Edwin Jagger vs Merkur

A really old and unsuitable razor can do a lot of damage.

You don’t want any cuts and nicks just before taking a family photo or during an important business meeting.

What you need is a razor that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

That’s something only a quality safety razor can offer.

But – which one is better?

Edwin Jagger or Merkur?

Both razors come from respectable brands and can help you get a very nice and smooth shave that you’re going to appreciate for years.

Only a few small things separate them and we are here to compare, review, and determine which one is better.

Follow our expert Edwin Jagger vs Merkur review that will help you make the ultimate choice when picking a good razor for you.

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What Is Edwin Jagger

Founded in 1988, Edwin Jagger continues to earn an incredible reputation for designing and manufacturing various contemporary and classic wet shaving tools and accessories known for their top-notch quality. Whether you need the world’s best cartridge razor or any other products useful for beard grooming and shaving, as a premium shaving gel, Edwin Jager can be of help to you.

The most famous product line of Edwin Jagger, however, is probably its safety razor. The company offers traditional safety razors guaranteed to promote ease every time you do your shaving routines. You can even find single-use disposable razors here guaranteed to provide you with an elegant and beautifully designed yet cost-effective solution for shaving.

Benefits of Using Edwin Jagger

Smooth and Polished Finish

Edwin Jagger takes pride in when it comes to their razors because most, if not all, feature a smooth and well-polished finish. In most cases, they boast of an exquisite chrome finish, which is almost flawless. It is true even if you closely examine the finish.

Promotes a Satisfying Close Shave

Another impressive fact about the safety razors offered by Edwin Jagger is that they somewhat assure users of their capability to deliver a satisfyingly close shave. It is possible because of the overall design of the razors. For one, they have well-balanced handles and a more reassuring feel and weight – all of which can lead to a close shave.

Ideal for Beginners

Most of the safety razors offered by Edwin Jagger are also designed to be compatible with beginners. They feature a make and design that fit the needs of beginner wet shavers as they are on the mild side in terms of aggressiveness. They are mild enough even if you are a first-timer, so even if a straight razor often appears intimidating, you will not feel the same when using this tool. Also, they still retain adequate aggressiveness that can help you prevent issues when doing a wet shave.

How Does Edwin Jagger Work

How Does Edwin Jagger Work

Edwin Jagger safety razors can be expected to work by leaving your face with a smooth shave. It is even compatible with those looking for a sharp razor for sensitive skin. It can shave the hair on your face completely using just feather-light strokes without causing any problem, even if your skin falls under the sensitive type.

The weight of its head is designed to improve its contact with your skin, thereby making it so efficient in delivering a close shave. Moreover, most of the razors from Edwin Jager provide a nice and long handle capable of providing enough grip, which promotes ease and comfort during each use.

Pros and Cons of Edwin Jagger


  • Expertly designed razors are made of high-quality and carefully chosen materials.
  • Cost-effective while still being elegantly and beautifully designed.
  • Impressive chrome-plated design.
  • Boasts of a top-heavy razor, which provides just enough pressure every time you use it.
  • Provides several options for the handle, letting you find the ideal fit.
  • Promotes mid-level aggressiveness, which first-timers or beginners can handle.


  • The chrome-plated variant of the brand’s safety razors is prone to tarnishing eventually.

What Is Merkur

Merkur is another great provider of shaving tools and products – among which are safety razors. From the time it was established in 1896 up to the present, Merkur continues to serve its customers with uniqueness and quality. With the popularity of this brand, it is no longer surprising to see many bestselling safety razors in the market today bearing the name of Merkur. One reason is that this brand is already tantamount to great tools, according to most of its customers.

Benefits of Using Merkur

Are there benefits from your decision to include the shaving products and tools from Merkur in your regular beard maintenance and grooming kit? The answer is yes. A couple of those that you will enjoy immediately are the following:

Top-Quality Materials

An impressive fact about Merkur is that their team makes it a point to deliver products and tools made of high-quality materials. All the safety razors from this brand even feature the weighty brass and zinc combination.

In most cases, you can see the handles of their razors being constructed from brass. A zinc composite is then used for the heads. These materials are so high-quality and durable that you would not worry about cracks or chips into the material eventually.

Chrome Plating

Benefits of Using Merkur

You will also feel glad knowing that Merkur makes use of chrome for the plating of their razors. Aside from adding weight to the razor, this material is also a big advantage as it results in a finish that you can easily clean.

