Thick Mustache Styles

What Makes Mustache Thicker

If you have a thin mustache, there are many ways to make your whiskers thicker. This can be simple, like picking up some mustache wax or grabbing a beard roller. With these simple tricks, your mustache will become thicker and better in no time.

The following are tips on how to grow a thicker beard and mustache:

  • Use a beard roller: Using a beard roller is a way to make your patchy mustache thicker. A beard roller uses tiny needles over a rolling pin and is used for micro-needling. This skincare procedure involves rolling the device gently over the surface of the skin to boost collagen production and improve circulation. The procedure also helps folks to thicken their beard since circulation is needed for growing facial hair.
  • Chose the right style: For some, all they need to make their whiskers thicker is choosing the right beard style. Choosing the right style that works for you will shift the odds in your favor. Blokes with a bigger gap between their mustache and nose can go for a low handlebar. Otherwise, guys with a taller mustache can go for a light chevron style. You can also choose a beard style without a mustache.
  • Get your nutrients right: Want to grow a full ‘stache? All you need is to get on the proper diet. Never underestimate the power of a good diet. With the right nutrients, your body will have access to all the vitamins and minerals needed to support ‘stache growth. Some vitamins and minerals include vitamin B5, B3, C, E and biotin.  Food like whole grains, fruits, meats, healthy fats and vegetables are recommended.
  • Mustache wax: One of the fastest and easiest ways of fixing your thin mustache is by using high-quality mustache wax.  Applying some wax will give your facial hair more volume and weight. Mustache wax can also give your hair the world’s best mustache style.

10 Most Popular Thick Mustache Styles

Extended Horseshoe Mustache

This mustache style is grown from the mustache area down to the chin area. The beard is grown down through the neck. The rest of the face is kept clean shaved or combined with a heavy beard growth to bring out the horseshoe style.

Extended Horseshoe Mustache

Photo @alitheebarber

Extended Walrus

The extended Walrus mustache style is grown past the corners of your lips towards the cheek area.

Extended Walrus

Photo @alitheebarber

Imperial Mustache With Long Beard

Want to rock a big lumber jackman vibe? Achieve walrus mustache by using a mustache comb. With a nicely shaped long beard, you will catch everyone’s attention.

Imperial Mustache With Long Beard

Photo @mr.nordby48

Teased Chevron

The teased chevron combines two mustache styles to give you a unique look. The mustaches are pointed at the edge to curl upwards.

Photo @lululucas

Teased Chevron

Handlebar Mustache and Long Goatee

With the famous handlebar mustache, you can achieve a stylish combination of long goatee and handlebar. Combined with a long goatee that covers the chin, your look will be on point.

Handlebar Mustache and Long Goatee

Photo @alitheebarber

Thick Chevron

This simple mustache style is perfect for giving you that no-nonsense look. Ensure to keep it always groomed for an ideal shape.

Thick Chevron

Photo @alan_beak

Teased Handlebar

The teased handlebar is perfect with thinly curved and pointed ends. This style suits people with a dense mustache growth and a wide upper lip. It typically covers the upper lip completely to give the style more shape.

By applying mustache wax, you can achieve the pointed ends and ensure you shape them regularly over months.

Mustache With Mutton Chops

Mutton chops enhance your masculine look to give you that hipster look.

Mustache With Mutton Chops

Photo @alitheebarber


At the corners of the mouth, turn down the ends of the mustache to achieve that cowboy look.


Photo @rinandthebeard


The lists of thick and bold mustaches cannot be complete without a picture of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreating.  His mustache style is a symbol of his no-nonsense character.

Classic Handlebar

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Make Handlebar

Photo @ffalfoul

Black French Mustache And White Beard

Photo @vipin_sachdeva99

Handlebar Mustache And Black And White Beard

Photo @patrick.prunetti

Extended Mustache

Photo @lebarbu_wowa

Longer Walrus

Photo @tolgaa1810

Red Hair Walrus

Photo @alitheebarber

Black And White Handlebar

Photo @alitheebarber

French Mustache

Photo @patrick.prunetti

Benefits of Growing Thick Mustache

Full Mustache And Beard

Photo @lebarbu_wowa

Reduce Bacterial Infection

A thick beard can add a layer of protection from infections. Shaving creates openings that can breed bacteria and other infections.

Provide a Natural Filter

Men who grow thick mustaches keep allergens away from their noses, causing a reduction of the effects of conditions like hay fever. A thick beard gives you a whole new level of filtering protection. A thick beard will keep those allergens away from your mouth. Premium beard oil is one of the grooming products recommended for men who want to grow a thick mustache.

