4 Braids Hairstyle
men's cornrows with fade
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mens cornrows with fade

As the name suggests, the 4 braids men hairstyle consists of four significant braids. 

Get to know more about various 4 braids hairstyles for men through this article.

40 Most Popular Four Braids Hairstyles for Men

Four Box Braids With Undercut

Box Braids With Undercut high top fade braids styles
man hair style plat
men braided hair

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The box braids are individual plaits you can set in tiny sections squared off. You can plait this protective style based on your preferred width and length. You can also wear it loose or style it into ponytails or braided man buns.

The reason is that it features plaits not connected to your scalp.

4 Braids Cornrows Hairstyle for Men

Cornrows four braid hairstylesfull head braids male
hairstyle braids for men
high top braid styles

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Whether you are looking for braid styles for black men, women, gay men, or any other user, cornrows are popular choices. In this style, you will be braiding your hair near your scalp following a raised and continuous row.

In most cases, you can use straight and simple lines to create the cornrows, but you can also braid them into elaborate styles, including starbursts and zig-zags.

Spider 4 Braids 4 Braids Haircut

Spider Braids braids designs for guys
cornrow mens braids with fade
cornrows fade

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Are you looking for a hairstyle that is as bold, daring, and unique as some of the best curly hairstyles right now? Then go for the spider braids. Represented by the spider web shape, you will notice the plaits starting in the middle and going to every corner of your head.

Four Braids Hairstyle With Fade

Cornrows With Fade plant hair style for man
quick braids for men
braided hair men

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Choose this style if you prefer to make the top more voluminous. The combination of cornrows and fade results in a very flexible style. It gives you several options, including the high bald and the mid-skin fade.

Four Braided Bun Hairstyle

Braided Bun high fade cornrows
how to braid men's hair
man plant hair style

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While most braided hairstyles are ideal for long hair, you can also find short haircuts for thick hair. You can also go for the cool-looking braided bun style if you do not like every hair length to continue to hang loose.

Four Braided Mohawk Haircut

Braided Mohawk guy braid styles
hair braiding styles for men
hair styles for men braids

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A total scene-stealer, the braided mohawk is ideal if you want your style immediately recognized, even from miles away. Just leave a crop on top. It should be wide enough, up to two inches, making the braiding turn into the mohawk.

Trim it a bit to ensure that the middle section becomes more noticeable. Allow the growth of the mohawk, then braid it until your neck to make the look even edgier.

Four Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag four braids hairstyles braids for men with short hair
braids with undercut male
fade braid styles

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Of course, this style does not require straight lines. Instead, it needs the zigzag, which you may incorporate on the braids or in part. Repeat the zigzag in the braids surrounding it. One unique example of this style is the fishbone pattern, known for being elaborate.

Dyed Braids

Dyed Braids braid hair style for men
braid styles for men gallery
braided hairstyle for men

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The dyed braids are so good that they also serve as among the most exciting hairstyles for gay men, apart from catering to the needs of most straight men. You have to dye your four braids based on your preference.

Zig Zag Stitchedmens hair braid designs
mens simple braids
zig zag braids for guys

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Wavy Braidsmens braid ideas
mens braided hair styles
mens braids designs

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Peace Style four braids haircutsimple men braids
weaving hairstyles for guys
male braid hairstyles

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Wavy Fishtailsmens braid styles with fade
mens braids ideas
mens braids with fade

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Classy Fishtailsmen hair style braids
men style braids
men's 6 braids styles

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Micro Bangs And Braidshair braid for men
hair braid styles for men
male braided hairstyles

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Long And Parallel four braids hairstylemen braid hair styles
men's braids with fade
braided mohawk men

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Sun Rays Braidssimple male braids hairstyles
boys braids styles
cornrows and box braids male

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Two Bound To Onemen braids hairstyle
men hair plaits
mens braiding hairstyles

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Fade And Braidsboy braid styles full head
braided hairstyles men
male braid designs

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Stitch mens braided hair
mens hair braids
types of braids for men

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Braids To Bunbraids with fade male
male hairstyles braids
men hair braids

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Around The Headmen's braid styles
mens braid designs
braid designs male

