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So you want to make some changes to your hair? Are you bored of seeing your hair in the same way day after day?
Then we are here to let you in on the hairstyle that will boost your entire fashion picture.

Indeed, box braids are the best hairstyle to improve your aesthetics with low care. In addition, this hairstyle helps with more reasonable length retention, lowers breakage and saves your shocks.

That is a safe hairstyle that can provide versatility while protecting your hair. Therefore, we’ll help you choose your favorite hairstyle.
Likewise, this article will help you do your box braids on your own with tips and guides. Let’s start.

What Are Box Braids for Men

This classic hairstyle has its seeds in African civilization. Likewise, it has become famous worldwide thanks to celebrities like ASAP Rocky and Rihanna. Thus they’re produced by separating the hair into small square-shaped pieces and weaving it freely away from the scalp.

Also, it can weave extensions into the braids to make extra length and volume. Hence once the hair is braided care is very simple.

First, the braids will need to be wrapped while you sleep to keep them looking sharp, otherwise you’ll only need to cleanse your scalp and lightly condition the braids.

45 Most Popular Box Braids Hairstyles 

This elegant hairstyle can get out your internal elegance and make you look nice in any simple or ceremonial scene.
However, box braids men look charming and sophisticated regardless of their hair types.

Similarly, it’s a protective hairstyle for black men with a versatile range to showcase your individuality.

Further, box braids men are sure to look sophisticated and impressive. But choosing a hairstyle impulsive is never a good idea.
In this article we will help you pick the perfect box braids for you to try out.

Let’s go through this and say something about each one.

Interlaced Box Braids

Interlaced Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Short braids are excellent for various alternating patterns and styling methods. First, make a cool crumple on your scalp by knotting them with hair gel. After, grab it further by interweaving the longer braids higher on the scalp into the shorter ones below.

Thick and Thin Box Braids

Thick and Thin Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Whether your hair is long enough on its own or with synthetic extensions, you can work with it. Make as many braids as possible, no matter their size. After that, let them curl at the ends and braid from the center outwards for an appealing middle part.

To add subtle curls to the end of your hair, wrap it around hair curlers and dip the ends into a small cup of hot water.
You’ll be prepared and ready to go when you release your borders and create the curlers.

This particular style is quite popular nowadays, especially among young men.

Short Boxed Braids With Shaved Sides

Short Braids With Shaved Sides

Photo @braids_by_christy

Box braids automatically make square or triangle areas around your head. So rather than shaving your head, make a light line around your head. It’s a neat trick to make it look like you’re ‘’bleeding’’ more braids than you are.

On top of that, you don’t need any special equipment to achieve this look, a simple best beard kit for black men will suffice.

Cornrow and Jump Rope Twist

Cornrow and Jump Rope Twist

Photo @braidedroots

Likewise known as a Havana Twist, a jump rope twist fosters a polished and smooth braid. First, start by curling both strands of hair individuals, then crisscross. To achieve the soft jump rope look, you need to twist the part of each hair before crisscrossing.

This will provide an elegant and classy look if you decide to go with box braids in the first place.

Low Box Braided Ponytail

Man Wearing Low Braided Ponytail

Why not award your natural locks a life of color and type with synthetic copper hair? You can use two-tone mixtures to twist the braids into a low ponytail at the back of your head.

Also, it should be sufficient to hold your locks out of your face while at the same time flushing the braids against your scalp.
Furthermore, with some maintenance you can easily keep them in place, so they look nice, similar to the 90’s hairstyles that are still popular.

Extra Long Box Braids

Extra Long Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Some people love long hair nonetheless of the type of hairstyle they have planned to go with it. Further, it makes sense to contain at least one box braid hairstyle that thoroughly explains the longer styles.

However, this style can’t deliver when it comes to looking classy and elegant. On the contrary this is a perfect style for a more relaxing and casual look.

Box Braids With Design

Box Braids With Design

Photo @braids_by_christy

This hairstyle couples two equally attention-grabbing concepts – the red synthetic extensions to extend the braids and the Greek spiral pattern to the guy’s head’s edges.

Both ensure a powerful look, so this one is the right call for dreadlock styles to try.