Wide Range of Choices

If you want to access a wide variety of electric razors and razor blades, as well as the safety razors themselves, then you will never run out of choices from Merkur. The brand’s razors are so abundant that you can see them proliferating the market. With the uniqueness of each piece, a particular user will definitely find something that he needs the most.

Some options in store for you are those with a long handle or a short handle and the adjustable ones and the 2-piece or 3-piece ones. Consider your preferences when it comes to taking your pick. Choose based on which one can offer comfort and convenience while perfectly suiting your needs.

How Does Merkur Work

Merkur works by making your shaving routines as comfortable, convenient, and safe as possible. One thing about the safety razors from this brand is that they are kind of hefty while boasting of a tangible feel for their blade. With that, you can expect it to work suitably for those whose facial hair type is coarse and extremely thick.

There is also a guarantee of a better balance and stronger grip from the handle of the safety razors offered by this brand. If you intend to choose a safety razor with a longer handle, then you can expect Merkur to provide you with that, too.

Pros and Cons of Merkur


  • Provides a wide range of choices for safety razors.
  • Guaranteed to be based on top-quality materials.
  • Promotes a more aggressive function compared to the other razors, but you have an assurance that it will not result in a poor and bad shave.
  • Nice and functional chrome plating used.
  • Offers a safety razor for the majority of budgets.


  • Some varieties of this brand’s safety razors come with handles that are not curled, causing them to be kind of slippery once you use them for shaving while your hands are wet.

Edwin Jagger vs Merkur Comparison

Edwin Jagger vs Merkur Comparison

So what makes these two providers of safety razors, as well as other grooming and shaving products, like a cordless stubble trimmer and a pair of durable stainless steel hair-cutting shears, differ from each other? What are their similarities? Find out through the comparison of these brands using the following factors.


When it comes to materials, Merkur is famous for using brass and zinc for its safety razors. You can often see the brass handles while the heads are constructed out of a zinc composite. They also have chrome plating or finish similar to the ones offered by Edwin Jagger.

Speaking of Edwin Jagger, the company usually utilizes a zinc alloy known as Zamak for its comb and cap. While it promotes ease when it comes to shaving, remember that this material is also prone to corroding fast.

It is crucial to be more cautious when using any of the safety razors from the Edwin Jagger brand. Despite that, you have an assurance that Zamak is generally a good material, which Merkur also uses in making their safety razors.


In terms of grip, both brands seem to satisfy most users. Merkur has safety razors that feature a ruggedly knurled handle, which promotes a firm grip. Aside from making the razor more maneuverable, this specific grip provided by the handle can also prevent possible nicks.

The handle built by Edwin Jagger also guarantees users of excellent control and grip. With its chrome finish as well as the ideal size-to-weight ratio, you can expect the razors from this brand to feel good in your hands. However, a piece of advice avoid using your wet hands when shaving with Edwin Jagger’s razors as doing so may cause them to slip, leading to cuts on your skin.

Shaving Performance

Both brands also seem to deliver impressive shaving performance, just like those guaranteed by top-quality cartridge razors, such as Mach3 or Fusion. Their safety razors are famous for being sharp enough that they can deliver smooth results on your skin even if you just do a few feather-light and gentle strokes.

The two brands ensure that their safety razors make full use of their heads’ weight as a means of boosting skin contact. This is the key behind their superior shaving efficiency and closeness.

One thing to note, though, is that Merkur often has heavier safety razors than Edwin Jagger. It is why Merkur’s ones are capable of providing a more tangible feel for their blades, so expect them to be more suitable for those who have extremely coarse and thick facial hair. Edwin Jagger is not that aggressive, so their safety razors target those with a fine-textured and thin beard.

Design and Ergonomics

In terms of design, Edwin Jagger impresses its users with its visually appealing razors that feature smooth brass handles with a chrome finish. These items also have a classier and more refined look because they do not have any crisscross lines, knurls, or grooves on their surface.

Merkur, on the other hand, focuses more on functionality and robustness in its design. Expect its razors to come with ruggedly knurled handles that promote a firmer grip, lowering one’s risk of experiencing cuts and nicks during the shaving process. The grooved handles are also more practical compared to the ones provided by Edwin Jagger.

