Scraping Beard Pomade With Fingertips

Men have grown beards right from the beginning of time. 

This was due to many reasons. The first men grew beards for the warmth. It was considered a sign of respect in ancient Greece.

Nowadays, growing a full beard has become the norm. More men are beginning to care about how their beard feels and looks, which has led to the production of beard grooming products. So if you are planning to up your game on the maintenance of your beard, you need to start investing in beard products.

But where do you start from? There are so many products to choose from- beard wax, beard shampoo, beard conditioner and beard pomade. While combs and trimmers are common, many men are oblivious to what applying pomade on their beards can accomplish.

Beard pomade is one of the most used beard care products with many potential benefits. If you keep a long to medium beard, you should use pomade on your facial hair. Pomade will supply the necessary nutrition to your beard to keep it lustrous and healthy.

What Is Beard Pomade

Beard pomade is a lotion-like grooming product that relaxes your hair and makes it easy to style. It is a beard jelly that keeps your beard hydrated.

Pomades are usually water-based, oil/jelly-based. Most of the pomades you come across have a wax-like consistency due to their petroleum base. This makes the pomades last longer on your beards. It also makes your beards easy to style for your desired look.

Water-based pomades have a much lighter consistency and are soluble in water. While their texture may be similar to petroleum-based pomades, they don’t last as long. This means you have to re-apply the pomade after washing. The good side of it all is they don’t usually cause breakouts on your facial hair.

The beard pomade you use is up to you. The important thing is to gain control of your beard and achieve the desired style quickly.


Protects Beard 

When exposed to natural weather elements like intense humidity, cold and long sun exposure, the health of your beard is affected. 

Thanks to the ingredients used in making most pomade, your beard is protected against these elements.

Prevents Beardruff

At some point in their life, every man has seen dandruff fall from their head. Your beards get them too and in this case, they are called beardruff. The skin naturally produces sebum which is the oil that sustains the hair follicles. As your beard grows, the skin may not have enough sebum to nourish your beard and this causes flaky, dry, irritable skin.

Even though the ingredients in most pomades do not contain sebum, they have natural ingredients that imitate what sebum does. This moisturizing ability keeps your beard hydrated and well-nourished to stop beardruff.

Makes Styling Easy

Pomades contain oil and butter, which moisturize the facial hair and relax it to the softest point. A soft beard is easy to style into any desired style. Applying pomade to your beads will ensure it stays well-held and neat.

Older Gentleman With Thick Grey Beard Applying Pomade

 Enhances Healthy Beard Growth

The temperature of your showers and the soap you use can all harm the health of your beard. To ensure that your beard hair grows strong and healthy, it is vital to pay attention to what you use on your beards. Pomades reduce breakage and solve split ends problems. 

This will result in a soft, glowing, healthy beard.

How Do They Work

It is recommended to use your pomades with a beard comb and the best beard oils. The comb distributes the pomade throughout the beard while straightening it simultaneously. This softens the beard and knots are easily smoothened out for a good-looking beard.

When using beard oil alongside your pomade, the oil will be applied first. The oil works as a beard and skin moisturizer with added nourishing and healing effects. 

Pour a few drops of tea tree oil on your beard and massage into your facial hair and the skin under your chin. Apply the pomade to ensure that the nourishments from the oil are locked in.

Apart from investing in grooming care products, it is also essential to invest in grooming your beards. Pomades, beard oil and combs are not enough to ensure a perfectly healthy beard. Trimming is also needed to be done occasionally to even out the beard. You can do this by yourself or take a visit to the barbershop. 

It is also necessary to wash your beard before using the pomade. This will allow the beard hair and skin to absorb all the nutrients. Make sure to go for a natural product or DIY beard shampoo for washing the beard. This will help prevent damage to your beard.

The best time to use pomade is after a shower since all the skin pores will be open to absorb products easily. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Pomades make your beards look better and healthier.  
  • Using pomade makes your beard style last longer, even after washing it. 
  • Pomades make it easy to style your beards. 


  • Excessive use can strip your beard of its natural color.
  • Some pomade can cause hair loss due to the products used. This is why it’s essential to go for those made from natural products. 
  • Incorrect use of pomade may cause beardruff.
  • Pomades are often thick and oily. Excessive use near the scalp can obstruct hair follicles when you don’t wash often. This can result in hair loss.

How to Choose the Best One

Using the suitable pomade is a great way to start for any bearded guy ready to take his beard care to the next level. Beard pomades are gaining popularity by the day and they serve different purposes to make your facial hair lustrous and healthy.

Smelling Beard Pomade

Due to the surge in popularity, you’ll discover that the beard pomade market is loaded with extensive products. This can make choosing the suitable pomade a problematic task.

Fortunately, we are here to make it easier for you. 

Choosing the best pomade will be easy when you know the factors to consider. This way, when the time comes to decide, you’ll be able to choose the best pomade for your facial hair.

What You Want to Achieve

You need first to figure out why you’re using a beard pomade in the first place. Beard pomade serves different functions. It can add texture to your facial hair, keep it well moisturized and hydrated, and make your beard easy to style. Knowing the purpose, you want your pomade to serve will help you choose the best formula.


