Should Men Shave Their Legs

More and more men nowadays shave their legs for one reason or another.

Swimmers, athletes and bodybuilders are usually required to do so.

However, when it comes to other, regular man, shaving legs is mostly frowned upon.

There’s even an entire topic on Reddit where women share their opinion on the matter.

For some ladies, this is a hard no, while others are open to the idea.

If you’re thinking about shaving your legs, but feel perplexed due to so many different opinions, this article will help you decide whether you should trim your legs, shave them or just let them be.

What Are The Benefits Of Men Shaving Their Legs

The reasons for shaving men’s legs mentioned above can also give you an overview of some of the benefits that you can gain from the routine. A few of these benefits, especially for men, are the following:

Boosts Your Sex Appeal

One thing that makes shaving legs for men beneficial is that it significantly increases their sex appeal. Note that a lot of women want their men to have clean-shaven legs. Just make sure that you are also comfortable with the procedure. Similar to when you nourish the skin with an aftershave balm when shaving your facial hair, it is also important to take good care of the skin on your legs after shaving it. You have to maintain it so you can retain your sex appeal.

Helps You Display Your Leg Muscles

Another great thing about shaving your legs is that it lets you show off your hard-earned leg muscles. This is a big advantage especially if you regularly work out and you have nice muscles to show off. You can display them after a clean shave or good trim.

Makes Your Tattoos More Visible

Do you have ink or a tattoo you want to show off? Then note that the excess hair on your legs may hamper their look. You need to remove them or trim them down to ensure that your ink stands out. You can proudly show your unique work of art by having a clean-shaven leg.

How Does Whaving Men’s Legs Work

How Does Leg Shaving Work

Leg shaving works with the right tools. For instance, you may find a back shaver with flexible blades helpful in removing the unwanted hair on your leg. A razor can also help you a lot. One thing to remember, though, is that a razor with less than four blades would not seem enough. The reason is that the skin on and around your legs is thicker compared to that of your arms or face. With that, you may need to use at least four or five blades inside the razor to guarantee the successful removal of excess hair.

The whole process also works by preparing for everything. This involves taking a shower, opening and cleaning your pores, and exfoliating. Just like the methods for removing ear hair and facial hair, you need to guarantee superior cleanliness in the area. Shaving leg hair will also work to your advantage if you do it starting on top then going downwards.

Also, remember that you will be dealing with some form of discomfort, especially if it is your first time to shave your legs and you want a silky-smooth result. One thing you will notice is a coarse texture around the area and a bit of itchiness. It would be best to use the best pre-shave oil or a lotion, exfoliant, or aloe vera in the area to battle the itchiness.

Pros and Cons


  • Forms a great part of grooming and hygiene.
  • Makes you more physically attractive to women.
  • Helps you confidently display your tattoo.
  • Can help certain skin conditions easier to treat.
  • Not as painful as waxing.


  • Requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Can be costly as you will need to invest in several razors to shave frequently.

Reasons to Shave Your Legs

So are you thinking of shaving your legs but with some hesitations about whether or not it is a wise move? Then the following reasons may serve as your go-signal:

You Want To

Of course, you should never allow anything to stop you from doing what you want. If you really like to have your leg hair shaved, then do not be afraid to do so. If you are worried about the coarseness and discomfort after the procedure, then you can rest assured that it only happens initially. It will disappear soon.

There are also products you can use to lessen the discomfort. For instance, you can clean and soften the skin with men’s face cream or put on a premium shaving gel before you start the procedure.

Too Many Hairs

You can also choose shaving as your hair removal technique if you feel like the hair around your legs is too excessive. Note that some men out there are too hairy, including their legs, that a simple trim would not be enough. If you are one of them, then shaving can save you from a lot of trouble. It can eliminate discomfort and make you feel good about yourself.

Showing off Your Muscles

Have you been working out lately? Are you targeting your legs during your workout sessions and finally noticed some positive results that you want to show off? Then the best way to do it is to shave your legs. By cleaning up the area from excess hair, you can emphasize the muscles on your legs. It can bring a sense of confidence right then and there since you are finally able to show off the results of your constant workout and training.

Getting a Tattoo

Are you planning to get a tattoo on your leg? Or do you have an existing one that you want to emphasize and brag about? Then shaving your legs is the answer. It can make the artwork look more prominent, grabbing the attention of those you want to impress with it.


If you are into sports, then you are probably aware that you can perform better in certain sports if you have your legs shaved. For instance, some swimmers feel that they are more competitive and they perform even better in the water when their legs are shaved. It makes them feel good and put their mindset on the correct track. It can give you an edge psychologically, which can also significantly make you a better athlete.

Health Reasons

Another reason for you to shave your legs is probably for your health. It does not necessarily mean that those with smooth legs are healthier than those with excess hair. However, if you have a health condition that requires you to remove all the unwanted and excess hair, then it would be better for you to do so. For instance, if you need surgery, then it would be better for your legs to be completely shaved especially if the treatment is going to target the area.


