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A cornrow hairstyle is seriously awesome.

It looks really good and can turn your boring hairstyle into something ah-mazing.

Unfortunately, growing your hair and braiding it won’t suffice.

There are so many cornrow hairstyles for men out there.

Many of them look good, but they don’t look equally good on every face type and shape, nor on all occasions.

You have to pick just the right one, which could be hard if you’re not equipped with enough knowledge.

Luckily, we’ve done extensive research to bring you the most popular braids and cornrow style ideas that are all the rage nowadays. 

Not only that, but we also added easy and simple guidelines that you should follow in order to copy each look.

So without further ado, here is how you need to start.

70 Most Popular Cornrow Hairstyles for Men

Simple Cornrows Haricut

Simple Cornrowsrambut kepang banyak pria
short hair cornrow styles
short hair cornrows male

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Simple cornrows are the most basic kind of cornrows you can get. The natural volume of your hair affects how the cornrows look. Men usually have more volume on top, so the braids are thicker and the sides have thinner braids.

If you have a diamond-shaped face, avoid simple cornrows as they won’t complement the shape of your face.

Feed-in Braids Hairstyle

Feed-in Braids mens corn row
mens feed in braids
model rambut cornrow pria

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Consider feed-in braids if you have good volume but don’t want very fat or high braids near your forehead. They start small and build up the volume as they go along. It adds detail to the hairstyle without taking too much effort.

Intricate Cornrow Designs

Intricate Cornrow Designs men's cornrows styles
mens braids cornrow styles
mens corn roll hair styles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

You can create intricate designs by braiding the hair on your crown in different patterns. Most people pair this hairstyle with very short hair on the sides and back to focus on the intricate designs on top.

Look up the difference between a taper and a fade to understand which one would go best with the intricate designs you have chosen.

Zig-Zag Patterning Cornrow Hairstyle

Zig-Zag Patterning men cornrows braids
men cornrows styles
men hairstyles cornrows

Photo @braidsbychiqui

This is a unique look. The braids run in a zig-zag pattern from your temple to the back of your head. The temples look very prominent in this look, so if you have a heart-shaped or round face, avoid this look.

Part Braided

Part Braided men corn row styles
men cornrolls
men cornrow design

Photo @braids_by_christy

If you think that wearing an unprofessional hairstyle won’t suit your line of work or you don’t want to braid all your hair, you can try a part braided look. Just one section of the hair is braided, usually along the sides. This look is great for square or oblong faces.

You can also style it with an undercut. You can add two braids along the undercut part to create a distinct style without committing to braiding all your hair.

Funky Cornrow Designs

Funky Cornrow Designs man cornrow
man cornrow hairstyle
men canerow

Photo @braidsbyjackie

There’s no limit to the number of creative designs created on your head. Funky designs pull your hair back very tightly, making the natural shape of your face very apparent.

If you have a very sharp jawline or temples, you might want to consider a softer look.

Face Framing Shapes

Face Framing Shapes male braids hairstyles cornrows
male cornrow designs
man braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Face framing shapes are usually braided in concentric shapes around your scalp. These designs are very intricate and can take a lot of time and skill to create, but they give you a lot of character.

Cornrow Hairstyle For Straight Hair

Cornrow Hairstyle For Straight Hair gaya rambut cornrow pria
guys cornrows
hair braid styles for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

There is a misconception that you need very curly hair for cornrows, but you can just as quickly have cornrows with straight hair too. It is easier and faster to do with straight hair, especially if you do it yourself.

You can style it by pairing it with an undercut or a shaved part to add some definition. If you think straight hair might be more comfortable to wear, there are plenty of good hair relaxers you can try.

Hyper Long Hair Cornrow Hairstyle

Hyper Long Hair Cornrow Hairstyle different types of cornrows for guys
easy cornrow styles for men
full head cornrows male

Photo @barbero_bilal

If you have very long hair or want extensions, you can get hyper-long braids. You can pair it with a braid if your face shape is quite long. Check out trendy beard styles for black men if you’re unsure what kind of beard to choose.

The braids go straight back from your forehead. You can add some design to add character to the hairstyle. The thickness of the braids varies from the scalp to the nape of the neck.

Shaved Details Cornrow Hairstyle

Shaved Detailscornrows with beads male
cornrows with taper
cross braids male

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Shaved details are for people who don’t have very long hair but want to add braids to their hairstyle. You can have shaved details on the sides or near the temples and have two braids running along with the crown.

