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30 Most Popular Two Braids Hairstyles

Funky Highlighted Braids

Funky Highlighted Braids 2 feed in braids men
2 french braids men
2braids men

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As a protective style, the 2-braid is already appealing. Make it look unique by integrating blond highlights. Tightly weave your hair to form braids that can last for several days.

Thick Double Braids

Thick Double Braids2 braids black male
2 braids hairstyles for men
2 braids men style

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Aside from being stylish, this style is also practical as it tightly secures all your hair on top and back. The sides feature a neat and tapered undercut, completing this classy style.


Cornrows two braids to the back
2 braid for men

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Of course, braid styles for black men will always include cornrow hairstyles. This is why it is also recommended for those who wish to wear the two braids. The cornrows feature a part shaped like a spiral, uniquely dividing your hair into two sides.

Give this style the two braids look by making them flow straight and parallelly.

Twin Braided Bun

Twin Braided Buntwo braids black men
two braids into a ponytail man
two braids style

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Interested in wearing braided man buns? Then this intricate and distinctive style is for you. You can form this style with small braids locked into two significant braids that should run along your head’s length.

Slick Braids

Slick Braidsmens braids with fade
two braid for men
two braid styles for men

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Featuring simple yet stylish braids, you can let them go to the back of your head neatly. Form a small and low bun to secure the braids.

Thin Braids With Taper Fade

Thin Braids With Taper Fademen's double braid hair
mens 2 cornrows
mens braids

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Give your short hair a textured look through this style. It features thin double braids that look stylish and cool and pass up as one of the most attractive prom hairstyles.

Braided Hair Design

Braided Hair Designbraids with fade
double braid hairstyles male
men's 2 cornrow braids

Photo @braidedroots

This style lets you use your creativity and imagination. Let your two braids run from the back to your head’s base while thinning to the end. Make the style more fascinating by integrating a set of braids between the two significant braids. This can form four impressive and even partitions.

Long Braids

Long Braidstwo braid hairstyles men
two braids men's hairstyle
2 braids mens hairstyles

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Go for longer two braids by letting them run down to the part of your abdomen. This can make your braids look as great as those trendy curly hairstyles.

Faux Hawk Braids

Faux Hawk Braids mens braids 2 braids
two big braids male
two braid hairstyles for guys

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You can quickly identify this style with its stylish and trendy high ponytails. This is also as stylish and attractive as the rebel buzz cut and any Greek hairstyle, making it very interesting to wear on any occasion.

Mix Braids2 braid styles for men
2 braids style men
2 cornrows male

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Knitted Braids2 braid
2 braid hairstyles for guys
2 braid men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Small Braids Into Bigmen with two braids
mens 2 braid hairstyles
two braids boy hair

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Combined Braids2 braid styles for guys
2 cornrow braids men
men 2 braid styles

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Cross Braidstwo cornrows male
2 big braids male
2 braid mens hairstyles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Christmas Tree Designtwin braids male
two braids male
two braids styles for men

Photo @braidedroots

Braids Artmens 2 braids hairstyles
mens 2 braids with fade
mens two braids styles

Photo @braidedroots

Central Sidelinetwo braids for boys
two braids on men
men with 2 braids

Photo @braidedroots

Twisted Braids2 cornrow braids male
male 2 braids hairstyles
men's 2 braids with fade

Photo @braidedroots

Braids Art And Bunmens 2 french braids
2 braids on men
2 braids with fade

Photo @braidedroots

Braids Garland And Buntwo cornrow braids men
2 braid cornrows male
2 straight back braids male

Photo @braidedroots

Curve And Two Braids2 braids style male
two braids going back male
two braids hairstyles men

Photo @braidedroots

Parallel Small Braidsmens 2 braid hair style
mens two braid designs
two braid hairstyles

Photo @braidedroots

Connected Braids2 braids hairstyles for guys
braids for men
double braid men

Photo @braidedroots

Braids And Hairtattoo4two braids hairstyles for guys
mens two braid styles
2 braid hairstyles

Photo @braidedroots

Zig Zag Sidelinemens 2 braids styles
double braids male
mens 2 braid styles

Photo @braidedroots

Fishtail Braids2 braids to the back male
2 cornrows braids male
2 cornrows men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bridge Braidstwo braids black male
men's two braids with design
2 braids hairstyles men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

High Fade Line Braidsmens two braids
2 braids hairstyles
men 2 braids

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Dyed Braids Cross2 braids for men
men two braids
mens 2 braids

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bleached Braidstwo braid hairstyles male
two braids for men
2 braid hairstyles men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

What Are Two Braid Haircuts

The two braids hairstyle is now a trend among men. It is so common that it is possible to tie your long locks into one or two braids without people judging you. The two braids hairstyle involves taking two plaits of double man buns.

You can then run them from the front of your head to the back. You can alter the style of the basic braid based on your preference.

How to Achieve and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose the right hairstyle

Modify this style based on your liking while considering your hair type and texture.

Fade Design With Braids2 braids men
two braids men
2 braids

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Step 2 – Shave in the front and on the sides

This is the most effective means of getting the style. Part the top in the middle, then braid it, making sure the two braids form a high bun.

Step 3 – Keep neat

In this case, you may want to put on a hair tie every night. Do not get your hair wet in the rain or shower.

Step 4 – Use natural moisturizing oils

These include avocado, almond, and coconut oils. Moisturize your scalp with such oils every few days. Use shampoo to cleanse your hair, too.


Are two braids a high-maintenance hairstyle?

No, it is not that high-maintenance. The only thing you need to do is to moisturize the scalp. Wrap the braid well to make it last for at least thirty days.

Does the two braids hairstyle help hair grow?

No scientific evidence indicates the two braids’ ability to accelerate your hair’s growth. Hair growth is mainly based on genetics and lifestyle factors like diet and stress.

In other words, how you style and use your hair, even the two braids, does not influence hair growth.

How long should the two braids be kept?

Up to eight weeks. Avoid going beyond that period so you won’t end up harming the health of your hair and scalp.

How should two braids be protected during the night?

Blot some nourishing and moisturizing oils along your hairline or braid line precisely when you have an exposed scalp before getting to bed. You can use tea tree, grapeseed, and black castor oils. Do this every night to nourish and protect your scalp.

Wrap your braids with a silk material before sleeping, too. Silk can lessen friction at night, thereby preventing knots and frizzing.

How long do two braids last?

Two braids can last anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on how well they are maintained and the individual’s hair type.

With proper care and touch-ups, clients can prolong the lifespan of their braids and enjoy their stylish look for an extended period.

How do you make thick braids with thin hair?

To achieve thick braids with thin hair, it is essential to use a volumizing product or texturizing spray to add grip and thickness to the hair strands.

Additionally, dividing the hair into smaller sections and braiding tightly can create the illusion of thicker braids.

It is also important to use hair elastics that match the hair color to secure the braids without causing breakage.

Practicing proper braiding techniques and using the right products can help individuals with thin hair achieve thicker braids.

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