Youthful Look

Having a thick mustache reduces the amount of discoloration and acne on your skin, causing your skin to stay fresh and healthy for a longer period. The ability of a beard to keep allergens from you will leave you feeling and looking younger.

Benefits of Growing Thick Mustache

Block UV Rays

A study revealed that thick mustache help in blocking about 95% of UV rays from the sun. Not only do thick mustaches make you look classy, but they also protect your skin from cancer.

Make You More Masculine

If you’ve got a feminine look and want to appear stronger and more masculine, growing a thick mustache alongside a thick beard will be an excellent way to bring out your masculinity in a natural way. You can also choose a beard style without a mustache.

Women Love Men With Thick Mustache

With your masculine look, women will respond better to your appearance. Studies have shown that women found men with thick mustaches and a beard more attractive than men without them. So, if you manage to have a well-groomed mustache, you will have a better chance at the dating market.

How Do Thick Mustache Work

Once you are over the first stages of growing a mustache, it becomes easier to keep growing it. Tugging on your hair gently can help them grow in the right direction. Eliminating the rest of your facial hair will make your mustache appear larger. You also get a bigger and bolder look when you comb the hair in the opposite direction.

Pros and Cons of Growing Thick Mustache


  • Growing a thick mustache can be fun.
  • You can get creative and color your mustache.
  • Scars and other blemishes can be hidden under a thick mustache.
  • Mustache help to boost your confidence.
  • Your face will be warmer during winter.
  • You can protect your skin against UV rays.
  • Your youthful look can be maintained with a thick mustache.


  • You must tidy your mustache at all times as unkempt hair can scare women away.
  • Trimming your mustache can be time-consuming.
  • Keeping a thick mustache doesn’t fit everyone.
  • Some jobs may not allow the growth of a mustache.
  • Your face may provide more sweat in the summer.
  • You may feel uncomfortable with it.

How to Grow Thicker Mustache Naturally

How to Grow Thicker Mustache Naturally

Step 1 –  Start growing

You need a certain length of facial hair, so you have the thickness and length required to shape your mustache. Around 2cm is perfect as it’s not too short and not too bushy. However, if you prefer a handlebar mustache, you can grow it a little bit longer. 

 Step 2 – Start trimming

Using a mustache comb, you can begin the hair elimination process. Choose your mustache length with the precision wheel. Between 1 to 2 cm is perfect to see which will look good on you. Then with the trimmer, even your whole beard. Make sure no hair escapes under your chin. Now that you’ve gotten the right length, it’s time to give it a shape.

Step 3 – Mustache shaping

Using the head of your beard trimmer, shape your mustache, starting with your neck, cheeks and chin area. While doing this, try to steer away from the upper lip area. Once the only part left is your mustache, begin to work on the shape.

Start with the sides of your mustache, then cut down gradually till it’s smart and well-trimmed. Stroke carefully and slowly and keep it symmetrical by alternating sides with each stroke.

Step 4 – Clean shave

The next thing is to clean-shave your neck area, cheeks, chin and jawline. Splash water on your skin and apply shaving foam. Using continuous strokes, shave against the direction of your hair growth until the skin outside your mustache is entirely hair-free.

Step 5 – Moisturize and style as you go

Just tweak as you go with an alcohol-free moisturizer. Don’t forget to give it a top-up every few days by getting rid of stray hair keeping your face cleanly shaven while trying out different styles.

How to Maintain Your Thick Mustache

Step 1 –  Ensure your mustache is clean

This means washing it with a beard shampoo that works and some warm water. Next, using a mustache comb, detangle your facial hair.

Step 2 – Time to trim

How to Maintain Your Thick Mustache

You don’t need to get creative here. You can leave that for styling. Try to work upwards towards your nose and even out the sides with electric clippers. You need a steady hand for this and for those who have no idea how to go about it, you can learn how to trim a mustache or otherwise leave it to professional barbers.

Step 3 – Styling your mustache

Once you’ve had a nice trim, it’s time to style it into the design of your choice. This is when you can get creative. However, make sure the bristles of your brush are soft.

Lifestyle Changes for Growing a Thick Mustache


Healthy skincare is necessary for thick facial hair. So if you want to grow a thicker mustache, try to take good care of your skin. You can care for your skin by cleaning and moisturizing it daily. A good moisturizer will keep your skin healthy throughout the day.

