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Having long hair and having to style and maintain it each time can take too much time. But if you incorporate something like fishbone braids, you can get a unique look that will help you add some added extravagance to your style.

Fishbone braids are not only for girls; guys can also have them. Fishbone braids for men have become extremely popular and you are styling all kinds of different ones worn by men everywhere.

Today we want to give you more ideas about braided styles for men and help you learn how to create some awesome ones.

10 Most Popular Fishbone Braids Hairstyles

Once your long hairstyles for black men become dull, you may want to turn them into braids. Here are a few famous examples of fishbone braids you might consider making.

Rocky Braids Pulled Back

ASAP Rocky braids are probably the best way to go about it. It is a pulled-back ponytail style set to be messy to add more charm to it. The braids are allowed to grow while sections of the hair are blurred.

Long and Simple Fishbone Braids Hairstyle

Sometimes it is better when you keep things simple. If you have long hair, pull it back and weave it into a single braid. If you have a bead, it works even better as it provides a genuinely contrasting mix with each other.

Man With a Long Braided Hair

Urban Braid Relaxed

These braids should pass along the entire length of the head. The very ends of the braids are smaller and set to be resting on your shoulders.

Undercut With French Man Bun

Pairing an undercut with braids is an excellent hipster style that you can make. It is a type of 4 braids hairstyles that ends with each of them tied in a knot at the top. The man bun will keep the braids secure from toppling down.

Fishtail With Skin Fade

The longer hair on the top should be completed with a tapered undercut, while the braids are divided into two sections. As the braids go their separate ways to start, they end up together in the back, where you tie them up.

Spruce Fishbone Braids Haircut

Long hair on top and short on the sides make it easier to style the braid. Adding a hard part here will make your hair look bolder, which goes magnificently with the braid.

Man Bun With a Reverse French Braid

A reverse French braid that is worked in to create man bun braids will allow the braids to come more into focus. The undercut should be V-shaped as the braids start from the nape and not the other way around, making it unique.

Blonded Fishbone Braids Hairstyle

Pairing cornrow hairstyles and blonde hair is a good idea. Dye your hair in a platinum blonde color and then weave the top in a thick fishtail braid. But the sides and keep them dark.

Undercut Fade with a French Braid

The undercut adds an exceptional contrast to the braids added on the top. The French braids need to be kept long and one should use the reverse technique to make them. It makes for a lot of height and definition.

Classy Fishbone Braids Hairstyle

You should make two long braids and divide them on each side of your head. The unique pattern and the hard part make this one look very unique. It looks like some Celtic hairstyles, but it is much classier and suitable for various occasions.

Man With Fishbone Braids

What Are Fishbone Braids

Fishtail braids are also known as Herringbone braids. It mostly resembles are French braid but is essentially its own thing. In the past, they were much more popular among girls, but today you can see both sexes having them.

Guys have started to gain a bigger liking for fishtail braids these days than girls. You need two sections of hair to style the fishbone braids compared to three that are needed for French braids. To start making one, you first need to have long enough hair.

Dampen it a bit, divide it into two sections, and start weaving it into braids like two-strand twists. You will need to apply some product to keep the ends of the hair sticky so they stay together.

How to Achieve and Maintain Fishbone Braids For Men

Whether you have clever box braids, French braids, or fishbone braids, these can all be turned into unique and exquisite styles. The only limit is your creativity.

Step 1 – Start by growing your hair first

Depending on your style type, it may take longer if you need hair of a specific length. Once you are there, you can start implementing your idea.

Step 2 – Divide into two sections

Start weaving until you create a braid. You can make multiple ones and add two or more depending on the style you’ve decided on. But if you want more braids, prepare to invest a lot more time in breading them.

If you want to keep things interesting, you can shave the sides with cordless hair clippers. It gives the hair uniqueness and allows you to have a specific style. You might also consider sleeping with a piece of cloth over your hair, so your braids do not fall apart on you.

Step 4 – Regular maintenance

You will have to tighten them up from time to time, especially in the morning when you wake up. But it is also advisable to add some product when creating them to keep them stuck together and allow them to last longer.


Is it OK for men to braid their hair?

Of course, it is okay. A lot of men braid their hair now and you can see braids more on guys than girls these days.

Are men’s braids unprofessional?

Men’s braids are considered unprofessional. They are not something you should walk into a business meeting as no one will take you seriously.

What culture is fishbone braids from?

Fishbone braids stem from Ghanaian culture. They are called banana braids and draw their roots from Africa.

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