Best Electric Shavers For Black Men

Choosing an electric shaver for your needs is never easy.

No matter the situation you are in, you have to get one that is suitable for your hair and skin type.

Black men, in particular, should watch closely before buying an electric shaver.

This tool can be a big investment.

Getting one on a budget is not recommended at all, as you never know how long it will last.

Again, the price doesn’t determine the quality.

What you need to do is consider all the ends in order to make the right choice.

We’ve taken into consideration all the aspects that one usually looks for when buying a shaver.

By the time you are done reading, you will know exactly what to look for.

In the end, you may even save some money and get an electric shaver that is going to last you for ages.

What Is an Electric Shaver for Black Men

According to the research conducted by the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, 60% of African American men experience problems with ingrown hair.

One of the main characteristics of their ethnic type is curly coarse facial hair, which can be very problematic to shave even when you are using the world’s best foil shavers for smooth shaving.

An average shaver cuts flat-lying hair at an angle, making the edges sharp and allowing them to penetrate back into the skin, which causes further problems.

Ingrown hair is not the only problem black men face, as the same action may cause razor bumps to occur. Not to mention that there are a lot of shavers that are notorious for creating razor bumps.

For that reason, African American men need to find an electric shaver that will be able to deal with the type of hair they have and result in a decent shave. The search may not be easy. But once determined, the benefits are going to be tenfold.

Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver for Black Men

While each electric shaver is different, there are various benefits to everyone. Also, all people are different, so some might enjoy a specific type of shaver more than others.

But there are some general benefits of electric shavers that African American men need to be aware of when picking the most appropriate one.

Some of the main ones include:

  • It can serve as a precise electric head shaver as well.
  • A faster and stronger motor.
  • Gentle on the skin but sharp enough to deal with flat-lying curls.
  • Not be able to shave too close to the skin.

How Do Electric Shavers for Black Men Work

How Do Electric Shavers for Black Men Work

One would think that electric shavers for black men are similar to any old type of shavers. However, these premium shavers are specifically suitable for avoiding irritation and razor burn during a shave.

A thicker beard is harder to shave and to prevent problems, a right shaver is the best solution. These electric shavers are more powerful and possess a motor that works faster. Furthermore, the blades are sharp, but not too much.

They need to be gentle on the skin and not cause irritation. But even with an advanced shaver, it is still advised to use premium oil-free moisturizers for men to ensure that shaving problems are avoided.

The main characteristic of these electric shavers is that they cut the facial hair at a specific angle, so it does not allow it to go back. Ingrown hair can be hard to deal with and is irritating; people with coarse beards will attest to that.

So to deal with it right away is to prevent it from happening, hence a suitable shaver with advanced features.

Pros and Cons of Using Electric Shavers for Black Men

There are apparent differences when African American men use specific shavers for the type of beard. It can help you deal with dry skin under your beard and allow you to have a proper shave at the same time.

However, there are going to be some unfortunate downsides as well.


  • Most of the shavers are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Efficient when shaving and considerably reducing the time needed to shave.
  • A lot of shavers have different shaving modes, allowing versatility when shaving.
  • A decent battery life, perfect for long shaving sessions.
  • Multiflex blades are added for most shavers, allowing for a close shave that fits the contours of your face.


  • Some of them can be relatively expensive.
  • Most of them can be hard to clean out manually.
  • Replacement parts can be equally expensive.

Types of Electric Shavers

Foil Electric Shaver

A foil electric shaver, also referred to as an oscillating shaver, is created based on older technology. They use an oscillating blade covered with curved metal to cut the facial hair.

The most significant advantage of foil shavers is that they provide a much closer shave than rotary ones. But they don’t work well with guys with longer and thicker beards.

Due to their rectangular shape, it also means that they can have difficulties when dealing with different facial contours. Foil electric shavers are most suited for people who shave every two days.

But with that kind of heavy usage, the foils will need to be replaced every 6 to 10 months.

