Actors With Mustaches

Being a celebrity also means having a unique style.

Some of them may be a bit extravagant and somewhat unorthodox to regular people.

However, deep inside we all want to look like our favorite celebrities so we don’t mind the wacky way they set their facial hair.

When it comes to actors with mustaches, there are a whole lot of them that sport a really nice looking stache.

Some of them have always had it and it has become a staple of their look.

On the other hand, there are those that have grown it in the later parts of their careers as a way to refresh their style.

Being that this topic is so interesting, we decided to create our own list of actors with mustaches.

We have crated it based on popularity, uniqueness, and the legendary status a certain stache has.

More so, the article will help you get a nice idea of how to style your own mustache.

These are celebrity mustaches that we are talking about, so it just might be a good idea to copy from the best.

Let’s get to our list now.

25 Best Actors Mustaches

As previously stated, dozens of famous actors have worn or are still wearing mustaches. It all depends on their preferences and whether they consider it fit for their styles. After all, they are just human beings and it is in their best interests to look attractive, handsome, and nice. Without further ado, let’s look together at 25 actors with mustaches we have selected for our list.

Brad Pitt

He is a superior known American old entertainer with a mustache. He has impossible design sense, whether it is the choice of haircut, facial hair, and a mustache. Also, it is fair to mention that he generally concocts entrancing styles.

The use of a beard comb is a thing that sometimes can come to his mind due to his constant desire to look the best possible way. Here are his men of their word, old exemplary look with a pencil mustache and chevron mustache. The two looks have their tastefulness.

Assuming that you are searching for a masculine yet subdued look, you can pick any two styles. In the two symbols, his mustaches look detached from the nose and one is slighter thicker than the other thus, focus on these fine subtleties to adjust this look.

Tom Selleck

He is an old renowned American entertainer and maker with a known mustache for his famous TV series, Magnum, P.I. His notable walrus mustache likewise stayed the focal point of consideration among his admirers.

He wore his unmistakable walrus for a long time; however, shaved it off for a venture “In and out.” His mustache is thick and rugged, giving men a strikingly tasteful look. You want to keep up with it routinely by shaving the cheeks and managing the edges.

Eddie Murphy

This comic and entertainer is known for his fiery character, glad and enthusiastic grin, and most for his brand name mustache. He has done various hit films as a supporting entertainer like beauty queens, Shrek, tormented house, .e.t.c. In 1997, he was among the top 100 famous actors in UK magazine.

His managed chevron-like mustache generally added an allure to his character. He never shaved off his mustache however wore it with variety, like some time with a goatee and now and again clean-cut.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera Mustache

This guy is a renowned creator, host, columnist, and an old entertainer with a known mustache for different motion pictures like contact, essential tones, etc. In his profession, he figured out how to get a spot among fifty most lovely individuals on the planet because of his looks and beguiling mustache style.

He has never seen without a mustache all through his reel, just as accurate. His mustache is long, thick, and somewhat pointed from the finishes, much like handlebar mustache style.

Henry Cavill

Superman with an awesome mustache! His mustache is one of the most alluring and amazing among the rundown of popular entertainers with mustaches. It is thick and restrained. You would assume that this actor, also known for his main role in the Netflix series “The Witcher,” likes using a straight razor due to his shaved appearances in roleplays, but the look can trick you.

His ginger mustache gives him more certain elements. It needs a great deal of upkeep. The thickness of the mustache is roughly 3mm; keep up with this thickness with a decent quality trimmer.

Hulk Hogan

He is a solid and styling symbol in the wrestling scene and a notable grappler. His mustache usually has named a bicycle or horseshoe mustache. To accomplish this incomparable mustache, trim your beard so that the mustache closes pointed in descending course, contacting the facial structure. It looks like a “u” or “horseshoe” shape. Individuals might mistake it for Fu Manchu mustache; however, it is somewhat not the same as length and thickness.

