Black Man With Low Fade Haircutblack mens low haircuts
black mens taper fade
black skin fade haircut

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Fade haircuts are one of the most popular looks for black men.

A fade shortens the sides and back of the hair down to the skin.

The hairstyle can range from an ultra-short buzz or waves to long dreads.

60 Most Popular Fade Hairstyles for Black Men

As the taper or fade debate rages, here are some of the most popular fade haircuts:

High Fade Haircut

High Fade black mens haircutblack mens hairstyles
black mens high fade haircut

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As a rule of thumb, the higher the fade, the more definition you want to achieve. A rapid drop fade haircut exudes boldness and impact.

Low Fade For Black Men

black mens low fade haircutsblack men's taper fade haircut
black mens fade haircut with beard
black mens fade haircut with design

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A low-fade haircut is ideal if you need to look professional at work or prefer to leave a lot of hair on the back and sides. This type of men’s fade complements any hairstyle, from a short curly top to a full men’s bun. Look up some excellent low-fade haircuts.

Mid Fade Hairstyle For Black Men

mid fade black menblack men low drop fade
black men's bald fade haircut

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The mid fade strikes a balance between high and low tones. Medium fade haircuts that begin in the middle of the side of the head are popular as barbers seamlessly blend hair with clippers. Check out some surprising mid-fade haircuts.

Drop Fade

drop fade black manblack man hair cut fade
black man hair style
black men fade hairstyle

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A drop fade creates a curve similar to the natural neckline by dropping down behind the ear. The fade can be fast to emphasize the line or slow to create a smooth blur.

Taper Fade Hairstyle For Black Men

Black Taper Fade Haircutblack hair fade cut
black hair fade styles
black male low haircuts


A taper fade begins with longer hair and gradually transitions to short hair near the hairline. A taper is typically a more conservative cut for men who do not want a razor finish.

Temp Fade

fade haircut black manafrican american fade haircut
african american taper fade
black fade haircut designs

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The temp fade haircut, also known as the temple fade, begins high and near the edges of the hairline, around your temples. It is typically used with an edge up to create sharp lines along the hairline and neck.

Bald Fade

bald fade haircut black manskin fade haircuts black
taper fade short hair black male
temp fade haircut black men

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The bald fade, also known as a skin fade, blends the sides and back into the skin for an effortless, edgy look. Instead of tapering from short to shorter hair, skin fades are clean-cut and super fresh, drawing even more attention to the short or long hair on top.

Short Fade

Short Fade Black Menshadow fade black male
short hair black men hairstyles
side fade haircut black

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A great drop fade haircut is a true gem of short black hairstyles. The curls follow the fade line, which cuts a distinct appearance.

Skin Fade Haircut For Black Man

Skin Fade Haircuts for Black Menlow skin fade black male
low taper fade short hair black
low taper haircut black men

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A fade is an ideal canvas for highlighting men’s hairstyles with a bald shave. After a few weeks, your skin fade haircut will require maintenance as the contrast between the skin and hair fades.

Afro Fade

black taper Afro Fade low fade short hair black
low fade taper black boy haircuts
low fades for black men

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This afro with a drop fade is paired with a new lineup and a small hair design. Make the afro on top with nappy sponge twists for a stylish look.

Curly Fade

Curly Fade low burst fade black
low fade black hair
low fade black men's haircut

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Black men can match curls with long nappy twists or loose curly hair, as well as a variety of side fades, such as a drop or burst fade.

Fade and Line Up For Black Men

Fade and Line Up hairstyle black men
high skin fade black male
low black haircuts

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You can make your haircut look better with a line-up and a design. Now, fade the sides of your head and become a fashionista.

Mohawk Fade

black taper mohawk fadefade hairstyles black men
fades for men's hair black
haircuts black men

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The faded Mohawk on top with intricate hair designs on the sides is daring and exciting.

Burst Fade

Burst Fade fade haircut styles black male
fade haircut styles for black males
fade haircuts black men

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Burst fade haircuts are some of the most dazzling variations of fades. They are practical regardless of your hair length or texture. A burst fade is a variation of the classic fade haircut.

It entails trimming a curved section of hair from the ears to the back neckline, then tapering or fading that section to blend into the longer hair.

Fade and Designs

Design Fade Haircut With Curly Hair Topcurly hair fade black
different types of fades black men
fade cut black male

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If you don’t mind being the center of attention, this curly fade haircut with a hair design is for you. Keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance to keep the pattern looking sharp.

Fade With Waves

Fade With Waves black mens high fade
black people haircuts
black taper fade haircut

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How about adding more style to your buzz cut with waves? A neat fade on the sides will draw attention to your waves and is an excellent way of creating a fashion statement. Get a wave brush for men to style your waves.

Boosie Fade

Boosie Fade black men's drop fade haircut
black men's haircut
black men's taper fade hairstyles


The Boosie fade is a haircut associated with the Baton Rouge rapper in which the sides of his scalp are shaved clean while the top is left at a modest length. You can also rock this hairstyle and step out in style.

Black Men Undercut Fade Haircut

Undercut Fade black hair cut fade
black male fade hairstyles
black man taper fade

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An undercut fade is achieved by shaving or trimming the sides of your head to a very minimal or bare appearance from the ears to the temples.

Frohawk Fade

Frohawk Fade afro fade haircut male
black drop fade haircut
black guys fade haircut

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Some men like wearing their mohawk leaning towards their foreheads, and it’s called a frohawk. How about completing that look with a neat fade on the sides?

Fade With Flat Top

Fade With Flat Top taper fade haircut for black guys
taper fade low black male
3 steps haircut for black guys

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A flat-top fade haircut is one of the best classic black male hairstyles. You are free to experiment with different top lengths and fade intensities.

