Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

The Gillette Sensor Excel is one of the most notable razors you can find today.

These razors are sold on a daily basis in thousands.

But, is the popularity warranted?

Even with popular brands, you can never know what you are getting.

This is especially true if you’re having sensitive skin or if you’re looking for a specific type of razor.

In such cases, you can’t get any old razor available out there.

You need to search for a specific one that will provide you with the kind of a shave you are yearning for.

Therefore, we have decided to make our very own Gillette Sensor Excel Razor review which will get all things clear for you.

After you are done reading, you will know exactly if this blade is for you.

You won’t waste your precious time on buying unsuitable blades and you’ll start shaving comfortably and closely right off the bat.

What Is Gillette Sensor Excel

Gillette Sensor Excel is also known as the cartridge razor. Because of its ease of use and stellar performance, this razor is most commonly used. Like other cartridge razors, Gillette Sensor Excel also uses the lift and cut technology in getting a close shave done.

And since its blades have to be consistently set at their maximum cutting angle, you must know at what angle your facial hair grows. Should you go against the grain, you run the risk of cutting the follicles too low, compromising the skin surface. As a result, the hair will most likely curl back and create issues like an ingrown hair.

Gillette Sensor Excel’s razors come with two to three blades. It’s known for its smooth and close shave, a razor’s lift and cut technology product. The razor’s handle comes with an easy, comfortable grip and pivoting head in the middle. This razor is best for all types of hair.

Benefits of Using a Gillette Sensor Excel

There are plenty of benefits in using Gillette Sensor Excel and one of which is that it comes with an easy-to-grip handle. With this kind of razor, shaving any part of your face becomes easy. You don’t have to worry about keeping a hold of your razor as you move up and down, side to side. Aside from that, this model also comes with two to three ultra-sharp blades. When the first blade cuts the upper part of the hair, the second and third blades reinforce the same action, reaching the surface level. Because of this, you get a clean shave.

Apart from these, another benefit of using this razor is the fact that it’s reasonably priced. Now that the company stopped manufacturing the handles, they still retained the cartridges. These cartridges are priced reasonably, and this is one of the best benefits of buying this sensor. The razor also provides shave for all kinds of facial hair. This means you don’t have to worry about whether the razor will work appropriately with your facial hair.

You would also appreciate that it comes with built-in skin protection that lessens the chances of getting cuts and nicks. When the blades are old, they are also easily replaceable. The product is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around your face. And despite being lightweight, it’s long-lasting and well-built.

How Does Gillette Sensor Excel Work

How Does Gillette Sensor Excel Work

This razor allows you to shave in all directions, making them useful for women who use it to shave their armpits. Its mechanism is pretty simple. It comes with a handle and removable and changeable cartridge. When you use it for the first time, you must ensure that the cartridge is securely attached to the hooks found on the handle’s head. Once the blades are in place, glide the razor on the surfaces that need to be shaved.

Since the razor comes with two to three blades, getting a clean shave comes easy. When the first blade cuts the upper part of the hair, the second and third blades reinforce the same action, reaching the surface level.

Pros and Cons of Gillette Sensor Excel


  • Pivoting head. This ensures that the blade is always in contact with your skin regardless of the razor’s angle. The cartridge’s design also requires that the holder only applies slight pressure while shaving. This is possible because of the mounted blade’s steep angle and tiny blade gaps.
  • Comfortable razor grip. It comes with an easy-to-grip handle. With this kind of razor, shaving any part of your face becomes easy. You don’t have to worry about keeping a hold of your razor as you move up and down, side to side.
  • Lubricating strips. These strips are found above your razor’s blades. It can be likened to a small sponge. It holds a water-loving polymers formula known as Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) released from the strip after every stroke. If these PEGs get wet, they swell, stretch, and unfold along your skin, making your shave more lubricated. This protects the skin, keeping it away from all sorts of skin rashes.


  • Refill cost. According to different feedback and reviews, Gillette Sensor Excel is one of the best razors Gillette has ever manufactured. When they stopped producing the handles, they continued to make the razors at a hefty price tag. Then again, with its fantastic performance, you can say that it’s worth the price.

Features of Gillette Sensor Excel 

Built-In Skin Protection

As mentioned above, the razors feature a lubricating strip that protects your skin from all types of skin rashes.

Compatible With Other Gillette Razor Blades

The good thing about this razor is you can use it with other razor blade replacements. For as long as these replacements are Gillette blades, you’re good to go.

Easy to Grip Handles

With this kind of razor handle, shaving any part of your face becomes easy. The ergonomic design of the handle makes the razor easy to use.

Equipped With Two Sharp Razor Blades

Because of this, you get a clean shave. When the first blade cuts the upper part of the hair, the second and third blades reinforce the same action, reaching the surface level. The more blades, the cleaner the cut is.

Long-Lasting and Lightweight

It’s also lightweight, making it easy to use. Because it bears the Gillette brand, it’s known to be durable.

Replaceable Blades

You can remove the blades from the handle and replace them with a new, sharper one. With a new blade, you can shave your facial hair more efficiently.

How to Choose the Best Razor for Men

How to Choose the Best Razor for Men

Number Of Blades

Choose a razor with two or more blades because the smoother its shave will be, the more blades it has. Never go for razors with less than two razor blades.


Flexible razors will help you avoid skin cuts while shaving. You see, the problem with stationary razors is that they can cut your skin when they shave a curved surface.

