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With so many cool-looking braid hairstyle ideas for black men, you will be able to lift your game to a whole new level.

There are plenty of picks that you can choose, each characterized in its own way.

Imagine if the one you choose turns out to be extremely inappropriate or a braid hairstyle that is hard to maintain.

For that reason, we decided to tell you all about the braid hairstyle ideas for black men that are currently hot.

Let’s see which braided look fits you best.

50 Most Popular Braid Hairstyles for Black Men

There might be some unprofessional hairstyles you want to avoid or you might want a fun look. Combining it with goatee style or keeping it simple can all work, so here are some popular styles to attempt.

Cornrows Braid Hairstyle For Black Men

Black Men Braided Cornrowssimple braids for guys
simple male braids
snoopy hairstyles for man

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The braiding takes place right near the scalp in multiple sections.

Box Braids Haircut For Black Men

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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Braids are made from tiny squares or boxes.

Two Braids Hairstyle For Black Men

Guys Two Braids Hairstylemens plaited hair styles
plaited hairstyles for black guys
plaited hairstyles for men

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You can add two total braids in the hair and tie them up or keep them loose.

Zig Zag Braids Haircut For Black Men

Zig Zag Braids For Black Men mens braids designs pictures
mens braids with fade short hair
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These braids are made in curved or zig-zag shapes instead of using a single straight section.

Cornrow Braids Into Bun Hairstyle For Black Men

cornrow braids for black menmen's single braid hairstyles
men's zig zag braid styles
men's zig zag hairstyle

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Braid the hair and tie them into a bun.

Black Men Braided Dreadlock Hairstyle

Braided Dreadlock Black Menmen plaiting hair
men's hair plait styles
men's individual braids hairstyles

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Braid and tie the dreadlocks back, no matter how long or short they are.

Twist Braids Haircut For Black Men

Cool Braids man braiding hairstyles
man braids 2023
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Add shapes, lines and textures to create unique braids.

Roll Braidsmale braids hairstyles medium hair
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black Ray cornrow Braidshow to know if braids suit you male
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Black Men Crossed Braidshair plaiting styles for man
hair plaits male
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Ray-Fishtailhair braiding styles for boys
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african american men Braiding Artguys hair style braids
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Spider Design black men hairstylesfrench braid hairstyles for black men
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Black Men Braids With Zig Zag Partdifferent kind of braids for guys
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Black Men's Braids Geometric Stylebriads for men
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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Fishtail Art black boy hairstyles braidsbraids hairstyles 2023 pictures for men
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Small And Big Braidsbraids african american male
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african american men braiding Snail Designbraid mens hairstyles
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Two Part Braiding African Americanboys braids with fade
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Combed Braids black hairstylesblack male cornrows short hair
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Multibraided Male Bunsafrican braids hairstyles pictures
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Black Afro Men With Bleached Bun Braids2023 men braid styles
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Mixed Braidsshort braided hairstyles for men
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High Fade Black Male Braided Top Hairmens braids styles full head
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Boxed Braids Haircut For Black Menman hair style braids pictures
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Black Male Two Parallel Braidshairstyles for man braids
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Curve Braidsbraids hairstyles boys
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Two Directionsbraiding hair styles for men
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Braids And Fade Designbraid styles for short hair black men
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Garlandboy braid styles with fade
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Bridged Braidsblack male hairstyles with braids
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Little Braids To Bigprofessional braids for men
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Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

Two Top Braidsmens braids hairstyles 2023 pictures
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african american men Bangs Braidsmen braid hairstyles 2023
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Waves braids hairstyleshair braids styles for men
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Central And Wavy Braidsbraids style for black men
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Parallel And Circledbraid hair styles for black men
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Black Boy Straight Linesbest braid hairstyles for black men
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african american men Braided Blocksafrican man braids
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Braided Fieldsguys hairstyles braids pictures
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Intricate Designblack mens braids hairstyles pictures
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Palm Designblack boy hairstyles braids cornrows
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Intertwinedhair styles braids for men
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Wavy Braidsall back hairstyle for guys
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Zig Zag Design african american men braidingfull head braids male
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Braids Artistic Chaoshair style braids for man
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Stiched And Bunbraid styles for boys
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Photo @braidedroots

What Are Black Mens Braided Hairstyles

Just as there are popular beard styles for black men, there are also braid hairstyles for black men.