Box Braids With Fade

Box Braids With Fade

Photo @braids_by_christy

These box braids have been granted a deep, elegant update by getting pulled into the massive but gentle French braids and decorated with other types of accessories to enhance the look.

Thus, its strikingly poetic look will surely provide glamorous and aesthetic appeal. Also, more and more people are deciding between taper vs fade style, and this style is the choice.

Longer Stripes With Bun Box Braids

Longer Stripes With a Bun

Photo @braids_by_christy

Indeed, stripes can change the outlook of one’s hairstyle, and a hair bun can improve beauty even more.
Therefore, this is usually seen in women who like to use the world’s best wave brush to achieve this look.

Medium Length Braids

Medium Length Braids

Photo @braidedroots

Styling braids above your shoulders or abdomen can be inquiring about keeping them under control.
Because of that, keep half up and half down by covering them in a loose man bun around your neck.

Next, add some occasional highlights in the synthetic hair to break up the black locks. This will ensure a perfect look, especially with goatee beards for black men.

Box Braids With Undercut

Box Braids With Undercut

Photo @braids_by_christy

Undercuts can be universal if you have fancy sides with intricate designs. So, if you mix it with box braids, you will turn heads everywhere. Further, box braids with undercuts are fantastic for any hair. They can also serve as a savior of time.

If the rest of your hair is longer you can turn your box braids into a bun or ponytail to fit your fashion purpose.

Colored Box Braids

Colored Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Dyed box braids are a perfect way of achieving a more colorful look. Therefore, you can shade your whole and part of your hair and mix two to seven colors in each braid according to your choice. That will boost your spirit whenever you look at yourself in the mirror.

Your friends would surely excite you, and you can even become the fashion inspiration for others.

Spider Box Braids

Spider Braids

Photo @ledanieljames

Another excellent box braid style is a spider type. Namely, this must be done by a professional as it requires a lot of work.
Thus, the braids begin from the middle and come down in sections from all sides.

Also, the top part of your scalp turns into an awesome spider web.

Zig-Zag Box Braids

Zig-Zag Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Zig Zag braids will help you to add style to plain cornrows. Basketball players have likely popularized zig-zags because the style has often been stained on the bench.

Likewise, a basic zig-zag style needs parting the hair in the zagged parts and braiding it in the tail from the crown of the hair, beginning near the forehead to the back of the head.

Box Braids With Beads

Braids With Beads

Photo @braids_by_christy

Indeed, beads can skillfully boost the look of protective styles like braids, twists and locks. Also, what’s even a freak is that you can experiment with other shapes, sizes and colors of your beads to change your look.

Asymmetrical Box Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Bangs And Top

Photo @braids_by_christy

Braided Bangs And Top

Photo @braids_by_christy

Box Braided Bun

Photo @braids_by_christy

High Fade With Bun

Photo @braids_by_christy

Braided Slick Back

Photo @braids_by_christy

Braided Shaved Line

Photo @braids_by_christy

Braided Art

Photo @braids_by_christy

Eight Box Thick Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Thin Braided Bob Haircut

Photo @g1ftedhands

Zig Zag Braids Art

Photo @braidenvy_

Cube Box Braids

Photo @braidenvy_

Zig Zag Braided Sidelines

Photo @braidedroots

Long Box Braids

Photo @braidedroots

Braids With Colored Beads

Photo @braidedroots

Braided Bound Ponytail

Photo @braidedroots

Braided Fields

Photo @braidenvy_

Fade And Twisted Braids

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Triangular Box Braids

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Half Moon Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Starry Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Symmetrical Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Crossed Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Zig Zag Thinny Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Beaded Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Curved Line Of Box Braids

Photo @braids_by_christy

Thin And Long Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Big Box Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Unusual Box Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Little Box Braids

Photo @braidedroots

How to Make Box Braids

After a good prep here are some simple steps you can easily follow to make glorious box braids at home.

Let’s take a look at the guide to basic braid styles:

Parting Hair

Stream warm water all over your hair to make it easy to untwist. Following this, you can utilize the rat tail comb to start parting your hair. Then, for newbies, you can piece your hair ear to ear. After creating each section use the conditioning gel to hold your hair in place.

