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60 Most Popular Crazy Hairstyles

Are you looking for haircuts for men capable of pointing to your strong, brave, stubborn and unique personality?
Then these crazy haircuts for men should be among your top choices.

Straight, Silver-Bleached Hair

Straight, Silver-Bleached Hair crazy hair cut for men
crazy hair cuts for men
crazy hair cutting

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This style is for you if you have straight hair and want to bleach it in silver. Style this with trendy bangs that you should allow to fall over your forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. Cut the sides relatively short for a sleek look.

Shaved Sides With a Hard Part

Shaved Sides With a Hard Part crazy boy hairstyles
crazy designs haircuts
crazy fade designs

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You can sport this style by combing over your long hair to the back. It also requires you to have shaved sides and a tricky part.
The fact that the sides are shaved means that this style will also emphasize your use of a sharp razor.

Crazy Medium White Hair and a Quiff

Crazy Medium White Hair and a Quiffcortes de pelo chistosos para hombre
craziest haircuts
craziest hairstyles

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For this style to work for you bleach your hair in white, provided it matches your skin tone. Your hair also has to have medium length. Integrate a quiff to give your hair a better style.

It also requires brushing back your sides and maintaining the thickness of your sideburns. This style works well for those searching for great-looking hairstyles for gay men.

Drop Fade Long Comb-Over Crazy Haircut

Drop Fade Long Comb-Over boy crazy hair
boys hair cuts
brown girl hair styles

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You can also go for the drop fade, especially if you are still deciding what type of fade to use (low fade vs. high fade).
In this style you will notice the side fading naturally into your skin which is why the semi-circle formed on top of your ears.

Comb your thick hair on top to a single side, so there will be a striking contrast. Style the top with little pomp to complete the look.

Crazy Man Bun Hairstyle

Crazy Man Bun Hairstylebest haircut for 12 year boy
best haircut for boys
bit hair style

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The man bun is a male hairstyle that seems to never go out of style, which means that it will never fall under outdated and ugly haircuts.
You can get it by keeping your top hair long and forming a bun in the middle.

Expect it to look distinctively fun and crazy as it comes with long strands of hair that tend to hang in every direction.

Carved Goofy Undercut

Carved Undercut baseball haircut
best goofy haircuts

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Like Greek hairstyles often characterized by wavy hair, the carved undercut which also requires side-shaving, will immediately make you a head-turner. As much as possible seek the help of a professional barber to get this style, as it involves using a sharp razor.

Bleached Slick Back Crazy Haircut

Bleached Slick Back attitude hair style boy
baby boy haircuts
bad hair cuts

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This particular style requires you to bleach your hair in black. You should create a crazy yet classic look by slicking back your bleached hair. Ensure that you are using the best styling products for this. You may also use a comb to push your hair back repeatedly.

You may also visit a barber so your bleached hairstyle will become perfect.

Shaved Undercut for Gray Hair

Shaved Undercut for Gray Hair alternative hairstyles for men
anime hair cuts
attitude boy hairstyle

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You can go for the shaved undercut if your hair is already graying. What you should do is brush your long hair on top backward.
You can then expect your ponytail to be styled specifically at your back.

Crazy Textured and Sculpted

Crazy Textured and Sculpted wierd haircuts
wild hairstyles for men
alpaca haircuts

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You can also pair this crazy haircut with funny beard styles if you want. This style is more suitable for you if you have long, thick hair.
Use a back cut to style your hair and leave the top with long hair.

The sides should be shorter and have sectioned spikes that you can create yourself.

Fade Regulation Cut Crazy Haircut

Fade Regulation Cut weird male hairstyles
weird men haircuts
weird mens hairstyles

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Even a minor lift would be enough to brush your top hair to one side when planning to sport this style. You should then style your back and sides into a fade with the help of your high-quality razor or clippers.

Crazy Pomp on the Edge

Crazy Pomp on the Edge weird haircut for men
weird haircuts men
weird haircuts names

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This hairstyle falls under the category of zero-fade which involves cutting your hair short on both sides and then keeping the top longer.
This produces impressive results.

This style can form a unique demarcation between the sides and topmost part, as you will notice a part along the side created because of the straight line. Style the top by adding volume to it.

Shaved Sides Goofy Rocker Hair

Shaved Sides Rocker Hair weird haircut
weird haircut for boys
weird haircut for guys

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You can get this crazy and popular haircut by integrating the undercut into your hair, specifically the part beneath the hawk.
This should help in creating a sharp and noticeable line of demarcation. Spike up the top then shave.

