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On a hunt for the best body spray for men? Then know that you have several choices available in the market. This is why you should consider sifting through all your options so you can get one that can truly provide you with ultimate satisfaction. 

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Top 5 Body Sprays for Men (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
Ideal for Everyday UseNautica Blue Sail
  • Richly layered fragrance
  • Subtle and pleasant fragrance
  • The spray has top notes of green leaves
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Suitable for Daytime WearGuy Laroche Drakkar Noir
  • Can be used by men of all ages
  • Fruity, fresh and spicy fragrance
  • Undertones of sandalwood give off a woody note
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Made With the Finest IngredientsJack Black
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Features substances that help to fight bacteria on the skin
  • It contains fresh citrus
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Bath and Body Works Bourbon
  • Features a blend of spicy and musky notes
  • Protects the body from bad smell
  • Subtle fragrance
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Calvin Klein Eternit
  • Acts as a deodorizer
  • Refined fragrance for the confident and modern man
  • Features aquatic, floral and musky notes
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11 Best Body Sprays for Men – Comparison, Pros and Cons

1. Nautica Blue Sail

Nautica Blue Sail Body Spray is a deodorizing formula that draws inspiration from the water and sailing. It has a classic element with notes of modern influence that make it suitable for men of all ages.

The spray has top notes of green leaves that give it a lasting freshness, fresh apple extracts for a fruity note and aquatic notes. It features middle notes of orange zest for a dash of spiciness, bergamot, blue cyprus and sandalwood all combined to produce a distinctive woody fragrance.

With base notes of amber, musk and moss, the body spray has a strong masculine scent tempered with the spicy, green, fruity and aquatic notes of its middle and top notes.

It is meant for energetic men who are always on the go. It can be used as a daytime fragrance or a nighttime refresher.

Nautica Blue Sail



  • Richly layered fragrance
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Subtle and pleasant fragrance

  • Might wear off quickly

2. Axe Essence

Axe Body Spray For Men captures a man’s confident and energetic personality with its deep and woody aroma with a dash of spice. It has a deodorizing effect and keeps you smelling great at all times of the day.

The spray features a perfect blend of light and dark scents, helping you to fully portray both sides of your character. It has a distinctive woody scent with a crisp, fruity note to temper the woody note.

A modern scent speaks to the men who want to smell sophisticated and classy. The hint of spiciness delivers an edge that helps to bolster a man’s confidence.

It provides long-lasting protection from bad odor caused by sweating. It is a formula that helps you to look, smell and feel like your best self.

Axe Essence



  • Features a woody, fruity scent with a hint of spice
  • Provides protection from body odor
  • Has a strong fragrance

  • Doesn’t last long on the skin

3. Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir

Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Body Spray has a sensual and masculine fragrance that is best suited for the tenacious and confident man. Whether young or old, this spray is ideal for the self-assured man who wants to smell elegant.

The product features a powerful blend of lavender that stimulates the senses with lemon, orange and mandarin notes that give the fragrance a fruity top note. It has middle notes that feature warm herbs that produce a fresh and spicy scent.

Undertones of sandalwood give off a woody note, making it a strong masculine fragrance. The rich and complex fragrance is versatile enough to be suitable for men with all kinds of personality.

The strong fragrance is better suited for daytime wear. The spray keeps you smelling good and helps to bolster your confidence.

Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir



  • Fruity, fresh and spicy fragrance
  • Can be used by men of all ages
  • Suitable for daytime wear

  • Fades off quickly after use

4. Alfred Dunhill Desire Red

Alfred Dunhill Desire Red Body Spray is specifically designed for the bold and energetic man. It evokes feelings of confidence and freedom to carry out any action.

The spray has a fragrance that is carefully crafted from a combination of grapefruit and orange for a nice, fruity element. It is infused with a rose for a floral note that elevates the scent.

It features bergamot, saffron and cypress for an utterly woody and masculine fragrance. The blend of fruity, floral, woody and fresh ingredients produces an aroma that is elegant and modern.

Fragrance is light and airy, making it suitable for daily use as there is no risk of the scent being overpowering. The product does not leave stains on clothes or cause adverse reactions on the skin.