It suits most face shapes and you don’t need a lot of length for this style.

Ombre Braids

Ombre Braids cornrows mens
cornrows simple mens braid styles
cornrows style for guys

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Adding color to braids is a great way to add more detail to the style. You can add some shaved details to the side to add more contrast to the hairstyle. Try to keep the braids simple as the color already adds a lot of detail to the look.

The roots are left dark and the rest of the hair is colored in an ombre pattern. You can add a curly bun at the back too.

Braids With Bangs

Braids With Bangs cornrows hairstyles
cornrows ideas men
cornrows male styles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

You can get braids even if you have bangs—braid the bangs too! They can be parted in the middle and split into two braids that hang across your forehead just like your bangs used to.

It is a unique look and complements an undercut very well. It does not suit bold face shapes, so think before settling on this look. You can always wait for your bangs to grow out before getting braids.

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyle

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyle cornrows for males
cornrows for women
cornrows hairstyle for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

The sides are kept shaved or trimmed very close to the scalp and the hair in the middle is long and braided. It is a great way to tame a mohawk and keep it slicked back. It is also very low maintenance.

Side Braids

Side Braids cornrow pria harga
cornrows braids for men
cornrows designs for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Consider side braids if you have very long hair. The double braids run on either side of your head and keep the attestation away from the shape of the face. It is a complicated style where all the hair on your head flows into two braids.

You can also style these braids as buns when you feel like you want a change. It can stress your roots, so try using hair cream for men to give your scalp some relief.

Cornrow Haircut With a Top Knot

With a Top Knotcornrow for boys
cornrow hairstyles for boys
cornrow mens

Photo @jayblendedit

Cornrows with a top knot are like a mixture of all the most popular hairstyles for men. You get an undercut and the hair on top is braided completely and pulled into a top knot at the back.

Cornrow Hairstyle With Dreadlocks

Man With Dreadlocks and Cornrows
cornrow braids hairstyles for men
cornrow braids man
cornrow designs for guys

You can also combine cornrows with dreadlocks. The hair is braided into cornrows on the scalp from the forehead to the back and styled in dreadlocks from the neck. You need long hair and a good volume for this hairstyle.

Crowned Cornrow Hairstyle

corn roll hair styles men
corn row for men
corn row styles for guys

If you have long hair and don’t want to deal with loose braids, you can braid the hair up towards the crown in a pattern that stays on your scalp instead of swinging free at the bottom.

Fade Cornrow Hairstyle

Fade Cornrow Hairstyleconrow hairstyles for men
cool cornrow designs men
corn braids for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Fades can be combined with almost any other style and cornrows are no exception. A skin fade provides more contrast and complements thick braids on top.

Cornrow Hairstyle With Taper

Cornrow Hairstyle With Taperboys cornrows
braid styles for men
conrow for men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

A tapered cut with cornrows on top can add more sharpness to the look. If you are worried about hair loss or need more volume to get cornrows, try to choose the hair supplements that suit your needs. You can also try natural DHT blockers.

Spider Braids

Spider Braids black men braid styles
boy cornrows
boys cornrow hairstyle

Photo @braids_by_christy

Spider braids look very intricate and complicated but are pretty easy to create. The braids extend from the center of the head and flow downwards.

Braided Artbest cornrow styles for men
best cornrow styles men
best men's cornrow styles

Photo @braids_by_christy

Cross Braidsstraight back braids male
type of cornrows men
8 cornrows male

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

cornrow designs for men cornrow pria male cornrows hairstyles men's cornrow designssimple cornrow styles for men
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Photo @braidenvy_

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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Beaded Braids cornrows style men cornrows styles men side cornrows men corn row styles men
men cornrow hairstyle
men with cornrows
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Waves cornrows braids man cornrows for men's hair male cornrow hairstyles different cornrow styles for guysman hairstyle cornrow
men braids hairstyles
men conrows

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Crossed Braidsman cornrow hairstyles
man cornrow styles
man cornrows hairstyles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Eight cornrow men corn roll hair styles man corn rows for men cornrow braidslong cornrow braids male
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Mixed Braids men cornrow men's cornrow styles with fade cornrow designs mendifferent types of cornrows male
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Fade And Braidscornrows with beads men
cornrows with shaved sides male
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Wavy Braids Topcornrow styles male
cornrows braids
cornrows style for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Big And Small Braidscornrow hairstyles for guys
cornrow patterns for men
cornrow patterns men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Artistic Braidscornrow braids styles for men
cornrow braids styles mens
cornrow hairstyle for man

