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The average male will see over 25,000 new facial hairs sprout up in the next 24 hours, adding approximately a millimeter of new beard length each and every day.

With all that hair growth on your face, it is really important that you take exception care of that beard.

Most guys who try to grow a thick beard reach a point where the discomfort is too much, and they shave down what would otherwise be an extraordinary beard.

Understanding how to properly care for the facial hair can go a long way in relieving that discomfort and producing a strong and healthy beard.

The hair on your face is not the same as that on your head, and you should not be using traditional shampoo to clean your beard.

Here are some important things to consider about using an all-natural beard shampoo to treat those hair follicles.

The Times Are Changing

In the past, you could count on women to be the big spenders when it came to buying specific toiletries.

For the first time in 2013, men actually spent more money on specific toiletries than they did on buying shaving products.

Men are not only caring more about their appearance, they are getting better educated about the importance of utilizing the best beard wash to maintain a strong flowing beard.

Even though most men will reach that point where the discomfort is almost unbearable when growing out a beard.

If you are making use of the right beard shampoo, you can nourish the hair follicles and the skin at the same time.

Highly Rated All Natural Beard Shampoo:

How Does the Beard Shampoo Work?

The basics of growing a beard are quite simple. Once you decide to grow out a beard and stop shaving, the skin on the face and neck is going to produce more in the way of dead skin cells. These dead cells get trapped in the beard and the hair follicles.

When you make use of a beard shampoo that contains all-natural ingredients, the shampoo will strip away those dead skin cells and replenish the area with oils that are being stripped away with soaps when you wash and shower.

The shampoo containing conditioner will then help to protect the skin underneath and reduce that itching you feel as your beard begins to grow.

Avoid using regular hair shampoo because the harmful chemical ingredients will strip away the oils in the skin, leaving the hair in the beard lifeless and dry.

The all-natural beard shampoo will also remove food particles and any odors trapped within.

Scented Natural Beard Shampoos:

How Is Beard Shampoo Different?

One of the biggest advantages to an all-natural beard shampoo is you can use it on both your beard and the hair on your scalp.

You should not be using traditional hair shampoo on the beard because not only does it strip away the nutrients in the hairs, it will taste horrible if it comes in contact with your mouth while washing.

The beard shampoo will effectively cleanse the hair and will not provide you that unpleasant taste if it does come in contact with the mouth.

The beard shampoos are specially formulated for cleaning your beard, the hair on your head, and even your mustache.

Because these shampoos are specially formulated to condition the hair, you can use less each washing, allowing you to preserve the bottle for twice as long as your regular shampoo.

Affordable Deep Cleaning Beard Shampoo:

Once you start to incorporate the beard shampoo into your daily facial cleansing routine, you will notice in just a few short weeks that your facial hair is especially soothing to the touch.

Now when you get up close and personal with that special someone, it will not feel like you are rubbing steel wool all over their face.

The botanical ingredients in the beard shampoo help to strengthen the hair, reduce the irritation, as well as provide a cleaner smelling beard.

These shampoos are specially formulated to treat all the hair on your face, while providing a lustrous beard that has a fresh and appealing aroma.

No longer will you be stripping away those vital natural oils that help to reduce itching during the early stages of beard growth.

Here is a short video about how to properly shampoo your beard:

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