Michael B. Jordan With a Beard

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Besides being a Hollywood sensation, Michael B Jordan is undoubtedly one of the sexiest men alive.

He has a great fashion sense and works hard to maintain his appearance.

He wears short hair and has confessed that he travels with his hairstylist because he doesn’t want anyone messing with his hairline.

Michael B. Jordan Hairstyle Evolution 

Michael B Jordan has kept us on our toes will his all-too-immaculate haircuts. While he doesn’t go all wild with his looks, he has maintained a high fashion sense and continues to be an icon. Here are some of the most iconic looks he has sported over the years.


Jordan has never grown a full head, even as a sensational celebrity. However, he has taken some unique deviations from his common close crop and worn some long hair at the top of his head.

At one point, the movie sensation wore short braids and kept the sides of his head well-tapered. You can also wear this look well, especially if you want a more informal look.


Jordan wore his long hair on top and wore his cornrows beautifully. His stylist-shaped little star shapes on the sides of the cornrows.

To give more detail to the already impeccable look, Jordan had the sides tapered and the edges laid well. Check out that look and see how great it’d look on you.


When filming for Black Panther, Jordan wore his top hair in solid locks that gave him the rugged and brutal look his character needed.

While that hairdo was explicitly for the movie, it left Jordan looking like the sexiest brute alive. That dreadlocks style is one of the best black men’s hairstyles men love to copy.

Michael B. Jordan With Dreadlocks Haircut

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Close Crop With Mid Fade

Now, this is Jordan’s most iconic and most fashionable look. And it’s easy to see why Jordan loves it so much. Jordan loves to taper the sides of the head and leave a little hair on top. Sometimes, he wears waves alongside the buzzed hair on top.

He likes to define his hairline and sideburns; this hairstyle has worked so well over the years. You could also try this buzz cut.

Different Styles of Michael B. Jordan’s Beard

Michael B. Jordan is a multi-talented individual. Michael appears to have it all, from delivering spellbinding performances in blockbuster films to making our hearts skip a beat at the sight of his gorgeous smile. Even so, there is one thing he cannot do.

Back in 2013, the Black Panther actor joked on Conan about his difficulties, saying, “I’m unable to grow a beard. It’s a little patchy”. That’s the magic of his mesmerizing face on camera, and you probably didn’t notice it until he told you.

And while Jordan has his fair share of woes with his beard, he has always worn it with pride. In fact, it’s one of the best celebrity beards.

He grows a short stubble with a well-groomed mustache. The facial hair is so well maintained that it’s almost impossible to spot anything wrong with it. The neat beard is a strong compliment to his masculine look.

By keeping his head hair short, Jordan draws attention to his gorgeous face and smile. He has put a lot of effort into maintaining his beard, which makes him one of the most fashionable Hollywood sensations of all time. He is one of the few Hollywood actors with mustaches.

Jordan’s Signature Haircut

Jordan’s signature haircut is a close crop with a mid-fade. It’s one of the most popular crop top hairstyles. Whether he’s walking in for a movie debut or attending an interview, this look has always worked for him.

He wears short hair, and the look helps to compliment his calm misdemeanor. Jordan disclosed that he travels with his hairstylist because he can’t trust anybody to do his hair. This shows how much the star loves his hairstyle and his willingness to invest in it.

If you want to rock this haircut, speak to your stylist. Show them pictures of Michael B Jordan in his best element, and allow the barber to work his magic.

Young Michael B. Jordan With Braided Dreads Hair

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How to Get and Maintain Michael B. Jordan Hairstyles

It’s one thing to love Jordan’s hairstyles and another to get the hairstyle and maintain it.

Here are some tips to help you maintain that Michael B Jordan you’ve wanted for so long:

Step 1 – Choose the right Michael B. Jordan hairstyle

 Your choice depends on your preferred look, the texture of your hair and the overall impression you want to make. Speak to your stylist and show them pictures of the look you hope to achieve.

Step 2 – Style it

It shouldn’t be too hard to style if you go for the close crop with a mid-fade or high-top fade haircut. You only need to ensure that your barber gets the cut right and regularly visits your hairstylist, depending on how fast your hair grows.

You should also use the right styling agents and tools to style your hair, such as electric shavers for black men.

Step 3 – Keep your hair clean

Wash it with a quality natural shampoo, and lock in the moisture with a good conditioner. You can also apply good quality pomade to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Some of the best products on your Michael B Jordan hair include hair pomade, shampoo, gel, wax and conditioner.


What type of haircut does Michael B Jordan have?

Michael B Jordan wears a close crop with a mid-fade haircut.

Did Michael B Jordan have dreads?

Yes. Jordan had dreads when he was filming for Black Panther.

What hairstyle did Michael B. Jordan have in Black Panther?

He had dreadlocks with a mid-fade on the sides.

What color hair does Michael B Jordan have?

Jordan wears his hair black most time.

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