Black Men With Straight Hair

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18 Most Popular Hairstyles

Long Top With Fade

One of the best hairstyles for straight hair is the long top with fade. Thanks to its short-straightened top, it looks even better for black men with thick hair. Featuring a high fade on the sides, styling is also easy.

Just straighten your hair, then spritz it with a bit of product designed to hold the style.

Shoulder Long

The shoulder-long hair is versatile in that it works for those searching for either straight or curly hairstyles for black men.
It seems to look specifically gorgeous for long straight hair.

Even those with short hair can give more length to their style through this look. It is low-maintenance, sleek, and stylish.

Slick Back With Undercut

The slicked-back hair will also look good on you. Just smooth your hair back after straightening. Pair it up with a fade or an undercut, it will look great for a night out.

Straight Ponytail

For you to sport this style, you need extra-long and straightened hair. It will look glamorous for black men if the long straight hair is worn in a low ponytail.

Tapered Undercut

As one of the classic cuts, probably 80s hairstyles, specifically designed for black men, the tapered undercut is also an incredible choice for straight hair. Make sure to have a hair gel, comb, and blow dryer around to get this style.

Use the best shampoo for black men in washing your hair. Blow dry your hair afterward while combing it a bit to the back.
Add a messy touch to your hair, then put on some hair gel to form and shape it.


Black Men Braids Hairstyle

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Braids are also among the fascinating hairstyles for your straight hair. The first thing to do is to part down the hair in the middle.
Begin to braid every side to form the boxer braid. Integrate every hair strand into the braid while going down.

Do not touch the edges, so you can still style them afterward.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is also a classic style that suits black men with straight hair. It also works regardless of your hair texture.
Maintaining this style will be easy if you have straight and thick hair.

You can even keep the sides shorter compared to the top through trimming.

Buzz Cut

You can pair the buzz cut with the low fade. Make sure the top is a bit shorter than the bottom part of your hair.
That way, the fading will become more visible.

Very Long Locks

With your straight hair, you will never have a problem growing it very long. You can just let your hair grow naturally.
You can also choose to use extensions. Part the hair in the middle, then let your locks naturally fall to both sides.

A hair relaxer can also make your very long locks shinier and smoother.


Choose the pompadour if you are looking for more polished and old-school haircuts. The pomp looks very classy, especially the modern version. Ensure that you have basic styling skills when planning to have the pomp. Buy a quality pomade to help with styling too.

Side Part

Part hair in the middle. You must also style your hair upwards by applying gel with your fingers. Blow-dry it afterward to get your preferred volume.

Top Knot

This is a classic style for all men. Push back your hair. You also have to twist it around until there is already a large bun.
Use a hair tie to tie it together. You also have to conceal it with your hair, making it invisible.

Caesar Cut

Get the Caesar cut known for its volume if you have naturally voluminous and thick hair. It is as easy to maintain as feathered hairstyles.
The style is relaxed, too. Make the overall style look more gorgeous by pairing it with a beard or facial hair.

Soft Waves

Your straight hair can also have slight waves. Just part it down in the middle, then damp or wet it slightly, making it possible to use your hands to scrunch it. Put on some hair gel so you can do this quickly and get the soft waves you want.

Long Layers

A long-layered hair also looks gorgeous. Just let your straight hair flow down while having a middle part for its style. Just let it naturally fall.
It would look better by allowing your hair to grow to your chest.

This is possible if you do not cut your hair for a minimum of three years, though you should still not forget to trim it now and then to keep the growth healthy.

Lond Layers Black Men Hairstyle

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Comb Over

Comb-over hairstyles are also ideal for black guys with straight hair. Get this style by giving the sides a subtle shading.
The topmost part should also be left longer. After that, part of this style is to one side. Style it to the side and upwards with the help of a comb.


This is an incredible and stylish choice if you prefer a short haircut and style. All you have to do to shape your hair into a quiff is to style your bangs to the side and upwards.

Faux Hawk

This style works well if you are in an office environment. It sticks with ease by making it feature the high side fade. It is easy to do while also being sleek. The style is versatile in that it suits all age groups and professions.

How to Get and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose the right hairstyle

You can go for fresh and clean styles combined with a taper fade. Make sure that your choice fits your hair type, length and your needs too.

Step 2 – Soften your strands

Soften with the help of a defrizzing shampoo and keratin-based shampoo. This promotes ease in brushing and styling your hair, whether you go for hairstyles for balding men or black men with straight and thick hair.

A wide-tooth comb should also be around to brush your hair after towel-drying it.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Moisturize your hair every day and deep condition once every week. It also helps to use a silk or satin material to wrap your hair every night, preventing it from tangling. Prevent possible breakage or damage to your hair by using a wide-toothed comb.

Step 4 – Apply a serum or smoothing balm

Put heat protectant spray on your hair before using flat irons or any other device that produces heat to prevent potential damage.
Use butter or oil to seal and moisturize your hair twice or thrice weekly, so you can keep it protected, especially if you intend to use a relaxer.


How long does straightened hair for black men last?

Around four to six months when using permanent straightening products and procedures. If you wish to continue making your hair straight, reapplying it every six months may be necessary.

How often can black men straighten their hair?

It is possible for them to straighten their hair once every week. This will also depend on the straight hairstyle you have chosen.
As much as possible, stick to straightening methods that do not involve hot tools or use a heat protectant to prevent potential damage.

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