James Franco

He is an American popular entertainer and producer who has been seen with a mustache on different occasions. His handlebar mustache goes beyond the lips and is something he is proud of. He has likewise won the brilliant globe grant. His mustache generally gives him particular highlights.

Like the Zorro mustache, it is likewise isolated from the center yet is somewhat thick and long enough to intersect the lip line. He has done numerous varieties with his mustache, like once in a while managing its closures to get marginally pointed, tense shape and some of the time leaves the mustache closes thick in the descending course.

Jude Law

He is an English entertainer who grew an impressive mustache for Dr. Watson’s venture character. In 2004, People magazine named him the hottest man. His mustache gave his character a more tasteful look that makes you feel like he is using a mustache comb all the time. The light stubble, Manly mustache, and long sideburns give him an early English man of honor look.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Mustache

The renowned Canadian entertainer Ryan Gosling is perhaps the most well-known entertainer with a mustache. With medium unkempt stubble, the hairs certainly give a stylish look. It is undoubtedly an excellent decision for those folks who need a superb styling mix of an old and current hope to make out a remarkable character.

You need mustache scissors to keep up with the thickness of stubbles while managing it consistently. Keep the mustache flawless and very much managed for a prosperous look.

Sam Elliott

He is a well-known old American entertainer recorded among the 12 most encouraging entertainers in 1976. Notwithstanding his respected voice, his predominant jobs as a cattle rustler, medium-length hair, and mustache are also significant elements of his character. He has never shaved off his mustache in his life except once for a TV series project “Legitimized.”

Tom Hanks

He is a notable producer and renowned entertainer who developed his unique mustache for “Walt Disney.” If you are thinking about the no-shave November, this is not an actor you will look after. His mustache takes after a painter’s brush. He has grown a mustache for a long time also. Individuals used to like him with a mustache; however, he shaved off his mustache after his task as he might suspect, the mustache sometimes falls short for his character.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has had the absolute most notorious facial hairstyles on screen, for example, the Jack Sparrow facial hairstyle, however off-screen, he’s constantly worn a goatee. Notwithstanding, this one time, he was spotted with a well-managed pyramidal mustache.

Johnny Depp Mustache

David Harbor

Even though David Harbor has slight facial hair development, his mustache is a lot denser and can, in any case, be considered one. His look was seen in New York Comic Con back in 2018 as the cast of Stranger Things. This look of his became famous as a component of his personality through the said TV series.

Nick Offerman

The Cookie Duster mustache is kept unshaped, beginning from simply under the nose, managed uniquely around the edge of the top lip. It’s typically a full-bodied, thick, and seminar on the top—an ideal search for those with mature beard growth development. Scratch Offerman’s mustache here is similarly just about as notorious as his part in Parks and Rec.

Bryan Cranston

One more notable entertainer and his mustache, Bryan Cranston’s part in Breaking Bad in a flash, caused him to reemerge into mainstream society since his job in Malcolm in the Middle. Here, his mustache is a good mustache managed around the upper lip and the sides.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is one of a handful of the entertainers in Hollywood who has consistently kept a mustache. Since the time he turned into an entertainer, he has forever been seen wearing a clean and well-managed handlebar mustache.

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal, as of late, exploded since Narcos and The Mandalorian; however, he has since the time been donning a mustache alongside a goatee that doesn’t appear to stand out enough to be noticed.

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan has assumed a few notable parts in Hollywood, including yet not restricted to Creed in Creed 2, KillMonger in Black Panther, and Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station. He’s been consistently wearing a mustache and a mix of jawline facial hair growth or goatee now and then.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba has worn a full-length facial hair growth to a circle facial hair growth to a Van Dyke over the whiskers, however semi-secret is how he donned a well-managed caterpillar mustache with the remainder of the immaculate face cut.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Mustache

Adam Sandler has been perhaps the most clever entertainer to have surfaced from SNL, and he’s played probably the most notable characters in motion pictures. The entertainer is known for his exciting and healthy character off-screen too. Even though a mustache can add durability and solidarity to the substance of most entertainers, it adds to the healthiness of Adam Sandler’s character.