Who does not want to have a better experience in the bedroom with their partner? Shaving your legs can make you feel good. It can also give your partner a better experience, especially if she wants her man to be not that hairy. With that said, expect your sexual adventures to be even better, with both of you feeling good about yourself.

Reasons Not to Shave Your Legs

Reasons Not to Shave Your Legs

Despite the many benefits of shaving your legs, there are also those who say that it is not a good idea to do so. The reasons why it is a disadvantage for a few men are the following:

Women Don’t Like It

Most women are not fond of men who shave their legs. This means that if your partner or the one you are trying to impress does not like it, then you may have a hard time leaving a good impression. The probable reason behind this is that some women are not interested in men with legs that are smoother than theirs. If you already have a significant other, then make sure to ask her about her preference and stick to it.

Requires Too Much Work and Maintenance

Undeniably, the process of shaving your legs requires significant hard work and upkeep. You need to be consistent and make it a part of your regular routine, so you can continuously show off your smooth and clean legs. If you do not do the necessary maintenance, then it is possible for tiny prickly hairs to develop at the initial regrowth. These hairs can be uncomfortable to rub into. They are not also aesthetically pleasing. You may even want to study about gel vs. cream for shaving, so you can use one that guarantees a smooth and attractive result.


In relation to it requiring a lot of work and maintenance, there is also a great chance that you will be spending a lot on leg shaving. You need to invest in many products just to achieve the results you want. For instance, you may need to have a natural and organic shaving soap around, which can increase your expenses. You may also need to spend more on razors (those with multiple blades, preferably) as well as a stick for eliminating dark spots.


Shaving men’s legs may not be as painful when you are waxing but expect to still experience pain and discomfort during or after the procedure. The pain usually happens when you have ingrown hairs growing on your inner thigh and backside. You can lessen the pain by investing in new and good-quality razors every time you need to shave.

Itchy When Hairs Grow Back

The new hair growth can also cause some itchiness. This kind of itchiness can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are still a beginner in shaving. You can liken it to facial hair that tends to get unnaturally sharp when you cut it. The problem with leg hair is that once they grow longer, it can trigger more irritation. You may also feel uncomfortable when your thighs rub each other every time you walk.

Methods for Shaving Your Legs

If you have finally decided to shave your legs and remove the excess hair in the area, then some of your choices for effective hair removal are the following:


Methods for Shaving Your Legs - Razor

If you are on a budget, then the best way for you to have your legs shaved is by using a razor. It is because aside from being cheap, the use of a razor works effectively as a hair removal method that produces the least pain. The problem with it is that it requires more extensive maintenance compared to other hair removal methods. In fact, you may need to do the process every two days or so. It is the key to keeping your legs smooth and hairless.

If you prefer using a razor for shaving, then decide on the type of razor. You can go for a double-edged razor, like a safety razor, or the traditional cartridge one. Another choice is the electric razor, which is a big advantage as aside from being user-friendly, it assures users of a close shave. If you are still a beginner, you can go for the cartridge razor.


Everyone knows that waxing involves a painful process. Nowadays, though, those who provide this service implement some techniques to lessen the pain. Make sure to look for a professional and have him do it for you, instead of trying to wax on your own at home.

It may require time and effort going to and from the spa center or salon, but it is all worth it. The pain and cost are also worth it since it tends to last longer than other methods. You can just have it done every couple of weeks or once monthly. The reason is that this technique requires pulling out your whole hair follicle. With that, expect your hair to take a little longer to regrow.


If you are looking for a pain-free approach to shaving, then the use of a depilatory can help. It is not painful and is cheaper compared to the others as it only requires you to spend around $4 to $12. It requires more regular and consistent maintenance, though, as hair regrowth may happen within just one to two days. The good news is that each session is only quick and only takes around several minutes.

Laser Treatment

You may also want to go for laser treatment, which is also an effective approach when it comes to removing excess hair, particularly the leg. One thing to note about this approach, though, is that it requires you to spend more as it is not inexpensive. In most cases, you will likely spend around $235 per session. It also requires more than one session to ensure that there is a significant reduction in the hair. This may add up to your expenses.

Methods for Shaving Your Legs - Laser Treatment

How to Shave Your Legs

Step 1 – Identify where the shaving should end

In that case, it helps to understand how much you intend to shave exactly. This step is extremely helpful for those with hairier legs that make it kind of hard to determine the exact endpoint. You can identify the ideal endpoint for shaving by determining your actual purpose for doing it. It could be for a practical or aesthetic reason.

Step 2 – Trim the hair

For first-timers, it helps to trim the hair on the legs first with the help of an electric groomer or a pair of scissors. Do it before you use your razor to prevent it from clogging up quickly with hair.

Step 3 – Rinse all the left trimmed hair by taking a shower

You should also spend time in the shower to keep the remaining hair on your legs hydrated, thereby weakening them and making them easier to shave.

Step 4 – Exfoliate

You can use a loofah for exfoliation. Just rub it in a circular motion to have the skin on your legs fully exfoliated.