Regulation Pompadour

Regulation Pompadour weird hair cuts for guys
weird hair style
weird hair styles

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This particular style involves styling the top in pomp. Incorporate the low fade on the sides and at the back.
This specific style can be sported in formal events.

Shaved High and Tight Goofy Haircut

Shaved High and Tight wacky haircuts
weird but cool hairstyles
weird guy haircuts

Photo @barbershmelev

This is a 90s hairstyle that is now coming back. To get this style you should form an undercut on the side. Style the top hair in such a way that it will look bleached.

Gray Hair Undercut

Gray Hair Undercut unique haircuts for men
unique hairstyle for man
unique men hairstyles

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Sport this undercut while bleaching the top of your hair in gray. As for the sides it would be best to keep their naturally black shade.

Goofy Wavy Hair Undercut

Wavy Hair Undercut unique hair styles for men
unique haircut for men
unique haircut male

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This particular style should feature neatly shaved sides. Keep long, messy hair on top, then brush it to one side.
This style is suitable if your hair is thick and long.

Crazy Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Crazy Short Pompadour Hairstyle teen boys haircuts
unique hair style for boy
unique hair style for men

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If you are looking for a hairstyle that is as low-maintenance as layered haircuts go for the short pomp that features a tricky part.
You can get this style by cutting your hair short on top and then shaving the sides with a razor.

The shaving process will give your hair the deep part.

Weird Faded Blonde Cup

Faded Blonde Cup rare hairstyles male
strange haircut
strange haircuts

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For this style you need to bleach your hair blonde. This should happen on top and keep it faded. It is also advisable to color your beard and the sides dark brown. It provides you with a rugged and rustic look.

Short Sides, Long Top

Short Sides, Long Top men's wild hairstyles
mens crazy hair
rare haircut

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This style comes with a short side and sharp edges. This is why this hairstyle shows a more natural finish and features more volume.
Cut the sides at an extremely short length for ease of styling. This also features loose fringes and a tousled combover.

Crazy Weird Frizzy Blonde Hair

Crazy Frizzy Blonde Hair insane hair cuts
mad hair cut
men hair cuts

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For this style to work, you must bleach your naturally curly strands using blonde. There should also be some white streaks between them. Hang your hair down on one side, then let it cross your shoulder.

It is an attractive bleached hairstyle, which you can see with a new beard joining your sideburns.

Crazy Spiderweb Haircuthair cutting style for female
hair design for women
hair style man

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Photo @dynasty_barbersgoofy hair styles
goofy mens haircuts
hair cut ideas for men

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Curly Bun And Hairtattoofunniest mens haircuts
funny haircuts men
funny hairstyle for boys

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Crazy Animal Stylecrazy short hair
fun haircuts for men
funky mens haircuts

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Brand Buzz Cutcrazy man hair style
crazy men haircut
crazy mens hair

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Crazy Frohawkcrazy haircut designs
crazy hairstyle men
crazy man hair

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Crazy Multicolor Haircutcrazy hair man
crazy hair style for boys
crazy hair style for men

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Shaved Signaturecrazy hair cuts for boys
crazy hair day
crazy hair day boy

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Triangle Shaved Stylecrazy boys haircut
crazy guy hair
crazy hair cut boy

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Orange Textured Ducktailwild hair styles
craziest hair cuts
craziest hair styles

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Silver Dyed Spikesweird hairstyles for men
weird man haircut
weird men haircut

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Silver Violet Textureunique hairstyles for men
unique male haircuts
weird boy hairstyles

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Crazy Unusual Mulletmen's weird haircuts
mens funky hairstyles
unique hair styles men

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Crazy Mullet With Orange Partsfunny hair styles for guys
funny hair styles for men
goofy layered hair

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Crazy Colored And Shaved Weird Haircutscrazy haircut for men
crazy men haircuts
crazy men hairstyles

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Unusual Fade Designcrazy hair ideas for boys
crazy hair style
crazy hair styles for guys

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Blow Up And Spiky Weird Haircutscool hair cuts
crazy boy haircut
crazy boys haircuts

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Hairtattoo With Spikesweird boy haircuts
weird hairstyles
weird hairstyles men

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Crazy Artunique hairstyles men
unusual haircuts
unusual mens haircuts

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Crazy Disconnected Haircutrare haircuts
ridiculous mens haircuts
short haircuts for women

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Bleached French Cropfun mens haircuts
funny hair cuts for guys
mens haircuts

