Incredible Haircuts for Black Men

Black men are very particular about their hairstyles, hence their attachment to their favorite barbers. These men like wearing hairstyles that fit their faces and lifestyles and make them recognizable.

Sometimes a black man might stick to one hairstyle for fear of getting a new hairstyle wrong or looking bad in the new style. Before deciding whether you need a new haircut or should stick with the current one, you must understand what black men’s haircuts are.

What Are They

Black men’s haircuts are hair designs that look particularly good on African American men. Not to say that other men can’t wear these styles, but they look better on African American hair.

There are many haircuts that African American men can wear, but we’ve selected 28 of the most popular styles.

28 Most Popular Hairstyles

Buzz Cut

This look is best worn by Idris Elba, who has popularized the look among black men. The look is laid back and simple. You can complement the look with a fade and a well-groomed beard to make the look stand out more.

Check out the best beard styles for black men and choose one that fits you. Groom your beard with the best beard oils for black men.

360 Waves

To switch to the 360 waves, you need a wave cream, wave brush, and drag for your hair. However, this hairstyle requires a lot of patience. You can also ask a hairstylist to do it for you.

Short and Crisp

Sometimes, a simple hairstyle is all you need to feel confident. Wear your hair short and crisp, and keep it clean and well moisturized. You can also apply quality hair oils to ensure that your hair stays healthy.

Afro With Undercut

If you’re dotting an afro, make it sexier by getting an undercut. The undercut will draw more attention to the mane on your head. It also gives you a more defined and neat look. Chose a good electric shaver to achieve this look.

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is one of those hairstyles that makes you stand out with such simplicity. It draws attention to your facial features while accentuating the hair on the top of your head.

Big Afro

If you’re looking for bold, this is the look you need to wear. You need to allow your hair to grow to a big top afro. The good thing is that you can pull myriad looks with this hair.

Big Afro Hairstyle

Sponge Curls

If you’re growing a natural mane, you can make sponge curls for a change. All you need to do is dampen your hair, then run the sponge in clockwise motions on your hair tips.

Box Fade

This hairstyle is iconic and draws nostalgia for many black men. The box fade is straight back and has been worn by NBA stars. It unites sides that taper down into a brief span and a sharply defined square at the top. The top hair length should be ideally 3 to 5 centimeters.

High Fade

This style is outstanding because of the dramatically raised hairline. The top hair is buzzed to a midsize, keeping you looking tight and fresh.

Afro Fade

You can pull off an afro fade if you have long, thick hair. It comprises a wild top with nicely shaved sides. It’s also classic looks that never go out of style.


You can stand out with this hairstyle if you have long, thick hair. Your barber will make specific angles that resemble a geometric cut. The good thing with this hairstyle is that you can shape your hair to suit your wildest imagination.

Faded Hard Part

This hairstyle is ideal for bold men. The usually ignored part line can be used to create an intricate design that matches any outfit or occasion. It works best for people with thicker and curlier hair. The part line works as a place of asymmetry and adds interest to the cut.

Deep Waves

If you have soft hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner to create deep waves in your hair. You can complement this look with some fade on the sides or leave it without fade.

Faded Twists

Twists on a black man’s head already speak dominance. You can style the twists in any way you like, but the best way to wear them is with a taper-down ade. This look is ideal for men with an uncontrollable man at the top.

Line Up

A lineup allows your barber to shave a natural hairline following the sharp angles on your natural hairline. The cuts require regular upkeep to continue bringing attention to your eyes and eyebrow line.

Loose Dreads

Dreadlocks are very common among black men because their hair texture locks up quickly. One of the best ways to wear your dreads is to let them hang loosely down your face and neck.

Remember to keep your locks clean with quality hair products. Always look out for new dreadlock styles to try next.

Black Men With Dreadlocks

Spiky Afro

Did you like King T’challa Chadwick Boseman’s look on the Black Panther? You can copy his look and look excellent in it with this edgy hairstyle. To get the spikes up, dab some hair conditioner on the tips of your fingers and start twisting slowly on the tips of each strand.


Remember how Raheem Sterling wore this look and aced it? You can also copy and ace it. It is ideal for men with tighter curls because they control their hair better.


Although the pompadour is famously worn by men with straight hair, it is also ideal for people with tight curls. You only need to form a quiff for fascinating results that will help you stand out in the crowd.


The mullet is an ideal hairstyle for black men who like to style and wear a well-groomed look. Talk to your hairstylist to help you bring out this style ideally.


Braiding your hair is one of the most common ways of doing your hair. You can either braid your hair or use artificial braids.


Cornrows look so good on black men’s hair. This is because they have a relatively coarse hair texture, making it easy to do neat rows. You can try this look if you’re tired of combing your mane.

Braided Buns

If you’re wearing braids on your hair, how about holding them up in buns? You can try different bun styles to break the monotony of holding a bun on top of your head.

Box Braids

Box braids form neat boxes on the partitions, making you look fantastic in an effortless hairdo. You need wax or pomade to lay the edges before braiding your hair. This is also one hairstyle that doesn’t require a hairstylist to pull off.

Temple Fade

If you’re wearing a top-of-the-head hairstyle such as black men’s mohawks, you can complement it with a temple fade. The barber will accentuate your hairline with the fade to give you a neater and more attractive look.

Box Twists

Instead of braiding your hair, you can twist it for a unique look. You only need to partition your hair as you would with box braids and then twist the sections. If you don’t know how to twist your hair, you can have a hairstylist do it.

Drop Shag

If you are the daring type, you can rock this look. It’s one of those styles that draws instant attention wherever you go. However, you’d need to work with a skilled hair stylist to perfect this look.

Side Design

With the side design, you need to work with an experienced barber to get it right. You also need to grow your hair so the barber has enough length to work with. However, you’ll be turning heads if you get this hairstyle right.

How to Style and Maintain

Black Man With Curly Hair

Step 1 – Brushing and combing

Never comb or brush your hair while wet to prevent breakage and frizz. Don’t use a detangling brush because it only adds excessive strain to your hair. Instead, oil your hair, then finger detangle.

Step 2 – Shampooing

While keeping your hair clean is essential, don’t overuse the shampoo. Too much shampooing will cause a dry and flaky scalp, which results in dandruff on your hair. Also, study the ingredients on a shampoo before using it to protect your hair from damage.

Step 3 – Moisturizing

Use natural hair products to moisturize your hair daily. Use oils such as almond, coconut, and olive.

Step 4 – Styling products

Styling products are essential for keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Forget about products with petroleum or alcohol. Instead, use natural hair care products such as dry oil or hairspray.

Step 5 – Dealing with dandruff

Dandruff is a tell-tale sign of a dry scalp. Use a good moisturizer and quality har oils to moisturize your scalp. Have grooming kits for black men to help you care for such problems.

Step 6 – Choosing your look

Always think of the look you want to achieve before visiting a barber for your black hair.


How can black men style long hair?

You can style your long hair differently, such as dreadlocks, braiding, and cornrows.

Can black men make their hair grow faster?

To grow your hair faster, you can use hair growth vitamins. However, hair growth always comes down to your diet and staying hydrated.

What is the best shampoo for black hair?

Always use natural shampoos for black men’s hair without petroleum or alcohol.

Can black men hide a receding hairline?

Yes. You can hide a receding hairline with hair dye or hairstyles that cover the hairline. You also need to pick a protective hairstyle to prevent receding hairlines.