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Ginger Braidscool cornrow designs
corn roll hair style for guys
corn row braids men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Art And Fadestylish cornrows for men
thick cornrows male
best cornrow hairstyles for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Curve And Crossmens simple cornrow styles
mens straight back braids
simple cornrow styles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Peace Stylemen corn rows
mens cornrow designs
mens hairstyles cornrows

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Wavy Braidscornrows man
cornrows mens hairstyles
male hairstyle cornrow

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braids With Beadscornrow style men
cornrow styles for boys
cornrows hairstyle

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Fade And Fishtailscornrow hair styles for men
cornrow ideas for guys
cornrow style for men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Beaded Fishtailscornrolls men
cornrow braid styles for guys
cornrow braids hairstyles men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Stitched Partbiaya cornrow rambut
conrows for men
corn rolls hair style men

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Wavy And Differentmens cornrow
mens cornrow braids styles
simple male cornrow hairstyles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Parallel Braids men's cornrow braids styles
mens braids cornrows
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Mix Braidsmen cornrows hairstyles
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Ray Lights Designcornrows male
long cornrows male
men braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Straight Braidscornrow mens braids with fade
cornrows for man
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Creative Braidsstraight back braids male designs
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Dyed Braidsmen cornrow braids
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Fieldscornrow simple mens braid styles
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Bangsboys cornrow styles
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Ray Lights Braids Artman cornrows
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Asymmetrical Bleached Braidsmen's cornrow hairstyles
box braids men
corn row styles

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Rivermen's cornrow designs
cornrows hairstyles for men
men cornrow designs

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Stitch And Parallelcornrow designs for men
cornrows men styles
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Stitch Fade And Parallelmale cornrows
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Art And Top Knotcorn row styles men
cornrow pria
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Two Big Braidscornrows style men
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braids And Beadscornrows braids man
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Zig Zag Artcorn rows for men
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Braided Islandcornrow designs men
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Crossed Eightcornrow designs male
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Side Braids With Beads mens cornrow styles cornrow hairstyle men cornrow designs malemen's cornrows
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Completely Crossedcornrows styles for men
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

Side Braids Style mens cornrows designs cornrow for men men's cornrowsharga cornrow rambut pria
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Photo @braidsbychiqui

Parallel Fishtails cornrow hairstyle for men cornrows hairstyle men cornrows styles for menmale cornrow styles
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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Wavy Sidelines male cornrow styles cornrows hairstyles men cornrows braids mencornrow hairstyles men
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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Artistic Braided Style cornrow hairstyles men 
men's cornrow styles 
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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

cornrow braids men men cornrows mens cornrow braidsmen cornrows
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Photo @jazz_braids_styles

mens cornrows styles men cornrow hairstyles cornrow styles for menmens cornrows styles
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Photo @braidsbyjackie

What Is Cornrow Hairstyle

Cornrows are a men’s hairstyle where the hair is braided very close to the scalp. The braids are pretty fat and can look like rows of corn, hence the name ‘cornrows.’ They originated from Africa and the Caribbean Islands.

Cornrows can be worn by men and women and are very practical as they keep your hair protected without needing too much maintenance. They can also be decorated with beads or shells.

Things to Consider Before Getting This Haircut

Hair Type

There are four types of hair: straight, wavy, coiled and kinky. The great thing about cornrows is that they suit all hair types, so no matter what the texture of your hair is, you can get cornrows.

Hair Length

As you can imagine, your hair needs to be long to create braids. If it is not long enough, you will need extensions for cornrows. Medium or long hair is suitable for cornrows, but you can’t get cornrows with short hair.


You cannot get cornrows if your hair is cut in layers or is very short. It needs to be at least 6 inches long and even throughout. If your hair is cut in layers, wait for it to grow out and get an even haircut before getting cornrows.

How to Do It

Step 1 – Prepare

men cornrow styles mens cornrows cornrow styles men
men cornrow styles
mens cornrows
cornrow styles men

Prepare your hair by untangling it with a comb or brush as best as possible. If your hair is straight or wavy, this should be very easy. Next, spray the hair with water to make it damp.

You can also spray a leave-in conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized.

