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Are you on a hunt for the best musky cologne? Just like when you want to shop for the most reliable moisturizer for men without oil or pick a toner that’s fast-absorbing, searching for the perfect musky cologne for you should involve thorough research of all your choices. Make the selection and shopping process easier through this article.

What is a Musky Cologne

As the name suggests, a musky cologne refers to cologne with a musky scent. Many compare it to the best woodsy cologne in the market as a musk refers to a heavy base note or a perfume ingredient that is quite similar to earthy and woodsy scents. This ingredient or note tends to evaporate slowly, causing the scent or smell to last longer than usual.

The somewhat earthy or animalistic scent produced by a musky cologne makes it ideal for the cold winter season or night-outs. It also boasts of its somewhat sensual and mysterious scent.

Benefits of Using a Musky Cologne

Offers Versatility

One advantage of musky cologne is the versatility it provides. While the musky scent is kind of specific, there are still variations to it that promote its versatility. One is the nice, crisp, and clean scent that is perfect to wear during a fresh spring day. You can usually get this scent from musky colognes with a light or clear shade.

If you are after a scent, which is a bit more plant-based or earthier, then go for musk colognes colored in green. You can also sport a bolder and sexier scent when using musky colognes that have a deep amber color.

Makes You More Attractive

There is also something about the musky cologne that will surely make you more attractive to the opposite sex. It is even a major part of the premium shaving kits for men because of the role it plays in showcasing your appeal. It is even one of the sexiest fragrances you can use.

Improves Your Mood

Just like when wearing comfortable scrubs all-day, using a musky cologne can also help boost your mood. Due to the nice scent that it sports, expect it to be able to change your mindset positively and promote certain behaviors that impact your mood. Just make sure to pick that musky cologne variation, which perfectly reflects your usual mood and personality.

How Does a Musky Cologne Work

Musk colognes work by ensuring that you are wrapped with a nice scent every time you use them. The scent is kind of sensual and mysterious, which is why some say that it is also useful in bringing some people close to you. It even works in making you more attractive to the opposite sex. The quality of this perfume is so alluring that it is unmatched by other scent profiles. The scent is also earthy, making it perfect for night-outs and during the winter season.

Pros and Cons of Musky Colognes

Pros and Cons of Musky Colognes


  • Boasts of a unique, earthy scent
  • Can enhance your confidence knowing that you smell good
  • Comes with a nice scent that calms your mind and soothes your body
  • Available in different variations, making you pick one that truly fits you


  • Some brands have extremely strong and overpowering scents.
  • Poorly done scent profile by a few design houses

How to Choose the Best Musky Cologne

As mentioned in the cons section of this article, there are certain musky colognes with a poorly created scent profile, so it is important to be thorough in your search for a good one. It would be best to make your choice by considering these factors:

Skin Type

One of the first factors you have to consider in your search for a good musky cologne is your specific skin type. Note that the scent of a cologne often lasts longer for those who have oily skin. If you have dry skin, then there is a great chance for the scent to be absorbed in a faster rate.

In such a case, you may want to put on more cologne than that applied by those who have oily skin. Avoid going overboard, though. The added cologne should just be enough to make it last longer.

Body lotion shouldn’t be greasy, so you should avoid putting on too much on your skin. The same premise holds true for musky colognes as using too much might lead to the scent becoming too overpowering.

Year of Release

It is also advisable to check the cologne’s year of release before buying. Note that just like other skincare and cosmetic products, like an aftershave balm for soothing your skin, the musky cologne will also most likely have some variations yearly. With that in mind, make sure that you know the exact release year of a specific cologne before buying.

A specific brand or variation may have slight differences from the one released last year. On the other hand, other scents may have focused too much on the style and fashion of a particular era. It is important to learn about such things to ensure that what you buy is indeed the right one for you.

Your Style

Make sure to consider your specific style when making your choice of musky cologne, too. Note that most experts in colognes and scents will most likely advise buyers to consider their own sense of style when selecting the fragrance that they should wear. This means that you have to make your fashion style influence your choice of a fragrance.

For instance, it would be ideal for you to pick a subtle scent in case you are someone with a more laid-back style (ex. a plain shirt and jeans combination). However, if your style often consists of oxford shoes and pinstripe dresses, then go for a cologne that comes with a spicier scent.


How to Choose the Best Musky Cologne - Composition

Spend time analyzing the actual composition of a musky cologne before buying, too. Note that composition, in the world of fragrances, can be defined as the various elements composing the scent. Some examples of these are notes of sandalwood or leather.

You know that you are getting a great cologne if it comes with a composition that makes it unique and distinctive from the others. While it can be challenging to judge and assess a fragrance’s composition, learning a thing or two about it can still help you.

Among the terms, you have to understand regarding a cologne’s composition are its notes, namely the top, middle, and base notes that compose it. The top note refers to the initial hint or sign of the scent. This tends to reach your nose right after putting on the cologne. It is also the quickest to disappear.

The middle note, on the other hand, is a scent, which tends to last for a max of one hour right after you applied your chosen cologne. As for the base note, keep in mind that it serves as the heart of all fragrances. It is the nicest scent out of the three that can last for a few hours after applying.

To assess a cologne’s composition, it would be best to test a scent using a bit of a sample you applied on your pulse points for a max of fifteen minutes. Within that period, you will notice the top or initial note disappearing, bringing you closer to the actual scent carried by the cologne. This is the specific scent that will most likely last for the entire day.


