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Are you thinking of growing an Arab beard? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the information you need to grow and maintain an attractive Arab beard that will turn heads.

16 Most Popular Arab Beard Styles

Goatee With Angular Beard

Goatee With Angular Beard

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This type of beard looks like a classic Arab beard but has a more significant highlight on the goatee. The goatee is the small pointed beard under your lip. The goatee with an angular beard has an angular cut to create a beautiful neat trim along your chin and jawline.



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The anchor beard has an intricate shape that resembles an anchor on your chin. While this beard is not hard to maintain, you’ll need to engage a professional barber to shape it. However, it comes with such style and design and is worth visiting the barber.

Van Dyke

Van Dyke

You can wear the van dyke beard and still keep your mustache. This beard has a small goatee and is left to grow on your chin. However, you can’t grow it long if you intend to stay stylish with this beard.

Rough Long Beard

Rough Long Beard

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This style is ideal if you like to keep your beard long and rough. Most Arab men grow this beard in respect of their religion and culture. You can tame the split ends and flyaways with regular trimming and grooming.

Light Stubble

Light Stubble

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If you’re looking for a more refreshing look, the light stubble beard is what you should consider. With this beard, you’ll enjoy a nice grit and texture, accentuating your jawline and facial features. This beard will look great on you if you have a square face.

You can let your beard grow naturally and trim it to your desired shape.

Thick Medium Beard

Thick Medium Beard

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This beard style will make you look better and well groomed if you’re growing a thick mustache. It comes off well with men with round and oval faces. The good thing about this beard is that it doesn’t require much trimming. However, visit your trimmer anytime you think your beard is overgrown.

Amish-Like Beard

Amish-Like Beard

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The Amish-like beard looks good without a mustache. The beard becomes the focal point because you must keep it long and full. Among the Amish men, the beard signifies humility and manhood. This is a style you can keep with proper trimming and grooming.

You can also find online resources about styling an Amish beard.

Boxed Beard

Boxed Beard

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The boxed beard is also something you can borrow from the Arabic culture. You’ll need to engage with a professional barber to maintain this beard, especially when trimming it.

Part Stubble Goatee

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Thick And Full Beard

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Silver Garibaldi Beard

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Stubble Goatee

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Yeard Beard

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Longer Goatee

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Mid Circle Beard

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Massive Goatee

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What Is Arab Facial Hair and Short History

An Arab beard is perhaps one of the most attractive forms of facial hair. Most men who dorn Arab beards groom them so well, and the beards accentuate their appearance, alluding to well-groomed men.  An Arab beard is a beard that Arab men are allowed to grow when they come of age.

The beard is part of their culture and religion. The men are allowed to grow their beards in any style they like. Arab beards are more common among Arab and Muslim men, although non-muslim men adopt the beard style.

Growing any form of facial hair for Muslim and Arab men signifies manhood. It also represents a social rank that unravels the definition of who you are as a man. The beard also means honor, which dignifies the character of a man. Additionally, the Arab beard signifies allegiance to the prophet Mohamed.

How to Style

When you decide to grow an Arab beard, you need to know how to style it. The most important thing is to keep and clean your trimming tools well. Ensure you work with the best beard grooming kits. Here are the steps you should follow to style your Arab beard:

Step 1 – Decide on the style

Decide which Arab beard you want because different styles require different skills. You can search for pro tips for beard shaping.

Step 2 – Clean 

Clean your beard with premium beard shampoos and dry it.

Step 3 – Start trimming

Check that your beard trimmer works well, then trim it according to your desired length and style. When trimming an Arab beard, always trim from the longest part of the beard until you reach your desired length.

How to Maintain 

Young Arab Man With Scruffy Beard Waving

For your Arab beard to keep looking neat and well groomed, you must maintain it well. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your Arab beard.

Step 1 – Use the right trimming tools

Use quality and well-maintained trimming tools. Also, pick a good beard comb to groom your beard.

Step 2 – Keep your beard clean

Always keep your beard clean and well moisturized.

Step 3 – Groom daily

Groom your beard every day. Start using a beard pomade if you haven’t been using one.

Step 4 – Apply beard products

Use proper beard oils and creams to keep your beard healthy. Tip: Beard oil is a great product to prevent beard dandruff. You can also use different beard softening methods to tame your beard if it’s too hard.

Best Styling Products

To keep your beard well-groomed, you must have the best styling products. These include:

  • Grooming tools such as razoos and beard combs.
  • Beard wash and conditioner.
  • Beard oil or cream.


Why do Arab men have long beards?

Arab men have long beards in respect of their culture and religion. The beards signify humility and manhood.

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How do Muslims take care of their bards?

Muslims groom their beards with great products such as the world’s best beard soaps and trim them often to keep them in shape.

Is having a beard compulsory in Islam?

Arabic men must grow a beard when they come of age to show their masculinity.

Why do people in the Middle East have thick hair?

People in the Middle East have thick hair because of their genetic orientation.

How did the prophet take care of his beard?

The prophet kept his lower beard long and the upper lip clean-shaven. He cleaned it and applied oils to keep the beard healthy.

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