Spiky Basketball Hairstyle and Holding a Ball

One of the best places to draw inspiration for a good haircut is among NBA stars.

Basketball stars always have unique hairstyles.

43 Most Popular Basketball Players’ Haircuts

Here are 43 of some of the most iconic and stylish looks some of the players have worn:

Ja Morant Basketball Hairstyle

Although we don’t see many Morant hairstyles, another neon-green cut would suit this young man perfectly. His long locks also show his boundlessness.

Jimmy Butler Hairstyle

We can’t help but admire Jimmy’s distinct sense of style. Because of his wild hair, this guy is entertaining to watch play. It’s a basic haircut for guys like him to embrace because it’s all about standing out rather than following the crowd.

Markelle Fultz Basketball Haircut

Although Markellen has been in some difficulties recently, his haircut is something we can all agree on and love. Maybe our love for his haircut could pull him through this season?

Jarrett Allen Haircut

Jarret Allen’s hairstyle is ideal for someone of his caliber. He isn’t afraid to be in the spotlight and has no plans to hide behind his hair.

JaVale McGee

McGee is a fashion icon among his fans and never disappoints with his haircuts. We always look forward to seeing what he does with his hair every season.

Kelly Oubre Jr. Hairstyle

Kelly has a fantastic hairstyle, which we love to see on athletes. The best way to describe his haircut is quirky. He has the appearance of a magician, which is perfect for him.

Kelly Oubre Jr. With Curly Dread Haircut

Photo from: SamAronov / depositphotos.com

Alize Johnson

Some of these NBA players require a signature look, and Alize’s hairstyle is unquestionably that. He also has a fantastic beard, which he wears as a trademark. We’re blown away by his adaptability and ability to pull off multiple variations of this look.

Kyle Kuzma Basketball Haircut

A distinctive hairstyle helps Kuzma stand out from the crowd and perplex his opponents on the court. And he never shies off from shining in his beautiful hair.

DeAndre Jordan Basketball Hairstyle

DeAndre Jordan is one of the best basketball players in the world, and his hairstyle contributes to his success. It’s diverse, inspiring us to face challenges head-on while remaining solid and indestructible.

Clint Capela

Clint Capela is a famous young basketball player with a distinct personality and sense of style. His hairstyle is ideal for someone with such a unique personality.

Mike Conley, Jr. Hairstyle

We can’t help but smile when we see this NBA legend’s hair. He wears his hair so beautifully that it’s difficult not to admire him.

It’s encouraging to see that he’s still playing despite his age and that he’s been passing on wisdom to the next generation since he first stepped onto the basketball court.

Russell Westbrook 

Russell isn’t intimidated by the NBA courts, which explains why he’s doing so well in his career. His haircut also oozes confidence and style, making him one of the most stylish players.

Steven Adams Basketball Haircut

Steven Adams is widely regarded as one of the best basketball players in the world. He has a captivating personality and a great sense of humor.

Steven’s hairstyle is ideal for someone who doesn’t care what other people think; they have their style, and they’ll keep flaunting it until they’ve won enough awards to silence their detractors.

Robert Covington Hairstyle

Covington wears relatively short, locked hair with a neat taper on the sides. This look has earned him respect and style on the pitch.

Robert Covington With a Goatee Beard

Photo from: ChinaImages / depositphotos.com

Jonathan Isaac Basketball Haircut

Jonathan Isaac is a promising young basketball player with a bright future. His distinct appearance results from his persona, and it fits someone who lives life to the fullest.

This haircut is ideal for someone with a strong sense of self-confidence and who wants to add elements of his personality to his hair.

Myles Turner Hair

Myles Turner’s style is undaunted by what others think of it. This hairstyle brings out Myles’ natural colors and looks fantastic on him.

Jusuf Nurkic

Jusuf Nurkic is a talented young basketball player who commands attention on the court. His hairstyle is unique and complements his personality.

Robin Lopez

The Lopez twins are a fan favorite, and their hair only adds to their cuteness. Robin’s hair is a well-maintained mane and is excellent for guys who prefer a more laid look.

Jonas Jerebko

Jonas Jerebko is a gifted young basketball player with a strong personality and a keen sense of fashion. His hairstyle complements his personality perfectly.

JJ Reddick Basketball Haircut

Reddick’s haircut comes with a charisma and masculine appeal that we all wish we had. Couple that with his to-die-for looks, and you have one of the NBA’s most stylish men.