Then make as many rows as you like. For example, after making your first row at the backside of your head, split it in the middle and define it, creating two rows. Finally, divide the two rows into four. Likewise, the first row will make four braids.

If you want more braids in each row, keep splitting it. Finally, that you have created enough divisions, let’s jump into braiding.

Braiding Hair

First, take the first section from the first row and turn it into three groups. But keep carrying them with your hand.
Then, grab the rightmost seaside of the group over the middle one.

After that, take the leftmost seaside of the group and set it over the current middle strand. You must keep repeating a similar process until you get to the end. After completing one braid keep the same process in all your sections.

As the first row of box braids has been finished, now we’ll move on to the next row.

Creating the second row of braids

The styling of this line relies entirely on your customization. After sectioning the second row heed the braiding method and make more boxes. Maintain repeating this process till you have box braids all over your head. Then you can additionally customize them to style up.

So, to maintain your hair while protecting them you can use these tips:

First, utilize sufficiently gel on your parting so that the highest part of your braids is consistently flooded with the products.
Then, use hair pins to keep the parting apart. And finally, use scissors to cut the end of each braid, making it awesome and elegant.

This isn’t such a hard thing to do, especially if you follow every step carefully and ensure everything goes as planned.
Also, you should know that a leave-in conditioner makes a big difference in the braids’ quality.

How to Maintain Box Braids

Clever Box Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Clean scalp with shampoo

First, you must clean your scalp every three to five days. The important part is to always go for the uncovered areas of your scalp and use shampoo. After you clean with shampoo and water your scalp should be free of bacteria and other debris.

Therefore, you can move to the next step and apply hair styling products.

Apply styling products

After your scalp is nice and clean, it’s time to apply some coconut oil or conditioner, depending on the style you want.
Simply add a hair styling product to your braids and leave it for a few minutes.

You will be amazed by the benefits of coconut oilwhen it comes to the quality of each hairstyle we mentioned above.
Furthermore, after approximately 15 minutes you should dry your scalp and braids with a towel.

Repeat occasionally

The most important part about maintaining box braids is to repeat the process of cleaning your scalp every once in a while.
Don’t forget to do each step and carefully apply hair styling products thoroughly.

It’s important to remind you, don’t wear your braids for too long. It’s suggested only to wear them for six weeks.
Likewise, new hair grows quickly and will stretch or eventually break, perhaps leaving you with hair loss if worn longer than eight weeks.


Afro Man With Braids Holds an Okay Gesture

Do box braids damage the hair?

Yes, closed braided hair can cause significant hair fall. Because of that, secure that you or your stylist do not make your box braids too inflexible and stressed.

Can box braids change my curl pattern?

No. You cannot transform the pattern or texture of your curls with box braids. Nevertheless, you might see some differences when they get a little larger.

Should I oil my scalp every day?

It is not recommended to putting oil on your hair for more than one day. Even one day is not recommended.
It can drive the oil to form a layer on your scalp, blocking your pores, accumulating dandruff and attracting dirt.

Because of that it will make your scalp always feel slippery and dirty.

How do you protect the braids during the night?

It is simple. Just cover your braids before you go to sleep. You can use a large piece of fabric to protect your braids fully.
It prevents avoided friction and frizziness in your hair overnight.

Also, you can use a ‘sock-style’ scarf, which goes over your braids like a sock or pillowcase.

How long do box braids last?

The quantity of time spent on box braids ranges according to your preference and the talent of your stylist.
It can take from two and a half hours to eight hours.

Which hair type is best for box braids?

It would help if you used synthetic hair extensions to make your box braids nice and thick. But, surely, you can go for box braids regardless of your hair type.

How to remove box braids?

At first, you have to sprinkle cold or room temperature water all over your braids to detangle your hair with minimal breakage.
Then, you have to use conditioner and water successively to every braid.

Eventually separating them with patience begins from the ends of each braid. Do not rush the process.


In the light of everything we said about box braids and how to make and maintain them, it’s clear that everyone can do it.
Therefore pick your favorite style and go for it.

Make sure to follow each step carefully and you’ll have an excellent box braid style in no time.
Remember to maintain it properly and never wear it longer than 6 to 8 weeks.

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