 It’s also important to consider the size of your beard. In this case, we refer to your beard’s length and fullness. Does your beard cover your face or is it only fuller at the center? 

When buying your pomade, consider your beard size because more facial hair will mean you need to reapply more pomade per grooming session. 

Beard Texture

The thickness and texture of your beard are two different things. The texture refers to the texture of each strand, while the thickness means the diameter of each strand.

While some men have coarse beards that may look rough under a microscope, some may have refined and smooth hair.

Different thickness and texture levels respond better to certain ingredients. So, look at your beards and figure out the thickness level.’

A rule of thumb emphasizes that the thinner and finer your beard, the lighter the formula is. Else it can make your beard greasy. Alternatively, the coarser and thicker the formula should be, the richer and thicker. This is because thicker hair requires more product to permeate the cuticle of each strand.


Most pomades in the market are scented, but some brands offer unscented options. It’s entirely up to you to decide if you want a scented pomade or not.


It’s essential to consider the brand before making your purchase. You want to be sure that the brand you are buying from is known for consistency in customer service, quality and transparency. You can check out online reviews to find these.


Your budget is essential. However, there’s no harm in splurging on quality beard products made with natural products. However, most of us are budget conscious and must compare prices to get an idea of how much we pay for the pomade.


This is the most important factor considered. Go for products that are made from natural ingredients rather than those made from synthetic materials.

Size of the Jar

Consider the size of the jar before purchasing. First, you need to be sure you can use all of it before expiry. 

Green Pomade In a Small Tin

How to Use

Before you start using a pomade, you need to know that a pomade WILL NOT perfectly transform a bad-looking shaped beard into a good-looking one. For this, you need to pay a visit to a professional barber. A beard pomade is a beard grooming styling product that will strengthen and support the long beard styles you are rocking. Not doing this may lead to a greasy discomfort on your face.

Also, before applying beard pomade, have a shower or otherwise clean the beard and comb. Otherwise, you may experience a greasy discomfort throughout your face.

Step 1 – Scoop up

Once you have the pomade jar in your hands, start applying it to your beard. Open the lid and get about a pea-sized quantity first. You can measure the amount you use, although a thicker beard will require more. Start small and then work your way to the top to avoid overusing the beard pomade. Else, you may end up with a greasy beard and you would have to start all over again.

Step 2 – Apply 

Before going straight into the beard, spread the pomade throughout your fingertips. This helps to spread out the pomade during the application evenly. Add more if you feel you aren’t getting enough to achieve this.

Step 3 – Work thoroughly

Begin to apply it directly to the beard. 

Massage it into the foundation and spread it right up and down the shaft. Don’t forget the base and the tip. This will ensure that you have reasonable control over the beard when you want to style. Now that you’ve got a good amount of pomade into your beard start shaping. Follow the direction of the beard hair to shape. Make sure to spread the hairs away from one another, and avoid intertwining by separating them.

Step 4 – Comb and style

Get a good beard comb and run it through your beard. Add a few drops of beard oil to bring out more moisture and add more shine.

Beard Pomade vs Other Beard Care Products

Butter vs Wax

A beard pomade, also known as beard butter, is similar to beard wax. Beard wax will otherwise be more challenging to apply to a beard right from the get-go. Still, the wax ensures a stronger and lasting hold.

While they both offer the shiny aspect for the finishing part, pomade gives a neater and smoother feel while wax provides a textured look. Both are good for beards, but it depends on what you want.

Arsenal of Different Beard Care Tools

Pomade vs Balm

These two are very similar, especially since we compare a beard styling balm to pomade. It’s challenging to state which offers a more lasting hold, but it depends on the brands of each product and what you use each for.

The finishing part may likely differ. While pomade leaves the beard looking smoother and shinier, a balm will only give a matte textured look. The balm is similar to the wax in many senses, but it offers more in the matte feel.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Get a product with natural ingredients, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin.
  • Do take a shower before applying beard pomade since the pores open and will ensure better absorption.
  • Use beard pomade on thick and long beards to provide a lasting hold and smoother feel.
  • Don’t use beard pomade on a very wet beard. 


Is pomade good for your beard?

Beard pomades have great benefits. If you have a long or medium beard, you need beard pomade. Pomades will supply your facial hair and skin with the proper nourishment for a healthy look and smoother feel.

Can I use hair pomade on my beard?

You can use hair pomade on your beard. Pomades will nourish your hair and the skin under your chin.  

How often should I use beard pomade?

There’s no fast rule to this. You can use pomades every day, but you must take precautions to keep your beards healthy. Use the right amount, depending on how long you want the pomade in your hair. Always was it out before bedtimes.

Is beard pomade better than beard oil?

Many men ask this question a lot, but it depends on your needs. While pomade is needed for styling, applying beard oil is primary beard care.


Using pomade on your beard is very easy. 

Always take your time to figure out the best pomade to use. Opt for the one containing natural products because what goes into your hair and skin matters greatly. If you get the suitable pomade and use it in the right way, you’ll be able to style your long beard easily.

Vinnie - Barber

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