Rotary Electric Shaver

Rotary Electric Shaver for Black Men

Rotary electric shavers are types of shavers that use rotating blades where circling heads pivot around one another. This specific function allows this shaver to be much more maneuverable, particularly around hard to get areas like the jawline and the neck.

You will not be able to get a close shave as you would with a foil shaver. But these are much more suitable for longer and thicker beard types. These are excellent when you forget to shave for a few days and need a quick trim.

One of the biggest advantages is that they don’t require much maintenance. You will only need to change the heads every 2 to 4 years.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

African Americans looking for a suitable electric shaver should listen up closely now. If you are uncertain how to choose the best shaver for you, here are a few pointers in terms of characteristics that you need to look out for.

That way, one can create some of the popular beard styles for black men that you see all around.


The first step is the type of electric shaver you need. We already mentioned two main ones – foil and rotary shavers; if you have a bushy beard and don’t plan to shave all that often, then a rotary one is in order.

However, if you intend to shave each day and at the same time don’t have a strong beard, a foil electric shaver is the choice to make.

Number of Shaving Elements

There are many shaving elements that African Americans need to consider to choose a suitable shaver—starting from the beard type, the sensitivity of their skin, the beard style that they prefer, and how they hold the shaver in their hands.

But the ones that they need to concentrate on are the power of a shaver and to be suitable for their skin type. You don’t want to end up with irritated skin and razor bumps.

Nevertheless, you still have to use aftershave to protect your skin whichever way you decide to go. But a suitable and sharp enough blade should work in avoiding irritation.


A shaver must be sharp enough to cut the hair at a specific angle. Curly and strong hair, if not cut properly, can turn back and go into your skin. That is how one gets ingrown hair. Since you specifically want to avoid that, a sharp razor is necessary.

Of course, one needs to be careful with a sharp shaver as nips and cuts could also happen.

Efficiency on Flat-Lying and Curly Hairs

Black men’s facial hair characterizes Flat-lying and curly hair. If you don’t cut it properly, you end up with ingrown hair or other types of beard grooming problems. One needs a shaver that will efficiently cut this type of hair.

First, the motor needs to be strong enough to handle bushy and curly hair. Secondly, the blades need to be set at the right angle to take flat-lying hair. Finally, the battery life should be appropriate to last you for as long as you need to complete a shave in one sitting.

Wet and Dry Shaving Capabilities

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

If you are not keen on dry shaving, you should explore some wet shaving methods instead. Changing to a clean shave could do wonders for your image and style. It might be demanding and could take significantly longer than dry shaving.

However, wet shaving eliminates problems that may occur with ingrown hair and you also avoid creating razor bumps. But there is a higher chance of cuts, mainly if you are an inexperienced wet shaver.

All in all, switching to damp shaving comes with its advantages, but it will depend on your needs.

Trimming Function

One also needs to think about the trimming functions that come with a shaver. Shavers can come with a beard trimmer attachment or a precision attachment.

The former shortens your facial hair to a specific length, while the latter helps you groom your beard to the desired style. Shavers with trimming functions enable more flexibility as they allow you to maintain a stubble or a different beard style.

You don’t have to shave off all of it as you can keep an exciting style relatively easily when having this function.


You can’t go any differently here. A shaver with a more potent motor is the best choice, particularly if you have curly or facial solid hair. An electric shaver should be able to deal with any inch, but those that don’t have a suitable motor will struggle and cause lackluster results.

You may even cause more irritation with a shaver with a weaker motor or experience nips while shaving. So whenever you decide on an electric shaver, going with the one with a better motor is always the best choice, particularly if you have strong, coarse, and bushy facial hair.

Noise Level

This could be a small matter, but once you start shaving with a very loud shaver, you will notice it can be a massive problem. It will not bother you while shaving but will also hamper your significant other or other people within your household.

Certain shavers are designed to come with noise-canceling properties. Some of them do produce very minute levels of noise. For a quiet and personal shave, choose the ones that will cause less of a ruckus.