Step 5 – Prepare the razor

Make sure that you are using the correct one, though. A wise choice would be a manual razor with five blades as such has a lower chance of causing cuts. Begin with a new blade, then use replacement ones in case the original gets dull even if you haven’t finished shaving yet.

Step 6 – Form a lather on your legs

You can take advantage of shaving cream for this purpose. It can create a thick lather, which you can easily spot, providing more ease when it comes to shaving.

Step 7 – Finish up the session

Once you have covered every hair, you want to be shaved on your legs, finish it up by rinsing off and washing the area. Make it a point to wash your legs using a body wash containing witch hazel or tea tree oil as such can help in soothing and healing your skin. After that, dry your legs using a towel and put on a moisturizing lotion.

Mistakes to Avoid When Shaving Your Legs

When it comes to shaving your legs, there are certain mistakes you should avoid. That way, you will get the specific results you intend to achieve. Some of these mistakes are:

Not Sticking to a Schedule

If you have finally decided to shave your legs, make sure that you stick to a schedule. The reason is that you have to make it a part of your regular routine. If you don’t stick to a regular schedule, then you will not be able to give your legs the grooming and maintenance it specifically needs.

Not Trimming Thick Hair Before Shaving

You should not also forget how important trimming is, especially if the hair on your legs is somewhat thick. Always begin with a trim, especially if you are a first-timer in shaving and you have thick hair around the area. Begin with a long trim to identify your preference. After that, you can start working closer to your skin, depending on what you prefer.

Not Using Lotions and Moisturizers

Note that your razor can get rid of important skin cell layers. It also causes your skin to be extremely exposed to air without your hair supposedly retaining its natural oils. This makes it necessary to use lotions and moisturizers. A lotion can replace your skin’s natural oils. It can also soften your skin, thereby preventing itchiness and ingrown hair.

Not Shaving Soon Enough

Do not make it a habit to wait too long in between your shaving sessions. While it is kind of time-consuming and tiresome to shave, it will get easier and quicker if you maintain the habit and do it more frequently.

Trimming vs Shaving Your Legs

If you are looking for an approach to keeping your thick leg hair tamed without requiring too much maintenance, then trimming is the best bet. It can help you groom and maintain the area without committing to constant and regular maintenance often required by shaving.

In this case, you will need electric clippers. The goal is to cut your leg hair for it to stay at a manageable length. It is different from shaving that requires a razor with full blades and the removal of excess hair on your legs in its entirety. Trimming is also known for being more cost-efficient.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts When Shaving your Legs


  • Pick the right razor to use. If possible, go for one with five blades as they work better in shaving thick and long hair around the legs.
  • Rinse your razor blades using hot water. Do this before starting to use the blades. It can help lubricate them, resulting in a smoother shave.
  • Choose the right spot to begin shaving. This is important since shaving your legs means you have an extensive area to cover. Find out where to begin and end to make the process easier.
  • Shave with the grain. This means shaving in the exact direction of hair growth. This helps prevent razor bumps, skin irritation, and nicks.


  • Do not use thick, transparent, and translucent shaving creams. It is because these products may cause you to miss certain spots.
  • Do not forget to rinse off before you repeat the shaving process. This means shaving only those areas requiring more work again after rinsing. It helps lower your risk of clogging your razor.


Why do some men prefer shaving their legs?

Despite not being a popular choice, a lot of men prefer shaving their legs for a wide range of reasons. One of these is that they personally prefer this experience. It could also be because they feel like the hair in their legs is too thick and too much, prompting them to shave it. Other possible reasons would be the psychological advantage it offers for sports enthusiasts and athletes and aesthetic reasons, like showing off those hard-earned muscles.

Is it alright for men to have their legs shaved?

Yes, of course. It is actually a matter of preference. Some love to shave their legs because of the freshness and cleanliness it makes them feel. A lot of women also love men with well-shaven legs, so it could be a big advantage if you are planning to attract the opposite sex.

Should men leave their hairy legs as is?

Again, it depends on your preference. If you are trying to win the attention of women, then note that around half of the entire female population prefers men with hairy legs. However, the remaining half does not want the hair around the area. Also, if you are into swimming, then shaving your legs can be an advantage. Another thing you have to remember is that in some cases, having some hair on the legs can signify masculinity. You can just have it trimmed if you feel like it is too long.

How often should I trim or shave my legs?

The answer to this depends on the exact reason for this routine. If you only do it to prepare yourself for competition as an athlete, then shaving your legs only before and during the run of the competition is better. You may need to do the shaving more frequently, though, if you are after showing off the results of your workout through bare legs. You can also maintain the smoothness of the area by using your razor every other day.


Men shave their legs for a wide range of reasons. You can also choose to do this routine if you feel like it can give you a big advantage in various aspects of your life, like in your sports or athletic performance, aesthetics, and personal relationships. Just make sure to do it correctly to maximize the effects of shaving and give you the output you want.

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