Mahershala Ali has won various honors through his vocation and is most famous for his depiction of Remy Danton in the Netflix series House of Cards, Cornell Stokes in Marvel’s Luke Cage, and his exhibition in Moonlight.

Jason Lee

A mustache was a fundamental piece of the title character of “My Name Is Earl,” played by previous skateboarder-turned-entertainer Jason Lee. Be that as it may, Lee shaved off his mustache for his resulting job for the police show “Memphis Heat.” If you want to follow his example, you can make DIY mustache wax that will surely help you remove a sufficient amount of beard.

Sacha Baron

The British joke artist Sacha Baron Cohen played Borat in the mockumentary “Borat,” a split second. He became renowned for his comedic take on sexism, hostility to Semitism, and different parts of human fanaticism pervasive in the public eye still today.

Samuel L. Jackson

Famous for his jobs in films like Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson wore a light mustache in the mid-2000s before becoming a Nick Fury in the MCU.

Ashton Kutcher

The light pencil-line regular mustache style draws out the chocolate kid and the kid nearby picture of Ashton Kutcher unmistakably. This is one of the entertainers with the mustache who generally figures out how to shake each look and show up smart.

Ashton Kutcher Mustache

10 Worst Actors Mustaches

Mel Gibson

Relax, the star of Hollywood movies, for example, Lethal Weapon, isn’t making a style explanation; he developed this tactic for a film situated in the 1800s classified as “The Colonel.” Although amazing, we’re not fans. Sorry, Mel.

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon was the most recent development of “Leigh Francis,” and his mustache was maybe deliberately frightening. Anyway, as this turns into his most generally utilized persona, we need to put this at #2 in the most noticeably terrible mustache list.


Another purposefully unpleasant mustache, Borat, is a TV talking head from Kazakhstan played by cerebrum kid Sacha Baron Cohen. Alongside mustaches, longer beard styles are something you can’t see on his face too. 

Luke Wilson

Hollywood star and sibling to Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson is ordinarily a tidy person. In this image, he does appear as though he comes from his old neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, but there is no denying that he looks better without a tache.

Michael C Hall

One more entertainer who is regularly clean-cut for his job in the famous Dexter, Michael C Hall, is seen with a mustache and soul fix combo. We don’t know whether this was for an acting job or again if he evaluated a few recent fads. However, we give it disapproval.

Oliver Hardy 

One of the renowned couples that make up “Tree and Hardy,” Oliver Hardy, has a slim square mustache. Not highly sharp at the best occasions, however, Hitler sort of decreased the prominence of the look.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Mustache

Indecency, Orlando Bloom can look pretty darned great with a mustache as found in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe then, it could be said that this guy deserves his mustaches.

Michael Cera

This one is dreadful yet again, maybe intentionally so. Michael Cera has developed this tache to assume the part of a lowlife in the new film “Youth in Revolt.”

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon decided on the “pencil line” mustache to assume the part of a frightening private examiner in the satire “Something about Mary.” He pulls it off well overall, yet indeed not a search for outside of the recording plan!

Ben Stiller

To wrap things up, it’s the mustache of White Goodman played by Ben Stiller in Dodgeball. Stiller blesses this sort of mustache when playing a reprobate, and you can see him with it in a number of jobs. Functions admirably, yet most certainly on our most noticeably awful rundown.


Who has the most famous mustache?

From our list, it should be Johnny Depp.

Is there a mustache Hall of Fame?

Yes! The International Mustache Hall of Fame is an undertaking of the American Mustache Institute, in organization with Wahl Grooming, to sanctify the unrivaled engaging quality of individuals of beard growth and commend the long-standing rough appeal of the worldwide individuals of a mustache.

Who is the actor with the bushy mustache?

Tom Selleck. 

What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?

The toothbrush mustache.

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