so can one fragrance.
  • If you are using a classic fragrance like woody colognes, you might end up smelling like someone else, which is not a big deal until you are on a date and someone tells you that you smell like so and so. 
  • You might end up in a scent runt since there are so many fragrances in the market to choose from something you can’t do if you stick to the woodsy colognes you started using back in your college days. 

Woodsy Cologne Notes

The main reason why woodsy colognes are popular among men is that they have that warm and dry smell that is inviting. They are also heavy and with just a few sprays, you are sorted for the rest of the day. Most woodsy colognes contain different notes that range from cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and agarwood. 


Sandalwood is usually obtained from the genus Santalum, which is a heavy and yellow wood that results in a long-lasting fragrance. Sandalwood normally has a sweet, rich fragrance with soft wood notes. It is exotic, subtle and clings to you, ensuring that it lingers over a long time. 


Cedar is usually obtained from cedar trees, which often grow in the Mediterranean and Himalaya regions. Cedar cologne will normally have a wood, dry scent and its warmth and richness are usually brought out when it touches the skin. It combines well with other notes like citrus to create a fragrant, musky scent for those who love smelling like the outdoors. 


Vetiver is normally a mossy grass that is found in wet and damp environments over riverbanks and other marshy places. It has a subtle citrus note that is combined with hints of woody, leathery notes. Vetiver is known for its cooling properties and often mixes well with other scents like patchouli and sandalwood. 


Agarwood, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive woods mainly because it has a rich, nutty and musky smell that is so unique. It is both warm and woody, making it perfect for a cool or fall night. It is also an aphrodisiac; hence you need to be ready to roll whenever you wear this scent. 


Patchouli is usually an herb in the mint family. As such, it has both a minty and woody undertone with an herby and sweet aroma. Contrary to popular belief, wearing patchouli scents are not for hippies since most people say it smells like marijuana due to the herby scent. As long as you are wearing the right amount that is not overpowering, you will still smell good. 

Woodsy Cologne Composition

Woodsy Cologne Composition

All the musky, woodsy and mossy ingredients in woodsy colognes make sensational base notes within the layers of the cologne. The scents are, however, brought out well when they are mixed with lighter notes like rose and citrus.

Once you wear the colognes, the fresh brightness of the cologne fades away and what you are left with is the warm and exotic notes that hit the nose the right way. That said, woodsy colognes have different compositions that make them both heavy and long-lasting, just like body lotion for men will hydrate your skin.

The composition is used to refer to the different elements that make up a particular scent, like notes of sandalwood and leather. That said, the best colognes have a unique composition that sets them apart from the rest. 

Top Notes

Top notes are the first hints of scent that hit the nose immediately you apply any cologne. Such notes quickly disappear afterward. 

Middle Notes

These notes come after the top notes have disappeared upon application and they last up to an hour after application. 

Base Notes

Base notes are usually the powerhouse of any cologne and tend to bring up the rear. These notes last for several hours after application. One of the main reasons why you need to test out colognes with samples is the composition.

You can leave the sample on for about 15 minutes to test out the notes. By that time, the initial notes will have disappeared, and you will be much closer to experiencing the full scent of the cologne that will last you the entire day. 

How to Choose the Best Woodsy Cologne

When you are buying cologne, it involves more than just picking anything off the shelves and calling it a day. There are so many things to look out for, including the composition and notes.

And just like with the best oil-free moisturizer for men, here are a few factors that you need to consider when you are buying woodsy colognes. 

Skin Type

When you are buying woodsy perfume, there is only one thing you need to consider when it comes to skin type and that’s if you have sensitive skin or not.

At the end of the day, the last thing you need is to buy a cologne that is too expensive only to realize that you can’t use it because it reacts to your skin. It’s up to you to determine what you are allergic to and avoid colognes that may contain such notes. 


In the past, fragrances were made to change during wear to compensate for the unstable ingredients, but that is not entirely the case today. Linear scents, for instance, will not evolve to change when you wear them, but non-linear scents change and tend to go through layers. 

When it comes to fragrance, it’s always a matter of personal preference and some people will prefer the “what you smell is what you get” approach with their colognes and will want a cologne that doesn’t change when you are wearing it. 

High-end colognes tend to be non-linear, but the budget ones are always linear. Scent notes are usually the layer in the cologne and there are different notes that range from top notes, medium to base notes. 

Top notes tend to melt away after a few minutes, while the middle notes will last for about an hour. The base notes, on the other hand, are what matters and these will see you through the entire day. This is why you need to test out colognes before you make a purchase. 


How to Choose the Best Woodsy Cologne - Occassion

While there are versatile colognes for men that can be worn at any time of the day, the rule of thumb when it comes to colognes is to match them with the occasion and most colognes are designed for a specific setting. 

Generally, men’s colognes fall in the fresh, woody and oriental categories when it comes to fragrances. Other scents exist, however, like crisp and clean, which are perfect for daytime use.

If you are working, you want a subtle and professional scent while a night out calls for a more sensual scent. 

Oriental fragrances are sensual and spicy and are better off for an evening out or a date night. They have a spicy boldness that works well with the cool of an evening and have a sexy edge to them. 

Fresh scents tend to be crisp and clean and are designed for use during summer or daytime. Woody scents, on the other hand, are more versatile and have an earthy and natural feel and can be used during the day or evening. 

Floral fragrances are less common when it comes to men’s colognes, but if you find one, it is light and can be used during the day. 


A majority of experts advise changing your cologne with seasons. How strong a fragrance is depends highly on the temperature. 

In summer, for instance, our sense of smell is usually heightened and the warmth of that particular season brings out even delicate scents. As such, citrus and floral scents are ideal for summer months. 