Alfred Dunhill Desire Red



  • Sophisticated and elegant fragrance
  • Light and suitable for daily use
  • Does not cause skin reactions after application

  • Doesn’t last longer than 4 hours on the body

5. Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique has a scent that is inspired by the water, the free feeling of setting sail and the sophistication of exotic islands. It delivers an invigorating burst of freshness every time you apply it.

The scent is layered with notes that develop and manifest over time. It features top notes of lemon and sage, a blend that promises crisp freshness and calming relief.

It has middle notes of lavender, rosemary and juniper, which produce a strong floral scent that is inspired by wild and exotic flowers. As the scent fades off, the dry notes of musk, Tonka beans and sandalwood leave a woody and musky impression that is masculine and sensual.

If you want to get compliments about how clean and fresh you smell at all times of the day, then you can use this body spray, which is ideal for daily wear. It does not contain substances that can be harmful to the skin.

Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique



  • Gives off an elegant and exotic aroma
  • Features notes of fruity, floral and woody scents
  • Can be used for everyday wear

  • Might fade off quickly

6. Jack Black

Jack Black Body Spray is composed mainly of high-quality ingredients that work together to produce a clean and refreshing scent. It is formulated with the finest substances to be highly effective and useful for men with all types of skin.

The fragrance features some keynotes that encompass a range of scents. It contains fresh citrus which is responsible for the burst of lightweight freshness and citrusy note that the spray produces.

Rosemary extract not only gives off a nice, floral scent, but it also helps to calm the skin. It also has antibacterial properties, helping to defend the skin surface from the harmful actions of bacteria.

The item contains mint extracts that cool, invigorate and refresh the skin. The product is free from parabens and other harsh chemicals. It does not contain artificial dyes and it is safe for sensitive skin.

Jack Black



  • Made with the finest ingredients, thereby ensuring its effectiveness
  • Features substances that help to fight bacteria on the skin
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals

  • Might be too light and weak

7. Bath and Body Works Bourbon

Bath and Body Works Bourbon Body Spray is a formula that works as a deodorant. It has a sensual and masculine smell that is designed to generate a positive response at all times.

The fragrance features a perfect blend of materials that produce an elegant and cool smell that radiates from the skin. It contains white pepper, which gives off a spicy scent for a unique and edgy smell.

Dark amber and oak elements give the fragrance a dry note that leaves a woody and musky impression. The layered scent keeps bad odor away and makes you smell fresh and clean.

It has a subtle scent that does not overpower the senses and is suitable for daytime use. It can be used by men with all skin types.

Bath and Body Works Bourbon



  • Protects the body from bad smell
  • Features a blend of spicy, woody and musky notes
  • Subtle fragrance and is suitable for daytime wear

  • Might be hard to perceive the smell a few hours after application

8. Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity is carefully designed for men who are confident and modern. It has a fresh and refined scent that makes you smell effortlessly elegant and refreshed at all times.

The fragrance is a richly complex smell that features various elements combined together to form an aquatic and woody scent. It has top notes that consist of chilled cucumber, water lotus, citrus cocktail and drenched green leaves.

The smell then develops into the middle notes featuring Szechuan pepper, lavender and white cedarwood for an extra burst of spicy and floral aroma.

The body spray dries down to a warm and lingering finish created by the actions of sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli and musk. This product has a scent that can refresh and reinvigorate you throughout the day.

Calvin Klein Eternit



  • Refined fragrance for the confident and modern man
  • Features aquatic, spicy, floral and musky notes
  • Acts as a deodorizer

  • Has a very strong smell that irritates the senses

9. Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren is a product that is meant for men who want to smell refined and elegant. It is made with premium ingredients that ensure the utmost effectiveness and originality.

It has the qualities of a deodorant, helping to rid the body of nasty odors and produce a refreshed smell. It has top notes of a citrusy and fruity blend that produce a pleasant smell.

The heart of the fragrance features a deeper tone of flowers and green leaves, producing a freshness that invigorates the wearer. With dry notes of wood and musk, the spray has a classy and masculine smell that helps to improve a man’s confidence.