Andre Iguodala Hairstyle

Iguodala wears his hair short, which is not common among NBA players. You’d think that this makes him a bit too common, but it only makes him as sexy as can be. If you prefer longer hair, here are some long hairstyles for black men.

Dwyane Wade

A nicely trimmed beard almost always complements Wade’s style. And it’s no doubt that he is one stylish man. If you have curly hair, you can check out curly hair for black men.

Jeremy Lin Basketball Hairstyle

Jeremy Lin looks excellent with his spiky top haircut, which complements his features perfectly.

Jeremy Lin

Photo from: ChinaImages / depositphotos.com

Joel Embiid Haircut

Embiid wears his hair naturally, one thing we like most about this player. He rocks his mane with the style and confidence that every man wishes he could have.

Dion Waiters

This guy wears his short hair so beautifully it’s hard not to love his style. We look forward to what he has in store for us this season.

Patty Mills Hairstyle

With his excellent humor and charisma, Mills looks like eye candy with his locks. If you prefer other haircuts, check out blonde hairstyles for black men.

Kelly Olynyk

We can’t help but admire Olynyk’s hairstyle and root for him. It’s unique, fashionable, and noticeable.

Gordon Hayward Basketball Haircut

Gordon Hayward is a talented young basketball player with a promising future. On the field, he’s a versatile player who keeps getting better year after year. This hairstyle will suit his personality and natural style.

Stephen Curry

Curry has a unique facial appearance and hairstyle that complements him perfectly. You can check out other hairstyles for men with straight hair if this one doesn’t look appealing to you.

Lou Williams Hairstyle

Lou has had several hairstyles throughout his career, but his most recent is our favorite.

Swaggy P

Nick Young has a relaxed, tapered frohawk with sideburns and a shaved beard. He is an NBA veteran who has been in the spotlight for a long time, giving him free publicity. His hair is perfect for him and is on the crazy haircuts list!

Jonas Valanciunas

We love Valnciunas’ long fringes. They go so well with his short hairdo and complement his extraordinary personality.

Kawhi Leonard Haircut

Leonard’s pushback cornrows are a fashion and identity statement. We love how confident he always looks on the pitch and look forward to seeing him grow and shine in his career.

He might even surprise us with some braid hairstyles for men. He also looks good with pop smoke braids.

Kawhi Leonard With a Stubble Beard and Dreadlock Hairstyle

Photo from: ChinaImages / depositphotos.com

Trey Burke

Burke is eye candy for the ladies, and his well-trimmed, tapered haircut only adds to his sense of style. He completes his look with a well-maintained beard.

Al-Farouq Aminu

Aminu’s short haircut is an excellent pair for his face shape. The well-maintained mane goes on to give this player a sexy appeal, which could be the reason so many of his fans love him.

Gary Neal

The Clippers’ coach is a fashion icon with his well-done hair and beard.

Paul Pierce Hairstyle

Nobody can wear a mohawk better than Pierce, and we love him for that. We look forward to whatever hair surprises he might have in the future.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Aldridge has managed to maintain his natural hair look for the years he’s been on the court, and we love him for that.

Danny Green

Danny Green is well-known for his fashion sense, and his hairstyle complements him perfectly. His face shape is lovely, and this haircut enhances it nicely.

Festus Ezeli

Festus Ezeli has a pleasant personality, and his dreadlocks suit him well.

Cody Zeller Haircut

Cody Zeller is a talented young basketball player whose hairstyle reflects his personality.

Elfrid Payton

Elfrid Payton had one of the NBA’s most recognizable hairlines. This was true until he decided to cut his trademark hair in 2018.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one of the league’s most popular players and has the best hair.

How to Get and Maintain Basketball Haircuts

Step 1 – Pick the hairstyle

Choose the right hairstyle depending on the shape of your head, face, and style you want to achieve. You also want to choose a style that reflects most on your personality.

Step 2 – Talk to your stylist 

You can also ask them for some styling tips to help you maintain the look. 

Step 3 – Use some hair products

Keep your hair moisturized with pomade and condition it after every wash. Use appropriate hair styling tools and products to keep it healthy.

If you’re going for basketball-inspired hairstyles, consider using hair products like hair pomades for men, natural shampoo, wax, gels, cream and a relaxer.


What is a good haircut for basketball?

Any haircut is appropriate as long as it fits their style.

Why do basketball players have short hair?

So the hair doesn’t get in their way as they play.

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