Man With Unprofessional Hairstyle

Have you ever got an impression at a job interview that you were cut off because of your hairstyle?

You like your unique hairdo and put a lot of effort into creating it. But somehow, it doesn’t fit the script of the office setting or the policy of the company you applied at.

You might consider the fact that your hairstyle is actually unprofessional for this type of job.

In fact, a lot of people want to look unique in creating a perfect hairstyle that goes with their nature, but it ends up not gelling with their work profile.

So if you really want that dream job that you’ve been yearning for, you might consider a style change.

Luckily, it does not take a lot.

You simply need to avoid some of the many unprofessional hairstyles for men.

We have devised a detailed list and some of the worst examples of hairstyles that you can shape in a professional setting. If you find that you are sporting one of the given styles here, you might consider changing it.

31 Unprofessional Hairstyles for Men to Avoid

To prevent experiencing the mentioned disadvantages, you should make it a point to avoid the following unprofessional hairstyles for men, especially if you want to package yourself as an intelligent, confident, and trustworthy professional.

Unprofessional Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut unprofessional men hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

The bowl cut, which has gained popularity back in the 90s, seems to be a trend returning. However, it falls under the classification of unprofessional hairstyle for men; therefore, it is not appropriate at work.

Also called the mushroom hairstyle is characterized by bluntly cut bangs surrounding your head and then brushed forward. This is enough to make it hold a more dramatic look.

Several men sporting this style are fond of wearing the shorter fringe. Note that most of the variations under the bowl cut feature-heavy bangs covering the forehead. You can also grow this style long but note that many employers may view it as over-the-top and weird.

With that said, it is not a professional choice for anyone. It may also require you to touch and adjust your hair now and then in the workplace, which is quite inconvenient and may hamper your success in the workplace.

Unprofessional Hair Design

Unprofessional Short Black Haircut Hairtattoo

Photo @shrunknheads

If you plan to sport an edgy hairstyle, you may use unique hair designs. The specific style comes with shaved designs and lines that get into a fade, which can lead to attractive patterns and shapes.

You can also give your hair any design you want, like zig-zags and simple lines. While this allows you to personalize the way you look, it is still not advisable if you are a professional as it is an unprofessional style.

Top Knot Unprofessional Hairstyle

Samurai Unprofessional Hairstyle

Photo @shrunknheads

While wearing a top knot hairstyle is ideal for specific events and in runways and editorials, it may not be a great idea if you are at work.
This style is simple and works effectively in keeping some hair away from your eyes.

If you want to wear a version of the top knot that’s acceptable in the workplace, go for a man bun. It is a great alternative if your hair is medium-length or long and you aim to have a more professional look.

Unprofessional Bleached Styles

Short Hairstyle Bleached Top

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Many also like bleached hairstyles because of their edgy and striking results. However, when sported in the corporate world, you may not impress everyone. Undeniably, the bleached style is effective in making a bold statement.

However, employers and most people in the workplace may find the style distracting. It can even poorly reflect on the company when holding sales pitches and meetings.

If you have bleached hair, specifically in bright and flamboyant shades, then retaining your hair dye may not be a great idea.

It is not acceptable in the corporate world, so make it a point to avoid colors that go overly beyond the norm. If you want to use a blonde shade when dying your hair, pick warmer tones.

Unprofessional Mullet Hair

Short Side Unprofessional Hairstyle

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Mullet has received a lot of attention starting from the 80s. Note, though, that even if it is a popular hairstyle, many people still consider it unattractive and dull.

It may even kill a man’s chance of leaving a good first impression. With that said, avoid sporting this hairstyle, especially if you are still applying for a job or scheduled for an interview.

Cornrows Unprofessional Haircut

Black Man Short Hair With Braids And Bun unprofessional men hairstyles

Photo @jayblendedit

Cornrows can be described as a braided style that many men find trendy and convenient, especially if what they are after is a look that’s stylish and low-maintenance at the same time. It is also a culturally significant hairstyle that appears incredible for those with Afro-texture.

However, a lot of office settings find this style unprofessional. The corporate world has not accepted this style and looks thoroughly, so it would be much better to avoid it.

Braided Hair

The corporate industry has not also accepted braided hair for men in its entirety yet. This means that any braided style may not be appropriate to wear in the workplace.

While braided styles have the advantage of making coarse and textured hair easier and more convenient to manage, it would be wise to avoid them if you are still trying to earn your place in the corporate world.