Corded or Cordless

Corded or cordless? That is a good question. Corded shavers save you the hassle of charging the shaver every time you need to use it and mean that you will never run out of power mid-shave.

On the other hand, cordless allows for more maneuverability as you don’t have to deal with the cable. These are fundamental questions and will come down to personal preferences but are legitimate features that cannot be overlooked.

Battery Life

If your answer to the previous feature was cordless, you also have to think about the shaver’s battery life. This is where you need to choose quality and perhaps invest a bit more money.

If you end up with a shaver with shorter battery life, you will end up having to charge it constantly.

On the other hand, a shaver that has a decent battery life will ensure that it stays charged for a more extended time and that it won’t give up on you during shaving, leaving you half-shaved.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and Sanitizing Electric Shaver for Black Men

Cleaning out your shaver should be done after each shave. Sanitizing can be done less frequently, but it is still an important matter if you don’t want to end up with skin irritations.

All in all, both parts are crucial in maintaining your electric shaver and enabling it to function correctly for a longer time. But, some of them can be pretty difficult to clean out and even sanitize.

One can choose and get the one that requires a little bit less time to clean as it will save you a lot of time and added hassle.


Even though you would assume that the weight of an electric shaver is not a big issue, it can make massive differences. Some are on the heavy side, making it harder to maneuver with it.

Be sure to check out the weight of the shaver before you buy one. Those that are more massive will make it harder for you to perform precision shaving.


Always check the warranty and go with the longest one possible. But each brand offers a different type of warranty, making it difficult to choose one.

However, you can find the brand that comes with a reasonable warranty period and other proposed features to boot with careful consideration.


The price is going to be the ultimate deciding factor for most people. Some people don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on an electric shaver.

But, if you want the best results and need a specific shaver because of your beard type, spending a few extra bucks will ensure that you end up with awesome effects and a shaver that lasts much longer.

Extra Features

Added features never hurt anyone. If your shaver can do more than provide a close shave, then go for one. We mean features like trimming functions, precision shaving, fast charging ability, LCD screen with info, and advanced blades.

Added features can raise the price a bit, so choose the shaver with the features you will use. Avoid the ones that come with additions that are unsuitable for you.

How to Use an Electric Shaver for Black Men

Black men that decide to use an electric shaver should follow a particular routine when dealing with their facial hair. It doesn’t matter if you do it every day or every few days; proper steps need to be followed.

The starting point is not having too long hair, as an electric shaver will not be able to deal with a long beard as instead, you will need some clippers or a trimmer.

Once you get your facial hair to stubble, you should start by:

Step 1 – Start shaving, but at a right angle

Making circular motions will help reduce possible shaving irritation.

Step 2 – Run the shaver against the grain

Use your free hand to pull and tighten the skin to help the hair stand upright.

Step 3 – Go through the sensitive areas

Shave the neck first, as shavers generate heat. Dealing with delicate parts first will ensure that you don’t irritate the skin too much, mainly if it’s sensitive. Be sure to use adequate pressure and not press too much.

Step 4 – Clean and sanitize after you are done

Optionally, you can take a bath afterward and usebody lotions for men, but never on your face. Specific products that are meant for face protection should be applied.

How to Maintain Your Electric Shaver

How to Maintain Your Electric Shaver

Step 1 – Clean and sanitize your razor

Electric razors can suffer from debris build-up (hair, dead skin, dirt), which can damage the foil or hamper the function of the motor as it struggles during each shave. Cleaning the shaver after every shave will ensure that it functions properly for much longer.

Step 2 – Lubricate your razor

Electric shavers can suffer from a lot of wear and tear. Excessive heat and cutting against the grain lead you to need to replace certain parts. But a single drop of some lubricates before a shave will do wonders for your shaver.

Step 3 – Use a spray cleaner for lubrication

A spray cleaner is not an absolute necessity but gets you some really good results, mainly if you use it alongside the lubricate.

