Men With and Without Unibrow

There once was a time when men could pull off a unibrow. But that time has ended as modern grooming standards will make one a laughingstock for having one. Anthony Davis may be the only celebrity who rocks one, but he plays for the Lakers, so that he can be excused.

 As for us that don’t start for an NBA franchise, we have to find a way to trim eyebrows and learn how to get rid of a monobrow. Luckily there are ways to groom it properly, but you have to follow the necessary standards to do it properly. We hold the key and provide you with ways to do it properly.

What Is Unibrow

A monobrow also dubbed the unibrow, is when our brows start to grow too long and extend toward each other so they connect in the middle. There aren’t any known causes for this, and it is not something that can be written off as genetics, like many other traits regarding facial hair.

People with relatively thicker or stronger hair usually start developing a monobrow, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Also, men are not the only ones that have them as one of the most famous unibrows was worn by a woman, Frida Kahlo.

However, the same as chest hair removal has become a standard for men, so has grooming your eyebrows and especially taking care of monobrow.

How to Avoid Having an Unibrow

You can’t not grow it if the unibrow starts growing independently. Once you notice that you are developing one, you don’t want to stand out. It just might be the time to consult some grooming techniques to take care of it.

It may become a part of your routine. So, for instance, after finishing up with your morning wet shaving, you can easily transition to arranging your eyebrows and making sure that a monobrow doesn’t start to show itself suddenly.

Methods to Remove Unibrow


If you think that waxing an eyebrow isn’t painful, you are entirely wrong. It still hurts, but it is not the same as beard waxing. It is because you are not removing a lot of hair when dealing with a monobrow, making it more endurable.

It might hurt a bit, but waxing is the most effective way to get rid of a monobrow.


Using some tweezers is a classic way to remove unwanted hair. It also helps to deal with ingrown facial hair. Since tweezers allow you to remove hair from the root, you get rid of them for much longer.

You can tweeze the eyebrow once a month and are good to go. It is also an exact method that may cause a bit of inconvenience when tweezing.

Men Tweezing His Brows


If you have a quality trimmer, it can help you deal with a monobrow quickly and easily. All you have to do is to run it up the middle and you are good to go.

Using scissors to trim and get rid of a monobrow will not do you any good; it may only help you to set the eyebrows and style them as you like.

Depilatory Cream

A depilatory cream to deal with a monobrow is probably the most effective way. It is not painful like waxing and provides a lasting effect, so you don’t have to do it that often.

But depilatory creams come with ingredients like sodium, barium sulfide, or titanium dioxide, chemicals that might damage your skin.

Since you don’t want to get a reaction in the middle of your face, it is wise to test the cream on your hand or a different part of your body first.


Shaving can be a very effective method to deal with a unibrow. Once you shave it off, it looks like it never existed in the first place. However, once you start shaving it, you will have to do it all the time unless you don’t want to get a brow stubble in between.

Also, shaving might cause stress on your skin, so it is good to consider shaving gel vs. cream before applying a blade to your forehead.


Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal process and a way to deal with a monobrow. The radio frequencies from the epilator device are supposed to disrupt the hair follicles and prevent them from enabling hair to grow.

Even though you get the best results with electrolysis, you must return for a follow-up a few times.

Laser Hair Removal 

Here we have another permanent method to deal with a unibrow, except that it is the most expensive one. A trained and licensed technician performs it as it uses a laser to disrupt the hair from developing.

The procedure is not as permanent as people think, as it decreases the hair’s growth rate.


Plucking the stray hairs may be the best way to try if you are not dealing with a monstrous unibrow. It is the cheapest and works when you have to remove a few hairs and not a massive patch. However, it can be extremely painful and is not for the faint-hearted.

Plucking Men's Monobrow

Skin Treatment After Removal of Unibrows

Since you will have to do things to your face to deal with a monobrow, some of them extremely painful, you have to know how to deal with the repercussions.

It is best not to allow any skin irritation to happen in the first place, so if you are shaving, considers whether to use a safety vs. cartridge razor.

Applying some aftershave or skin cream is very helpful and it does not hurt to have some with a sandalwood smell to add some fragrance. If your skin is easily irritable, be sure to use products that are for sensitive skin as well as natural ones.

Conditioners for men can help maintain a great big beard but will not be of any help with monobrow removal as the portion you are dealing with is small. Wash your face with warm water before the routine and some cold afterward.

You can add a moisturizing cream to hydrate the sink and help repair it if any burns are created.

FAQ About Get Rid of Unibrow

What causes a unibrow?

There is no exact or proven explanation for what causes a unibrow to appear. Some would say that it is due to genetics and others agree that it comes from the general properties of your hair.

Is it okay to shave a unibrow?

Shaving a unibrow is one of the worst grooming mistakes that you can make. If you shave it, it only means that it will grow thicker and the more you do it, the more noticeable it might get.

Do you wax unibrow up or down?

It depends. Once you apply the wax, you must pull it off where your hair grows. Usually, this means pulling it down due to the direction eyebrow hair grows.


Having a monobrow, or a unibrow, or whatever you want to call it, is not flattering today. But to handle it, you have to apply a method that will not cause too much harm and, at the same time, be effective in dealing with it.

Choosing one of the offered ones will determine the results and define your future look.

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