Ancient Greece warrior hairstyle

Greek hairstyles for men are very underrated.

A lot of people forget how good the lads in the 300 movies looked.

If you want to look like a Spartan warrior, you should be thinking to start things off with the hair.

Even though these hairstyles look simple enough they are very much hard to attain.

You need to go to the expert or else it may end up firing back at you.

Trying everything out by yourself may end up in catastrophic failure.

However, with the right piece of advice, you can create an awesome Greek hairstyle on your own.

20 Most Popular Greek Hairstyles

Man Bun

Man Bun

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If you have shoulder-length or long hair, then the simple man bun tied at the center of the back of the head is a very stylish look.

Crew Cut Greek Hairstyle

Crew Cut

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One of the best short haircuts, a crew cut, is a popular hairstyle where the hair at the top is very short and the sides are tapered.

Bowl Cut Greek Haircut

Bowl Cut

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One of the most popular 90s hairstyles for men, the bowl cut has hair cut at equal length around the head, the length reaching just above the ears.

Textured Bangs Greek Haircut

Textured Bangs greek haircut

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If you’re aiming for a messy look, textured bangs are a fantastic and trendy haircut. You can apply some hair wax or pomade to the tips of your hair to add more texture and achieve the messy look you want.

Mullet Greek Hairstyle

Mullet greek haircut

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This style has short sides and front and the hair is kept long at the back.

Shaved Sides Greek Hairstyle

Shaved Sides greek haircut

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Whether you’re opting for a fade or an undercut, hairstyles with shaved sides help to emphasize the hair on the top and make it seem quite thick. Try man buns or buzz cuts with shaved sides for an edgy look.

Curly Side Part

Curly Side Part greek haircut

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Side part haircuts can be rather tricky with curly hair. But if you have the correct length at the top, you can achieve a side part and use a hair cream for men that works to keep your curly hair in control all day.

Curly Mid Length Greek Hairstyle

Curly Mid Length

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If you have curly mid-length hair, you can try out styles such as medium curly quiff, wavy slicked back, curly bowl cut, a wavy side part and more.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut greek haircut

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Practical and easy to maintain, a buzz cut is a super short haircut, very close to the scalp, all around the head using clippers. Usually sported by slaves in ancient Greece, buzz cuts are cool and stylish in the modern context.

Short Greek Hairstyle

Short Style

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There is no shortage of short haircuts if you want to try one. Right from the buzz cut to the crew cut, pompadour with taper fade, short style with finger waves, side part fade and more, there are loads of short hairstyles you can try.

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down Greek Hairstyle

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This style has the hair combed back with a bun in the center and tight ringlets cascading on the shoulders. Style your hair with the right styling products and set your curls using a professional hairdryer.

Short Bangs Slick Back

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Longer Hair With Wave Greek Hairstyle

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Medium Wavy Hairstyle

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Blow Flow On The Side

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Fade With Clean Line Greek Hairstyle

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5 Ancient Greek Hairstyles


Preferred by Greek soldiers for its practicality, the Krylon is an up-do style, where the hair was gathered and tied together into a kind of a man bun and pinned above the head.

Krylon Greek Hairstyle

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The Kepos was a hairstyle typically sported by very young Greek boys and slaves, where the hair was cut extremely short all around, much like the bowl cut of today. Typically, younger men with the Kepos haircut were clean-shaven.

Kepos Greek Hairstyle

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The Theseid was essentially the mullet haircut, which was quite popular in the 1980s.

Theseid Greek Hairstyle

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The Hectorean was an everyday hairstyle sported by Greek men, where the medium or long curls were combed back and tucked behind the ears.

Strong Greek Man


In this style, the hair was rolled into a knot on the top of the head and fastened using golden grasshopper-shaped clasps.


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Characteristics Of Greek Hair


Greeks generally have black or dark brown hair and may sometimes have red or blonde tints or strands.


Greek hair is generally quite thick and has volume with curls or waves.


Typically, the hair of Greeks varies from fine to coarse.

How to Get and Style 

Step 1 – Choose a style

Choose a Greek hairstyle that you like best.

Step 2 – Talk with your barber

Ask your barber for advice about if the hairstyle will suit you, considering your face structure, hair length, type and texture and if they can tweak it according to the current trends.

Step 3 – Use the right styling products

Use appropriate styling products to style and maintain your Greek hairstyle for a long time.

FAQ About Greek Hairstyles

Did mullets originate in ancient Greece?

Yes, mullets originated during the 6th century BCE in Greece.

How did ancient Greek men do their hair?

Ancient Greek men did their hair in styles such as Krylon, Krypos, Theseid, Hectorean and Krobylon.

Is Greek hair curly?

Yes, Greek hair is typically curly or wavy.

Why do all Greek statues have curly hair?

Man in a Striped Sweatshirt

Greeks naturally have curly hair, so most Greek statues have curly hair.


Ancient Greeks loved trying out various hairstyles, which evolved. In this article, we have described some of the best Greek hairstyles.

And, if you fancy any hairstyle and want to try it out, go ahead and pick one and ask your stylist to cut your hair in a cool Greek style but keeping the modern hair trends in mind.

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