Always clean your skin daily to eliminate dead cells that cause ingrown hairs. Exfoliation also helps to improve oxygen and nutrient circulation. Daily washing also helps remove dirt and bacteria that block facial hair growth.

As much as cleaning your skin is good, try not to over-clean it to avoid dry skin. If you have that squeaky feeling after cleansing your skin, apply the moisturizer immediately, as it can be a sign that the natural oils on your skin are no longer there.

You can also care for your skin by applying serum with sunscreen and growth factors. Makes sure you use the right products for your skin.

Beard Care Products 

Beard care products like beard shampoo and conditioner are essential to growing a thick mustache. Premium beard oil helps replenish healthy oils that may have been removed during the cleaning process. It also gives your hair that soft feeling, making it easy to manage. Using a beard shampoo that works is essential, as well as a beard conditioner.

The conditioner will strengthen your facial hair to give you a fuller and thicker mustache.

Beard oil helps moisturize your facial hair to remove dandruff which can cause hair loss. It also prevents itching and plucking hairs.

Lifestyle Changes for Growing a Thick Mustache


If you need a thicker mustache, you need to reduce your weight. You can only do this through regular exercise. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout your body system. It also helps to improve dihydrotestosterone and testosterone production that enhances the growth of thicker mustache.

Workouts like cycling, running, walking and other aerobic exercises are recommended. All you need is to pick a routine that will work for you.

You may also consider hiring a professional to keep you on your toes. The trainer will ensure you stick to your routine and reduce the risk of injuries.


It may seem as if stressed people have lots of hair, but this only happens because they have no time to care for themselves. Instead, they appear unkempt since they don’t shave. If you pay attention to them, you realize they have many patches on their mustache and beard.  

Stress reduces testosterone, which aids thicker hair, beard and mustache. In addition, stress hinders blood vessels that circulate nutrients to the hair follicles.

Everyone goes through stress at some point but try to avoid long-term stress if you want to grow a thicker mustache. You can avoid stress by going to adventures, swimming, going to the cinema and sharing your troubles with family and friends.


Adequate rest promotes the level of testosterone in your body. Inadequate rest can lead to a patchy beard and mustache. Having a good rest or sleep reduces stress, which constricts hair growth.

Body Hydration

Your body needs an adequate water supply to get rid of any form of toxins that may hinder hair growth.

Staying hydrated also makes your skin moisturized and healthier. Therefore, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated.


Eat a balanced diet that will ensure the body gets all the nutrients needed for healthy growth. Vitamins B, D, B6 and C enhance hair growth, while other supplements like copper, iron and magnesium make up for what the body doesn’t assimilate from your diet.

Vitamins and Proteins Intake 

Consume more proteins such as nuts and meat. Eat more veggies as they contain lots of healthy minerals for the body. Avocado, carrots, broccoli and kales are recommended.

Mustache Styling

Thick Mustache Styling

Growing a thicker mustache takes a lot of effort. Therefore, it’s essential to visit your hairstylist and tell him you want a fuller mustache.

Do’s and Don’ts With Thick Mustache

Do’s and Don’ts With Thick Mustache


  • Let it grow.
  • Get a mustache comb.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Get a balanced diet.
  • Rest well.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Moisturize often.


  • Don’t use an electric razor.
  • Keep your fingers away from touching your mustache often.


What does a thick mustache mean?

A thick mustache is known as vellus hair.  When males reach puberty, they tend to lose some of their vellus hair due to testosterone.

Are thick mustaches attractive?

Research has proven that thick mustaches do add to men’s sex appeal. Thick mustaches, at the same time, can depict assertive masculinity.

Super Long Handlebar

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Does shaving help grow thick mustaches?

No. Shaving does not help grow thick mustaches. Instead, it cuts the hair off and makes the end blunt.  After shaving, the beard may look thicker at the beginning.  This is an illusion since it looks darker near the root.

Once the mustache has grown to a full length, you will realize that there’s no difference from what you have shaved. Don’t be deceived by this misleading theory; else, you will end up losing some hairs due to ingrown hairs that block hair growth.

What are thick-mustache DIY hacks to avoid?

You must have heard about the fast hair tricks all over the internet. Some bloggers write that baking soda, sugar, lemon and garlic can enhance beard growth.

Some of these ingredients might be costly and natural, but they are not dependable.

Garlic can lead to inflammation or allergies that may cause you to lose some of your hair rather than gain it.  Sugar and lemon are very harsh on the skin and may remove a few inches from your mustache.

The truth is, before you use these DIY methods, talk to a dermatologist.

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