Step 4 – Handle with care

Even though shavers seem sturdy enough, you should still be sure to handle everything with care. The cutting mechanism and the foil are the most sensitive parts of a shaver.

Step 5 – Prolong battery life

Be sure to use best practices to prolong the battery life as long as possible. These include maintaining the charge between 30% to 80% or completely charging or discharging at least once a month.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to spending money on a quality razor, some people are reluctant. They may not be sure if they will get the desired level of quality or performance. But that is where proper research comes in.

First of all, a proper shaver will cost you more. You can find some with a more suitable price tag to satisfy your shaving needs. But a complete budget shaver with proper features is almost impossible to get.

This is why research is essential. Read some reviews, find out about best practices, read some of the tips that we mentioned, and you are sure to find a shaver that you are not going to regret spending more money on.

Do’s and Don’ts With an Electric Shaver for Black Men


  • Clean and sanitize your shaver after every usage.
  • Handle with care.
  • Lubricate the razor before use or spray clean afterward.
  • Shave against the grain.


  • Overcharge or discharge the shaver too often.
  • Use a shaver that has overheated sensitive parts of the face.
  • Try to shave a long beard.

Most Common Shaving Problems for Black Men

Some of the most common problems black men experience when shaving are those with ingrown hair. Due to the facial hair type and improper shaving, hair can quickly end up back in the skin and cause all kinds of problems.

This is particularly common with black men because their facial hair type is bushier and stronger than with other ethnic groups. They may also suffer from sensitive skin, but that is not something that affects African American men only as all people could run into these problems.

But a more common issue is razor bumps which can occur due to hair type and improper shaving technique.

Quick Tips to Enhance Shaving for Black Men

Some black men find it challenging to get a proper shave. After all, shaving should be a positive experience that you are doing each day and should help you feel refreshed.

For that reason, we have also included a few tips to help you understand what exactly you need to watch out for before and during a shave.

  • Incorporate a proper pre-shave routine or an exfoliation routine before shaving.
  • Be sure to choose a shaver that is suitable for your skin type.
  • Clean and lubricate your shaver after every shave.
  • Never use a dull blade on your shaver and be sure to replace it before it does more damage.
  • Be sure to use the electric shaver at a proper angle, use motion while shaving, and go against the grain.
  • Don’t forget to use your free hand to tighten the skin for improved shaving results.
  • Perhaps, even more, the post-shaving routine is as essential as the pre-shaving ritual.


FAQ About Electric Shavers for Black Men

Why do wet shaving methods for black men need an electric shaver?

Wet shaving methods should be applied to softener the skin and prepare it for shaving. This could be of great use for those with a sensitive skin type or prone to razor bumps or ingrown hair. You also avoid making cuts if you use this kind of technique.

What type of electric shaver should a black man use?

Black men should choose an electric shaver that is strong enough, sharp enough, and suitable to cut bushy and strong hair at a right angle. That way, common shaving problems will be avoided.

What is the best shaving method for black men – wet or dry?

Both methods are suitable for black men and it all depends on the beard style that one prefers. However, wet shaving would come out as a winner if one had to choose.

If proper shaving technique is applied, people will avoid irritation and ingrown hair when wet shaving and at the same time come up with soft cheeks and a clean shave.

How often should a black man use an electric shaver?

An African American can use an electric shaver as many times as they wish. It all depends on how they prefer their facial hair style- using it each day before work is suitable, as is shaving every few days.

But proper pre-shave and post-shave care still needs to be applied in both situations.

Which is the best electric head shaver for black men?

It depends on the personal preferences of the person. Each shaver comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the person who is shaving to choose the proper one and they can determine how to choose based on our article above and the tips that we provided.


Every black man wants to look their best for his significant other during a business meeting or just in everyday situations. Getting a proper shave will make one look much more attractive and enable you to feel confident.

That is not possible if you have problems shaving, so having a good and valuable electric shaver is the answer to all of those issues. Be sure to follow our advice about proper electric shaver usage to ensure the best possible results.

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