Step 2 – Start braiding

Part your hair by creating a 1-inch section that extends from the forehead to the nape of your neck. Start braiding from the front and keep the braid tight and close to the scalp. When you’re done, secure it with a hair tie.

It will be one cornrow when you are done braiding the entire section. It can be a little painful, especially if you have never had it done before. Keep doing this until all the hair on your scalp is braided.

Step 3 – Aftercare

There’s a lot you can do to maintain your cornrows, but the essential things you need to take care of are to use the world’s best hair oil to keep your hair moisturized and always wear a do-rag around your head when you go to sleep.

How to Maintain 

Step 1 – Use hair oil

This is very important to prevent your scalp from getting flaky. You can use hair oil or hair cream for moisturization. Remember that you don’t need to put it on the braids-use your fingers to rub it between the braids onto the scalp. If you sweat a lot, try looking for an oil-free moisturizer.

Step 2 – Don’t go overboard

You can also lightly apply oil to the scalp to keep it healthy. Don’t go overboard, as it will make your hair greasy or oily.

Step 3 – Protect braids

Use a silk pillowcase or wrap a silk cloth around your head while you sleep to protect your braids. They will also help you deal with skin problems as they are very gentle on the skin.

Best Hair Products

Cornrows are not the easiest to maintain, but having the right products makes it easier. You need the following hair products to care for your cornrows:

  • A scarf to protect your head when you sleep or do physical activities, commonly known as a do-rag.
  • Coconut or shea butter to apply to the cornrows.
  • A cleansing shampoo to keep your hair oil-free.
  • Hair ties to secure your braids.
  • Hair supplements nourish your hair.

Quick Styling Tips 

  • Don’t do it yourself if you are not entirely confident of your abilities.
  • Use premium oil-free moisturizers.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner.
  • Do not wash cornrows too frequently.


How long can you keep cornrows in?

Curly hair can stay in cornrows for about eight weeks, while straight or wavy hair should not be left for more than six weeks.

Do cornrows ruin the hair?

Cornrows don’t ruin the hair. They are very protective of the hair. You must ensure that your hair is braided correctly and properly take care of the cornrows to prevent damage.

What do cornrows symbolize?

cornrows men cornrows for men cornrow braids for men
cornrows men
cornrows for men
cornrow braids for men

Cornrows are a significant part of black history. Traditionally worn by warriors or kings in Africa, they had deep cultural significance. During slavery, they were also used to create maps in plain view to help enslaved people escape to freedom.

Can you shower with cornrows?

You can indeed shower with cornrows but don’t do it too often. Be gentle, and make sure to towel dry your braids later gently.

Do cornrows help hair grow?

Braiding hair could help it grow faster, as it helps it stay secure and protects it from breakage and damage caused by friction.

How much are cornrows?

Cornrows are a popular hairstyle characterized by closely woven braids that lay flat against the scalp. People often prefer them for their neat and low-maintenance appearance.

If you’re wondering about the cost of cornrows in English-speaking regions, it’s important to note that prices can vary widely depending on factors like the complexity of the design, the skill level of the stylist, and geographic location.

However, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for cornrows. Keep in mind that the exact figure will depend on your specific circumstances, so it’s a good idea to consult with a stylist for a more accurate estimate.

What are cornrows?

Cornrows refer to the practice of men styling their hair in tight, intricate rows, commonly known as cornrows.

This traditional African hairstyle involves sectioning the hair and braiding it close to the scalp, creating a neat and uniform appearance.

The process requires skill and precision to achieve the desired look and can be customized with different patterns and designs.

Overall, cornrows are a versatile and timeless hairstyle that continues to be embraced by men of all ages and backgrounds.

How do you maintain cornrows?

Maintaining cornrows is crucial to keep the style looking neat and well-kept.

Regular washing and conditioning of the hair is essential to maintain cornrows for guys to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

Additionally, moisturizing the scalp and using natural oils can help keep the hair and scalp healthy.

It is also important to retouch the cornrows regularly to keep them tight and neat.

Brushing or combing the hair gently can also help prevent tangling and frizz. 

Michele Antunes

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Michele Meesh Antunes is the lady of the Beardoholic writers team and a genius when it comes to hair and beard styles that suit any face shape. She’s been a barber for years now and, no matter your personal style, she knows exactly what beard, hairstyle and length suit you. She brings the women’s perspective on beards, beard care, haircuts and hairstyles and male grooming.

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