One the other handy, fragrances ideal for fall and winter months are warm, spicy and bold. While this rule is not set in stone, it is worth wearing perfume based on the season, especially if you live in a place where seasons are always changing. 


When it comes to choosing a cologne, your personality plays a role. This is because the fragrance that may work for one person may not work for you.

This is mainly because the essential oils in fragrances react to different people differently. Everything from your body temperature to the oils on your skin will affect how cologne smells when you wear it. 

While style is less quantifiable, at the end of the day, it is extremely important and a part of that lies in knowing your fragrance personality as well as the impression you are looking to make. 

Some men prefer a scent that flies under the radar while others will want to make a statement when they walk into a room just from the cologne they are wearing. 

When you are buying cologne, test out with samples and get to experience everything from top notes, heart notes to base notes that will linger on throughout the day. 


At the end of the day, just like you would soothe the skin with a great toner from a well-known brand, cologne brands also do matter. For one, well-known brands are known to be of high quality and will last longer than the budget brands.

However, you don’t need to settle for designer brands that are endorsed by celebrities. Smaller brands will do since they tend to concentrate on one thing, perfumes and colognes and their focus is usually on producing a high-quality product.  

In short, don’t be too distracted by the brand when you are buying cologne, but if you can afford the celebrity-endorsed ones, well and good. 


When it comes to colognes, most of us tend to be intimidated by the expensive ones and think that that’s all you need in a cologne. 

There are so many quality colognes that you can get at a reasonable price. If you want to buy a luxury cologne, then you need to look out for special offers and promotions so that you don’t end up spending too much. 

There is always a misconception that cheap colognes are made of synthetic ingredients and the high-end ones are made of natural ones. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

How to Properly Apply Your Woodsy Cologne

How to Properly Apply Your Woodsy Cologne

Step 1 – Apply to last

Cologne consists of molecules that tend to break down over time. It evaporates in layer beginning with the top notes to the base notes and your goal is to apply cologne in such a way that it takes longer to break down. 

Step 2 – Apply after a shower

The best time to apply cologne is immediately after you have taken a shower. This is because the pores are open, allowing them to trap as much cologne as possible.  

This means that just like you would wash your face first thing in the morning or condition the skin with an aftershave, wearing cologne before a shower will only be wasting it. 

Step 3 – Avoid other strong fragrances

While hair gel helps shape the hair in any style and may come in strong scents, this is never a good idea if you are wearing cologne. As such, avoid strong scents like those from soaps, deodorants, and body washes since these will only mask the scent of the cologne.  

Step 4 – Know your skin type

Most of the time, cologne tends to last longer on men who have oily skin while dry skin soaks up the scent. As such, if you have dry skin, apply a little more cologne so that it lasts. 

Step 5 – Identify your pulse points

These are areas of your skin that tend to give off most heat since the blood vessels are closer to the skin surface. Applying cologne on such areas will help it last longer and they include the wrists, neck, shoulders, inner elbows and behind your ears. 

Step 6 – Spray from a distance

Once you have identified the pulse points, spray from a distance usually three to six inches away. You can test the nozzle first by first spraying in the air. 

Step 7 – Don’t spread the cologne to areas that sweat a lot

By doing this, the fragrance will fade away quickly because of all the sweat. 

Step 8 – Reapply if you have to

Just like you would get a nice tone by using a quality sunscreen even multiple times, there is nothing wrong with reapplying cologne during the day if you feel that it has faded as long as you don’t overdo it. 


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to woodsy colognes, more spending doesn’t always mean more quality. The main assumption with most people is that celebrity-endorsed colognes are made from natural ingredients hence why they are more expensive.

When you are buying cologne, you can still find cheap, high-quality products that will last as long and contain the right ingredients.

As such, rather than getting stuck on the brand, consider the ingredients and composition of the cologne before you buy to avoid spending unnecessarily on a cologne that you don’t even need. 

Do’s and Don’ts With A Woodsy Cologne

  • Do apply cologne based on the season since scents are stronger during different seasons.
  • Do consider your skin type before you buy cologne since how fast the cologne fades depends on the skin type.  
  • Do identify your pulse points like the neck, wrists, behind the ears and inner elbows since cologne last longer when applied on these areas.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the brand since smaller brands create quality colognes as well.
  • Don’t spray cologne on areas that tend to sweat a lot like under the pits, which is what most people do. 

FAQ About Woodsy Colognes

What is a good men’s cologne that is woodsy at the top or middle notes and with musk and patchouli form the base notes?

Some of the colognes that fall in this category include Spice and Wood, Les Royales Exclusive, by Creed, Epic Man by Amouage, Beloved Man by Amouage, Sartoria by Penhaligon, Danger pour Homme by Roja Perfumes and Colonia Intensa Oud by Acqua di Parma

What is the best new men’s cologne that women love?

If you have ever used Creed Aventus, it is a great choice, which explains why it is considered the best women’s favorite men’s cologne.

How important is patchouli oil in the perfume industry?

Patchouli oil is very important in the perfume industry since it has a strong, musky fragrance. It is used as a natural ingredient in a lot of countries in the world. However, patchouli oil is very strong and requires to be diluted first before it is used. 


At the end of the day, cologne is important in masking other body smells and, at the same time, giving you the confidence you need to face the day. However, not all men’s colognes are worth it and you must consider factors like the ingredients, base, and composition before you make a purchase. Most fragrance fashion houses today are carrying woodsy perfumes for men and they continue to grow in popularity.

Such colognes have a natural rather than a synthetic smell, and at the same time, they are heavier, requiring only a few sprays. They contain three bases that are enough to last you throughout the day, although you can still reapply during the day if you like a stronger scent.  

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