Unprofessional Frosted Tips Hair

Fade With Bleach Top

Photo @shrunknheads

The frosted tip hairstyle is characterized by short spiky hair with bleached tips aiming to give proper contrast to the style. It was a hot hair trend during the 90s but is not an excellent style for modern men.

If you like this style, you can go for subtle frosted tips if you need to be in an office setting most of the time. Avoid excessively contrasting and bold cuts; otherwise, you may only receive unnecessary attention, especially during business events and meetings.

The style may draw negative attention even if you regularly use a refreshing aftershave to polish your look somewhat.

Blowout Taper Fade

Unprofessional Black Hair Low Fade

Photo @tteeddyy23

Another unprofessional hairstyle for men to avoid in the workplace is the blowout taper fade. It is a famous style for young men, particularly teens. It makes them look trendy and cool, with the topmost part relying too much on volume.

You will also notice the pronounced taper fade surrounding the sides and back. It is a great style but fits casual settings even more.
The blowout taper fade should not be the style you should wear when you are on your way to the office.

Unprofessional Long Shaggy Hairstyle

Unprofessional Brown Hair With Long Bangs

Photo @alitheebarber

This one is a low-maintenance hairstyle ideal for men who prefer wearing a casual look. Otherwise, the shag hairstyle requires cutting the hair deliberately to the point that it falls into a mess. The result can be expected to bring out your masculinity.

Note, though, that while this style can make you feel confident and cool, you can’t impress employers with it. The naturally scruffy nature of this style makes it informal in many professional settings, making it unsuitable there.

Unprofessional Skullet Hairstyle

Unprofessional 80s Oldschool Hairstyle Man

Photo @alitheebarber

Another unprofessional style you should avoid at all costs is the skullet. It provides the perfect balance between a mullet and a cleanly shaven skull. This style leads to a unique, rebellious dimension that lets people notice you right away.

However, keep in mind that this unique and cool look is often only made for those who are bold enough and are looking for a means of showcasing their prominent scars or head tattoos creatively.

It is not suitable for wearing in a workplace setting, especially if your industry is forward-thinking.

Unprofessional Ponytail

Fade Haircut Bleach Top Ponytail

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

I’m sure you are already familiar with the ponytail as it is a famous modern style, which looks great on those with healthy hair.
It also has several variations, just like the several styles and variations for beard you can pick just in case you are already losing beard hairs.

If you have a long hairstyle, then the variations that are perfect for it include the classic low ponytail and the half-up-half-down ponytail.
It lets you enjoy a wide range of styling options, proof of its versatility.

However, keep in mind that while it appears neat, almost all ponytail variations do not appear polished, especially when trying to adhere to professional dress codes.

Unprofessional Mohawk for Men

Black Short Hair With High Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

Mohawk has different variations, including buzzed, short, taper fade, fanned, messy and low fade. It is an unprofessional hairstyle that you can’t fix even when using quality yet affordable hair clay.

The reason is that it may leave an impression that you are rebellious, ignorant or punk. While the mohawk has a trendy and versatile style when worn casually, it may not leave a positive impression in professional settings, such as seminars, business presentations, interviews and offices.

Your superiors, colleagues, or anyone in a business setting may even misunderstand you because of the style.

Unprofessional Long Hair

Long Casual Hair Long Beard

Photo @alitheebarber

A lot of men find long hair cool and stylish. It leaves a cool and impressive vibe when worn on the street. However, it is not suitable for corporate life. If you have long hair and prefer not to cut it while still leaving a good impression in the workplace, you can try styling it neatly.

The goal is to minimize its look. You can make your hairstyle abide by the dress code in your company by tying your low hair into a ponytail or low man bun. It is also possible to add a sleeker finish to your long hair.

What you should do is to use a light-hold hairspray. It creates a slicked-back appearance that provides a more polished and professional touch to your hair, somewhat similar to what professional nose hair trimmers can do.

Unprofessional Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Short Hair Grows Forward On The Side And Top Hair

Photo @shrunknheads

Some faux hawk variations are unacceptable in the workplace, especially for the most exaggerated ones. One example is the long, voluminous, and curly faux hawk, which is impractical. It may cause some hair to fall on your eyes, causing distractions while you are at work.

Your colleagues and boss may also look at you negatively if you spend too much time readjusting the style the entire day. It can only hamper your productivity, so do not wear this style as much as possible.


Men can also wear a headband to organize their hairstyle somewhat and prevent unruly strands from getting on their faces.

Your options, in this case, are subtle wiry bands or practical sports headbands. Avoid wearing the headband in the office or workplace, though. This item may not cause men to look too casual, making it unacceptable at work.