The spray can be used after a shower or as a light refresher during the day. It is free of materials that can harm the skin or affect the health of the wearer.

Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren



  • Contains premium ingredients for superior performance
  • Features floral, citrusy and musky notes
  • Safe for everyday use

  • Has a light and subtle smell that might wear off after an hour

10. Axe You

Axe You is a formula that has a modern and masculine fragrance that helps men to embrace the uniqueness in them. It can be used as a signature scent with a quick spray to get a strong and refined smell.

It has a fragrance that is formed from a carefully crafted blend of premium ingredients. It features notes of coriander leaves, black basil and black pepper that give a fresh and spicy edge to the scent.

The product has a classic blend of middle notes, featuring amber, vetiver, cinnamon and verbena. These materials produce a timeless perfumery scent that perfectly balances the spiciness and musky notes of the fragrance.

It has a unique smell that is meant for men who are bold enough to stand out from the crowd. This body spray allows you to properly showcase your self-assurance and confidence.

Axe You



  • Can be used as a signature fragrance
  • Features classic and refined notes
  • Suitable for everyday use

  • Too strong

11. Bath and Body Works Ocean

Bath and Body Works Ocean is a deodorizing formula that is designed for men who want to smell unique. It has a memorable and masculine scent that will help you garner positive attention all day long.

The fragrance is crafted from materials that inculcate the freshness and freedom of the ocean. The blend of blue cypress, vetiver and coastal air gives you a sensory experience, allowing you to breathe in the coolness of water at all times.

It offers protection from bad body odor that might affect your confidence and can be used in the morning, after a heavy workout session or as a refresher during the day.

It is a cruelty-free product that does not contain harsh chemicals and artificial substances. It does not cause adverse reactions on the skin.

Bath and Body Works Ocean



  • Gives off a cool and refreshing fragrance at all times
  • Provides protection from body odor
  • Does not contain harmful materials

  • Might wear off after a few hours

What Is a Body Spray for Men

A good spray is one of the most versatile products available for men. You can spray your musky cologne when going out or use it daily. It is also very versatile in the sense that you can also use it as a way to mask odor following a workout in the gym. You can also find these items for men that you can use for evening wear.

Your choice can make you feel more confident every day since you know that you are bringing out your preferred scent that perfectly suits who you are. It plays a major role in the lives of most people.

Benefits of Using a Body Spray for Men

Comes With a Pleasant Scent

One great advantage of these sprays is that the scent they usually produce is very pleasing. Unlike other types of fragrances, body sprays have lighter scents that ensure that your senses will not get overwhelmed. This makes them more favorable to wear and use on various occasions.

Goes Well With the Natural Odor of Your Body

Note that one has his own natural and personal scent. The good thing is that they easily blend well with one’s natural body odor. This is also the reason why they seem to act as a great deodorant for a lot of men.

Good for the Skin

A lot of men take good care of their skin. If you are one of them, then you might be doing certain skincare routines, like clean your skin efficiently with an aftershave balm or stick to a thorough skin exfoliation process. You may also want to make your skin glow with a toner.

If you are concerned about your skin, then you will be pleased to know that body sprays for men also have skin benefits. Some of them even come infused with certain ingredients that can make your skin healthier. There are those that can hydrate, nourish, and soothe irritated skin. It’s like helping you revitalize your face with a moisturizer.

How Does a Body Spray for Men Work

How Does a Body Spray for Men Work

A good spray works by layering onto your own skin. This is the specific area where you can expect it to get warm because of your own body heat. After that, expect the scent to be lifted to the air because of evaporation. This results in your natural body scent being replaced with your chosen body spray scent.

With the way a body spray works, it is advisable to use it on warmer areas, instead of colder ones. It is because warmer areas guarantee the quick activation of the scent, boosting its effectiveness without getting overwhelming.

