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So you want to grow a chinstrap beard? When it comes to this particular type of facial hair, it can be one of the most misunderstood styles and hardest to successfully pull off correctly.

The true definition of the chinstrap beard is a short and thin line of facial hair that follows along the outside edges of a man’s jaw line and face.

The chinstrap does not include a mustache, and one version or another have been around for centuries.

Even President Abraham Lincolns mutton chops that almost met at the chin was just a thicker version to today’s chinstrap beard.

Deciding on the Right Chinstrap Beard

Because the hair-line of the chinstrap is so thin, it is not advised to incorporate the mustache or goatee styles into this particular style.

If you prefer a thicker line following the jaw line, then you need to forget the mustache completely because it would just resemble a full beard anyway.

The width of the chinstrap should be slighter wider than pencil thinks. The decision on how thick should be centered on the shape of the face.

The beard line needs to complement the shape while accentuating your unique features. If you have strong features, the chinstrap will help bring them out even more.

Men with round or wide faces should go thicker on the chinstrap to thin the face and give you a more masculine appearance.

deciding on the right chinstrap beard

Shaping The Chinstrap Beard

1. Make sure that your beard and skin are clean and dry.

2. Before trimming, your beard should be close to 1 cm long.

3. Trim your beard even with trimmer length settings of 3 – 5 mm (no more than 5mm).

4. Next, use your precision trimmer and start outlining a 1 to 2 cm wide strip (depending on a width you want) trimming from ear to ear and along the jaw line. Use beard shaper to make things easier for you.

Take your time and be patient while using your precise trimmer.

5. The last step is to shave your cheeks and neck. Be extra careful while shaving because you don’t want to ruin your chinstrap beard.

If you are using an electric shaver, try to switch to a razor to be more precise when shaving near the chinstrap.

Growing and Maintaining the Chinstrap Beard

smiling man with chinstrap beard

Of all the types of beard to grow, the chinstrap is going to require the most maintenance in order to keep the look precise.

Constant maintenance will allow you to properly pull off the look because it does require clean and extremely tight lines.

This is one particular style that does not look good once the hair begins to grow out. With the chinstrap style, you are going to be shaving and grooming your facial hair every other day at a minimum.

The neck and jaw line need to be carefully sculpted to maintain that straight line or the look falls apart.

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In addition to sculpting, you need to keep the length maintained with a stubble beard trimmer so it does not grow out too long.

Keep the cut short and try to fade it so that the sides become shorter than they do at the chin. The correct fade will accentuate the jaw line.

Growing Your Chinstrap Beard

If you are ready to get started growing out the chinstrap, allow up to five days without any shaving to allow all the areas to fill in properly.

Start styling the hair so you have enough to play with and can slowly start shrinking down the width of the line.

Start thick and take a look, then keep trimming back the line until you reach the desired look.

This is certainly not the type of beard for every man, it really comes down to personal preference and your facial features.

Now that you know everything about maintaining and growing your own chinstrap, experiment and see how your face changes.

This might be the perfect facial hair style to give you that new look you have been searching for.

It can be an incredibly flattering an manly look for most men who have the right shape of face and are committed to putting in the time that it takes to pull this look off.

Be sure to keep it trimmed every other day and always apply a first-rate beard oil or beard balm.

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