Rat Tail Unprofessional Hairstyle

The rat tail comes in the form of thick and long hair strands falling down your neck’s back. Overall, this style does not come with any styling potential.

It does not look that great, either. When styling the rat tail, expect it to be highly eccentric and relaxed, making it inappropriate in any professional setting.

Unprofessional Asymmetrical Hair

Short Hair On The Side Long On The Top unprofessional men hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

The asymmetrical hairstyle has the advantage of improving your facial features. It also provides you with several choices for styling.

This style is characterized by having more volume atop compared to other hairstyles. It can create a casual look. It is a great cut that can frame your face.

The asymmetrical style may even hide your flaws but is unsuitable for the workplace because the entire style needs longer hair, which you will have difficulty pulling back.

Unprofessional Colorful Hair

Pink Short Haircut Fade unprofessional hairstyles men

Photo @shrunknheads

You can now also color your hair. Some men even prefer bright colors and shades to showcase their unique personalities.
The color sets them apart from the others.

However, keep in mind that not everyone in the workplace may find your colorful hair cool and appealing.

If you want to change your hair a bit while still not hampering your chances in the workplace setting, use a natural shade or color when dying your hair. For instance, if you are blonde, pick brunette colors. If your hair is dark, go for lighter shades.


Aside from your hair, you can also style your beard so that it adheres to the dress code. You can wear your beard short or grow it long while ensuring that it is well-groomed both ways.

Even if you want to show off a ruggedly attractive look, you can find a professional beard style that’s right for you. Just make sure that you clean, trim, and style your beard or facial hair regularly to make it appropriate in an office setting.

Some employers, though, require their employers to wear a clean-shaven look. On the other hand, others will let you wear a bit of facial hair. Just keep on grooming it and maintain a length of around one to two inches.

Avoid making your beard grow excessively long; otherwise, it will only end up not looking as good as you initially expected.

5 Professional Hairstyles for Men to Consider

The Hard Part With Slick Back

This style is perfect for those whose hair is naturally wavy. A smooth back and tight curls usually characterize it. You may think that curly hair seems unkempt and messy, especially for those with curly hair.

Still, this one seems to look pretty impressive on most men. It allows the hair to appear loose while still staying in place. Thanks to its well-defined and stiff areas, it also provides the hair with a more controlled structure.

Comb Over

For professionals, the comb-over hairstyle is also an incredible choice. It is a traditional and iconic cut for those in the corporate world. What’s great about this style is that it can integrate a classic look into your overall appearance.

Another advantage of the comb-over is that it is sharp and versatile. It suits almost all facial shapes and the majority of offices and workplaces. It also works whether you are cleanly shaven or have a beard.

Crew Cut

You may also want to give the crew cut a try. It is an edgy and short hairstyle ideal for the business world. A significant advantage of this style is that you can easily care for and maintain it. This is a good thing, especially if you are a busy professional.

It looks amazing, tidy, and clean, even with just the least amount of styling. It also looks classic and works well if you sport it along with a two-day-old beard. That combination can give you a more sophisticated and modern look.

Ivy League

Another classic style that you can use in the workplace is the Ivy League. It is an excellent choice as it combines the most impressive short and side haircuts.

It has a retro vibe that will make you appear stylish without losing professionalism. It comes with a top shell and tapered sides. It also features a top that is a bit longer.

Like the comb-over, the Ivy League is compatible with most facial shapes. Pairing up this hairstyle with a suit can also bring out an air of confidence and professionalism, which is vital in the corporate world.

Bro Flow

You can also choose the bro flow if you prefer a more relaxed hairstyle that tends to last long. It is the perfect style for you if you are working in the entrepreneurial or creative field.

This style can also showcase your confidence, allowing people to see that you can go your own way. It is a relaxed and casual hairstyle that works even better when paired with a properly groomed beard or facial hair, fitted suit jackets, and collared shirts.

Do’s and Don’ts About Haircuts


  • Stick to classic haircuts. In most cases, they are the ones that are appropriate for work and professional settings, like the professional haircuts we mentioned just a while ago. Also, focus on getting short and neat haircuts to look classy and clean.
  • Apply quality hair products designed to boost your hair’s volume. Go for those products that can help your hair obtain a healthy and natural shine as well as a matte and textured finish.
  • Get haircuts regularly. This should help in maintaining the neatness of the style. It also prevents your hair from becoming messy, frizzy, and excessively long.