Pros and Cons of Body Sprays for Men


  • Versatile since you can use it on different occasions and situations
  • Inexpensive while still providing you with a wide range of choices for scents
  • Usually comes with scents that are not too overpowering or overwhelming
  • Can help fight body odor


  • Does not seem to last as long as other types of fragrances, like colognes

Scents of Body Sprays for Men

As mentioned earlier, these items are available in a wide range of scents. So what are your usual choices? Here are just some of the common scents of men’s body spray that you can choose from:

Floral or Flowery Scents

These scents are perfect for daytime use or wear. These often include masculine flowers, like gardenia. You will also notice their nice and friendly fragrances that do not seem to be too overpowering nor overwhelming.

Fresh and Clean Scents

Also ideal for daily use and wear, scents in the fresh and clean category are perfect for the office and school settings. They often take pride in their light, pleasant, and fresh scents. This classification is also where you will most likely enjoy “fresh breeze” scents, as well as notes that are citrus-based.

Woodsy Scents

This scent category is also very versatile in the sense that you can use it for a wide range of occasions. It seems to suit well for a natural and unshaven look. Woodsy scents also tend to depend on unique tones and fragrances, like tea tree, cedarwood, and sandalwood.

Musky/Oriental Scents

Other scents that work well for men are those categorized as musky. This is even one of the most popular scent categories for men. Musky sprays seem to work well for evening wear. They also often have heavy notes of not only musk but also spice and cinnamon. One advantage of musky scents is that they usually last longer while having the ability to create the best tone for evening wear in a bolder manner.

How to Choose the Best One

How to Choose the Best Body Spray for Men

When it comes to choosing a good body spray, certain factors should come into play. Some of the crucial factors you should think about include:


This is one vital factor to keep in mind when searching for a good and reliable body spray for men. Note that the main purpose of wearing a body spray is to wear a scent that you love and suit you well. Fortunately, you have various options for scents, so picking the one that perfectly fits you is necessary.

You can go for masculine fragrances, including those inspired by wood or nature. There are also those with citrusy or fruity scents. It would be best to have a collection of different scents so you can just choose to wear one depending on the occasion.

Deodorizer or Not

It also helps to make a choice depending on whether or not your chosen product deodorizes apart from providing you with a great scent. Note that you can find plenty of sprays in the market formulated with certain ingredients capable of neutralizing unwanted body odors, like those caused by sweating.

It would be best to choose body sprays with such deodorizing properties if you want to have an easier time dealing with body odors. One advantage of wearing them is that this means you do not have to put on an extra deodorant before socializing or going to work.


Check the strength of the item you are planning to buy, too. Remember that the more you put on, the stronger its fragrance or scent will become. You need to spend time checking the scents, though, as there will always be those that are stronger compared to the others. This means that they can already give off some scent even if you only put on less of them.

In your search for a good product, you can use every day, look for one with a perfect balance of subtle and nice scents. Also, remember that your skin reacts to the spray differently compared to the others. Make sure to consider your specific reaction to a particular scent before buying.


Spend time comparing the amount/quantity of all the products on your list. Note that this product’s value for money is often determined by the specific number of ounces you gain per dollar. There should be a balance between the price and the actual content.

It is because there are those sold expensively, even if the quantity is somewhat small. You may also choose those budget-friendly ones that still provide you with more than enough quantity. If you only intend to use it rarely, then consider getting just the small bottle. This would be enough for your use.


The usual intent or purpose for wearing a specific body spray should also be on top of the things you have to consider. If you are looking for a product ideal for daily wear, then you can go for those with clean or fresh scents.

The good thing about such scents is that these are also useful for evening wear. This is especially true if you plan to visit a tropical place or live there. Make sure that you know your exact intent or purpose for buying a body spray so you can match it to a specific occasion.


Spend time checking or assessing selection, too. You can find several choices, although the selection ratio is still lower compared to colognes. Despite that, you will still be able to find high-quality sprays in large online sellers and retailers of fragrances as well as fashion department stores. Just pick one that you think will serve your intended purpose the most.


Body Spray for Men Container

Another important thing to check is the container. Note that this product is placed on various containers – the majority of them can be expected to work perfectly.