DE89LBL vs 34C Heavy-Duty

Two of the most well-known products offered by Edwin Jagger and Merkur are the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL and the Merkur 34C. Both continue to wow safety razor users as they seem to deliver an incredible performance. Like when comparing different products when searching for a proper razor for shaving your head, it is also crucial to compare the two based on the following factors so that you can make the best decision:


Edwin Jagger vs Merkur Size

When it comes to size, both the Edwin Jagger DE89 and Merkur 34C seem to appeal to a huge audience. The two still differ in this area, though. For instance, Merkur 34C can be distinguished with its short handle. Many consider it as a benefit as it promotes balance and a firm grip.

Edwin Jagger DE89, on the other hand, provides three choices for the sizes of the handle. You can, therefore, pick one that you think you can use comfortably. For instance, you can go for the one with a long handle, especially if you have particularly large hands, as it ensures that you will be comfortable throughout the shaving process.

Head Assembly

In terms of the head assembly, DE89 seems to win over Merkur 34C. The reason is that the former features a 3-piece head assembly or design, which allows you to take the head’s bottom plate and top cap apart.

While it has nothing to do with the overall shaving performance, you will still find it valuable because it promotes cleaning. Meanwhile, 34C has a 2-piece assembly wherein its head’s bottom plate is attached permanently to the handle.

Closed Comb Design

The two models feature a closed comb design, actually. In other words, it has a blade with a straight bar edge that integrates a few grooves. It is this straight bar, which directly comes in contact with your facial skin. The good thing about it is that it promotes smooth strokes while preventing injuries.

One difference between the two in this area is that the 34C from Merkur seems to integrate more grooves than the DE89 offered by Edwin Jagger. This makes the Merkur model capable of providing additional precision.

How to Use Edwin Jagger

Step 1 – Prepare your face for shaving

What you should do is wash your face gently using hot water. Alternatively, you can steam using a flannel or towel soaked in hot water. You need to do this preparation to soften your beard and relax your facial muscles.

Step 2 – Wet a shaving brush in hot water

After that, put a shaving cream, preferably the one offered by the same brand, Edwin Jagger, into the brush. Work on creating a creamy and rich lather either in a shaving bowl or your palm.

Step 3 – Use the brush to lather the area 

Do so using circular movements. This step aims to cleanse your face while keeping your skin lubricated, promoting the smooth gliding of the razor.

Step 4 – Use the safety razor

Ensure that it is clean and shave based on the specific direction where the beard grows. Allow the razor to glide smoothly over your skin without applying too much pressure. Begin at your sideburns, then work down every side of your face to your chin. Shave other parts of your face where the beard grows, including the part beneath your nose and jawline.

Step 5 – Rinse with cool water

After that, make sure to put on a shaving lotion without alcohol.

How to Maintain Edwin Jagger

Step 1 – Develop a solid washing routine

This is always the key to ensuring that your Edwin Jagger safety razor stays in tip-top shape. You can just wash it using warm water and soap (preferably castile soap). Use an old toothbrush to scrub all surfaces of the razor, too.

Step 2 – Put on a performance-enhancing oil

You also have to make sure that you apply a specialized oil to this razor that can help prevent corrosive oxidation. You may also want to use rubbing alcohol for your safety razor now and then, as it helps in sterilizing this item and ensuring that rust does not develop.

Step 3 – Store it properly

Apart from regular cleaning and maintenance, it is also necessary to store your safety razor properly. Invest in a stand specifically designed to hold it. Aside from neatly storing your Edwin Jagger safety razor, it also ensures that moisture or any other product does not accumulate or splash into the body or the blade.

How to Use Merkur

Step 1 – Do your pre-shave routine

This is necessary as this involves the entire preparation. In this step, you need to wash your face to remove oils and dirt that may affect the blade’s effectiveness and trigger irritation.

Step 2 – Use a shaving brush to lather the soap

Rub the lathered soap into your face by going against the grain. It can help lift your facial hair, which promotes ease in shaving.

Step 3 – Use the safety razor at the right angle

It should be at an approximately 30-degree angle to your face. You can achieve that by putting the head of the razor on your face then dropping down the handle until the blade touches your skin.

Step 4 – Make three passes separately

The passes should be with, across, and against the grain, respectively. Re-lather soap between every pass. This is the key to attaining the smoothest shave.

