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15 Most Popular Black Men Mustache Styles

Short Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu mustache style is one of black men’s favorite facial hair styles. This involves growing a bold, thick, and unique cut from the upper lips and then letting it down towards both sides.


You can see several famous personalities and actors with mustaches wearing this style. It is one of those black men’s beard styles that require a lot of maintenance, but many love it because it is quick to grow and is pleasantly thick and dark.


Ideal for those whose facial shapes are either diamond or oblong, the handlebar mustache style requires you to grow your facial hair starting from the upper lips and then let it heavily curl up on both sides.

Note, though, that you must exert more effort and apply more gel to keep the curls looking good.

Pencil Thin 

Interested in sporting a pencil mustache? Then go for the thin version, specifically the one sported by Jamie Foxx. You can further emulate his look by wearing a chin curtain along with this pencil mustache.

Short Horseshoe

The short horseshoe can provide more dimension to your face. Just let some facial hair grow on both sides of your mouth based on your preferred length. Trim to make them look neat, then let the idle length be at the lower lip.

Skinny Mustache Style for Black Men

For a more sophisticated look, go for the skinny mustache. Spend around one week or so to make your mustache grow naturally. Make this look more unique by shaving or parting the middle.

Thin Pencil 

This is the go-to style of black men who wish to appear more elegant and well-groomed. Use a comb (and maybe some mustache wax) to make this style in place. Maintain the thin line of this style by trimming and shaving the topmost part.

With a Scruffy Beard

Is your facial hair kind of wild and hard to tame? Then go for the mustache with a scruffy beard style. It is easy and quick to grow while requiring zero to just minimal grooming. Combine it with an anchor goatee to emphasize your jawline.

Black Man With Full Scruffy Beard and Mustache


Make your scruffy mustache look even better with stubble. You may have to wait several weeks for your facial hair to grow at length needed for this mustache style. Add more shape to it with the aid of a beard comb.

Thin Lampshade

Get the thin lampshade style to make your look more mysterious. Ensure that your face is clean-shaven, then make your mustache obtain a more refined shape with your trimmer and thin comb.

Uneven Chevron

The uneven chevron is different from the usual chevron in that you no longer have to comb on both sides. Just trim your hair at the upper lip, specifically the central part of it and the sides.

Modern Horseshoe

The modern horseshoe is sleek and thin and tends to look nice with frequent trimming. This is necessary for making it look neat, differentiating it from those disorganized beard styles without a mustache.

Groom it with your trimmer, so you can conveniently eat and drink with a mustache.

Thin Pornstache

This thin mustache style is versatile and suits all men regardless of their facial shape. Shave your beard after cleaning and drying your beard. With your beard scissors, trim your beard to prevent it from covering your lip.


Are you looking for a unique and rugged-looking cowboy mustache? Then pick the professor’s mustache style. Let your mustache grow based on your preferred bushy length, then style it. Put on wax for proper hold and trim from time to time to retain its shape.

Horseshoe Mustache Style for Afroamerican Men

Do you prefer rugged and thick mustache styles? Then choose the horseshoe. Let your mustache grow for several weeks, then let it remain at chin length.

Guy With Horseshoe Mustache and Huge Hair

How to Style and Maintain Black Men Mustaches

Step 1 – Pick the right style

Consider your facial shape and the texture of your beard and its length. Pick a style that looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable.

Step 2 – Style

To style a mustache, let your beard grow first until it becomes as long as you want. Shave the excessive facial hair and sculpt the remaining one to get your desired mustache style. Make sure that the shape is based on your facial shape.

Step 3 – Groom well

Trim it regularly and ensure it continues to receive moisture all the time. Use a razor to remove significant hair growth and lessen skin irritation with the help of skin softeners and shaving creams.

Step 4 – Add moisture

Add moisture to the usually dry and brittle hair of black men by applying beard products with shea butter or beeswax. It is also advisable to use a birch tar soap to prevent acne, eczema, and dry skin.

Other products to include in the grooming kit for black men with mustaches are beard oil or balm, beard wash, beard conditioner, mustache wax, and beard and mustache comb.


Can African men grow a mustache?

Yes. Depending on the selected style, they have to choose their preferred mustache style and finally let their facial hair grow to shape it.

How do black men cut their mustache?

They have to brush their mustache or comb it first before styling. Use a precise razor to shave in the area surrounding your mustache. You can then cut the extra length using scissors or clippers.

Use the scissors to cut stray hairs, too. You should then style it with your comb and mustache wax.

Does a mustache look good on black men?

Yes. It can make them look even more unique while highlighting and accentuating their best features.

Are black men with a mustache attractive?

Yes. It has been discovered that black men who choose to wear a mustache are more physically attractive. Many women even agree that their mustache makes them look sexier and more masculine.

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