However, if you intend to buy online, make it a point to research and read legitimate reviews, so you will know if those who have used it complained about the container. The container should be working properly, as this plays a huge role in ensuring that the spray is delivered at the perfect spot and at the right amount and time.


The good thing about sprays is that they are available in various price ranges. This means you can pick one that suits your budget the most. However, make sure that there is always a balance between price and quality, so you will never end up regretting your purchase.

Body Parts Where You Can Apply Body Spray

Body sprays should be applied in the right parts of your body. Note that these products are created in a way that they interact with your skin, so you have to make sure that you put them at the right spots instead of spraying them on your clothes. This is where you need to brush up your knowledge about certain pulse points.

Pulse points are the specific body parts where you should apply the spray to maximize its scent. While you can find pulse points in various parts of your body, it is crucial to apply it in the following specific spots:

  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Chest
  • Wrists

The mentioned pulse points are highly recommended as they hold veins that are close to your skin surface. This is why you can expect them to produce more heat, making it possible for the scent to develop at a faster pace. Most companies recommend putting the products in the four mentioned pulse points as they are the perfect spots for maximizing the effects of the scent.

How to Apply It

Step 1 – Take a shower first

It would be ideal to apply or put on the body spray right after taking a shower. You need to make sure that your body is clean for the scent to be absorbed by your skin well, making it last longer.

Step 2 – Wait for your skin to be completely dry

After showering, do not apply the body spray right away. Wait for your skin to get fully dry since the bathroom’s humidity might influence sillage.

Step 3 – Look for pulse points and spray those areas

Among the pulse points, you have to focus on are the neck, armpits, chest, and wrists. It would be helpful to apply the body spray on your pulse points as these are the specific parts of your body where heat is emitted. By applying them to those areas, you have an assurance that the scent will develop at a faster pace.

Step 4 – Make sure that your skin remains hydrated

Everyone knows how important it is to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. There are even those that use face masks. It is because a high-quality face mask scrubs off dead skin cells and tends to moisturize the skin.

It is important to hydrate and moisturize your skin to maximize the effect of the fragrance. Aside from a good face mask, you may also want to use a body lotion to keep your skin moisturized. The good thing about moisturizing your skin is that it also helps with aging. This works in a similar way, like when you can slow down the aging process with an anti-aging cream.

Body Spray vs Similar Products

Body sprays are often connected to other products with somewhat similar attributes, properties, and benefits. It is crucial to learn the differences and similarities of body sprays and other similar products so you will know what they can exactly do for you.

Body Spray vs Aftershave

Just like women, men also have their own set of products to use for their skin and face. However, take note that probably, the most vital products in a men’s skincare and fragrance collection are body sprays and aftershaves.

Body sprays and aftershaves are often linked together because of their similarities. Note that aftershaves are among the most closely-related products to the body spray. Accessible in various types and forms, like balms, lotions, and splashes, you can expect your aftershave to serve a wide range of purposes.

The most prominent benefits and purposes of an aftershave, though, including acting as an effective post-shave ointment and cleaning and soothing your neck. Just like body sprays, you can choose aftershaves with warm woodsy scents, like sandalwood and cedarwood. You can also expect aftershaves to release a nice scent that you can expect to last for several hours after putting them on.

Body Spray vs Cologne

Body sprays and colognes are also often interrelated. One thing to take note of regarding colognes is that they have almost limitless choices in terms of smell and selection. You can find high-end brands that sell colognes with decent scents that are perfect for daily wear or evening occasions.

However, body sprays and colognes are different in the sense that the latter tend to have much stronger scents. The fact that their cologne’s scents are stronger compared to body sprays also means that they also tend to last longer than body sprays. With that, colognes are ideal for independent men who know exactly their wants. Colognes are also known for holding more complex scents than body sprays.

Body Spray vs Deodorant

Although you can find a few body sprays in the market with deodorizing properties, making them act as great deodorants, actual deodorants still seem to differ from them in the sense that you can mainly use them on the armpits. Deodorants are also primarily designed in a way that they can mask unwanted odors caused by sweat and bacteria secretion.