Step 5 – Do your post-shaving routines

This involves using cold water to rinse your face, patting it dry with a clean towel, and applying an aftershave.

How to Maintain Merkur

Step 1 – Rinse the razor thoroughly

Do that by loosening the head first so that it does not press down on the blade. Rinse it under warm water.

Step 2 – Rinse the head with rubbing alcohol

It can help in preventing the premature rusting of the razor’s blade.

Step 3 – Let it dry completely before storing

Wait for a few hours before putting it in its stand or storage area. The goal here is to make the razor completely dry so it won’t develop rust.

Do’s and Don’ts With Edwin Jagger


  • Put on a shaving lather or cream before the actual shaving process. Never skip this step, as it helps make the shaving process a lot more convenient for you.
  • Hold both sides of your safety razor every time you load the blade. It helps prevent your fingers from coming in contact with the sharp edges of the blade, which may cause accidental cuts.
  • Allow the razor to dry after each use. Dry the blade and the body after every use. It is a vital maintenance tip capable of extending the life of your Edwin Jagger razor.


  • Do not leave the safety razor in your shower. Letting it stay there can expose it to all moisture and steam that may lead to the development of rust.
  • Do not drag and press. This is important to prevent applying too much pressure to the razor’s blade. Avoid dragging and pressing. Just guide the blade gently above your skin.

Do’s and Don’ts With Merkur


  • Prepare your skin properly. It is crucial to have proper skin preparation routines before the actual shaving process. As much as possible, use heat and moisture in softening your hair and opening up your pores.
  • Shave at the right angle. For your Merkur safety razor, the best angle is probably around 30 to 45 degrees. Ensure that you go with the grain when shaving. It means going in the direction where your hair grows.
  • Use fresh blades. It ensures that the safety razor will remain sharp while preventing dead skin cells and germs from building up.


  • Do not use too much force when using the Merkur safety razor. Remember that it has more aggressive blades, so extra force may cause you to nick yourself easily.
  • Do not forget to clean the shaving head’s insides when changing blades. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the bottom and top plates. Buff the metals, too, to ensure that they are clean and appear new.


FAQ About Edwin Jagger and Merkur

Where are Edwin Jagger razors made?

The razors from Edwin Jagger are manufactured in Sheffield, England. They are made by utilizing the generations of expertise and skills linked to the Sheffield steel industry.

Are all Edwin Jagger razor heads the same?

Yes. All of them actually use the same head based on the one supplied by Muhle. It is also similar to the one used by Muhle on the R89. Therefore, the thing that makes the razors different is the handle, as different models also have different handles.

How aggressive is the Edwin Jagger DE89?

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is only mildly or averagely aggressive. It is the reason why it seems to work better for beginners, especially first-timers, since the razor will not intimidate them. Still, the aggressiveness is enough that it can provide a fantastic wet shave.

Which Merkur razor is best for beginners?

Merkur safety razors are known for their aggressiveness, so some beginners are a bit intimidated when it comes to using them. Fortunately, this brand still offers perfect models for beginners – one of which is the Merkur Futur double-edged safety razor. With its six levels of aggressiveness, you can make adjustments to it to make it suit beginners like you. You can set it to give you just a mild shave.

Where are Merkur razors made?

All safety razors from the Merkur brand are made in Germany. The good thing about the manufactured safety razors is that they have full corrosion protection and fantastic durability. They are also made to be either light or heavy and feature various lengths for the handle.

Are safety razors better than cartridges?

In most cases, yes, safety razors work better compared to cartridge razors. One thing that makes safety razors more beneficial is their environmental-friendliness. The reason is that they do not contain any plastic material. The handles of these razors are even often constructed from metals capable of lasting for a long time. Moreover, they have double-edged blades solely constructed from steel or any other sharpened metal.

Do safety razors give a closer shave?

Yes. This type of razor can provide you with a smooth and close shave, which is usually better than what you can expect from a cartridge or electric-based razor. Just make sure to learn everything that you can about effective wet shaving strategies, as they can help you maximize the shaving results.


If you are looking for only the best safety razors, you can never go wrong with choosing the ones offered by Edwin Jagger and Merkur. They are two of the most reliable manufacturers of safety razors and other shaving and grooming tools and products. With their excellent reputation, you have assurance that the safety razors you can get from them will give you superior shaving results.

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