Celtic Man Warrior

Looking like a Celtic warrior is definitely going to score you a few badass points.

Just look at Conor McGregor.

He may be Irish but he has got that Celtic hairstyle down to a T.

While Conor has his hairstylist sister to help him out, a lot of us don’t have that privilege.

We can only hope that our own Celtic haircut ideas turn out to be at least close to that amazingness.

Unfortunately, there is a great possibility that we won’t get even close to looking as cool as those Celtic warriors.

So, what we need is a helping hand.

Luckily for you, we are here to offer that hand in support through our very helpful article.

Here, you will find ways to style your Celtic hair correctly and even a few inspirational styles along the way.

13 Most Popular Celtic Hairstyles



A variation of the general dreadlocks style, Celtic dreadlocks essentially have the hair in tight braids, which is backcombed tied up using rubber bands, with ringlets hanging down all around.

Use the hair wax to the hair and palm-roll it with each strand.

Braids Celtic Hairstyle


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Celtic men often wore their hair in braids, which was a popular hairstyle. The hair must be grown long to achieve braids for men.

If you have long hair, you can easily braid your hair at home; however, if you want a more complex style, you may have to seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist.

Long Straight Celtic Hair

Long Straight Hair

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Typically, most Celts sported long hair and it was seen to be a status symbol. You can have long, straight hair too. 

Casual Slick With Wisp Celtic Hairstyle

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Lush Long Curly Hair

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Long Straight Hair On The Side

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Braids Bun Celtic Haircut

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Bleached Comb Over Celtic Hairstyle

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Wavy Mohawk

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Fade And Casual Ad Longer Top Celtic Haircut

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Zero Fade Rockabilly

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Messy Bun Celtic Hairstyle

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What Is It and Short History of Celtic Hairstyle

Celtic men, especially warriors, were known for their distinct long-haired and bearded looks, which is why the Celtic heartland was called “Gallia Comata” or “Long-Haired Gaul” by the Romans.

Typically, the Celtic men wore their hair long, but often, the soldiers sported rounded bowl cuts. Celts had blond hair, which was natural or obtained through processes that altered the hair texture, enabling them to shape their hair into tufts or spikes.

Both men and women had long hair, which was worn in braids or curls. Celtic men belonging to the upper classes often had squared or forked beards, as well as mustaches.

On the other hand, the men belonging to the lower classes only sported long mustaches curled at the ends.

Characteristics Of Celtic Haircut


Man With Long Braided Hair

Generally, Celtic men grew their hair very long, which was considered a status symbol and wore their hair in various styles, including braids, dreadlocks, etc. and sometimes added embellishments to their hair.

Light Color

Celtic men were often naturally blond; others used lime water and chalk to lighten their hair.


Both Celtic men and women wore their hair in curls or braids. The Celtic women wore their braids in elaborate styles such as 3-strand and 4-strand braids, pinned to the head, cross braids with twists, braids looped around the ears and side braids cascading down the back.

Combs and Pins

Pins and combs made of silver, gold, bronze, horn and bone and enameled U-shaped pins were often incorporated into the braids.

Bands and Filets

Nobel and rich Celtic men wore forehead bands made of bronze, silver and gold. The women wore cloth or metal filets around the crown of the head, which was embellished with beads and gemstones.

How to Style Celtic Hairstyle at Home 

Long Curly Hair

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Step 1 – Grow it long

First, for a Celtic hairstyle, you must grow your hair quite long.

Step 2 – Find a style

Find a Celtic hairstyle that you like suitable for your hair length and type.

Step 3 – Tutorial

Find a tutorial that will help you create the Celtic hairstyle you like.

Step 4 – Shampoo and conditioner

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner that keeps your long hair hydrated, moisturized and damage-free. Use the right hair styling products to maintain your Celtic hairstyle.

Interesting Facts

  • The Gaelic Celts from Ireland and Scotland often wore a full beard, as a Gaelic man without facial hair was typically regarded as a sign of weakness.
  • Celts wore their hair long and had long beards and this was seen as a status symbol, especially for the warrior class.
  • Often, Celtic men washed their hair with lime water, which altered the texture of the hair and allowed it to be shaped to resemble the mane of a horse.
  • Sometimes, the Celtic soldiers also wore their hair short and shaped them into tufts or spikes to make them seem scary.


How did Celts wear their hair?

Celts wore their hair very long, fashioned in braids or dreadlocks.

Why do Celts have long hair?

Celts had long hair as it was considered a status symbol.

Did Celts spike their hair?

Celtic soldiers used chalk and lime water, which altered the texture of their hair and allowed them to spike their hair to seem intimidating.

Did Celts cut their hair?

Most Celts wore their hair long; a few cut their hair short and fashioned it into spikes.

Man With a Sword in His Hand


So, now that you have read about how Celtic hairstyles evolved and some of the popular styles, you can try out some of them right at home and be the true Celtic warrior.

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