The actual season should also influence your decision when selecting a cologne to buy or wear. It is because it is always the advice of experts to change a scent every season. For instance, it would be best to pick scents that are appropriate for the summer season when that time comes.

Your options, in that case, are floral, fruity, and fresh. During the cold winter, go for those with spicy or woodsy scents. It is because these are among those scents that can somewhat provide you with a feeling of warmth.


The brand should also matter in your final decision. However, this does not mean that you should buy designer brands, especially those endorsed by famous celebrities. You can still go for affordable brands, but make sure to spend time assessing their quality. Read reviews, so you will know if the products of a specific brand are indeed good.

How to Properly Apply a Musky Cologne

Step 1 – Put on the cologne only after taking your shower

Make sure that your skin is already dry and clean.

Step 2 – Target pulse points

When applying the cologne, make it a point to target your pulse points. Among your pulse points are neck and inner wrist.

Step 3 – Hold the bottle at an ideal distance

Make sure to hold the bottle of the cologne around three to six inches from your skin. It is the ideal distance when spraying the cologne.

Step 4 – Reapply on your pulse points

Do this, especially your wrists once you feel like the scent wears off.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

One thing you should know about musky colognes is that you do not have to spend a lot to buy a quality one. While it is true that there are branded items that truly smell great and are long-lasting, you can still find reasonably priced ones with almost the same quality. This means it is unnecessary to budget a huge amount for your musky cologne collection. You can still go for affordable ones provided they meet your preferences, especially in terms of scent and style.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Musky Cologne

Find Your Pulse Points

These refer to the specific spots of your skin that emit the majority of the heat. It is because these specific areas/spots come with blood vessels that are very close to your skin’s surface. By putting on the musky cologne on the mentioned areas, there is a guarantee that its scent will last long, even throughout the entire day. Included among your pulse points are the wrist, neck, and the area behind your ears.

Make Sure That Your Skin Is Dry

Dry your skin properly before you put on your cologne. This is to ensure that it will bring out only its scent.

Store It Properly

Note that the specific place where you store your cologne can have an effect on its scent and the length of time it will last. Avoid putting it in a spot that will expose it to quick temperature changes. It is because such changes might break down the scent at a rapid pace. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, too. The ideal storage area for your musky cologne is a dry, dark, and cool place, like the closet in your bedroom.

Apply Just the Right Amount

Note that if you apply only too little of your musky cologne, then no one can smell it. Applying too much, on the other hand, might also cause the scent to become too overwhelming or overpowering. To determine the specific number of sprays you need, remember that it is usually dependent on the fragrance. Strong scents often only need 2-3 squirts. Lighter fragrances, on the other hand, require around 4-6 sprays to achieve a similar effect.

Moisturize First

Do’s and Don’ts With a Musky Cologne - Moisturize First

Give your skin the proper care and attention it needs, as this will also have an effect on how long a specific scent will last. For instance, you may want to remove dirt from your face with an exfoliator first or get a sunscreen that’s sweat-proof and use it before you put on your favorite musky cologne.

One of the most important things you have to do, though, is to moisturize your skin using a bit of unscented lotion. This can help make the skin long-lasting since moisturized skin is capable of holding the scent longer compared to dry skin.

Don’t Roll Nor Dab

Keep in mind that while those rollerball applicators are quite handy and convenient, the comfort and convenience they offer also usually have a negative effect. It is because rolling them might cause the scent to get contaminated with the natural oil of your skin. This results in degrading the actual fragrance over time. This is why you have to avoid doing it as much as possible. Dabbing should be avoided, too, as it has a similar effect.

Don’t Apply on Body Parts That Tend to Sweat a Lot

It is because sweat might cause the scent to fade faster than you expected.

Don’t use it together with other products with heavy and strong scents – This tip means you have to be extra careful when you apply your cologne especially if you are also using body washes, soaps, deodorants, and other products with heavy and overpowering fragrances. It is because this might change or cover up the actual scent of your cologne.

FAQ About Musky Colognes

What is musk?

If you are interested in musky fragrances but are not sure about what it is, then note that it consists of musk, which refers to a kind of aromatic substance often used in perfumery as a base note. Musk consists of glandular secretions taken from animals, like musk deer. It might also come from plants that emit the same scent and some artificial substances that produce the same odor.

What does musky cologne smell like?

A musky cologne has more of an earthy or natural scent. It has this scent that tends to evaporate slowly, which is a big help in making the smell last longer than expected. In most cases, its smell can be classified as animalistic and primitive.

Some variations of it will most likely remind you of animal breeds that did not seem to have a shower for one whole season. You can also find variations of it that are kind of soft and delicate, reminding you of a baby’s skin.

In colognes and perfumes, you can see musk being combined with a few other musk aroma-chemicals. This is why you can also find sexy and warm variations referred to as animal musk. Other variations are sweeter and cleaner, which is why they are called laundry or white musky colognes.

When to wear musky cologne?

The right rash guards offer protection from the sun, so you truly have to make your search of a good rash guard thorough. The same principle should be applied when shopping for a musky cologne and determining the most appropriate times to wear and use it.

The good thing about most musky colognes right now is that they are ideal for almost all occasions. They are perfect, especially for rustic events. You can also find more versatile musky colognes that you can wear, whether daytime or nighttime.


Musky colognes are among the most unique and impressive fragrances that you can use right now. However, you have to make sure that you are buying the one that is most appropriate for you. Shop carefully and determine which among the different variations of musky cologne is right for you. By choosing the right one, you will feel more confident since you know that you smell good every time you get out of the house and meet other people.

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