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Hey guys, have you heard about the happy trail?

No, it’s not a kid’s show or anything like that.

It has to do with our bodies.

All you have to do is to look down at your belly, particularly the part from your belly button and downwards.

If you have a set of hair or a strip expanded in that direction, you, my friend, have a happy trail.

And if you don’t, it is pretty okay.

Not everyone gets to have one.

If you want to know the story about the happy trail, we suggest you continue reading.

What Represents a Happy Trail

Guys are hairy; there is no way to deny it. Sometimes you can’t find the right hair clipper guard sizes to shave off the hair from various places where it grows on our bodies. One part of body hair is particularly interesting.

The strip of hair that expands from our belly button and goes towards the pubic area is what is called a happy trail. It is something that most guys have, but not necessarily all of them, as it is an entirely different set of follicles that is responsible for them.

Its purpose is purely aesthetic and it actually increases a guy’s sex appeal tenfold. Women do go crazy over this and it does make somebody quite attractive and sexy when they have one.

What Does It Mean to Have One

Having one makes you really sexy. At least, that is what the ladies say. Using appropriate body sprays for men and having a timely styled happy trial is what a lot of women go for. Don’t get it confused with pubic hair.

Even though it connects to it, it is an entirely different hair set. You can think of them as being cousins. A happy trail is more bristle and is similar to the hair that we have on our legs. On the other hand, our pubic hair is more curly.

Some guys don’t like having one and get specific pubic hair trimmers to get rid of it. Don’t worry, it is entirely natural to have one and it can happen that you don’t have hair on other parts and do down there.

How to Trim and Style

Before trimming or styling your happy trail, consider whether you need to do that. Some girls view it as really sexy, so you might decide to keep it.

If you want to match the curtain to your drapes and prefer to shave it off or style it in a suitable manner, there are ways of doing it. One thing to remember here is exfoliation.

If you are wondering whether to exfoliate before or aftershave, in this case, it needs to be done before you decide to put a blade on your happy trail. It will soften the skin and help you protect it at the same time.

If you want to style it, you must use different guard sizes. Start with the 1mm to trim around the edges of your belly button. Then use the 3mm one to cut the sides around the belly button and get a gradual fade.

Finally, you are going to need a 9mm guard that you are going to use to go over the entire happy trail in a downward motion. If you have a hairy stomach, be ready to shave the sides around the happy trail.

Anyone will work if you can decide between an electric razor or a blade. Since you’ve already trimmed the area you want to remain, shave the sides and go around it.

Once you are done, apply some aftershave balm and you will have completed everything.

Strong Athletic Man With a Happy Trail

Quick Grooming Tips

Whether you’ve decided to keep your happy trail and merely style it, or you want to shave it completely off, you are going to be aware of certain things that will help you get the best results.

  • Plan everything: If you are styling your happy trial, it works best if you have a plan you will abide by.
  • Be sure to shover after grooming: This part is essential for dealing with your pubic hair, but is equally needed when doing other parts of your body.
  • Prepare the necessary tools: Have all the trimmers, blades and shave butter ready. You might need specific ones, but the usual suspects should all be there.
  • Make a trail: Even if your stomach is too hairy, you can easily make a happy trail and style it appropriately.


Why is it called a happy trail?

It is not confirmed, but some say it gets its name since it is a trail that ends with a happy ending.

Should men shave happy trails?

This is based on each person’s personal preference. Some like having it, while others don’t. You don’t have to worry about consequences if you decide to shave it off.

Does every guy have a happy trail?

Actually, no. Some guys have it and some don’t and nobody is really sure why. We can attest it to genetics in most cases.

Does a happy trail lead to pubic hair?

Yes, it does. It leads from your navel towards your pubic hair and connects to them. It is, by all means, not pubic hair; it is a different set of hair altogether.

Do girls like happy trails?

A lot of them do. This is also a thing of personal taste, but many girls find guys with a happy trial sexy.


If you are one of the lucky guys with a happy trial, you should cherish it like any other part of the hair you like styling. It looks very sexy and is viewed as something really attractive.

Girls like it a lot and it can look really good on you. Whether you want to keep it or not is your choice. But you should consider styling it a bit and giving it a chance.

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