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Hairtattoo And Braidsscalp braids men
braids designs for man
braids hairstyle men

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Stiched four braids hairstylebraiding hair styles for men
cornrows hairstyle men
men scalp braids

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Braids Arthairstyles braids for men
men braid style
mens scalp braids

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Sun Ray Stylemen braid hairstyle
plait hairstyles for men
simple mens braid styles

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Zig Zag Artbraids on top of head male
man braid styles
zig zag braids men

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All Styled Braidsbraids for teen boys
mens braiding styles
plaiting hair style for guys

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Parallel Fishtailsundercut braids male
braids for men with fade
braided styles for men

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Stitched Crossmohawk braids men
braid hair styles for men
short braids for men

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Double X Braidsbraid ideas for men
braided hair for men
braided hair styles for men

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Wavy Braided Sidelinemen braiding styles
men's braided hairstyles
men's braids styles

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Snail Braidsscalp braids for men
male braid styles
men braiding hairstyles

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Braids To Sidelinebraiding hairstyles for men
different braid styles for men
men braid designs

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Garland Braidmen hair braid styles
hairstyles for men braids
braiding styles for men

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Wavy Sidelinemens braids style
hair braids for men
man braids hairstyles

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Beaded Braids men hairstyles braids
simple braids for men
braids hairstyle for men

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Dreaded Braidsbraid hairstyle for men
braids styles for men
male braids hairstyles

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Modern four braids haircutmens braid hairstyles
men braids hairstyles
mens braids hairstyles

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Stitched To Bunmen braids styles
men braided hairstyles
mens braided hairstyles

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Cross Artmens braids styles
male braids hairstyles short hair
men braid hairstyles

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How to Style and Maintain 4 Braids Hairstyles for Men

Man With 4 Braids Hairstyle
men braid styles
mens braid styles
braided hairstyles for men

Step 1 – Pick a style

Pick a style depending on the texture, style, length, and type of your hair. Ensure that your chosen style fits your personality and facial shape, too. It should also make you look unique and give you an edge over the others.

Step 2 – Style 

Style your hair based on what you think will look good on you and make you feel confident. Your choices include the straight cornrow, long box braid, and braided dreadlocks.

You may also style it by combining it with the fade, whether it is the low fade, mid fade or high fade, or an undercut.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Moisturize every day, similar to when you are wearing your hair loose. Washing your scalp every 7 to 10 days is also advisable. When it is time to wash your hair, do not forget to use shampoos for black men and those wearing braids.

Step 4 – Apply Shea butter, oil or conditioner

Apply especially for dry or damp hair. Moisturize your chosen braided style and your scalp, too. Make it a point to use the co-wash, which can help moisturize your hair while removing buildup on your scalp.


How long should four braids last?

Around 6 to 8 weeks. Remove the braids after that period to prevent them from causing excessive tension on your roots, resulting in traction alopecia characterized by gradual hair loss. This may happen because the braid is a tight hairstyle that can pull your hair.

How long does hair need to be for four braids?

Around three to four inches long. You will find it easier to braid hair this long since it lets you grab big chunks of hair with only minimal effort. For shorter hair, check every section thoroughly and carefully to find tangles while still weaving them together.

How should four braids be protected during the night?

The ultimate solution to keep your 4 braids protected at night is to use a silk pillowcase or wear a silk material to cover them. In this case, silk is an excellent material as it will not pull on your hair. It is also advisable to dry it out entirely before sleeping every night.

How do you braid men’s hair?

One way to learn how to braid men’s hair is to watch tutorials online or seek guidance from hairstylists.

By practicing regularly, men can improve their braiding skills and create styles that suit their aesthetic. 

How much do men’s braids cost?

Many hair salons offer braiding services for men, with prices varying depending on the complexity of the style and the length of the hair.

The cost can range from $40 to $100 or more, with some salons charging additional fees for extra services such as washing and conditioning.

How do you French braid men’s hair?

To learn how to French braid men’s hair, one can follow a step-by-step tutorial or seek guidance from a professional stylist.

French braiding involves weaving three sections of hair over and under each other to create a sleek and polished look.

Practice and patience are key in mastering the technique of French braiding, as it may take some time to perfect the art of creating intricate and tight braids.

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