Lubrication Strips

More lubrication means your facial skin will also get better. Go for razors with built-in strips for an improved shaving experience.

Blade Replacement

Blade replacement shouldn’t be more tedious than mere clicking and snapping. Anything beyond this effort threshold would be inconvenient and time-consuming. Also, consider if the cartridge makes it easy to replace your safety razor blades.

Replacement Blade Cost

Changing your blades regularly is essential in getting a clean shave. In that case, refrain from buying razors that require replacement blades that you find hard to afford.


Razor handles should be comfortable when you hold them. A razor with a good grip can help avoid cutting and slipping.

How to Use Gillette Sensor Excel 

Step 1 – Wash your face

Clean your face with warm water and mild soap. You can also take a hot shower because this can open your pores and make shaving a lot easier.

Step 2 – Apply your shaving cream

Before applying gel or shaving cream, choose products that are ideal for sensitive skin. When you find the suitable gel or shaving cream, use the same to your skin in a circular motion. Afterwhich, leave it on for 30 seconds. Allow it to soften your hair and skin for more accessible and better shaving.

Step 3 – Razor away

In choosing a stubble trimmer, you need to consider your skin and hair type. This makes trimming and shaving easy. You can opt for shaving with a disposable razor or choosing one for the long haul. Glide your razor against your hair growth’s direction. Refrain from applying too much pressure. You see, sharp and premium-quality blades can shave even with minimum force.

Step 4 – Wash your face 

Wash your face and see if you have shaved cleanly. If there is some stray hair still visible, repeat the process stated above. Apply an aftershave when you’re done.

How to Clean Your Gillette Sensor Excel 

Step 1 – Run your blades under the tap

Refrain from hitting your razor blades on any hard surface to eliminate the hair in between the blades. Instead, run your razor blades under the tap. Start from the back to the front. You can also try swishing the razor blades through the water inside a basin after every stroke or two. Razors with a front pivot are easier to clean since the blades will rinse quickly.

Step 2 – Shake off excess water

Gillette has an open architecture, so you won’t have difficulty cleaning your razor and razor blades. Just make sure that your razor doesn’t sit long in the water. So, shake off excess water after using.

Step 3 – Store your razor in a clean and dry area 

Keep your razors clean and hygienic to use by storing them in a clean and dry area.

Gillette Sensor Excel vs Mach 3

Gillette Sensor Excel

The Gillette sensor is appropriate to use when shaving along with the grain. Its blades are great because it exhibits a lot of control. It also has a very slim blade so you can get into the nooks and crannies of your face. If you flip this blade around and shave up or with the grain on the neck, it has a firm grip and a lightweight. It can be likened to an old Volkswagen – there’s not a lot going on under the hood, so you could efficiently work with it.

Mach 3

On the other hand, Mach 3 provides a little bit more coverage with one more blade. You could say that with Mach 3, it looks like Gillette perfected the pivot technology of their razors. It’s a bit jerky, and the angle allows you a little bit more control. Now, when it comes to the way the razor is built, you can say that it’s a little harder to get up into the nooks and crannies.

The feel test with Mach 3 turns out that the razor is very comfortable to use, and the resulting shave reveals that three blades are a little bit better than two. There’s nothing wrong with the Sensor Excel. If you still have this, you could keep using them well for years to come. But Mach 3 looks like the pinnacle of shaving. Mach 3’s pivoting head seems to have been perfected, and if you look at that blade, you could say that Gillette invested in the turbo line. Mach 3 comes with a sharp line that makes shaving seamless.

Do’s and Don’ts With Gillette Sensor Excel



  • Use your razors without replacing the blades.
  • Use your razors without cleaning the blades.
  • Opt for razors with less than two blades.

FAQ About Gillette Sensor Excel 

FAQ About Gillette Sensor Excel

Is Gillette Sensor Excel discontinued?

Gillette stopped producing the handles; however, they continued to make the razors at a hefty price tag.

Is the Gillette Sensor Excel good?

Based on customer feedback and reviews, Sensor Excel remains the best razor Gillette has ever manufactured. The only issue is that the razor got so expensive simply because 5-blade razors also got extremely expensive. Gillette couldn’t have an old, reliable, and incredibly working product priced more cheaply than its 5-blade counterparts.

Are Gillette Sensor and Sensor Excel the same?

They are almost the same, except for the rubber strip and aesthetics. Sensor carts are cheaper but will do the same thing. Their heads are both interchangeable, and even the cartridge attaching methods are the same.

How long do Gillette Sensor Excel blades last?

According to the manufacturer’s independent research, men users throw away their sensor Excels after 11 shaves. Sensor Excel’s refillable cartridges have a lifespan of 10 shaves, with their disposable razor remain useful after eight shaves.

Will Gillette Sensor blades fit sensor excel?

Yes, Gillette Sensor blades first the Excel and Sensor razors. However, Excel’s blade is said to be better as it shaves longer and smoother.


Gillette has always been a household name for razors and blades, and it’s for a great reason. Although they may come at a heftier price tag, their quality justifies their cost. The same is true when it comes to Gillette Sensor Excel. Although the brand discontinued making the handles, many avid users are still looking for and reviewing its excellent features.

With what we shared today, we hope you realize how superior this product is so that the next time you purchase one, you can seriously consider the brand and Gillette Sensor replacement blades. At the end of the day, if you want to achieve perfect lines with a glorious shaping tool, Gillette should be your brand of choice.

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