Deodorants are not also meant for use as a fragrance. What they do is just to make sure that you do not bring out unwanted smells. This makes it different from body sprays that mainly serve the purpose of showcasing your preferred scent. Despite that, you can still find men’s body sprays that have properties and ingredients used in deodorants, making them capable of masking unwanted and foul smells, too.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to body sprays, one thing you have to remind yourself of constantly is that a higher price tag does not instantly indicate good quality. Note that with proper research, you can still find affordable and budget-friendly sprays that also have almost similar qualities and properties as high-end and expensive ones. Your goal as a buyer, therefore, is to strike a balance between quality and price to guarantee your satisfaction.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Body Sprays for Men

Target Your Pulse Points When Applying the Spray

As mentioned earlier, making the most out of your chosen body spray is possible if you apply it to or target your pulse points, like your elbows, knees, wrists, behind your ears, chest, and neck. Target only a couple of the mentioned areas, though, because applying it everywhere might only cause you to overload the scent.

Spray One to Two Times Daily

It is highly recommended to apply the spray one to two times daily. You may use it once in the morning and another one if you plan to go out at night or after you work out. Stick to that as you also need to be extra cautious to avoid using it excessively.

Make Sure That Your Skin is Fully Dry Before Application

You need a shower before applying the spray, but make sure that your skin is also completely dry before doing so. That way, you have a higher chance of making the scent work favorably for you.

Don’t Spray on Your Clothes

Spraying the product on your clothes may not produce as many results as when you let it come in contact with your skin directly. It is also not advisable to put it directly on your clothes as it might only ruin the fabric. It is because some ingredients used in creating the spray might stain or damage some fabrics.

Don’t Mix Different Scents

Using various scents simultaneously is not highly recommended. This is especially true if they have various aroma profiles. For instance, if you love a strong and woodsy scent for your body spray, then pair it up with a beard balm, beard oil, or aftershave that has almost the same masculine scent. Avoid using more than one conflicting smells as this might only lead to unpleasant results in terms of scent.


Which body spray is long-lasting?

The answer to this will be dependent on the product because the length of time it will last will be defined by several factors. In case you prefer a body spray capable of lasting the entire day, make it a point to put liberal amounts of it in the morning. Make sure that you apply the spray to your skin directly. This will increase its chance of lasting for several hours or the entire day.

What is body spray used for?

One great quality of most body sprays today is their versatility. You can make it part of your daily life or routines. You will also find it useful as a way to mask the post-gym odor. There are even those with deodorizing properties that allow the body spray to act as a deodorant, masking unwanted body odor. Furthermore, body sprays can also be expected to work as evening wear or active nightlife.

Is body spray only for teenagers?

No, body sprays work for all ages. A lot of companies offering body sprays have certain offerings not only designed for kids but also adults. This is why you can find a wide range of choices for men who want to portray their masculinity and independence.

How often should you use body spray?

The answer to this will fully depend on your unique preferences and needs. This will also be based on the specific length of time the body spray you picked will last. If you intend to use it as your daily scent, then the perfect time to put it on would be in the morning, specifically after completely drying off yourself from the shower. If you only plan to use it as a way to enhance your scent during the evening, then spray it on pulse points after work.

When should you apply your body spray?

Spray the product on your skin only after it is completely dry from your shower. Never make it a habit to put on the spray when your skin is still wet, as doing so might only cause it to collect and get too liquid. This might also make your skin and body sticky. Do not use the spray if you are still sweating from working out or doing a sport, too.

Can you use body spray on clothes?

No. You should avoid putting on the product on your clothes as much as possible. Note that the main purpose of a spray is to let it stick directly to your skin. You should then allow it to naturally dissipate through that approach instead of using your clothes. It is because the spray has ingredients and components that might damage the fiber of your clothes, ruining or weakening it. This might also cause the spray to not work as intended nor last as long as you want.


Picking the best out of the many body sprays available for men should be on top of your priorities if you want to maximize the effects of the product. By picking the best, you have an assurance that it will serve its purpose of making you smell fresh the entire day or cover up your odor. Your chosen body spray is also the key to take on each day with more confidence since you have peace of mind that you smell good.

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