7 Best Beard Shampoos That Will Leave Your Beard Clean For a Long Time

Get The Beard You’ve Always Wanted
Boost beard growth. Eliminate beardruff. Stop beard itch.
  • 100% pure natural Ingredients
  • Eliminates beard itch and dandruff
  • Increase in beard hair growth over time

The average male will see over 25,000 new facial hairs sprout up in the next 24 hours, adding approximately a millimeter of new beard length each and every day.

With all that hair growth on your face, it is really important that you take exceptional care of that beard.

Most guys who try to grow a thick beard reach a point where the discomfort is too much, and they shave down what would otherwise be an extraordinary beard.

Top 5 Beard Shampoos (Summary)

sample-table__imageBest SoftenerProfessor Fuzzworthy
  • Eliminates beard itch
  • Completely natural and organic
  • Can be used on scalp and body
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sample-table__imageBoosts GrowthPolished Gentlemen
  • Enhances beard thickness
  • Prevents irritation
  • Comes with a conditioner
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sample-table__imageMost EffectiveSpartans Den
  • Formula is tough on dirt and gentle on your skin
  • Legend scent is masculine and refreshing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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  • Reduces beardruff and itch
  • Cleans and softens beard
  • Great for sensitive skin
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sample-table__imageViking Revolution
  • Contains a natural beard oil
  • Eliminates beard dandruff
  • Soothes beard itch and skin irritation
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Understanding how to properly care for the facial hair can go a long way in relieving that discomfort and producing a strong and healthy beard.

The hair on your face is not the same as that on your head and you should not be using traditional shampoo to clean your beard.

Here are some important things to consider about using an all-natural beard shampoo to treat those hair follicles.

The Times Are Changing

In the past, you could count on women to be the big spenders when it came to buying specific toiletries.

For the first time in 2013, men actually spent more money on specific toiletries than they did on buying shaving products.

Men are not only caring more about their appearance, they are also getting better educated about the importance of utilizing the best beard wash to maintain a strong flowing beard.

Even though most men will reach that point where the discomfort is almost unbearable when growing out a beard.

If you are making use of the right beard shampoo, you can nourish the hair follicles and the skin at the same time.

How Does the Beard Shampoo Work

The basics of growing a beard are quite simple. Once you decide to grow out a beard and stop shaving, the skin on the face and neck is going to produce more in the way of dead skin cells.

These dead cells get trapped in the beard and the hair follicles.

When you make use of a beard shampoo that contains all-natural ingredients, the shampoo will strip away those dead skin cells and replenish the area with oils that are being stripped away with soaps.

The shampoo containing conditioner will then help to protect the skin underneath and reduce that itching you feel as your beard begins to grow.

Avoid using regular hair shampoo because the harmful chemical ingredients will strip away the oils in the skin, leaving the hair in the beard lifeless and dry.

The all-natural beard shampoo will also remove food particles and any odors trapped within.

How Is Beard Shampoo Different

One of the biggest advantages of an all-natural beard shampoo is you can use it on both your beard and the hair on your scalp.

You should not be using traditional hair shampoo on the beard because not only does it strip away the nutrients in the hairs, it will taste horrible if it comes in contact with your mouth while washing.

The beard shampoo will effectively cleanse the hair and will not provide you that unpleasant taste if it does come in contact with the mouth.

The beard shampoos are specially formulated for cleaning your beard, the hair on your head, and even your mustache.

Because these shampoos are specially formulated to condition the hair, you can use less each washing, allowing you to preserve the bottle for twice as long as your regular shampoo.

Once you start to incorporate the beard shampoo into your daily facial cleansing routine, you will notice in just a few short weeks that your facial hair is especially soothing to the touch.

Now when you get up close and personal with that special someone, it will not feel like you are rubbing steel wool all over their face.

The botanical ingredients in the beard shampoo help to strengthen the hair, reduce the irritation, as well as provide a cleaner smelling beard.

These shampoos are specially formulated to treat all the hair on your face while providing a lustrous beard that has a fresh and appealing aroma.

No longer will you be stripping away those vital natural oils that help to reduce itching during the early stages of beard growth.

7 Best Beard Shampoos Reviewed

A good looking beard is a healthy one and what better way to get rid of debris and dirt than using a high-quality beard shampoo.

We know how the search for the best beard shampoo can be tedious with all the options out there. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best of them to help you find the shampoo that will suit all your needs.

Without further ado, here are 7 best beard shampoos that can be found today:

1. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Premium quality, natural and organic ingredients among which are the Leatherwood beeswax, Tasmania’s Kunzea and lavender make the blend of Professor Fuzzworthy’s Shampoo.

They all work together in thoroughly cleansing your beard and keeping your face skin healthy too. In fact, the Kunzea is unique and only found in Tasmania in Australia.

This ingredient is known for its effectiveness in eliminating a beard itch and promoting a healthier, cleaner and softer facial hair.

You won’t run into any synthetic chemicals that are harsh on your skin and beard in this product. As a bonus, you can use it on your head and body too.

One bar of this shampoo equals approximately 2 liquid shampoo bottles, so it will last you for a while. Also, you will enjoy the masculine woody scent this item is known for.