  • Do not get too edgy haircuts. Avoid the edge as much as possible unless you are working in an overly progressive place. In other words, you should stay away from wild colors, shaved designs, spikes and excessively asymmetrical cuts.
  • Do not forget to groom your beard. This means pairing up your corporate or professional hairstyle with the right beard style, too.
    You can go for the trimmed and short beard, which is popular among business people. Ensure to groom and maintain it to prevent it from looking unkempt and dirty, which is a big turnoff in the corporate world.

Disadvantages of Unprofessional Hairstyles

Not Suitable for Workplace or Business Settings

It may result in a wrong impression, especially if you attend business or professional events, do a business presentation, or take a job interview.

Prevents You From Looking Trustworthy and Smart

You should also avoid having them as much as possible as it may ruin your chance of looking trustworthy and intelligent.

Too edgy hairstyles, rainbow colors for the hair, and messy and sloppy styles may only put you in a bad light. It can prevent you from leaving a good impression, which you are supposed to do in a business setting.

Asian Men Wall Lined Up Hairstyle

Photo @shrunknheads

Can Ruin Your Confidence

Your confidence may also be drastically affected if you wear an unprofessional hairstyle for men. This may happen especially once you notice the people around you not taking you seriously because of your appearance.

You will lose your confidence along the process, which can also affect your performance and productivity.

Black Men With Fade And Blue Hair

Photo @shrunknheads


Is long hair for guys unprofessional?

Most offices and workplaces do not allow men to wear their hair long. If you are working in the corporate setting, you should avoid wearing long hair as many perceive the style as sloppy and unprofessional.

Note that there are also a few offices that allow men with long hair, but it is crucial to adhere to company policies and present yourself and your long hair properly. This means you should avoid making it look too messy and distracting.

Are cornrows unprofessional?

Some cultures view cornrows as a hairstyle indicating unprofessionalism and rebellion. Note that not all companies view men wearing that style as unprofessional.

Some companies now even accept protective hairstyles. Just make sure that it does not have obnoxious colors if you intend to wear it in the workplace. Your scalp should not also be wildly designed.

Is a fade haircut unprofessional?

It depends on the overall style and the effect or drama added. For instance, if you style your hair with a skin fade, it would not be suitable for several corporate jobs. You can go for subtler fade haircuts to avoid being judged and looked at as unprofessional.

To avoid issues, you may want to consider researching the specific sector you plan to work in. Learn about its rules when it comes to grooming. This will let you know what kind of fade haircut is perfect for you that will not lose your professional vibe.

Is wearing your hair down unprofessional?

As much as possible, avoid wearing your hair down if you are still unsure of the standards and rules in the workplace.
To leave a good impression, you have to make yourself look presentable by wearing a clean and organized cut.

Do not wear your hair down unless you are one hundred percent sure that the company allows it.

Is it unprofessional not to style your hair?

If you want to leave a good impression, then styling your hair appropriately is the most professional thing to do. Keep in mind that one of the most noticeable features of anyone is hair.

That said, it is safe to assume that it is also the first thing that your boss, colleagues, and other people in the corporate setting see in you.
Your hairstyle even impacts how favorably your co-workers and superiors perceive you.

This makes it necessary for you to ensure that your hair is on point all the time when you are at work. Style it or visit a professional barber so that you will indeed display an air of confidence and professionalism.

What is the most professional hairstyle for men?

In most cases, the answer to that is a short and neat cut – one that does not cover the eyes. Go for a conservative and classic style, too.

It should not have any unnatural or wild colors. Moreover, you need to make sure that it perfectly fits the industry you decided to work in. Some hairstyles that meet such requirements are the slick back, the buzz cut, and the classic side part.


Wearing unprofessional hairstyles for men at work is not advisable. You have to know exactly what styles are deemed unprofessional so you can avoid sporting them in the workplace and leaving a wrong impression.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to look for a style that fits the professional environment. You have several options for professional hairstyles and you have to pick which one fits your personality, facial shape, and hair type the most.

Unprofessional Short Hair With Blue Long Top Strands

Photo @christinathebarber__

Unprofessional Orange Fire Colour Punk Haircut

Photo @shrunknheads

Long Top Hair With Unprofessional Hairtattoo

Photo @shrunknheads

Unprofessional Fade With Short Hair On The Top

Photo @shrunknheads

Curly Bleach Top Hair With Signature Cuts Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

Curly Bleach Top Hair With Signature Cuts Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

Unprofessional Short Men Hair With Blow Dried Hair On The Top

Photo @shrunknheads

Fade With Shaggy Style On The Top

Photo @shrunknheads

Unprofessional Rockabilly Hairstyle Blond Hair

Photo @shrunknheads

Unprofessional Fade With Long Hair Go Up

Photo @shrunknheads

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