Fade And Dreadlocksmid fade black male
pictures of black men's fade haircuts
taper fade black short hair

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Bound Dreadslow fade haircut for black guys
low taper black male short hair
low taper short hair black

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Fade And Spongehigh fade haircut for black guys
low cut fade black men
low fade haircut black male

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Twists Top Fade Haircuts for Black Menfade back of head black man
fade hairstyle for black guys
heartbeat haircut

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Low Fade Twistblack man's haircut
black men haircuts fades
dark taper fade

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High Fade Mulletlow temp fade black male
taper fade mid black
types of fades black


High Fade Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Menlow fade black haircut
low fade haircut for black men
low high taper fade black male

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Bleached Top Mohawkhaircuts for men black
high fade black men's haircut
light fade haircut black

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Bald Fade Blow Upfade for black men's hair
fade styles for black guys
hair cut black man

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Fade Designbuzz cut taper fade black male
different types of fades black
drop fade afro

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Twist And Spikyblack men haircut fade
black mens haircut fade
black skin fade

Photo @mexican_talent

Dyed And Induction Linebest haircuts for black men
black haircuts men
black male fade

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Side Shadow Fadeshort hair taper fade black male
skin fade haircut black
types of fades black men

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Curly Mohawklow drop fade haircut black
mid fade haircut black men
short hair taper black male

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Shading Cuthaircut styles for black men
high drop fade black
high taper fade black men

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Heartbeat Design Fade Hairstyle Black Mendifferent fades for black guys
fade hair cut for black man
hair cut fade black man

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Curve Razorblack men low fade haircut
black men's haircut fade sides
curly fade haircut black guy

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Shading And Induction Linesblack man hair cut
black men fade styles
black men hair cut style

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Shadow Fade And Designblack fades haircut
black haircut fade styles
black male fades

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Crop Cut Ear Linetaper fade with beard black man
what is a dark fade haircut
best fade haircuts for black guys

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Precise Cut Linemid taper fade black male short hair
short taper fade black male
skin fade haircut black men

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Perfect Fade And Cross Signblack mens fade
black mens haircuts
different types of fades for black guys

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Fade Notcheblack men fade hairstyles
black men's curly fade haircuts
black men's low fade haircut

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Curved And Nothesbald fade haircut black men
best fade haircuts black guys
black hair fades

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Forehead Notchhigh fade black male
african fade haircut
afro fade black men

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Braids And Bun black men's low fade hairstyles
black mens fades
black mens taper fade haircut

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Spikes And Fade Signatureshadow fade black men
short hair taper fade black
black fades haircuts

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Fade Sideline And Red Bushfade haircut black male
fade hairstyles for black guys
low taper fade black male short hair

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High Curly Topblack haircuts fade
black male fade haircut
drop fade black male

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Mohawk And Fade Signaturetypes of fades black male
best fade haircut for black guys
best fades for black guys

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Side Zero Fadehair cut for black men
low fade curly hair black
low fade haircut black man

Photo @pjabreu

Fade And Cornrowsblack hair fade
black man fade haircut
black men low haircuts

Photo @pjabreu

Elypsed Cut Linelow cut taper fade black male
short fade haircut black
short low taper fade black male

Photo @pjabreu

Zero Fade And Curlsfade haircut men black
fades black men
low taper fade haircut black men

Photo @pjabreu

Skin Side Fade And Mohawkblack mens fade hairstyles
short fade haircut black male
black men drop fade

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Twists With Temp Fade taper fade short hair black
high top fade black men
black man fade hair style

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Long Twists Fade Designhair cuts for black men
black man haircut fade
low haircut black men

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Globed Topblack male haircuts
black man fade hair cut
black taper haircut

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Yin Yang Designblack men's fade haircuts pictures
black men's fades haircuts
black men's haircuts

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Mid Taper black men haircuts fade
taper fade black male short hair
black mens fade haircut

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How to Style and Maintain Fade Haircut For Black Men

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose the right hairstyle depending on your hair type and lifestyle. You can also check out long hairstyles for black men.

Step 2 – Style

Visit your barber regularly to keep your hair well-trimmed. You must also use suitable styling agents, such as pomades and gels, to hold your hair in place. Look up black men with straight hair and learn a few tricks.

Step 3 – Maintain

One way to maintain your hair is by keeping it clean. Clean your hair with natural shampoo, and use a conditioner regularly. You can also use curling cream to style it.

Step 4 – Products to use

Some of the products you can use to maintain your hair include:


What type of fade is the best for black men?

Any fade works perfectly with black men depending on the style you hope to achieve and maintain.

What is a drop fade for a black man?

A drop fade creates a nice curve behind the ear, adding style to any black man’s grooming routine.

Are fades still in style?

Yes. Fades are still stylish.

How do you fade an Afro?

Talk to your barber about the look you want, and agree on the type of fade they’ll use.

What is a taper fade?

A taper fade for black men is a popular hairstyle that features short hair on the sides and back of the head that gradually gets longer toward the top.

This style creates a clean and neat appearance, with the hair “fading” from very short at the bottom to longer at the top.

Taper fades are often achieved with clippers, commonly seen in barbershops and hair salons.

Many African American men choose this haircut for its versatility and modern look. 

What is a dark fade haircut?

A dark fade haircut is a popular styling technique where the hair gradually transitions from a longer length to a shorter length, typically starting from the top and gradually fading down the sides and back.

This trendy hairstyle is characterized by a clean and sharp look, with a smooth gradient that blends seamlessly into the skin.

The dark fade haircut is often complemented with various hair lengths and textures, allowing for a versatile and modern appearance.


Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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