Since many Afro-Americans have a distinct hair texture along with long hair and because braids are such significant parts of the culture, there is a wide range of styles that you can try out with braids.

How to Get and Maintain Black Men Braids 

Step 1 – Grow your hair

If you have short hair, you can try growing it out so that you can try out some braid hairstyles that would suit you. Even if you can get your hair to a medium length, you can try making a few braids. While waiting for longer braids you can go for regular trims at your barber, just make sure to not cut too much onto your desired style.

Step 2 – Pick a style

You can try out many styles, so pick one and ask your barber or stylist to help you out with it by showing them a picture of it.

Black Man Wearing Braids
boys braiding styles
braids on men
male braids hairstyles short hair pictures

Step 3 – Choose the right stylist

Choose a barber who is familiar with black men’s hair so that you feel comfortable and taken care of. Make sure they are also reliable and give you the exact style you want.

Step 3 – Moisturize regularly

Just as you would use the world’s best beard oil, you should also attempt using high-quality hair cream for men or a reliable moisturizer that can nourish your hair. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that can help with this as well.

Step 4 – Wash your scalp

It is important for you to wash your scalp every week or so to get rid of any dirt or particles that may have been collected. This is important for black men since the hair texture and length are such that you might not easily be able to spot the dust.

Step 5 – Care while sleeping

Take good care of your hair while sleeping. Using a silk cover for your pillow or a silk cloth around your hair can help ensure that your hair does not get pulled out too much.

Step 6 – Pick the right hair products

Hairspray for men with optimal usage of hair wax and applying hair gel occasionally can all work well for your hair, but make sure they are good brands and suitable for your hair. Some products are made especially for black men, so look for those.

Quick Tips for Perfect Braids

● Maintain cleanliness.
● Use a moisturizing shampoo.
● Deal with knots and start from scratch whenever you want to braid your hair.
● Use a comb with large and wide teeth to deal with knots.
● Make the braids and work in sections.


Those were some braid hairstyles for black men. Go for a style that works for you and take good care of it.


How long can you keep braids in black men’s hair?

You can keep them between two to eight weeks as long as you care for them regularly.

How do black men take care of braids?

Keep them moisturized and cover them up at night. Wash, detangle, and clean regularly.

How long should hair rest between braids?

Let your hair rest for at least a week between braids.

Man With Braids Resting
braid styles for men gallery
black male braids hairstyles short hair
all back styles with natural hair for guys

How long should black men leave braids in?

You should leave them in for at least two weeks but remove them once 6–8 weeks are up.

What are African braid hairstyles for men?

African braid hairstyles involve intricate braiding techniques that create visually stunning patterns and designs.

Many men opt for African braid hairstyles for their versatility and durability, as they can last for several weeks with proper care.

Additionally, these hairstyles are a great option for individuals with natural hair looking to protect their strands and promote healthy growth. 

How do you braid Black men’s hair?

Braiding black men’s hair is a popular and stylish grooming technique that involves weaving three or more strands of hair together to create intricate and eye-catching designs.

This process typically involves sectioning the hair, detangling it, and then carefully weaving the strands together in a consistent and uniform pattern.

How do you braid short hair?

The process of how to braid short hair involves sectioning the hair into small parts and weaving them together in a three-strand pattern.

This technique is commonly used by African American men to style their hair in intricate and stylish designs.

By following a step-by-step guide and practicing regularly, individuals can master the art of braiding short hair and achieving a polished and professional look.


Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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