Idris Elba Beard

Idris Elba does it all.

He is an actor, a DJ, a martial artist, and an avid football fan.

With so many interests, you might wonder how he has time to groom his exquisite beard.

To tell you the truth, creating his sophisticated look is not so hard.

You just have to have the face type and the physique to do it.

There are a lot of ways where things can go wrong.

You can never be sure, even with these easier styles.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, it is better to start out with some help from a professional team.

We here have all the answers and all the Idris Elba beard styling tips you can use.

We actually based everything on his styling routine and made it so that it can be transferred to anyone.

Let’s get you ready now.

Idris’s Iconic Style

Many admit to know Idris more for his appearance than his career. In 2017, he was deemed robbed of the “Sexiest Man Alive” title by several editors and critics.

Known for his ability to rock both a stunning designer suit on the red carpet and swervy street-wear, no one does urban-chique like Elba.

Idris Elba Beard Style

The key to his elegance remains simplicity, statement pieces like designer sneakers or heavy coats, and impeccably trimmed hair and beard.

London barbershops are known to be among the most old-fashioned. Many claims to have particular techniques of the beard-trimming individual to their traditions.

This is why London street style has inculcated geometric beard shaping – or how to choose the best beard style for your face – in its culture.

Having always had a foot firmly planted in the underground street scene, Idris has often claimed a “good trim” is the essential part to being put together.

Idris Elba Beard

Idris Elba’s grooming style remains subtle and understated at all times. However, it remains distinctive because of the white strands he keeps untamed in his short, full beard.

He often plays the contrast game, sometimes switching his signature, charismatic full fuzz for a goatee. He is best known for his Van Dyke like goatee, which he contrasts with a 5 o’clock shadow on his cheeks.

Sometimes, he lets his whiskers grow a little longer and combs it down with a bit of wax. His face changes entirely with the style. His most iconic beard style is a full beard, with neatly faded sides and a long top, which is perfect for round and square face shapes.

Adapting Idris Elba’s Beard Style to Your Facial Structure

Before you choose which variation of Elba’s beard you want to grow, it is imperative you consider your own face shape. Full beards elongate the face, whereas goatees widen it. The higher your beard creeps up, the more emphasis they put on your cheekbones.

Should you have low cheekbones and a wide face, you should consider the fuller version of Elba’s beard, only trimming the sides slightly if need be. Longer faces, on the other hand, should opt for the thicker goatee Elba adorns with closely cut, shorter hair.

The bottom of the goatee can be kept longer on square faces to give the illusion of oval structure.

How to Grow Your Beard Longer

The challenging part of achieving the longer version of Idris’s beard is being able to grow your beard with full coverage. This means growing out even the stubborn patches that remain bald longer than the chin or the moustache.

This isn’t easy for everyone, and some need help from oils or hair growth vitamins. Should you have difficulty getting rid of bald patches on your beard, consider frequently conditioning it and massaging the skin to increase the blood flow to your cheeks.

Use warm water to open up your pores. You should also apply argan or jojoba oil on the skin when still moist. Let it rest for a few minutes and then rinse with cold water to seal the pores. To accelerate hair growth, you should also consider changing your diet.

Adding protein and vitamin B to your diet promotes hair growth. Exercise also helps release testosterone, a hormone associated to beard growth. Adding frequent exercise, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water may be your best options for growing your beard faster.

Maintaining An Idris-Elba Inspired Beard

Idris Elba is careful not to overtrim his beard. Should you be cutting your hair yourself, try using small beard scissors with a fine-toothed comb. You may shave off the sides lightly, leaving a little fuzz, and comb wax into the bottom part of the beard.

The moustache, when kept fuller, will require some plucking for strands not to get knotted or get in your mouth. Applying a bit of conditioner on a moustache comb before running it through your whiskers will ensure you do not accidentally pluck out hairs.

If you’re looking for cool beard styles for black men, Idris Elba is the go-to model. His sophisticated edge and salt and pepper strands contrast the classic with the street-wise and make for a perfect look for those with short to medium beards.

With only a little grooming, you may soon look like your favorite British movie star!

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