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10 Most Popular Steph Curry Haircuts

There is no doubt that Steph Curry has millions of fans worldwide. He has been one of the hottest NBA players in recent years. This is also why those same fans want to emulate his hairstyles, which are pretty stylish.

Here are some of the best and most famous of Steph Curry’s hairstyles:

Buzz Cut

Back in 2018, when the Warriors were still on their hot streak in the NBA, fans were surprised to see Curry sporting a shorter-than-usual yet great buzz cut. Not that they minded, though. Curry has the right-shaped head for a buzz cut.

Most of his newer fans did not know that when he was a rookie, he also sported a buzz cut. It was much shorter back then.

Steph Curry Afro With Fade

This is, by far, the signature look that Steph Curry has. He has worn this style off and on during his illustrious career, and it certainly looks good on him.

Curry’s afro is not the same hairstyle you usually think of when you hear the term. His is short, usually no more than an inch thick, and the sides are cut with a mid-fade starting at the top of his ears.

High Top

Steph Curry has thick and curly hair, which is typical among black men. To get this look, you need to grow out your hair quite a bit, almost into a 3 to 4-inch afro. After that, clip the sides into a high taper fade.

You can let the top be or trim it almost flat, leaving just a bit of texture to keep it modern.

Mini Twists

This is a funny twist hairstyle or a variation of the twist sponge curls. Curry has this done when he has short-ish hair. It is not a buzz cut but too short to be an afro. The twist sponge makes even short curly hair have more volume and a unique texture.

Cornrow With Shaved Side

Now, this look did not go down well. Ordinarily, cornrows would look good on black men, but there is something about Steph Curry that made him look like a generic villain from early 2000s action flicks.

When he came on screen with his cornrows, he immediately became an online meme. The style Curry wore among the best cornrow hairstyles for men, but it sadly did not look good on him at all. He also wore black men’s beard styles with his cornrows, but they did not help.

Curry’s Twist Sponge

A twist sponge is a tool to enhance the look of your hair’s natural curls. It does this by loosening the curls and then twisting the strands afterward to give the hair more texture.

Steph Curry usually gets an awesome sponge hairstyle when he grows an afro. The curls achieved by doing this procedure give his hair great texture.

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Dreads With High Bald Fade

Steph Curry with dreads is another one of his short-lived hairstyles. There was a time in 2020 when Curry, for lack of a better term, experimented with dreadlocks. Fans had mixed reactions to this hairstyle of his.

Curry decided to get rid of the weave as it might have been bad luck for him because the Warriors performed terribly when he had them.

Blowout Hairstyle

This is one of the hairstyles that Curry often sports, mainly because it is pretty low-maintenance. With this, he combs out the curls in his hair, allowing them to stick out, like a small afro but not quite as thick.

Taper Fade Side Part

This is the hairstyle that Curry gets whenever he wants to get fancy. This looks great on him because of his head shape and hair texture. He keeps the top fairly thick and the taper fade starts roughly around the top of his ears.

Temple Fade and Short Curls

Even Steph Curry is not immune to the passing of the years. His hairline has started to recede in recent years and he embraced it. Nowadays, it is common to see Curry trimming his hair relatively short and fading the sides at the temples.

Steph Curry With a Beard and Short Curls

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How to Get and Maintain Steph Curry Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose the right style

It would help a lot if you had the same hair texture as Steph Curry, but even if your hair is not quite curly, a good barber should be able to make it work.

When choosing a hairstyle, consider the shape of your face. If you have a round face, a buzz cut with a high taper fade will look good on you.

Step 2 – Style your hair properly

If you don’t have thick curly hair, take it as a sign that you might not be able to pull off a mini afro. If you have a receding hairline, a buzz cut with a high taper will look better than an afro. Fortunately, there are lots of cool temple fade haircuts to choose from.

Step 3 – Take care of your hair properly

Whatever hairstyle you choose, take care of your hair by not washing it daily. Shampooing too much will dry the hair strands as the detergent will strip away the natural oils.

Also, even though you are not washing your hair with shampoo, you should still wash it with water and apply a leave-in conditioner to keep it clean and not greasy.

Step 4 – Use the right products and tools

If you like getting buzz cuts, you should get your hair clippers. After getting a haircut, you can maintain your style by clipping your hair weekly.

Also, if you like sponge twists, get one since it is easy to use anyway. When it comes to hair products, you should have the basics, like a leave-on conditioner and maybe a bottle of hair oil or pomade to keep your hair shiny.


What is the Steph Curry haircut?

Steph Curry has gone through many hairstyles, but the style he is most known for is the high top with high faded sides.

What color is Steph Curry’s hair?

Because of his mixed-race heritage, Steph Curry does not have the same ink-black hair as black men. His hair is a shade of light brown. However, the usual haircuts for black men still suited him.

Who is Steph Curry’s barber?

JayR Mallari is Steph Curry’s barber and has been for almost a decade. He also had a lot of other celebrity clients, including some other NBA stars, like Nick Young and Chris Paul, to name a few.

How often does Steph Curry get his haircut?

Judging by how crisp his hair looks in every game, Curry probably gets a haircut every month at the very least. He also tends to get touch-ups every week or so.

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