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo



  • All natural and organic ingredients
  • Softens a beard and relieves the itch
  • Manly, woody scent
  • Can be used on your scalp and body

  • Dries the beard out
  • The package is small

2. ZEUS Beard Shampoo and Wash

Suitable for men who have sensitive skin, ZEUS Shampoo and Wash for beards includes the antioxidant blend of dragon’s blood, green tea and chamomile.

Dragon’s blood is a tree-based ingredient and will protect your skin from irritation and inflammation.

Together with the chamomile and green tea it effectively eliminates beard itchiness and gets rid off beard dandruff.

After only a few uses of this product, your beard will be much softer and cleaner and will smell refreshing thanks to the verbena lime scent.

On the other hand, although the manufacturer states that this shampoo won’t strip your skin from its natural oils and dry out the beard, most men who used it claim the opposite.

ZEUS Beard Shampoo and Wash



  • Reduces beard itch and beardruff
  • Made of completely natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types, including the sensitive one
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin

  • Dries out the beard too much
  • Doesn’t lather

3. Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set

Hydrated, cleaner and softer facial hair is what you will get with Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set.

Both products work together perfectly to make your beard feel and look healthier and full of life. For the best conditioning possible, there is a natural beard oil that is included in the mix.

One of the main problems you will solve with the regular use of this item is the itchiness and irritation that are followed with the annoying beardruff.

Remember that a little amount of beard wash will be enough for your whole beard because a little goes a long way. Plus, this product is also safe to be used on your face.

The conditioner will soften your beard leaving it smell minty and aromatic.

Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set



  • Soothes beard itch and skin irritation
  • Eliminates beard dandruff
  • Contains a natural beard oil that softens your beard
  • Comes as a kit of beard wash and conditioner

  • Has a slightly chemical smell
  • Hard to squeeze it out of the bottle

4. Beard Growth and Thickening Set

If boosting your beard’s growth and making it look fuller is your goal, Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Set should be part of your beard grooming products arsenal.

Both conditioner and shampoo are made with organic and natural ingredients, such as raw manuka honey, biotin, eucalyptus, argan, tea tree and rosemary oil.

Each of these ingredients has its own advantages and essential role in helping your facial hair grow healthier and stronger.

For example, biotin is known for soothing itchiness and eliminating beardruff, while argan oil is a great moisturizer and helps in preventing skin irritation.

Eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary oils work together in improving your beard’s thickness and overall health, along with promoting and boosting its growth.

Beard Growth and Thickening Set



  • Enhances beard thickness and promotes growth
  • Made from organic and all-natural ingredients
  • Moisturizes, soothes itchiness and eliminates beard dandruff
  • Comes as a set of beard conditioner and shampoo

  • Can irritate sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t have a pleasant odor

5. Spartans Den

Spartans Den Shampoo is made to be both cleansing and gentle. In other words, it’s designed to take care of your beard without irritating your skin.

This goal is helped along by using ingredients like coconut, shea and aloe vera. They will offer nourishment without leaving any heavy residue behind.

It’s also made with a pleasant, masculine scent and uses a blend of ingredients including bergamot, cardamom, amber and lavender. They will help leave you feeling fresh.

The seller also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This not only protects your purchase but demonstrates the faith the company has in what their product can offer to consumers.

Spartans Den



  • Formula is tough on dirt and gentle on your skin
  • Legend scent is masculine and refreshing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Dispenser cap tends to break

6. Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand

Clean, soft, manageable and tangle free beard is what you will get with the regular use of Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand.

This shampoo doesn’t contain any heavy scents or perfumes and is actually very lightly scented. In case you still don’t like the smell, note that it will disappear rather quickly.

All the ingredients are entirely natural and organic, which is something vegans will appreciate the most. Organic soap is the base and a special blend of essential oils is added later.

This product won’t weigh your beard down or make it feel and look greasy because it’s pretty lightweight.

It will make your facial hair well-hydrated and clean by eliminating flakes and itching and all that at an extremely affordable price.

Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand



  • Defeats beard flakes and itching and tames strays
  • Lightweight and doesn’t make a beard look or feel greasy
  • Organic, 100% natural ingredients and low price
  • Vegan-friendly and light scented

  • Has a watery consistency
  • Tends to dry out the beard

7. Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo

Aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea make the blend of Bulldog Original 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

The ingredients are carefully crafted to cleanse and condition your facial hair effectively. You can think of this product as more of a leave-in conditioner because of its lotion-like consistency.

With the regular application of 3 times a week, it will make your beard easier to brush and style throughout the day. Also, it will keep the stray hairs at bay and provide a light styling ability.

Even the coarsest beard doesn’t stand a chance against this shampoo and conditioner because of its powerful softening and cleansing properties.

Some men may not be the fans of the smell, but considering that it costs around $4, you can’t beat it. In addition, it won’t leave your facial hair look greasy or irritate your skin.

Bulldog Original Shampoo



  • Cleans, softens and tames even the coarsest beard
  • Doesn’t make a beard feel greasy
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate it
  • Extremely low price

  • Doesn’t smell very good
  • Doesn’t lather really well

Here is a short video about how to properly shampoo your beard:

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