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Perfect Messy And Punkycrazy male haircuts
crazy men hairstyle
crazy mens haircut

Photo @barbersukraine

Z‘s Messy Mullet Hairstylecrazy hair styles for men
crazy haircut styles
crazy haircuts for boys

Photo @barbersukraine

Crazy Fringe With Tails Weird Haircutscrazy hair style for boy
crazy hair styles
crazy hair styles for boys

Photo @barbersukraine

Crazy Spines Goofy haircutsmens crazy haircuts
strange haircuts for guys
crazy fades

Photo @barbersukraine

Long Side Undercut With Baldcrazy haircut names
crazy hairstyle boy
hairstyle for men

Photo @barberhiroshi

Bald And Sleek Undercut Weird Haircutsunique mens haircuts
weird haircuts for men
crazy guy haircuts

Photo @barberhiroshi

Light Pinky Mohawk Goofy haircutsfunny haircuts for guys
funny hairstyles for guys
unique haircuts for guys

Photo @barberhiroshi

Sponge Flat Top Goofy haircutscrazy hairstyles for boys
crazy hairstyles men
crazy men hair

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Crazy Spider Hairtattoocrazy haircut ideas
crazy haircut male
crazy haircut men

Photo @barberclipsbr

Extreme Crazy Haircutweird male haircuts
crazy hair day men
crazy hair men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Shaved Side Linecrazy male hairstyles
strange men's haircuts
weird hair cuts

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Crazy Nape Shaved Designridiculous haircuts for guys
unique hairstyles male
crazy fade haircut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bald Fade Artmens crazy hairstyles
unique male hairstyles
funny hairstyles for boys

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Starly Designcrazy hair cut
crazy hair cuts for guys
funny mens haircuts

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Crazy Step Sponge Cutunique mens hairstyles
weird hairstyles for guys
wild hairstyles male

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Crazy Spiky Mohawkinsane haircuts
crazy hair cuts
crazy mens hairstyles

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Crazy Fade Print With Undercutfunny haircuts for men
crazy boy haircuts
crazy hairstyles for men

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Parrot Goofy Hairstyleweird mens haircuts
weird haircuts
crazy mens haircuts

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Artistic Green Quiff Weird Haircutsweird haircuts for guys
crazy haircuts male
crazy haircuts for guys

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How to Style and Maintain Crazy Haircut

Step 1 – Identify the types of cuts and styles

Know how each cut is styled and make your choice based on how it will look on you, depending on your hair type and facial shape.
Consider if the cut is easy to maintain too.

Step 2 – Choose your parting carefully

As much as possible discuss this with your barber and consider your facial shape. In most cases partings on the side are ideal for those with round faces, while middle partings are perfect for those with more angular and sharper faces.

Consider your hairline too and how you intend to highlight or conceal it depending on where it appears.

Step 3 – Wash less frequently

Wash hair less frequently as it may only drain out your hair’s natural oils, making it look strained, dull and tired.
Limit hair washing to only two to three days every week.

Make it a point to maintain the edges too, as this helps keep the haircut fresh and ensures it does not become out of shape.
Use your electric razor for this.

Step 4 – Use the right styling products

If you have dense hair that you wish to keep in check, use a hair pomade for proper styling. You may also want to use a hair wax if you have wavy and long hair. It can give you a solid and powerful hold.


Are men’s crazy haircuts attractive to girls?

Yes. Many girls find those with crazy haircuts attractive because these styles make these men look more masculine, rugged, and fun.

Why do men get crazy haircuts?

In most cases, men get crazy haircuts because those tend to give them an edgier personality. The right cut also helps them stand out from the crowd and bring out their uniqueness and uniqueness.

What is the craziest man’s haircut?

One of the craziest man’s haircuts is the slightly tall faux-hawk with the flair and attitude that a full mohawk has.
If you want to pull it off, you need to commit firmly to this style since it requires you to stick to a particular length of hair and its required styling.

How much does Sport Clips charge?

They offer a range of services including haircuts, beard trims, and neck trims.

The prices for haircuts at Sport Clips vary depending on the location and the specific services requested.

Customers can expect to pay between $20 and $30 for a standard haircut at most Sport Clips locations.

What is the Mexican hair meme?

The Mexican hair meme gained popularity on social media platforms as users shared comical images and videos featuring exaggerated hairstyles often associated with Mexican culture.

The meme typically showcases individuals sporting elaborate and unconventional hairdos, creating a humorous and visually striking trend that has captured the attention of internet users worldwide.

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