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A good-looking beard is also a healthy beard. Maintaining your facial hair is as essential as styling it, if not more. One of the parts you need to pay special attention to is washing your beard. Unfortunately, you can’t wash your beard with ordinary shampoo or soap.

Those include harsh chemicals that might damage the skin beneath and, consequently, your beard. For this, you need a specific beard shampoo. But those can sometimes be expensive; at least the best ones available are.

This is why it is good to consider a DIY beard wash. You control the ingredients that go into it and it fares significantly better on your budget. We aim to tell you all about DIY beard washes and by the end, you will know what it is all about when you read this article.


Using a beard wash is essential whether you have a short beard or a big curly beard. You might be unaware that many food flakes, dirt, grime, and whatever else are in your beard.

Once they settle there, it can be hard to get them out and what they do to your facial hair is to make it rough and scraggly. An ordinary shampoo does not work as you are not washing your scalp.

The hair and skin on your face are much more sensitive than the one on the top of your hair and need proper attention. You need a quality wash with natural oils that will nourish your beard, clean it, and make it soft.

However, beard softening and washing can be a bit expensive for everyone’s taste. Also, you might be allergic to certain ingredients a product has. So the only way to avoid this is to control the ingredients and get them at a bargain price.

For that reason, a DIY beard wash is your ultimate solution. Not only will you be able to create it based on the recipe you like, but you will also spend a lot less money making it.

Also, you can cater it to your needs, depending if you are experiencing a beard itch or want to soften your beard up.

Things to Consider 

You need to ask yourself first: Do I need to use a beard wash? Nine times out of ten, the answer is Yes! The hair on our face is much more sensitive than on our scalp. It is much more susceptible to breaking and can cause split ends to appear.

Regular shampoo strips the hair out of its natural oils, as the idea is to make your hair look healthy and not greasy. But when it comes to beards, they need these natural oils to remain healthy.

Our face produces something called sebum oil, which is the part that nurtures our beard and keeps it nice and glossy. A shampoo will wash away all that oil, making the facial hair scraggly and causing dry skin under the beard.

A specific beard wash will benefit the beard as it contains all the oils the beard needs to grow. It aims to get rid of beard dandruff, stop it from itching, help it grow nice and firm, allow it to look good, and even, in some cases, stimulate growth.


Creating your DIY beard wash requires you to acquire three of the following main parts:

  • Carrier oil: Needed to moisturize, hydrate, nourish, and condition the skin. Helps to dilute the essential oils and carries them to your face.
  • Essential oil: Adds a scent to your beard wash and strengthens it. For instance, coconut oil for the beard has a very beneficial effect on your facial hair.
  • Castile soap: This soap is made from vegetable oils and differs from regular beard soap. It is required to add hydration to your beard and provide lather to the mix.

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How to Make

Once you have all the necessary ingredients for your beard wash, it is time to make one. No preheating or melting is needed. What you need to do is the following.

  1. Prepare the exact quantities of the ingredients you want to use.
  2. Mix the castile soap and the carrier oil first.
  3. Add essential oils, but don’t go overboard because it will make the scent too powerful.
  4. Put everything in a container.
  5. Shake it a bit so it all blends.
  6. Store it for safekeeping and use it whenever you need it.

Top Recipes

Whether you need to wash a 5-month beard or a long goatee, the ingredients will be somewhat the same. But there are still different kinds of recipes and we propose three of them you can try for starters. 

Recipe 1

  • 1 oz. of castile soap.
  • 4 oz. distilled water.
  • 0.5 ounce of jojoba oil.
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil.

Recipe 2

  • 0.5 oz. of shikakai powder.
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil.
  • 2 oz. of boiling water.

Recipe 3

  • 0.5 oz. Capryl glucoside.
  • 0.75 oz. of vegetable glycerin.
  • 0.5 oz. of cocamidopropyl betaine.
  • 3.75 oz. of distilled water.
  • 0.8 gm of Liquid Germall Plus.

How to Apply

The most suitable way to apply a beard wash is right at the very end of your shower. At that point, your face is wet and the pores are open.

Step 1 – Work gently into the hair

Put a small amount of beard wash on your facial hair. Work it gently all over the beard.

Step 2 – Rinse and dry

Rinse with some warm water. Pat it dry with a towel.

It does not matter if you have a blonde beard style; you can optionally apply some beard oil or conditioner after you are done washing it.

Man Washing His Beard With Shampoo


The best way to store your DIY beard wash is in a glass, dark-colored container that can be sealed shut. Preserving the wash works best in an amber-colored container. Glass containers are the most suitable storing place for essential oils.

Essential oils have the ability to, over time, pull the toxins contained in plastic containers and break them down. Also, be sure to keep the wash out of direct sunlight.


How long will DIY beard wash last?

The shelf life of your DIY beard wash is measured up to a week. You can add vitamin E antioxidant or rosemary antioxidant to help extend it if you wish.

What qualities your homemade beard wash should possess?

The beard wash needs to possess the immense moisturizing ability, have excellent cleaning capacity, come with natural ingredients, be quick in creating lather, and have an exquisite scent.


A DIY beard wash is much more helpful than you may think. It possesses all the necessary parts that are needed to help out your beard. It moisturizes, cleans, makes it look and smell good, basically everything a good product provides.

But it allows you to save money and means that you can add the ingredients that you prefer. Something that should be a part of beard kits for black men and all men in general everywhere.